Title: The Atypical Life of A Bionic Family

Characters: Lea Dooley, Bree Davenport, Adam Davenport, Chase Davenport, Douglas Davenport, Donald Davenport, Daniel Davenport, Tasha Davenport, Marcus, Victor Krane (eventually), Taylor / S-1, Logan, Giselle Vickers, Principal Perry

Summary: Lea Dooley and her mother move into her step-father's and stepsister's new house, where she finds three bionic teenagers, and Bree's adoptive brothers, Adam, Chase and Daniel, trained to be heroes by Donald and his brother, Douglas Davenport.

Relationships: Lea Dooley and Bree Davenport, Bree and Chase Davenport, Adam and Chase Davenport, Bree and Adam Davenport, Lea Dooley and Chase Davenport, Lea Dooley and Daniel Davenport, Lea and Donald Davenport, Lea Dooley and Tasha Davenport, Lea Dooley and Douglas Davenport, Daniel & Adam Davenport, Chase & Daniel Davenport, Adam and Daniel Davenport, Lea Dooley & Taylor | S-1

Just a few notes:

Leo is a girl and her name is Lea. Overtime, she became my own character.

Bree is Donald's daughter from another relationship, so she is non-bionic

Douglas was already living in the Davenport household. Daniel is his age when he was introduced in the show, so he is around a couple months older than Lea.

Logan and Taylor are going to be Lea's best friends in the series, eventually because the trio that Leo created in "On the Edge" was such an awesome addition.

Also I am not doing every episode. Just my favorite ones.

As any other newlyweds, Donald Davenport carried Tasha across the threshold of their mansion. What made Donald and Tasha unique was that they had two daughters, each from a previous marriage: Bree and Lea. Bree was the older of the two girls, around fifteen years old and Lea, was thirteen and they were not far behind. However, the girls did not enter the adults' minds because they were lost in each other's eyes and the world around them disappeared.

"Welcome to your new home, Mrs. Davenport!" Donald said as he swung his wife around. She laughed.

"Oh, thank you, Mr. Davenport," Tasha said as she caressed his cheek.

"You're absolutely welcome, Mrs. Davenport," Donald said.

As the two leaned in for a kiss, Lea Dooley and Bree Davenport stumbled into the conservatory. The girls were left with carrying the luggage. All the luggage.

"Not that we're not happy for you guys," Bree said as she dragged her breath in. "But could you please help us!"

"Yeah, we get it, you got married! It got old thirty minutes ago," Lea agreed with her new stepsister. Tasha and Donald went to help her.

Before their parents met, the girls had been best friends for years and their parents met online through a stupid dating service the school set up. The two girls wondered how their parents even ended up together due to their conflicting personalities. Principal Perry only did that because she needed more money with the school to cover her crimes…err…decisions to improve the school. Honestly, what went on in that woman's mind? Apart from that, carrying luggage just reminded the girls that they had been used to carrying books for other kids, but from their own parents, it was just an embarrassment. Donald rushed over and took half the luggage from Lea's hand, causing the girl to sigh in relief.

Lea looked around and saw how much Donald's house had improved last time she was here as Bree's friend. Now, she was here as Bree's sister. The young girl squealed. "Wow, this place is better looking than I remembered!"

Donald laughed at her innocence.

"I love this!" Lea shouted, quickly hugging her best friend.

Bree blinked for a bit and then smiled, wrapping her arms around Lea's shoulders.

"I still cannot believe you got this from inventing!" Lea said, approaching Donald who smiled and put his hand on his step-daughter's shoulders. She looked to her mother. "Way to go mom, now that is a husband!"

Tasha smiled as she and Donald looked at each other. Lea looked around and saw something else that was new.

Bree joined her stepsister, making sure Lea would not hurt herself on one of her father's inventions.

The girl saw something that caught her eye.

"Wow," she exclaimed. "This is new! What is it?"

"Oh, this is Dad's new 3-D Virtual TV," Bree said, putting her hands on her hips.

Donald smiled and approached the girls.

"Yeah, I've been working on it for a while," Donald said, placing his hands on his new daughter's shoulders. "Go ahead, turn on the button."

Lea looked at her step-father in surprise before looking at the machine and turning on the virtual TV. The TV displayed a baseball game and a foul ball launched itself into the air.

She jumped up to catch the ball but Lea's back collided with the wall, and an E with a face appeared.

