Hi guys, my name is Anja. I´m from Germany. I wanna start to write stories about songs from Taylor Swift. As you can guess, I´m a huge fan. I´m new to FanFiction so I´m still figuring out how everything works…I will try to write my stories in English, so more people can understand it. My mother language is German, so please don`t be surprised, if you find any grammar or word mistakes. I´ll try my best. The first story is based on the song "Getaway car" from her album "Reputation". I hope you like it. But now, let´s get started with the first chapter.


It happened on a cloudy night in October. Everything was settled up. I`ve received Ethan´s call five minutes ago. He was ready, time to get started. I heard a little crack coming from my window. Silently I opened the glass and looked outside into the darkness. There he was. I could only see the silhouette of his face and the shape of his waving hand. "You`re ready baby?, I heard him whispering. "I`m on my way", I answered while crabbing my heavy blue travel bag. I closed my window carefully. Then I took a last look around my room. My bed was made properly and everything looked tidy and clean. I throw a glance at the letter on my nightstand. I read it once again in silence.

Hey Mum,

I`m fine. Don´t worry about me, okay?

I need some time on my own. I`ll be back soon!

Please take care of Olivia, Meredith and Benji.

Love ya!


As I´ve finished I heard another crack. It was time to leave. I hesitated for a moment. Then I grabbed my cardigan from my red armchair. Before I put it on I took a smell on it. It smelled familiar…like, like home. I stroke Meredith one last time. She was lying on my bed. Her eyes opened a bit, as she felt my touch.

Ethan was already waiting impatiently, as I closed our front-door behind me. "I`ve already thought you`ve changed your mind", he whispered while reaching out for my bag. "I`m sorry, I needed some time", I mumbled. Maybe he could feel my uncertainty because he placed my bag on the floor and pulled me close to him. I could smell his perfume and smoke as my face touched his body. I soaked his smell in. He took my head in his hands and kissed me gently. I felt my fear disappearing instantly. "You`re ready?", he mumbled. "Ready", I answered. Not sure if I really was. He took my hand and we walked side by side to his car. To our getaway car.

So that was the first chapter. I would be glad to hear from you guys. How do you like it? Was it alright to read, or should I stop writing in English? :D You´ll hear from me, as soon as I´ve finished the next chapter.