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Everything was dark, before Rage's voice out. "Two Black Dragons..." The host declared in an ominous, echoing voice, before a dark area full of black rock spikes sticking out everywhere was shown. Suddenly, something flew by at high speeds, revealed to be a dragon with a white top half and red underside, shaped similarly to Alatreon. "Lost..." Rage continued, before a new figure was shown with grey plates on its body, which was shaped similarly to Fatalis, but with a menacing beak-like mouth and jaw. "Gone!" He declared again as the white and red dragon jumped back and roared. "But not forgotten!" The host finished as the two dragons were shown at the same time.

"Huh. There it is again. You guys keep saying these monsters are gone. What exactly happened to them?" Nora asked.

"Well, the Frontier just had so many crazy monsters, most of them on the higher end of the Elder Dragon scale, some even rivaling the Black Dragons, so with that many creatures with that level of power, it was only a matter of time before something happened and one of them wiped out the whole Frontier they called home and they hadn't been spotted since, until recently." Katana explained.

"Oh, lovely, an entire land filled with creatures that can rival walking natural disasters." James said, clearly unnerved already.

"I would say you're overreacting, James, but for them to have destroyed their habitat and themselves along with it, I'd say these concerns are warranted." Ozpin said.

"Especially since these are Black Dragons, which Rage has made pretty clear means 'death is here.'" Roman said.

The arena with the rock spikes with a floor flooded in blood red water was shown again. "Hello, my fellow hunters! Welcome, as today we talk about the two Black Dragons that... Well, are no more. Disufiroa and Merphistophelin." Rage introduced the two monsters, giving a moment to show off both of them in all their terrifying glory, before it all went black. "Rest in peace." He bid a respectful farewell to the two fallen dragons.

Just the few quick glimpses of the two already told the cast what they needed to know. "Okay, yeah. Those things definitely look like they mean business." Emerald said nervously.

"Especially that second one, Merphis... Whatever he said. It looked like a skeleton that was still alive somehow. And that beak is terrifying. It looks like it will rip out my soul." Weiss said fearfully.

"I don't get why a dragon would have a beak, but I'm not about to question it, even if they are wiped out." Ilia agreed.

"Fierce creatures, indeed. Now I'm curious to what they can do." Hazel admitted.

Both dragons were being shown once again, one after the other. "Believed to be related to Alatreon and Fatalis respectively, they are both world-destroying monsters in their own rights. Both part of the First Class Dangerous Monster category, they are truly Black Dragons." Rage said as Merphistophelin was seen flying down from its perch. "And honestly, as ridiculously over the top as their shenanigans were, they were also admittedly badass." Rage explained, before a group of hunters was seen fighting Disufiroa. "Let's begin, then, with Disufiroa." Rage declared, showing a still image of the white and red creature with a ding.

Coco whistled. "Gotta say, I like the white and red, it's a nice mix. And those bits of blue are a nice touch, too." She admired the Elder Dragon.

"I know, right! The blue crystals look like a claw on its chest! And the spikes on its head look like a super sinister knight helmet! Or a spiky crown! It just looks awesome." Ruby said.

"You do remember this thing might have had a hand in destroying its home, itself and anything that lived in its home region, right, kiddo?" Qrow asked.

Ruby pouted at this. "Way to be a downer, uncle Qrow." She told him.

As the still image was shown great amounts of ice and snow could be seen shooting out dangerously in the background. "Known as the Frozen Seraphim Dragon, simply because it has its own element. Yes, unique literally to it and only it: the Frozen Seraphim Element and this is something to really take hold of to start understanding this creature. It is a combination of three elements: Fire, Ice and Dragon, molded together and forged into this crystalline destruction, it wields it with absolutely apocalyptic force. A force that can be fused into weapons themselves, such that when you strike, you will actually hit with all three elements simultaneously. That is quite cool, but what else is quite cool is... Well, the display of power that greets you when you begin an encounter with this legendary dragon." Rage informed as epic music began to play while Disufiroa launched out orbs of destructive power that exploded upon contact, as well as ice freezing and creating spikes all over the ground of the arena as the hunters desperately tried to avoid the onslaught.

Hearing the creature's power left them all in shock. "Three elements in one!" They all shouted in shock.

"Oh, lovely. Yet another monster basically as powerful as a Maiden, if not more so." Cinder grumbled.