"Hey, watch the screen squirt!" Lea jumped in surprise when she saw the letter was talking to her!

"Okay, who is that?" Lea asked. "I've been here a thousand times. When did you get that thing?"

Donald smiled. "Oh, because Lea, I had to turn Eddy off because I didn't know how to explain him. Eddy, this is my new stepdaughter, Lea." The girl waved at Eddy with a smile. Donald continued.

"I told you Tasha and Lea were moving in," Donald said. However, Eddy was not amused.

"Hey welcome," Eddy said sarcastically. "Remember, everything is mine! "

Bree rolled her eyes and she swiped the screen. Lea's mouth faltered. She had the hint that this home computer was not one of the nicest ones she ever met. It was the only one she had ever met.

"Yeah, Eddy's not the friendliest home computer I've ever met," Lea muttered to Bree.

"Yeah and it will just get worse, the more you live here." Bree muttered back.

Lea nodded and muttered sarcastically, "Great."

"Hey Lea, why don't you check out your room," Donald said. He placed his hands on her shoulders yet again and guided her towards the hallway where the bedrooms were at. "Just walk past the room with the plasma screen TV, the video games and the multitude of action figures." Lea looked to him in surprise. Donald shrugged.

"Don't judge me."

Lea nodded. "I'll try not to." Donald looked at her in surprise as Lea shrugged and went down the hallway. Bree approached her father, giving him "the look."

"Uh, Dad, are you sure you want Lea to go there by herself. What if she finds the, well, the you know what?"

Donald looked towards his daughter in alarm before looking at Lea's retreating back. "Na, she'll be fine." He looked back towards Tasha and they went back to being lovey dovey. Bree backed away, but first, she had to put the luggage away before she followed her sister towards her room.

She just hoped Lea would NOT find the secret lab in their basement.

Lea could use a lot of words to describe this house, and one of them was "confusing." Honestly, this place was bigger than hers and her mother's old apartment and when she was first at Bree's house. During Lea's visits, they often stayed in the living room and went nowhere else. She felt like she had been roaming the place for hours on end.

After a while of searching, she sighed.

"Ugh, I'm just going to need a GPS to find my way towards the bathroom," Lea muttered as she leaned up against the wall, accidentally activating a secret elevator.

The doors opened and Lea had to admit, she was curious (ignoring the "Curiosity killed the cat" saying). She stepped into the elevator, with its doors closing. The elevator shook violently before falling to the basement. Lea held onto the railings nearby and squinted her eyes close, praying for the death trap to be over soon. The elevator made its stop and Lea quickly got out of it, breathing quick sighs of relief. Was her stepfather turning his mansion into a fire house or something.

"That is such a death trap!" Lea hissed. She turned around and her eyes and mouth immediately went wide. This place was awesome! It was filled with all sorts of tools, computers, and other technology she had not seen in a long time. "Woah, my new dad is Batman!"

Thinking she was alone, Lea turned around, figuring out where she was. Quickly, Lea guessed it must be where Donald does his work. At least, she hoped that was what it was.

However, as she moved around, someone else was in the basement. The man walking from behind her was too busy looking at his box when he looked up and shouted in surprise. Lea jumped as she looked up and let out a shriek, not loud enough for her parents or Bree to hear. Donald did NOT mention he had a spikey-haired dude living in his basement.

"Who are you?!" Lea shouted. "What are you doing here?"

The man blinked at her. "I should be asking YOU the same question. What are you doing down here?"

"Uh, I live here now because this is my new step-father's house," Lea answered. "What's your excuse?"

"Wait a minute, you're Lea?"

"Yeah, and that is a door,'' Lea answered, sarcastically. "Now that we've established who I am, who are you?"

"Well I can't really say but since we're both here, Lea, I'm Donald's brother. So I guess that means, I am your Uncle Douglas." He raised his arms for a hug. "Come on, bring it in."

However, Lea's mind just went blank as the wall. When Douglas saw that she wasn't going in, he brought his arms down as she stared at him."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure Big D would have mentioned having a brother. Mom!"

"Wait, wait," Douglas told the girl, covering her mouth. "Please don't shout! If you do, we'll both be in trouble with my brother. Now, I'm going to let you go, kid and please don't shout."

Lea looked at him silently before giving a small nod. Douglas removed his hand from her mouth as she wrapped this new information inside her head.

