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Warning for Fairytale!AU, a slight crossover with Once Upon a Time, and a slight bit out of character. Word count is 3,961 words. I hope you all enjoy The Princess Frog.

If there was one thing that Princess Narcissa of the Kingdom Black enjoyed the most it was looking her best. She enjoyed wearing the richest of furs. The most elegant of gowns and slippers. Everything was tailor-made to her specific request. Until the day that it wasn't.

That day had started out like any other day in her life. She woke up and her servants dressed her for the day. She went down to eat breakfast in the great hall with her parents. Her mind on the new dress that her father had just commissioned for her to wear to the ball that was to be held for her birthday in two weeks.

When she entered her room, however, the dream dress that she'd pictured in her mind wasn't waiting for her. In its place was a rather drab and boring little number with one of those old fashioned ruffs at the neck. She turned to the tailor seething in anger. This man was supposed to be one of the best in the entire kingdom and he couldn't get one simple order right.

"What is this?" she asked, trying to keep her voice level and even.

"It's the dress that my lady had ordered," the tailor said, motioning to the drab horrible thing with pride. "Is Her Grace not happy with the finished product?"

"No," Narcissa snapped folding her arms over her chest. "Her Grace is not at all happy with the finished product."

"What seems to be wrong with it?"

"None of the things that I mentioned wanting are on this dress. It's drab and boring and I don't like it at all. Take it back and make it better."

"But your lord father has already paid for this one," the tailor said, trying not to allow the fear to permeate his voice. "I can't take back something has already been paid for. Your father seemed very pleased with the look of the dress."

"My father doesn't have to wear the dreadful-looking thing," Narcissa snapped, seeing the look on the man's face slip from happy to sorrow mingled with sadness.

Then from out in the hall came the clacking of someone's heels swiftly approaching Narcissa's door. She was pretty sure that she had asked not to be bothered while she was looking at her new dress and was quite ready to give whoever was in the hallway the talking to of their life. Unless it was one of her parents that is.

The door opened and a woman entered and looked at the saddened tailor standing there looking at his life's work. She walked over to the man and put her arms around him in a form of comfort.

"Are you alright, dearie?" the woman asked, caring seeping into her voice.

"The princess wasn't pleased with my work," the man said, sniffling and wiping at his eyes. He looked lovingly at the garment that he'd made for her. "I worked with all the parameters that were given to me by both the princess and her father."

She should have seen that one coming. If Narcissa seemed to like something than her father didn't. Of course, he'd give his own set of parameters and ruin her beautiful dress trying to make it his own creation.

"Now, let's take a nice long look and see what's wrong with this garment," the woman said, standing over the dress and appraising it like it was a work of art. "I don't see any damage that has been done to it. It looks nice enough to wear."

"It's drab and boring," Narcissa said, huffing in annoyance at this worker woman who had the audacity to walk into her room and act like she knew better than Narcissa. "I won't wear it!" She folded her arms over her chest and jutted her chin out. This tactic had always worked with her mother and father. Maybe it would work with these two too.

"Don't you think that's a little unfair to the lovely tailor that just made you this beautiful confection?" the worker woman asked, fidgeting her hands together as she continued to look at the dress. "Shouldn't you at least thank the man for the dress in front of you and politely ask him to make you one that is more to your taste?"

"It should have been done right the first time and then we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place."

The worker woman sighed and was gone in a puff of smoke. Standing in her place was the strangest being that Narcissa had ever seen in her entire life. He was a short man with strange amber eyes. His skin tone was the strangest thing of all about him. Depending on what light you were looking at him in his skin was either green or grey. His hair was a disheveled reddish-brown mess.

"Don't you know better than to appear in such a fashion before a princess?" Narcissa asked, turning her nose up at the strange man whose name she didn't even know. "I'll make my father put you in jail."

"No," the stranger said, giggling, "you won't, dearie. You won't be putting anyone in any jails for some time."

Narcissa blinked and realized that either this stranger and the room were getting bigger or she was getting smaller. She opened her mouth to speak but all that would come out was a couple of croaks.

"I'd save my breath if I were you, dearie," the man said, leaning down and picking her up. "You have a lesson to learn in respect."

Narcissa croaked something along the lines of: "Why should I respect them if they don't respect me?"

"That's your problem, dearie," the man said, giggling once more and getting on Narcissa's last nerve. "To get respect from others one must first show respect to others. Do you see?"

Narcissa cocked her head to the side. She'd decided not to speak because other than this strange man who would understand her.

"I guess you wouldn't, would you?"

Narcissa cocked her head again this time with a bit of sarcasm behind the action. She rolled her eyes too just to drive the point home.

"But can this be reversed?" Narcissa croaked out in her froggy croak of a voice.

"Hmmm," the man said, pretending to think about it for a few minutes. "There are only two things that can reverse your current situation. The first thing is that you've learned your lesson and are ready to show people their proper respect."

Froggy Narcissa rolled her eyes once more. The nerve of this man telling her to show some respect to people. He showed up as a worker woman from the palace and not even his true form. He was one to talk about respect. Which she happily croaked at him in her froggy voice that she was now stuck with.

"Which leaves us with option two," the man said, saying it like option two was some great prize to be won.

"What's option two?" Narcissa croaked out hating the sound of her froggy tones.

"You have to find someone and get them to give you twoo loves kiss," the man said, giggling like a hyperactive child now. "Good luck getting someone to notice you down on the ground, Princess Narcissa."

"Who are you?" Narcissa croaked, looking wildly around her as the man disappeared. "Come back here!"

There was no response to her pleas. Only the resounding noise of her croaks bouncing off the walls. Then the door opened once more and she thought that she was going to be rescued from this cruel fate. That her parents would find her and take her to palace sorcerer and get her turned back into a human being.

"I swear you indulge that ungrateful girl too much, Druella," her father said, turning and glaring in the direction of, not of his wife to Narcissa's surprise but his daughter. He walked over picked her green-skinned tiny form up as though holding a dead slug. "What is this doing in our daughter's room?"

"I don't know, Cygnus," Queen Druella said, not bothering to even look at the frog or notice that its grey-blue eyes were much the same shade as her daughter's. "Call someone to get rid of it!"

Narcissa croaked wildly trying to get her parents to realize that it was her. She was the frog and they needed to see that. Why couldn't they see that? If she could get them to see who she truly was she'd even wear that horrible dress her father had bought for her.

"You," her father said, spotting a servant girl out in the hallway, "take this frog and dispose of it properly. We can't afford to have any of our guests seeing something like that, now can we?"

"Of course not, milord," the girl said, bowing as she held out her and took the frog gently from the King's outstretched one. "This little one won't bother you again, Your Majesty."

"See that it doesn't!"

Narcissa croaked sadly as the girl walked out of the room. If she was her true self she would have taken the time to admire the girl's beauty. Her soft-looking auburn hair hung down to her waist and was shining like a penny. Her green eyes shone much like the emerald necklace that Narcissa's father had given her for her last birthday. The girl was looking down at Narcissa with such care that it was impossible for her to believe that anyone could be so caring in their entire life.

"I'm not going to hurt you," the girl said softly, placing Narcissa into her apron pocket. "I'm going to keep you safe and take you home."

Narcissa croaked out that she was the princess and she didn't want to spend the rest of the day in some stranger's pocket. She croaked and croaked and croaked until her throat was raw from all the noise that she was making. She had to get someone to see that she was the princess. Hopefully, this girl could see that she was the princess. Perhaps she was even the person who could help her break this curse. Was it a curse when one was turned into a frog? She stopped croaking for a bit to try and figure it out. That is until she remembered that she was in a girl's pocket and turned into a frog. Then the croaking and crying started up again in its full force. She couldn't believe that this was happening to her.

The girl stopped and opened her pocket and looked in at Narcissa with a concerned look upon her pretty face. Her eyes shone with concern. A concern that neither Narcissa's father nor mother had shone for her in this form.

"You need to be quiet until I leave for the day," she whispered to the frightened-looking frog in her pocket. "The king has ordered me to get rid of you. I don't want him to find out that I didn't follow his orders and get fired. That wouldn't be helpful to me and my family, now would it?"

Narcissa had never thought about the fact that the servants had families outside of the palace or for that matter that those family's need money to survive. She'd never thought of anyone besides herself. Not like this girl. This girl who was trying to keep Narcissa safe. Even though she didn't know she was keeping the princess safe. Even though she didn't know that the frog she was saving was a human.

Croaking miserably, she resigned herself to spend the rest of the afternoon in this girl's pocket. She couldn't help but think about how horrible she'd been to the tailor, whose only crime was following both her and her father's orders. She could have at least thanked the man for his hard work. But what she'd done had gotten her into more trouble than she was used.

She woke up hours later, hoping that her day spent in some strange beautiful servant girl's pocket had been but a dream. Only to find that it wasn't. What made matters worse was the fact that cold air was flowing through the fabric of the pocket she was in. The girl had left the palace with Narcissa in her pocket.

Croaking wildly at the girl that she should head back to the palace and put Narcissa back where she belonged, she started to hop around in the tiny confined space of the girl's pocket.

"Sorry," the girl said, opening the pocket a bit and taking Narcissa out of the pocket. "I hate to admit this but I almost forgot that you were in there. It's a good thing you started jumping around when you did or you'd have ended up in the wash with the rest of my uniform. I'm sure neither of us wants that to happen."

Narcissa croaked her agreement as she looked up at the girl. She couldn't help admire the girl's hair in the moonlight. The way it's luster changed from a shining penny to a darker shade of red. Her eyes were still the same emerald green that Narcissa had noticed earlier and the shine still hadn't left them. She was sort of envious of the shine in those eyes. She wished that she could be that happy and carefree. But as a royal princess, she couldn't afford to do that. She had to be the prettiest, the best ever, the most well behaved. She had to do everything in her power to show that kingdom Black was prosperous and not almost broke like they were. She'd had it put upon her that she had to marry rich from a young age. She'd also been told from a young age that to marry rich one had to act like one was rich. Most of her mother's rich friends acted much the same way that Narcissa had acted today. Thus she hadn't had a problem acting the part of a spoiled brat. It was what she'd been told to do.

"You look sad," the girl pointed, gently patting Narcissa's head with her finger. "What reason does a frog have to be sad? It's not like you are going to starve or freeze in the middle of the horrible winter they are predicting."

Narcissa croaked sadly that she was jealous of the girl. She wanted to be as carefree as the girl had seemed earlier.

"I guess everyone has their own problems," the girl said, walking up to a rather small looking...not hovel. The place wasn't that bad. But it wasn't exactly a palace either. Narcissa would call it a house. "Even frogs."

Narcissa croaked in agreement.

"There you are, Lily," said an older looking girl with dark eyes and hair to match. She took Lily the arm and pulled her towards a room with the most delicious smell coming from it. "What do you have there?"

"It's a lovely little frog that I rescued from the palace today," Lily said, holding out her hand and showing Narcissa off to the other girl. "Isn't it, Tuney?"

"As lovely as a frog can be," the older girl said, closing Lily's hand around Narcissa. "Why don't we put this lovely little frog here for the time being? Mum's almost done with supper and she'll want you to get scrubbed up."

"Alright, Tuney," Lily said, putting Narcissa into a nice little spot that had been cleared on a small table.

"Petunia, Lily," a kind sounding voice called from the kitchen, "dinner's ready."

"Coming, mother," Petunia said, helping her sister out of her jacket and work things.

The two girls raced towards the kitchen and their mother chatting about their days and what they planned to do later that evening. Narcissa wanted so badly to be allowed in the kitchen. She was starting to get very hungry. She hadn't eaten lunch and she didn't know if she'd be getting dinner. After all, she was a frog. Who'd willingly give their hard-earned food to a frog?

Croaking sadly once more, she started to sit down dejectedly. Then Lily came back into the room and scooped her up in her palm once more. It appeared that she was being invited to dinner.

"Lily, no pets at the table," Lily's mother said, upon seeing Narcissa clutched gently in her daughter's hand.

Narcissa croaked hysterically that she wasn't a pet. That she was the princess of the kingdom Black. That she was turned into a frog by some strange creature and she wanted to become a normal girl again.

The woman turned her back and started ladling out something from the big black cauldron that over the fire. The delicious smell was coming from the cauldron and as much as Narcissa wanted to have some the delicious smelling food, she also wanted to be understood and saved from her fate as a frog too.

She croaked in the most demanding way possible.

"That thing croaks so bossily it's almost like the Princess Narcissa," commented Lily's father, who turned out to be Narcissa's father's master of the horse.

Narcissa croaked in relief at the fact that someone had figured it out. Her relief was short-lived as the man's wife snorted in derision.

"That girl wouldn't step one foot inside this house and you know it, dear," the woman said, laughing like this was the hugest joke ever. "She's too good to be hanging around with her own subjects. She's said that on several occasions. The way she treats her tailors is horrible. Why poor Mr. Taylor almost had a breakdown at how horribly he was treated by her today."

Narcissa croaked out that that hadn't been her fault. She was only trying to get the dress that she had ordered and this tailor hadn't been listening to her.

"You're an uppity little thing just she is, aren't you?" Lily's mother said, looking into the blue-grey eyes of the frog.

Narcissa croaked that she didn't see herself as uppity. She then turned to Lily who was busily eating and chatting with her sister. Narcissa croaked at Lily to help her make her mother see that Narcissa wasn't so bad after all.

Days went by and Narcissa had given up hope of ever returning to her true home in the palace. She looked forward to seeing Lily every day when the girl brought her her meals. Lily took greater care of her than her own parents ever had. She was more attentive and Narcissa never had a dull moment when Lily was home from work. She still couldn't help but want to be human again. Hadn't she learned her lesson more than once over by now? Shouldn't she have turned back into a human by now?

Then it occurred to Narcissa that maybe the strange-looking man who'd turned her into a frog had been lying about there being two ways to change her back. Maybe there was only ever truly one way to turn her back into a girl?

She croaked sadly as she looked up at the sky. Any hope of ever being human again was now faded from her mind. Who in their right mind was going to kiss a frog? No one that she knew, that was for sure.

She croaked again just as sad as before. She hated when Lily wasn't paying attention to her. Especially when Narcissa was trying to get the other girl to understand her problem that she was facing at the moment.

"I'm sleeping," Lily mumbled as Narcissa continued to croak. "Go to sleepy, Froggy. It's nighttime."

Narcissa tried desperately to figure out what to croak to make the auburn-haired beauty wake up and pay attention. Maybe even be a bit helpful to her. Then it hit her. She could try and croak her name.

"I'm Narcissa," she croaked in her froggy voice.

"You aren't going to go to sleep until I pay attention to you, are you, Froggy?" Lily asked, getting out of bed and picking Narcissa gently up. She allowed the frog to rest gently upon her palm as she made her way over to the window. "Why are you so restless tonight? Do you miss your froggy mother and father?"

Narcissa croaked out a yes.

"Did they used to tuck you into your froggy bed?" Lily asked, watching Narcissa look sadly at the palace. "They must have been the king and queen of your people. You're looking at the palace as though it was your home."

Narcissa croaked that the palace was her home. She was the princess Narcissa after all. Why wasn't Lily understanding her as the strange man had?

"I should get back to bed," Lily said, yawning and rubbing her eyes with her other hand. The hand that wasn't holding the frog princess. "I do have work tomorrow. I need to earn money to keep us fed, don't you know?"

Narcissa croaked her agreement. Not that she actually knew about working for anything. She hadn't had to work for anything in her entire life. She looked up at Lily and let out a little froggy sigh.

"Don't be sad," Lily said, smiling down at Narcissa. "You'll always have me, you know?"

Narcissa croaked that she knew.

"Good night, Froggy," Lily said, going to place a gentle kiss on the top of the frog's head when Narcissa raised her head to look up at Lily.

The soft pink lips met the wet green lips of the frog. Narcissa heard a gasp of surprise from in front of her. She opened her eyes and found herself face to face with Lily. She looked around realizing that she wasn't in Lily's palm anymore. She then realized that she wasn't a frog any more either. She was herself once more.

Lily stared in shock at her as she tried to figure out what was going on here. How this girl had gotten into her room and where Froggy had gone? Then a light seemed to dawn in the girl's eyes and looked into Narcissa's grey-blue ones.

"You were the frog this whole time, weren't you?" Lily asked, wondering how she hadn't noticed this fact before. With all the hopping to get out of her pocket in the palace, she should have noticed sooner.

Narcissa nodded. "I was," she said. "You saved me from having to live the rest of my life as a frog. Not that I would have minded spending the rest of my life with you," She felt her cheeks heat up to a pink blush.

The girls chatted and got to know each other for the rest of the night. Narcissa was surprised by how much she had in common with Lily. The more she knew about Lily, the more she wanted to take a shot on starting a relationship with this girl. The more she was hoping that Lily would also want to take a shot on a relationship with her as well.

"I was hoping that perhaps you would like to come to my birthday ball at the palace this weekend coming up," Narcissa said, hoping the answer would be yes. She started to doubt herself when she saw Lily's expression. She knew that auburn-haired girl would probably spout out a bunch of reasons why that wasn't a good idea and Narcissa didn't care. She would have her at the party either way. "I won't take no for an answer."

"Alright, then," said Lily, the nervous look still present on her face with an added blush that added to her beauty. "It's a date then."

"It's a date," Narcissa repeated. She couldn't wait for her birthday bash so that she could introduce Lily to her mother and father and siblings.

I hope you all enjoyed The Princess Frog as much as I enjoyed writing it.