"That is so cool! Being able to use three elements at once would be so awesome! You'd be able to take down anything that gets in your way! No way anything can stand up to all three of those elements! You'd be unstoppable! You'd be-!" Ruby began, before the sheer epicness was too much for her to process and she passed out like she had done when seeing all the weapons in Iron Man 2.

"Ruby!" Summer cried out.

"She's fine. It's happened to her before, she just bounced right back. Reminds me of you when you first saw Raven's sword." Qrow chuckled, to which Summer blushed as she remembered a time she, too, passed out from seeing or hearing about awesome weapons.

"Well, how could I not think it's awesome? It has like a hundred different blades!" Summer complained. "Still, I don't think ALL of her blades would be enough against this thing." She said nervously as they observed the beast.

Then, they heard the music. "Oh, yeah! This is what I'm talking about! Epic music for an apocalyptic fight!" Yang said, jamming her head to the music.

"Yes, apocalyptic is certainly the right word." Glynda said in concern as she and the rest of the adults watched its destructive capabilities closely. "There's explosions of ice everywhere, along with what looks like geysers of Dragon Energy. I can't imagine how hazardous it must be to simply be in the creature's vicinity, let alone fight it head-on." Glynda said.

"Agreed. Its sheer ferocity is one thing, but those barrages of attacks are relentless. Along with Disufiroa flying everywhere, even landing a hit seems impossible. Like you'd die before you ever got the chance." Ironwood agreed.

"But it would be the rush of a lifetime. You know what the children say nowadays: go big or go home." Adam said, clearly eager to test his skills against the apocalyptic beast.

"Adam, you're only a few years older than us." Blake reminded him in annoyance.

The still image of the creature was shown again. "A beast of vastly different colors, the red contrasting with the silver and the teal tips, it is definitely a striking visage created. And the battle against it... Well, it is absolutely insane levels of ridiculousness. It summons huge pillars of ice, it can ricochet a Dragon laser between them, it has tornadoes of fire and ice and... it generally just destroys everything, which is to be expected from such a close relative of Alatreon and Alatreon himself is a walking natural disaster, causing absolutely erratic, terrifying weather wherever he goes." Rage explained as, much like he said, pillars of ice erupted from the ground, before shattering into large chunks, flying in all directions, along with the previously mention beam of Dragon Element and more orbs of explosive power.

"Guess it just runs in the family." Neo said.

"Let's hope they don't have any family reunions scheduled in the future." Jaune said.

"Well, considering Alatreon wants nothing to do with anything else that is alive, I think you can relax." Razara told him.

Penny, however, looked at the ricocheting laser beams and got an idea. "Hm... Perhaps I should consider an upgrade that would allow me to ricochet my laser as needed." She ponded.

"That could be quite useful for multiple high-speed enemies." Winter agreed.

Disufiroa then made a trio of fireballs that exploded while becoming a tornado of fire, which launched the hunters back. "Now, Disufiroa has a natural enemy, an archrival, if you will." Rage explained, before showing a group of hunters on an airship that appeared to be in a hurricane, a bow-wielding hunter taking aim as the other hunters rushed towards a fox-like leviathan similar to Mizutsune, but with a silver-scaled body and beautiful cyan-blue fur. The creature then swung its body, knocking down the hunters with its tail, before flying higher into the sky and roaring, which caused a flash of lightning. And this flash of lightning caused the airship to start to go sideways. "Shantien, an Amatsu-esque Sky Dragon that floats on the winds and is honestly, really badass and if I could have saved one species from the Frontier before it was destroyed, it would've been Shantien, but the point is: he is no joke." Rage declared as the bow-wielder nearly fell to her death, but was saved by the longsword-wielder and Shantien disappeared into the storm.

Many were taken aback when they saw Shantien, amazed this powerful creature and rival to Disufiroa was so majestic. "It's beautiful... It kind of looks like Mizutsune, but with a more divine appearance with the lightning blue fur and the beautiful silver scales." Velvet said in amazement, taking a few pictures.

"Indeed. I wouldn't mind having a few statues of it around the Schnee manor, rather than those horrendous statues of the Grimm father loves to keep." Winter said.

"I know, right?! Why would you want statues of humanity's greatest enemies!" Weiss agreed.