"I knew Donald was hiding something but a secret lair was not what I imagined. So, why didn't he say anything to us before mom married the guy?"

"Two reasons; one, you were not supposed to find out about this place and two about me because my mom doesn't know I am alive."

"Hey, what's wrong with Grandma Davenport?"

"She doesn't stop calling," Douglas answered and he shuttered at the woman. He was SCARED of her. Lea nodded. Grandma Davenport never stopped calling Bree wherever they were hanging out, and Lea when their parents started dating. Honestly, Bree's grandmother was a dream compared to Lea's own.

"So, here's what you're gonna do," Douglas said. "You're going to forget you saw everything, right?" he put his hands on her shoulders and began pushing her towards the door.

At that moment, Chase came running out of the room and touching a keypad that cut Adam off. Lea looked at the middle Davenport brother and saw him turn off the gate.

"Good luck with that!" the shorter boy shouted. "Your head will never be able to break through that steal door."

On the other side, the bigger boy punched the gate and caused two doors to fall down and Lea's mouth dropped in shock. Douglas looked down to Lea, forgetting that she was still there and his hands were still on her shoulders, so he tried turning her so she would not see his sons using bionics. However, she saw Chase backed down. Adam grabbed his brother from the scruff of his shirt.

"Dad, Chase will not give me back my iPod!" Adam yelled, and Douglas looked at his kids, but they didn't notice Lea standing behind him. The man was frowning.

"And I keep telling him, Dad, that I do NOT have it!" Chase shouted. Then, a boy with blonde hair, around thirteen years old, but maybe a couple of months older than Lea, came in, holding the iPod.

"Oh, hey, guys," Daniel said.

"Daniel!?" Adam shouted, pointing at his younger brother. "You took my iPod!"

"Well it wasn't Chase," Daniel said, taking the headphones out. "And Taylor Swift mega mix? Really?"

Adam glared at the youngest. "I find her soothing!" Daniel shook his head and turned around when Adam used his heat vision in Daniel's direction.

"Boys," Douglas tried warning his sons but they continued to argue with each other.

"Okay, I know you did NOT throw your laser vision at me," Daniel hissed.

"Oh, I'm sorry, it was a mistake, Daniel, just like your face when Dad made you," Adam said. Daniel snapped and did Super Speed and then his Power Replication to get Adam's strength. Lea's standing there shocked.

"Daniel, put your brother down, now," Douglas snapped. Daniel sighed.

"Fine," he hissed, putting him down. As Adam, Daniel and Chase looked, they noticed that they were not alone. There was a girl with them.

"Oh no," Adam said. "Great" Chase hissed. "Who is that?"

"Well, the cat's out of the bag now," Douglas said with a smile before grimacing just a little bit as Lea's mouth was dropped. "Surprise, guys, you got a new cousin," Douglas put an arm around Lea's shoulders. "And Lea, you've also got bionic teenaged cousins too!"

After a moment of silence, Lea screamed. Then, Adam, Daniel and Chase screamed. Quickly, Lea ran.

"Hey, that girl was kind of hot," Daniel said, causing his older brothers to look at him.

"Well 'that girl' is your uncle's step-daughter," Douglas snapped. "And your step-cousin."

Daniel was still at a loss for words before finally thinking of something to say. Now, that was just awkward for all of them. "Okay, I'm over it now."

"That was not Bree," Adam said. Chase and Daniel face-palmed themselves.

"Step-daughter," the two boys shouted.

"Come on," Douglas said. "let's go before the kid hurts herself or Donnie will kill me," and the Davenport boys chased after her.

Lea was trying to find her way out of the basement when Adam, Chase and Daniel found her. She screamed loudly because she wanted her mother to save her from her crazy step-uncle and step-cousins. However, the boys cornered get and began crouching over her.

"Guys, come on you're scaring her," Douglas said but the boys ignored him.

"You know," Lea admitted that she looked at the brothers, "I don't really use this card that often but MOM!"

As if on cue, Bree, Tasha and Donald came downstairs after hearing Lea constantly screaming. She went to the safety of her parents and hid behind Bree.

"Lea, calm down honey," Tasha laughed, hugging her daughter before looking up. "What is this place?" She looked over to Douglas and the boys. "And who are they?"

