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Melody looked at the game room in interest.

So far, every person she had seen in this facility were characters whom she recognized. Even the talking animals looked familiar, and so did the creatures. There were so many characters here, coming in and out of the hospital, at least on the third floor.

Those characters that stayed guided her into the group room, where there was a meeting taking place.


Melody sat down with Seraphina and the white cat named Rachal. Melody remembered her being one of her voices, too.

Melody looked around, surprised when Frodo let her go. Melody watched Frodo as he approached Samwise Gamgee, who sat down next to Rosie Cotton. Melody watched him in interest, surprised when she thought Frodo would be sitting with Sam… until Frodo looked her way.

"Does Frodo want me to sit down with him? I don't understand," Melody whispered to Rachal.

"Frodo just wants to spend some time with Sam. We'll see if he wants to spend time with you," Rachal whispered.

Melody looked at Frodo.

Was it true? Did Frodo want to spend time with his friends?

Melody looked on at Frodo in interest, wondering if this was the case.


Frodo gestured to her to come to him. Melody gestured, too, that she wanted to stay where she was. Frodo gestured back, glancing at her again, as if he was hopeful that she would reconsider. Melody couldn't take it anymore.

She left Rachal and Seraphina's side, charging towards Frodo as he patted the empty chair next to him. Melody sat down in a matter of moments, welcomed by Frodo's arm wrapping around her shoulders.

Frodo chuckled. "I'd knew you'd come to me."

"When did you know that?" Melody asked.

Frodo chuckled. "Not too long ago." He grinned, even as Melody caught the gaze of the female Dalmatian Jane, who gave her and Frodo a thumbs up.

"Yesss!" Jane chided, happy for them.

Frodo smiled, whispering to Melody, "Jane's set us up. Did you know that?"

"I know she did. I almost didn't think that this was real," Melody said, perplexed.

"Believe me, this is what is supposed to happen. To transition you from what you knew of Earth to this Earth and the many Earths to come," Frodo said in delight. He leaned over, whispering to her, "Welcome to Middle-earth in Modern Times."

"Thanks," Melody said with as smile, even as Frodo kissed her fondly on the cheek.

Melody looked at the crowd. It was enough to fill the room. They were waiting for something. But what?

Melody gasped. A figure in purple robes, with long silvery hair and a silver beard, spoke up, "Gentlemen, ladies, welcome to the hospital, one of many pocket worlds in these Parallel Earths. I am Albus Dumbledore, but you may call me Dumbledore."

"It's Dumbledore!" Melody whispered to Frodo, noticing the warm-hearted smile on his face.

"I know," Frodo said, taking her hand and holding onto it, kissing it once in pure delight.

"Let me introduce you to Revan, the man who led us on this journey and Hermione Granger, the woman who is the heart of this operation," Dumbledore stated.

A man wearing a mask, black robes, and carrying a silver beamed lightsaber stood up. But then, so did a bushy haired girl who wore a pink hooded jacket, a white tank top, blue jeans, white socks, and pink shoes.

Dumbledore smiled at them in interest. He knew Hermione, but he knew Revan more. Revan put his silver beamed lightsaber away, before facing the crowd again.

Dumbledore turned to the crowd, addressing them at once, "They will help us with the next stage of the journey. Memory lane, as it were."

"We didn't solve the puzzle the last time. Are you sure we won't run into a Mind Prison?" Seraphina asked, curiously.

"Look, we got Melody this far. I suggest we try to get that portal opened," Hermione said.

"Yes, but won't that lead to a Mind Prison? We'll trap Melody in there and be done with it," Seraphina said with a smile.

Jane huffed. "Oh, come off it! You've had a vendetta against Frodo and Melody for the longest time."

"Well, don't blame me!" Seraphina huffed. She spoke, "The fact that Frodo and Melody are together is beyond me. Yahahaha!"

Frodo crossed his hands, saying to Seraphina, "You know, you have a point. I can't blame myself, but you needn't hold a vendetta over something that's out of your hands."