The focus then returned to the battle with the Alatreon-like monster. "Disufiroa, though, came out on top and reigned supreme, as expected of a monster of his stature. He inhabits then, the territory of World's End: a desolate land with blood red pools, spires of rock arcing in the distance, it appears toxic and dead, yet it certainly has a beauty to it. Facing this formidable foe under a Blood Moon is something not easily forgotten." Rage said poetically, before the sound of screams were suddenly heard. "Oh. And you know, the fact that meteors just generally rain down here constantly makes it a wonderful choice for a holiday destination!" Rage said in a cheerful manner with an echoing voice as an image of the location was put on a postcard.

Many felt a shiver up their spine as they saw the desecrated landscape before them. And that shiver became an overwhelming chill when they heard the name. "The World's End. I'd say that's rather accurate. This is how I'd expect the world to look during the apocalypse." Ren agreed with Rage's description.

"But what could have happened for the land to become this barren and grim? Is Disufiroa the cause? I know we've been told Elder Dragon are walking natural disasters, but we've never seen them actually destroy the landscape around them. Even Fatalis only ever destroyed a manmade kingdom, as far as we've been told." Pyrrha said in concern.

"Indeed. Why such a powerful and mighty creature would want to spend all its time in such a dreary landscape is beyond me." Ozpin said.

"Hey, if he did do that, that only makes it that much cooler. You guys gotta admit, what better place could there be to fight a dragon with this level of destructive power?" Yang asked, the other thrillseekers nodding in agreement.

"Preach." Qrow agreed.

"The girl's got a point. It makes it seem that much more important. Like if you let it get away, it could do this to the rest of the world." Hazel agreed.

"Exactly. Taking down the Grimm is just that, taking down a beast that's only an immediate threat to you. Taking down this thing must actually feel like you accomplished something." Adam added.

Then, after the bit about the place being a vacation site, almost everyone did a double take. "A vacation spot!?" The more reasonable members of the crew all cried out in disbelief.

"It's official. This guy is completely insane." Summer said.

"Agreed. With meteors constantly raining down, it would be hazarded off as a condemned zone no one would ever be allowed to enter." Ironwood agreed.

"Exactly. Why would you even want to go out into a place where meteors are always flying through the sky? It would be a death sentence. That would be like walking out during a lightning storm. Last I checked, no one wants to do that, either." Glynda added. [1]

"I'd totally do both of those things! It would be so awesome! It would make the fight like, TWENTY times better, dealing with a dragon that can destroy the world while dealing with space rocks raining death from above! It's like a video game on hardcore mode! The ultimate challenge!" Nora said eagerly.

"Gotta say, when she puts it like that, I can get on board, gunning down a dragon and some meteors sounds like an awesome time." Coco agreed, many of the other thrillseekers nodding in agreement.

"They're right! That would be amazing! And meteors are shooting stars, right? So you'd get dozens of wishes while fighting a giant dragon!" Ruby said excitedly.

Just about everyone else facepalmed at this. "Ruby, sweetie, no..." Summer groaned

Disufiroa then created several patches of ice, from which giant pillars of ice rose up to hit the hunters. "It also has another completely unique ability to it and that is to EXTREMELY effect the temperature of the environment around it, making it essentially impossible for ANYTHING, plant or animal, to live in- well, its territory, that's why the World's End is- well, the world's end. There is very little that can challenge this monster and should it indeed be challenged, the last thing one would ever want is to push it too far." Rage warned as suddenly, the Disufiroa let out a mighty and furious roar, the dark and cloudy night sky suddenly turning a clear and deep blood red and the moon seemed to glow even brighter. "For when its anger bubbles, so does its power." Rage warned as the creature unleashed a devastating blast of ice from its mouth.

Everyone was shocked and horrified when they saw what the creature was truly capable of when it was enraged. "It just... changed the color of the sky." Jaune said.

"Does that mean it could be as powerful as White Fatalis?" Ilia asked, everyone dreading the thought of more than one monster with that level of power.

"I can only guess how much power is required for White Fatalis to create the vortex, but changing the weather so much that it extends beyond the horizon like that requires around 24 gigatons of TNT. Meaning this creature could more than likely wipe Beacon off the map with that kind of power." Penny said fearfully.

"And the fact it turned the sky bloody red doesn't put me at ease, either." Emerald threw in.