"Them?" Donald said, pointing to his brother and nephews. "They're a boy band, and the twist is, one of them is a grown man and Bree's their lead singer!" He pointed at Bree who was shaking her head with a look that clearly stated, 'You are not dragging me into this one, Dad.' Besides, now that she had a sister, the two girls were standing by each other. Speaking of which, she stood by Lea, who was glaring at Donald, with Tasha.

"Donnie, give it up," Douglas said. "The kid already saw them."

Lea nodded. Tasha continued to glare.

Donald sighed.

"Okay, Tasha, Lea, meet my brother Douglas, who is hiding from our mother which is why you didn't see him at the wedding," Donald explained, "And these are Adam, Chase and Daniel, bionic superhuman siblings.

"Yep, Donnie designed the technology and I made them," Douglas said.

"And might I say, we are incredibly smart!" Donald said, "But I gotta say, I'm the one with the better hair."

Douglas glared.

"Really?" Tasha hissed "You're worry about your hair when Lea and I discover you've gotten robots living here?"

"Hey!" Adam shouted. "No, I'm not!" yelled Chase. "Oh no she didn't!" Daniel shouted.

"No, they're not robots Tasha," Douglas tells his sister-in-law.

"Yeah, they're human, honey," Donald told his wife. "See, Adam is all brute strength, and Daniel has speed and power replication, and Chase has super-senses and a superior intelligence."

Tasha let out a fake laughter and smile before walking over to her husband grabbing him by the arm and pushing him to the side

"Donald—Hi—There are children and a brother you never told me about—living in our basement!" Tasha said.

"This is a scientific habitat. I mean, look at it—It's got a game room and a rock wall—Anything a kid could ask for," said Donald but his wife just kept staring at him, still trying to make sense of all this. "Douglas and I have created this place so they can train in the utmost of comfort and technology."

"It's true. The toilets have seat-warmers that talk," Adam said with a smile. Lea looked at him confused.

"What do they say?" Lea asked.

"It varies, depending on–" Adam began but Lea brought her hand up.

"No," Bree snapped, covering her stepsister's ears so she wouldn't hear what her adopted brother would say. Despite Bree knowing the boys were her cousins, they considered Bree their sister and Douglas was not going to correct them.

"Donald, I don't know what to make of all this. Some new wives get surprised with a honeymoon in Hawaii or... a cruise." She put a hand on her husband's shoulder. "Bionic teenagers were not on our wedding registry."

"They have to stay down here for their own safety," said Douglas. "This is all very top-secret. But as soon as their training is complete, they'll be able to handle any crisis or problem that the world throws at them."

"I want to go the pyramids," Chase said with a smile.

"I want to go to Paris," said Daniel.

"I want to go upstairs," Adam responded, which didn't surprise the other teenagers.

"Then, what are those? Time machines?" Lea asked. Because if Donald had a secret laboratory and superhero teenagers living in their basement, he'd have to have at least that.

"No, they are not time machines," Douglas told his step-niece.

"Yeah. Time machines are in the shop," Donald said.

" These are our biologically regulated atmospheric chambers where my sons live and sleep and eat," Douglas answered.

"Which reminds me, it's dinnertime," Donald said.

The boys walked into their capsules while placing goggles on. Lea watched as pellets fell from the top and into the boys' mouths. For Douglas, Bree and Donald, it was completely normal but, for Lea and her mother it was one of the most disturbing images they had ever seen in their entire lives. It even got more disturbing when Donald revealed the pellets that they didn't catch was tomorrow's breakfast. Lea had just met the kids, and even she knew it was wrong treating them like lab rats. Bionic or not, they were just teenagers and they should be treated as humans, and her mother agreed with her.

The next day, Lea and Bree stood, watching the boys train. Now, watching these kids made Lea feel like she was glad to be normal because she was not the only weirdo in the world. Lea was considered a social outcast, so little did she know, this friendship would be one of the strongest ones Lea had ever formed. She was not much of a people's person but she would be able to get along.

"Hey! Why does he get a force field, and I don't?" Adan questioned.

"'Cause if you had one, I wouldn't be able to do this," said Bree. She took her water bottle and threw it at her brother. Adam tried blocking it but it hit him in the ribs. She and Lea fist-bumped each other.

"Okay, you guys take the rest of the day off," said Donald. "I'm going to go speak at a tech conference- because I'm awesome- I'm going to have the speedboats detailed, and then I'm going to go get waxed." His daughters and nephews looked at him with raised eyebrows. Hey, it was not his fault; he inherited the problem with hairy legs from his mother. "Don't judge me."

"That's a normal thing to say to the kids," Douglas muttered and the brothers' argument moved to the next room.

Lea really did not need to know that. Her stepfather really was a strange guy. Well, that was not entirely fair the kids got to stay down here all their times. One side, it was because Lea hated she had to be the one going to school but it was mostly because it was not fair that the kids were stuck down there and not be able to have a normal life.

"Well, I better get ready for school," Lea sighed in annoyance as she jumped down from the table.

"Ooh! I have always dreamed about going to school!" Daniel said excitedly as he touched Lea's shoulder. "Passing notes, going to prom, breaking into choreographed dance numbers after math class." He brought up his jazz hands.

"Yeah, but all we do is eat, sleep, and train for missions," Chase said, coming to Lea's side. "We're like human lab rats."

"Come on, it can't be that bad." Lea said.

Chase gave a look that said "Want a bet?" The kids looked over and saw Adam running on a large hamster wheel while flashing a smile.

"Well, I can't believe you never left this room," said Lea.

"I bet school's fun. You know, except for books, classes, and learning stuff," Adam said as Lea looked at her new friend in surprise.

"It's not fun when you're "the smart kid,'" Lea said. "I'm the social outcast."

"Well down here, Lea," Chase said with a smirk. "Smart is considered superior."

Adam, Daniel and Bree look to each other before looking at their brother and said together, "No, it's not."

Lea came up with an idea and smiled. "Hey, you guys should come to school with me! You could be my bionic bodyguards!"

"What?" Bree said. Her brothers shouted in agreement. Lea smiled, grabbing Chase's hand

"Come on!" Lea said, pulling him with her and Adam and Daniel following. However, Bree came in front of them.

"Whoa, you guys aren't going out, and I am not getting grounded because of your guys idle curiosity," Bree snapped.

They sighed.

"Oh, come on, Bree," Lea begged but her older sister was making her point clear.

"I got this," Daniel muttered to Lea. He approached Bree. "please, Bree." Daniel begged giving her puppy dog eyes.

"Daniel come on," Bree said. "That hasn't worked since you were six. Besides, you're fourteen, so…" However, she looked down again and saw Daniel looking at his sister with those big brown eyes. "Oh fine!"

They turned but Eddy closed the doors.

"Not on my watch, laser brains!" shouted Eddy.

"Aw, shoot. We forgot about Davenport's creepy computer," said Adam.

"I thought it was just in the living room!" Lea said, a look of horror on her face.

"Nope! I'm everywhere." Eddy said, his image appearing on the many screens in the back of the room.

"Even in the shower!?" Lea shouted with a creeped-out expression.

"Yep. And by the way, nothing needs to be that clean, peanut," Eddy said. Lea's mouth dropped. He saw her naked IN THE SHOWER. Now she was really annoyed. "Okay, we need to shut that thing off," Lea hissed.

"Never going to happen, okay?" asked Chase. "Eddy is an incredibly complex and sophisticated piece of machinery. It would take years before-"

However, his brother pulled out wires from Eddy's motherboard and Eddy's face disappeared.

"Aha! Sweet! I barely got electrocuted!" Adam shouted.

"Or it will take us five seconds," Bree muttered as Lea and Daniel nodded in agreement.

"Okay, come on," said Daniel. "If we're going to go to school, we should shower first, because two of us really stink." He looked at the two brothers and looked at each other with smirks. The group entered their pods and Lea watched as they were showered and dressed as a holographic scan went down the kids' bodies and they stepped out, fully clothed.

Lea had a good feeling about today.

(Line Division)

Lea and Bree had been going to the same school there for a couple of months, and it was nothing to sneeze at. It was incredibly boring and one of the most boring places in the universe. Most of the kids at the school ignored those girls and they were fine with that. Now, they had Bree's adoptive brothers with them. The road through high school want going to be harder for them because they were seeing the world for the first time. Lea had to watch out for them based on their reactions.

"I can't believe we're actually at school. I am so excited!" Daniel shouted. He saw a lunch lady and hugged the woman. Lea grimaced. She quickly wrapped her arms around Daniel's waist and pried him off the woman who looked at Bree before walking the other direction. "Oh, my first lunch lady. She smelled like fish sticks."

"Do me a favor and try to act like you've seen the world," Lea whispered. Adam approached a girl struggling with her locker.

"Here, little lady, let me help you out with that," Adam lifted the locker door completely ripping it from its hinges.

"Adam!" Chase shouted at his brother, pulling him towards Daniel the girls. "Would you two quit goofing off? We're supposed to not draw attention to ourselves."

Lea smiled; glad somebody else was seeing the bigger picture. However, as the bell rang, Chase screamed and fell to the ground, holding his hands to his ears and rolling on the floor like an idiot.

"What's up with crazy?" Lea asked.

"He has ultra-sensitive bionic hearing," Bree answered. Lea nodded as the four Davenports watched Chase screaming. As soon as the bell stopped, Chase slowly got up and Lea ran over, holding her hand out before helping him onto his feet.

"Lea, what was that?"

"It's called a bell. It rings every 40 minutes, eight times a day. So..." She pats him on the shoulder sympathetically, "have fun with that."

Chapter 3

"I hate gym class," Lea hissed. It was the last period before lunch and she, Adam, Daniel, Bree and Chase were stuck in gym class, dressed in the school gym uniforms. Honestly, they needed better ones because there wasn't enough money in the budget.

"Why?" Adam asked.

Lea turned and tried to catch a basketball, but all it did was knock her down.

"That's why," Lea moaned. She began to stand back up when Adam held out his hand for her to take. However, Lea held up a hand. "I got this." She saw him rip a locker door off its hinges and she had a feeling he'd throw her up into the air if he helped her up. Lea got up in her own.

"So big deal- You can't play basketball, most girls can't," said Chase as he wrapped his arms around Lea's shoulders. "Chess club's where all the action's at. Especially for you girls"

Lea and Bree looked at Chase as if he lost his mind. Suddenly, another ball was thrown right at Adam, as he caught it.

"What do I do?" Adam asked.

"Throw it..." Lea began explaining but Adam threw it at somebody else and hit her square on the shoulder.

"To someone who's looking," Daniel snapped and Lea nodded. Bree ran up to the girl Adam had knocked over.

"If I was a boy, I would have loved to show up everyone and go all NBA in their faces.

"Then why don't you?" Chase asked.

"Look at me! I am a girl!" Lea shouted.

"Yeah, and Chase is short," Adam said as both his siblings glared at him. "Glad we established the obvious. Despite this, you'll amount to something," Adam said, slapping Lea on the back and Chase opening his mouth in surprise then looked at Adam, who had an apologetic look on his face. "Oops."

"A little help here!" Lea cried from the ground as Chase leaned down to help her up.

. . .

Meanwhile back at the Davenport mansion, Tasha was cutting up food for dinner when her husband ran into the living room in a panic.

"Hey, honey," Tasha said with a smile. Donald ran across the couch and to Eddy's control panel. "Oh, okay. So, we have kids living in the basement, and we walk on the furniture- got it."

"The alarm in the lab went off, Eddy's been disabled, Douglas is gone for the day, so I have to deal with the fact that the kids are gone," Donald said in emergency. He reassembled Eddy's control panel and the screen turn to Eddie's face.

"Those animals yanked my wires!" Eddy hissed. "And one of 'em manhandled my motherboard!" "

"Where are the kids?!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Were you talking to me, or the wife you replaced me with?!" Tasha stopped cutting and made a look of hurt. "You know, I might like a new pair of shoes, too!"


"Fine! They went to school with..." He sneered the girls' name out, "Bree and Lea."

"No. No, no, no, no, no, no. They can't go to school- Not with their glitches!" Donald cried.

"What... glitches?" Tasha cried, coming to her husband's side.

"Because they're human, their emotions can trigger their bionics. If one of 'em gets a little nervous or upset, or even a little bit too happy...They could take out everything from here to Tijuana.

"What?!" Tasha shouted. She glared. " You did not mention this on your profile."

"Come on!" He grabbed his wife's arm and they raced the door.


"You guys are the best," Lea said as she fixed her skirt. "Those girls were mean to pull down my skirt. Good thing I always wear leggings."

"It's the least we could do," Daniel said. "You and Bree gave us our first taste of freedom."

Lea smiled in appreciation.

"Yeah, and our first taste of Salisbury steak. Uh, yum," Adam said as he ate the steak. Then he messed up Lea's hair as he chews down on his food. Chase came through the doors with a smug look on his face.

"Where were you?" Lea asked.

"Computer lab, taking med school courses. Guess who just became a chiropractor in the Philippines?" Chase said pointing at himself as Lea smirked.

"Aw, look. The doggy likes me," Adam said, as the school mascot riddled Adam's hair as it put him in a headlock. "Okay, doggy, that's enough. Hey, I said that's enough!"

Adam shouted, trying to get the dingo off. Five seconds Lea looked up and saw Adam's eyes were turning red.

"Why are Adam's eyes turning red?" Lea asked. Chase looked up and gasped.

"Oh, no! His heat visions!" Chase shouted. Lea looked at him in alarm.

"His what?"

"It's a glitch. Whenever he gets too upset his heat vision acts up!"

Lea gasped.

"Wow," Lea said. "This whole thing totally wasn't on Mom and Big D's wedding vows."

She watched Adam's heat vision ticked Dooey Dingo's head, seeing it on fire when another student took it out with a fire extinguisher. Meanwhile, Daniel used his Super Speed to try and catch a falling cheerleader but she missed. The girl fell to the ground.

"Don't worry, I know a chiropractor in the Philippines," Daniel said with a smile.

Tasha and Donald came into the school a few minutes later, where they smelled smoke and heard people screaming when they ran out the door. Quickly, they ran into the gym and saw the girl who wore the dingo mascot on the floor and a cheerleader recovering, both being helped by a football player or their friends. At least the room wasn't in flames. Then they saw Adam, Bree, Chase, Daniel, and Lea, waving and smiling nervously.

"So... how was school?!" Donald yelled, causing the kids to grimace. none of them had ever seen Mr Davenport so angry in their entire lives. "Get in the helicopter!"

The kids nodded and quickly rushed to the door. Some first day of school this was.


"Do you realize what you've done?" Donald yelled at the kids, as they were sitting on the couch. He glared at them. "I had to write a check to that school for 30 grands to make this go away."

"For 30 grands, we'll go away," Bree said, but she silenced herself when Donald looked at her sternly.

"What were you five thinking?" Douglas snapped, glaring at his sons and then Lea and his niece.

"We're sorry. We just wanted to be normal for a day," Daniel said.

"Oh, come on, Donald, Dougy, said Tasha. "they're just kids. When I was their age, me and Fiona Meiklejohn, we snuck out and we crashed–" The older Davenport brothers gave Tasha a glare. "You know what? I'm not helping."

She went to sit down on the chair.

"Look, we designed you guys to go on highly classified missions, not try out for the cheerleading squad," Douglas said.

"Oh... well, there goes that dream," Adam muttered as Lea looked at him in surprise before standing to her step-father.

"Look, I know you're mad, Big D," said Lea, "but these guys performed the impossible today."

"Yeah, I cured male pattern baldness with a biology rat," Chase said as Lea and her friends looked down.

"That's it," Donald hissed. He had enough! "Lea, Bree, you are banned from the lab." The girls' mouths dropped as he looked at his nephews. "And you three are to have no contact with the outside world. No talking, no texting, no nothing."

"Ooh! What about the lost art of pantomime?" asked Adam.

"Go to your tubes!" Donald shouted as they ran off into the elevator and back into the basement.


"So, do all fuzzy animals have girls inside them, or just the dingoes?" Adam asked. Daniel and Chase were bored out of their minds.

"If Mr. Davenport's such a great scientist," Chase began, "then how come I'm not a little stronger and you're not a lot smarter?"

"I don't know..." Adam said, "but does this hurt?" He punched his brother on the shoulder. Daniel ignored them.

"Now I'm never gonna have a girlfriend," Daniel snapped. "Guess I'll just keep fake-kissing that wall." Everyone looked at her. "Oh, we've all done it!"

His brothers agreed with her, but they did not think anyone would know about it. Chase looked up and saw Lea and Bree coming into the lab with a smile on her face. She was not supposed to be here.

"Lea, Bree what are you doing?" Chase asked. He didn't want the girls to get in trouble. "You're not allowed to be down here!"

"I know, but you know we overheard that there was a party everyone at school," Bree said with a smile. The girls brought their brothers up into the living room.

"It's in our living room!" Lea shouted. She jumped off the couch as Chase helped her down.

"Lea, Bree I can't believe you did this!" Chase said.

"Yeah, we owed you guys, and since you couldn't go, we brought the party here." Bree said. She held out a cheese curl and offered it to him and Chase took them happily.

"What about our dad, your mom and Davenport?" Adam asked Lea.

"Oh, they're at dinner and Douglas went out somewhere. They'll be gone for hours." she said with a smile. She looked over at the kitchen and sees her stupid friend Jimmy putting his head in the microwave.

"Jimmy, get your head out of there!" Lea shouted, coming to the kitchen as the girls run into the kitchen. Daniel was about to take some food but Chase put a hand on his younger brother's shoulder.

"Careful there, buddy," Chase said as Adam reached the cake snack. "That piece of cake has approximately 47 grams of sugar. If you eat it, you'll be bouncing off the walls for hours."

"How do you know that?" Chase asked.

"Because I just had 12 pieces! Whoo-hoo!" Chase shouted and then he had his thirteenth one.

As the kids began running around the Davenport mansion like a bunch of idiots. Donald, Douglas and Tasha walked into the home and stopped in their tracks and their mouths opened.

"What the f..." Donald shouted when he saw Lea and Bree driving the party bus that was in their house.

"What is going on here?!" Douglas shouted. The girls looked at her parents and uncle.

"Oh, you're back," Lea said with a smile as Tasha glared down at her daughter. "How'd these people get in here?"

Tasha was not amused.

"You are in big trouble, missies," Tasha said, glaring at her daughter and step-daughter. The girls realized she could not walk her way out of this one.

"Hey, everybody! Thanks for coming. Get out!" Donald shouted, and the party kids left. Douglas, Donald and Tasha looked at the kids, disappointed.

"You kids have really done it this time," Douglas said, crossing his arms.

"And who gave Eddy cake?!" Donald shouted, pointing at Eddy.

Lea sighed.

"We just wanted them to have one more night of fun before you put them back in their display cases," Lea said sarcastically.

"Biologically regulated atmospheric chambers," Donald said as Lea raised an eyebrow. Apparently, he did not get sarcasm. "Look, the fun's over. As of tomorrow, you're all being relocated permanently."

"What?!" Adam, Daniel, and Chase shouted and Lea's mouth dropped. Even Douglas was looking shocked. After a few hours, he had thought of what Bree and Lea said about letting his sons act like normal kids. Maybe they had been approaching things differently for the boys.

"What part of "no contact with the outside world" did you not understand?" Donald asked.

"Where are we going?" Daniel shouted.

"To one of my remote research facilities where you can complete your training," Donald questioned.

"But this is home," Adam said. "This is where I get my meaty-flavored pellets."

"Not anymore. Now go downstairs and pack your stuff."

The kids sulked, heading downstairs. Lea's mouth dropped, a tear coming to her eyes.

"This isn't fair. They're my best friends," Lea snapped. She glared at Donald, who tried to say something to his stepdaughter, but she was already in the next room. Tasha looked to her husband and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Donald, when are you and your brother going to realize that they're not just science projects? They're teenagers," Tasha said. Donald watched her retreat to their room.

"That's what I keep telling you, Donnie," Douglas said. "They will never be able to move on with a little bit of normalcy."

"Donald opened his mouth to protest because his brother is not normal but Douglas had already retreated to the lab because he was trying to stay in his brother's good graces. Then, Eddy appeared on screen again.

"Any chance we can ship them off, too?" Eddy asked.

"No!" Donald hissed.

"Okay, just checking," Eddy said before disappearing.

The boys were getting in their capsules, standing as Douglas came over to them.

"I can't believe this is our last night in the lab," Daniel said as they looked around the lab in their capsules.

"I know, I'm sorry boys but I will try everything I can to convince Donnie to forget the whole thing," Douglas assured his youngest son.

"Yeah, good luck with that," Chase said, crossing his arms.

"I think Lea's really going to miss us," Adam said.

"Yeah, me too," Chase agreed. He looked down to see the girl hugging his leg. Lea was sleeping softly and soundly. He looked at his brothers. "Think we should wake her up?"

"No, let her sleep," Douglas said, because kids were adorable.

"But she's drooling on my socks," Adam said. Chase and Daniel shook their heads with a smile.

"Good night," The kids closed their doors, dreading for tomorrow to come.