Seraphina looked at him in shock. "You know, this whole mess started when you re-entered Melody's life. I know. I was there right when she was being born! Where were you? Talking with her!"

"Ah! So, you blame our first meeting we shared," Frodo said, guessing her motives. He told her, "Well, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself."

"So, where are we sending Melody? What's our next stage?" Hermione asked.

"You're the brains, Hermione!" a ginger-haired boy spoke up.

"Thanks Ron," Hermione said, unsurprised.

"Now look," Harry Potter, a boy with black hair and green eyes, said, "we came this far." He sat down next to Melody and Frodo, "Melody's done her job, but her work is not yet finished."

He smirked. "Then there's us, who have also done our part. I say, we take her with us. I mean, if we're going to do this, we do this together. Those who need redemption are more than welcome to head over to the redemption center. Heroes and villains who need redeeming."

Frodo breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank the Lord for that."

Harry smiled. "Those of us who want to stay at the hospital and find those who need saving, can stay here. Melody's going to need her medication to keep her from going insane. We might spend the night here with her, and try to solve the puzzle Revan's set up for us. Once the puzzle is done, we can take Melody onwards through her journey. Well, our journey."

"It's our journey, Harry," Frodo said.

"Right. Our journey," Harry said with a smirk on his face.

"Whose all going to take Melody with them? We need to bring Parker Dooley back, and Maranguan, too. They're still in the Void," Seraphina said.

"Yeah. Parker's not here? Nor is Maranguan," Melody said, worriedly.

"Then we need to find him," Seraphina said.

"Well, I'm going after him," Melody stated.

Frodo held her hand, telling her, "You're not ready. He may not trust you."

"He's my dragonoid," Melody said. "He came to me."

"He came to you, but you didn't create him. I mean, of course, you did. But he came to you," Frodo said. "Remember?"

Seraphina perked up. She had a thought. "I've got an idea. Melody, you wanted to find out what it was like during the War. All three phases so far, even the Fourth Phase is coming up. If we can help you explore all three phases, during the War, then we can come back to this hospital and give you a new mission. I mean, it's only fair that you see what was going on during these three phases, from our perspective."

She huffed, reading a paper. "It's about time someone sees what was going on during the Voices' time, during our experiences."

"Well, that's one part of this new part of the journey," Hermione said. "But that's not the only place we're sending her. We need somewhere where we can take her to prepare her for the journey ahead."

She admitted, "In order to prepare her, we need a center to provide her. It's going to take out her strength. Journeys like this are tough. She's not ready. We're not ready. We just got her this far."

Frodo cupped his chin. He admitted, "I think I know where to take her." That got Hermione's attention.

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked.

Frodo grinned, laughing. "You want to take her to a center. I know just the place."

"You do? Where?" Melody asked.

Frodo looked in her direction, saying, "There is a place called the characters' dimension. You're in that now, but your mind can only take so much. The center I'm talking about is the Rosewood Clinic. It's next to Heartwood Manor and it's very diligent. It's a facility meant to help with the transition process. It's an intriguing place."

"Yes, it is," Seraphina agreed. "We're going to be in a lot of medical places, before our journey is finished."

"So, that's it. We're heading to Rosewood Clinic?" Hermione asked.

"Well, we got this far. Rosewood is a good facility, and so is this place. Plus, we'll be close to Downton Abbey. Frodo and Melody can spend their time as guests at Downton and Melody can go to her appointments as needed. She only has Rosewood Clinic for now. Otherwise, Melody, you can do whatever you want," Seraphina said.

"Thanks," Melody said, somber.

"You're welcome. We leave for England, as soon as you're discharged," Seraphina said.

"Leave home? Are you serious?" Melody asked, troubled.

"Well, I don't see why not. Your journey is just beginning," Seraphina said in delight.

"And you won't be alone. I'll be with you, but you must face the appointments on your own," Frodo said, holding Melody's hand.

"O-okay. If you say so," Melody said, having no idea where this next stage of the journey would take her. She just hoped it would be good.