Disufiroa then seemed to casually walk through the hunters' attacks, while simultaneously creating a freezing mist as it strode by. "This thing is hard to put down. Its hide is- well, nigh impenetrable and it is a raging torrent of force within it. Its horn controls and produces the ice, its internal organs fuel its fire and a constant battle rages within itself: flame vs. frost, the blazing heat vs. the piercing cold. The SHEER... the unyielding grip of ice vs. the OVERWHELMING consumption of flame. If it loses control of this balance... Well, Disufiroa is ALWAYS in permanent danger of snuffing out its own existence. Such is the sheer virulence of this dragon's might. And, indeed, the more injured it gets, the more pushed it gets, the angrier it gets, the harder it gets to maintain that all-important, self-preserving equilibrium. And look, some of you might already be thinking this, but this is essentially Disufiroa." Rage explained, before showing Todoroki unleashing both sides of his Quirk.

"Well, that's quite a poetic way to describe the creature's power." Ozpin praised.

"Two different mighty powers both fighting control for its body, but it has to find the balance between that power. It almost reminds me of A Man With Two Souls." Blake admitted, now finding somewhat of a soft spot for the monster.

"Yeah, the guy's got a way with words when he's not making stupid jokes." Roman admitted.

Everyone then felt deeply unsettled by hearing what happens if it loses its balance. "Killed by its own power. That must be terrifying, constantly having to worry about losing control, especially while fighting a dangerous enemy that forces it to push its powers further." Winter said, remembering a few times what's happened when she pushed her semblance or summons too far during her training years.

"I've heard of some semblances that have nasty drawbacks, but DEATH was never one of those." Neo said, wincing at the idea.

"Could that happen if I lose control of the Maiden powers?" Cinder questioned in fear, shuddering as she imagined burning herself to nothing or freezing herself into an icy statue. However, feeling Ruby holding her hand, as well as Neo and Emerald placing a hand on her back or shoulder put her at ease.

The Elder Dragon's raging battle against the hunters continued. "And that is very, very cool. And, indeed, when you fight hard enough, when you grit your teeth and persevere, when you push past the boundaries of a hunter and slay this dragon... Well, you don't actually slay this dragon. You simply have him slay himself. Eventually, he does lose control and becomes a statue, trapped and consumed by his own Frozen Seraphim element. And that really is just awesome." Rage admitted as, suddenly, Disufiroa looked weak and struggled to stand as ice began to form around it, letting out one last roar, before it was completely frozen like a statue.

Many were horrified and even saddened to see the creature forever stuck as a statue by its own icy power. "The poor thing. It was just trying to live its life and died because it couldn't keep its own power under control." Velvet said sadly.

"I can't imagine how that must feel: fire and ice working against each other inside you, burning you up and freezing you to the core at the same time... And feeling yourself completely freeze over, knowing you can't do anything. That must be terrifying." Pyrrha added sympathetically.

"Still, none can doubt its power and majesty. I'm sure the people of Katana's world and us will remember this beast, so it will live on forever in our memories." Ren told them, paying his respects to the beast.

The hunters were shown fighting the monster once again. "So, that is Disufiroa, a really quite interesting monster. I love the triple combo element, I love the half and half nature and his attacks are incredibly, unbelievably over the top, ludicrous, what the hell?! And his armor is incredible, almost giving an alien air about them and making the hunter seem otherworldly." Rage admitted once again as the armor sets were shown, the male armor looking bulky and fierce with the female armor looking slender and mystical.

Then when it's armor is show, a lot, especially Ruby, instantly love it, with some of the guys liking how fierce the male armor looks.

Many of the group quickly fell in love with the armor. Especially Ruby. "It's so cool! Those gauntlets look like you could just punch a monster's head off!" The scythe-wielder said excitedly.

"And look at the male version! Those horns, the icicles on the shoulder, the spikes on the shoulder guards, stomach and knees! That looks so fierce! I would totally wear that!" Jaune said in amazement, locking hands with Ruby. [2]

"The nose piece on the female armor is a bit weird, but I can dig everything else." Coco praised.

"The thighs are exposed. One of the most vulnerable parts of the body! Does the Femoral Artery ring a bell?" Winter questioned.

"Eh. We have aura. And people totally wear less. Just look at Blake." Yang said, pointing to her partner, causing the Cat Faunus to glow bright red with a blush.

A volcanic region was then shown, lava flowing all throughout the area. "Next up, then, the tippy-top of the food chain in yet another lost, far-off region, we have Merphistophelin. And he is... I mean, look at him. Essentially a walking skeleton, he very much takes the frame of Fatalis. Though, ironically, he is much more Alatreon in how he do. On the surface, there is an element of 'you vs. the dragon she tells you not to worry about' twixt him and Alatreon, but there is so much more to this badass skeletal force." Rage introduced the creature that indeed, looked like a skeletal Fatalis, only with more of a beak-like mouth and wings that had no membrane between the bones with which to catch air and fly.

Many were taken aback by that name. "Mer...phis...to...phe...lin." Neo said it slowly, before whistling. "Talk about a mouthful. When I got the ability to talk, I was excited to use a bunch of big-sounding words, but that... That's a bit bigger than I was expecting." She admitted.

And seeing in all its glory didn't help, either. "That thing is so creepy..." Ilia said, trying to camouflage to the couch.

"It looks like a demon. Like it shouldn't exist." Velvet said fearfully.

"Well, I'll tell you one thing it definitely shouldn't be doing. Flying. Seriously, how can it fly without wing membranes!?" Winter demanded, everyone nodding in agreement.

The creature then landed in a more open, arena-like area in response to a hunter invading its turf. "So, as I said, it bears a similar structure to Fatalis and is, indeed supposedly related to him. Now, on first glance, there's not much to this guy: he has a spattering of physical attacks, his wings have no membrane, he looks... decrepit and while, yes, there is an intimidation there, he certainly does not have the kind of threat factor emanating off him you'd expect for a black dragon." Rage admitted as the creature fought against the hunter.

"Yeah, right? I mean, he's creepy, but he's also looking like he's waiting for his oatmeal." Coco said.

"And by that, you're calling him an old man, right?" Penny asked in order to confirm she understood, to which Coco nodded.

"Well, duh. He looks like a skeleton. Like he'll actually fall apart if you hit him." Neo said.

"Perhaps, but we all know what they say about judging a book by it's cover." Summer warned them.

A Huntress was suddenly shown being attacked by a Rathalos in the same area and was backed to the edge of a cliff above a pool of lava, before Merphistophelin flew up and landed between them. "But his secret lies in his chest. The core of energy swirling there is his ultimate weapon. You see, that is capable of absorbing elemental attacks. And it's not only capable of absorbing them, it is capable of transforming the dragon itself into an embodiment of each element, as Rathalos unfortunately found out." Rage explained nervously as the King of the Skies flew up into the air and shot fireballs at the skeletal beast, only for its chest core to open up and absorb the fireballs, before the creature flew up after the Rathalos, coiling around it like a snake, at which point it suddenly gained a red glow and became enveloped in fire, blasting back the Flying Wyvern, also possessing wing membranes quite literally made of fire.

And that cover was proven wrong when the beast rushed at the Rathalos. "Holy crap! It's coiling around it like a snake! How the heck is it that flexible!?" Roman questioned.

"I guess Merphy don't play." Nora declared.

"It's a relative of Fatalis. We shouldn't be surprised." Hazel said.

"And it's... leeching off its fire power. That would make Dust attacks useless." Adam pointed out.

Then, the saw the creature create its wing membranes in all their glory. "Are those wing membranes made of fire?!" Ruby said excitedly, practically drooling over them along with Yang and Nora.

"That is so epic! Do you think he can do that with all the elements?" Yang asked.

"Ooh, I'd love to see lightning membranes! Imagine how much I could charge up if I touched those!" Nora said.

The Rathalos managed to survive the attack and wisely decided to flee for its life. "Now, there is the base Merphistophelin, he has a Variant, too, but in the base one, he has two states: Fire Mode and Dragon Mode. It is in these modes he truly becomes unmatchedly dangerous. He gains access to his elemental attacks, augmented by the state and he will not hesitate to unleash the full force of that element on the unsuspecting and now... Well, very dead hunter. Just the transition into these states is already to be feared. It is a blast wave of pure element that echoes far and wide and shakes the very air with crackling power. He is found in the Rock Flowing Field, which is essentially just one HELL of a volcano, one hell of a volcanic region and the absolute authority of Merphistophelin. Anything that comes near gets attacked with extreme prejudice and it will not stop until it has killed it or driven it out. Its territory is ITS and it reigns supreme." Rage declared as the creature was shown changing into different elemental modes and unleashing elemental fury on the hunter.

"Um... So, how do we appease this thing? Would a couple shrines make it not kill us? Maybe an offering or two?" Emerald asked.

"Just stay away from volcanoes and you'll be fine. Honestly, I think it'd be harder TO encounter one of them than not." Razara said.

"Still, maybe it wouldn't hurt to send Team CRDL there just for it to have a nice snack to keep it happy and calm?" Jaune suggested.

"Mr. Arc!" Ozpin and Glynda scolded him at the same time.

"I think that idea has some merit." Pyrrha quickly threw in.

The beast was then seen flying around in its Dragon Mode. "Eventually, he will enrage and turn things up to eleven and offer one HELL of a battle. However, there is further to go, for there is Elemental Merphistophelin: a Variant that TRULY is the master of all elements." Rage introduced the new version of the beast as it knocked down a hunter by flying into him.

Suddenly, Alatreon was shown, its chest glowing red. "Ha ha! I made this!" The Blazing Black Dragon declared as it powered up its Fire Active Mode.

Then, Merphistophelin got a bit of screen time. "You made this? I made this!" The skeletal Black Dragon countered in a wraith-like voice, entering its Dragon Mode.

Summer looked at Amaryllis. "Sorry Am, but I think it might have you beat." She admitted, the Alatreon looking at her in shock, before breathing some freezing wind at her and storming off.

"Still, that is incredible. Truly awe-inspiring in the most TERRIFYING way possible." Weiss admitted.

"Very intimidating, but it's impossible to deny there is a majestic element along with it." Ren elaborated, the heiress nodding at him.

"But what makes this mode better than the others?" Penny questioned.

Two hunters then leapt off a cliff, descending into Merphistophelin's territory. "He now gains an Ice Mode, a Water Mode, a Thunder Mode, can apply essentially every blight, every ailment and generally is just ridiculous. Known as the Imperial Five-Phases Barren Disaster Dragon-" Rage began as the hunters faced the new Variant, before everything suddenly went black. "That's a mouthful, isn't it?" Rage stammered with an echo, before breaking down into laughter as the fight was shown again. "The Imperial Five-Phases Barren Disaster Dragon!" He repeated as the dragon charged a hunter, while the title appeared in giant letters on the screen. "That is the most anime move shoutout I have ever heard in my life! Also known as The Devil, The End of Days and The Destroyer." The host gave alternate titles for the beast as it went into its Water Mode.

That did it. Once the name of the variant was spoken, Ruby, Yang, Nora, Roman, Neo, Summer, Qrow and Coco all burst out laughing at the overly long title. "Imperial Five-Phases Barren Disaster Dragon?! Who comes up with this stuff?!" Yang asked while cackling.

"Right? By the time you get all that out, the dragon would've roasted you six times over. One for each word in the title!" Qrow laughed.

"Seriously! And they even have three other decent-sized titles, yet they stuck with the longest one!" Neo giggled.

"I guess someone on the Guild just loves their big, dramatic titles they probably took a week to come up with. Because there's NO way you're coming up with that off the top of your head." Summer said.

The beast then began to shoot torrents of water from its mouth and the ground. "And what I love about his fight is how efficient his moves are. He doesn't have a set of moves in Fire Mode, he doesn't have a set of moves in Thunder Mode and so on. What he has is just A set of moves that is augmented by the element. So, if you look at something like Alatreon, he has different attacks using fire than using lightning: different patterns and different spreads. Where with Merphistophelin, he'll do the same attack in every mode, but it will be different because of the mode." Rage explained as the creature shifted into Thunder Mode.

"Well, that's a welcome change. It would be a nightmare to try and remember 5 different sets of moves." Blake said.

"But what if some elements are more dangerous than the others?" Ilia asked.

"It shouldn't make too much of a difference. He didn't mention anything like lightning balls explode bigger than fireballs or anything." Roman pointed out.

"Besides, like he said, it's still the same move. If you can dodge one version of it, there's no reason you won't dodge any other version." Hazel added.

The monster was then shown fighting in Ice Mode. "For example, an attack where he crawls along the ground towards you in a kind of charge... in Water, that will soak the ground as he goes, making it slippy and unstable to stand on. In Thunder, it will electrify the ground as he goes, creating a paralysis field that if you walk into, you get paralysized. Good old paralysized, totally a word! Paralysized! So, the same exact attack, but a different result, so it's a really fun learning experience: not learning a bunch of different attacks to remember and figure out how to dodge, but instead learning how each move is augmented by each element." Rage explained as the creature flew around the zone to try and bowl over the hunters.

"And now statuses and different conditions are being added. Lovely. As if it wasn't deadly enough." