Before I begin this story. I would like to introduce myself. Hi! I'm MagnaLord, this is my first fanfiction to ever write. I just hope you enjoy this one and there's stuff to improve upon… Well tell me and I'll get to it. With that said let begin.

This story will be a Re- imagination in the series "Kamen Rider ZI-O". Personally, I felt there were a lot of things to explore in this series but the series literally left out a lot of stuff in favor of fanservice (and no not the sexual kind if you're an anime fan). So here I am to fix ZI-O's problems… at least I hope. Another thing, I will be changing some stuff from the canon series. So with that said and done enjoy the fanfic.

Chapter 0: Desolated Future 2068

Here lies a statue of previous riders who fought to protect the earth for years and one man who his henshin pose ready. The battle between a group of resistances and One rider who was blowing away everyone in one thrust. "You think this will stop me? Please" the rider said in a nonchalant voice.

The Rider with golden armor and the helmet that looks similar to the shocker symbol is known as Oma ZI-O.

As many men attempted to blaze their guns at Oma ZI-O from the ground to riding motorcycles and helicopters. One woman attempted to shoot him with a missile launcher. However, Oma ZI-O stood his ground and with one thrust he was able to stop their attacks. And bullets from the guns and missiles were hurled towards the sky and exploded.

"Damn this guy's strong" One man exclaimed in a rough voice.

Geiz Myokoin- Member of the resistance

A man with disheveled clothing ordered everyone to retreat. And as they retreated Oma ZI-O said "You can't resist me nobody can"

And as a close up to his helmet, the title appears

Kamen Rider ZI-O

I don't own characters from Kamen Rider ZI-O, They're owned by Toei Company.

Part A

In an abandoned Laboratory, a scientist was creating a belt to retaliate and counter Oma Zi-O. "It's almost done," the man said.

Takuya Myokoin- The scientist and creator of the belt and Geiz's father

As he was almost done, his son Geiz was nearly damaged after fighting Oma ZI-O. "Man that Oma ZI-O" Geiz said while coughing up blood. His father hurried to Geiz and tried to consult him.

"Where's mother?" Geiz desperately asked.

"She's busy healing everybody else."

One woman was nursing everybody after the battle against Oma-ZI-O. She says "Don't worry you'll be okay.

Rina Myokoin- Nurse and Geiz's mother.

In a very poor looking hospital, Rina was caring for children, women and men from the resistance. They had very little food, water and medicine to heal people. So they had to be careful and rationalize.

One child asked "We'll be alright?" His mother told him "I hope so" They hugged each other tightly. And Rina looked at them in a relieved and happy way.

Back in the laboratory, Takuya was looking at his nearly perfected Ziku Driver. "Geiz, when I complete this driver I want you to use it against Oma ZI-O." Geiz glanced at his father with glee.

One man came out of nowhere and told Geiz and Takuya about a wormhole from the sky.

Takuya was bewildered with that response and rushed outside.

As both of them head outside. An unknown aircraft came out of the wormhole and safely landed.

Takuya reached towards the aircraft and in there lies a woman in white clothing.

(Who is she) Takuya said in his voice.

Takuya asked a burly man to carry her to the hospital.

While in the hospital, the woman was still sleeping. While that was happening Rina was about what happened and how she was found.

"Whaaaat? You found her from an aircraft?" "Apparently so, I'm kinda curious about it though" Takuya spoke with a intrigued look.

"Anyways, how's Geiz? I hope he's not getting hurt in the battle" Rina asked.

"He's a true fighter like everyone here, but even if he gets hurt you'll be able to heal your son." Takuya said.

"Guess so" Rina said

While in a hospital room with the woman and Geiz, It was late Geiz was napping on the chair waiting for her to wake up. After a few minutes the woman's eyelids started to move and she moaned slightly, the moment that happened Geiz woke up as well.

"Hey, are you okay" Geiz asked in a curious way.

"Uugh, W-Where am I?" the woman asked.

"You're in the hospital, you were sleeping when we found you in the aircraft" Geiz said.

"I see" the woman asked.

The woman barely knew what happened before she was sleeping and how she was in the aircraft.

"Did you know anything before you were in the aircraft?" Geiz curiously asked.

"No, I don't anything" the woman said blankly

With a shocked face Geiz assumed she had amnesia and shockingly asked her…

"Do you know your name at least"

She shakes her head and confirms Geiz's suspicion.

"Can you give me a name?" the woman asked

Geiz was thinking of a name to give her and wasn't sure what to name her but as he was looking at the moon. He calls her Tsukuyomi.

"Tsukuyomi?" she asked

The more she says it, the more she gets used to the name and finally accepts her new name Tsukuyomi. And Geiz is finally relieved.

At the moment of dawn, the sounds of guns and explosions were blazing in the background. It was enough to wake Tsukuyomi and Geiz.

One soldier knocked the door of the room Geiz and Tsukuyomi to inform Geiz that Oma ZI-O arrived.

"I gotta go, stay safe Tsukuyomi." Geiz said while he was patting her shoulder

Both of them nod their heads for saying… "Good luck"

Geiz gets his rifle and dagger and goes off.

As Tsukuyomi sees Geiz off, he heads towards the explosion.

Part B

Before Oma ZI-O's arrival in the morning. Takuya and his assistant were curious about Tsukuyomi's aircraft so they scoured every nook and cranny of the aircraft.

Takuya was shocked about how the aircraft looked so futuristic. Which gave Takuya an idea.

"Hmm. Despite our inferior tech compared to this. I could mass produce this."

As Takuya took a seat in the aircraft he discovered more about the aircraft and out of nowhere a monitor popped out and it currently says the current year. (A.D. 2068)

"Interesting" Takuya said

Despite not having the blueprints into building the aircraft, He knew all the components of the aircraft from his prior knowledge of both the interior and exterior. And went into building his own immediately with the help of his assistants. While he was at it he even wanted to add another feature where it has a mech-like form in order to counter Oma Zi-O's attacks.

With many assistants and workers helping Takuya with new aircraft he was able to finish the aircraft in a short amount of time.

"And loe it's complete" Takuya said in a passionate voice.

"Wow dear, it looks nice." Rina said.

The aircraft this time was Red with Yellow lining while the other one was White with pink lining.

In the break of dawn, the resistance counter Oma ZI-O and begin attacking him endlessly.

"Hmph, haven't you learned your lesson plebs: Oma ZI-O said with a slight chuckle.

One soldier yelled a warrior roar and had his guns blazing. And all the soldier's effort was in vain because Oma ZI-O hurled him into the sky.

"Alright men, time to test the mecha feature" Takuya said

"Ryo! Hide! Enter the robot"

He ordered two men to use the mecha feature from the aircraft. And as they entered the aircraft. Both undergo a transformation into a mecha mode.

"Let's do this" Ryo shouted while ecstatified

Both men in the robot yelled out a battle roar and rushed towards Oma Zi-O. One robot attempted to punch him and Oma Zi-O evaded the attack and another did the same and was evaded as well.

Takuya advised the men in the robot to use the guns in the robot.

One of the robot's fists became a gatling gun and the other had a bazooka. The Gatling gun could fire 1000 bullets per minute and as they were firing aiming for Oma Zi-O he didn't have time to evade and he was flailing from the attacks. The robot with the bazooka fired a missile aiming towards Oma Zi-O and it caused an explosion.

"We got him," Ryo said.

Everybody in the battlefield was relieved that Oma Zi-O was defeated and so they thought.

Once the dust cloud clears, Oma Zi-O was unscathed.

And everybody was shocked at the revelation about how Oma Zi-O survived from the explosion.

"I'll admit that was a nice effort, but not good enough," Oma Zi-O said.

Takuya realized that not even the mechs couldn't stop him. So he had no choice but to use the belt that was in his lab. So he rushed to the lab and grabbed the belt and a watch.

Geiz arrived on the battlefield and saw two robots battling Oma Zi-O. And he rushed to one of Takuya's assistants and asked him what happened.

"Takuya altered the features of the aircraft and made an extra one and took on Oma Zi-O" the assistant said.

As Takuya returned he had a belt inserted to his waist and watch that looked like a counter.

"Drastic times calls for drastic measures" Takuya murmured to himself.

He heads closer to Oma Zi-O and pats Geiz in the back. And when he stops he clicks the watch.


He inserts the watch to the right side of the watch. After that a stopwatch appeared behind him. And he pushes the button and he turns the belt. And undergoes a transform.


"Oma Zi-O! Your time is up" Takuya said to Oma Zi-O and the visor of his helmet glows

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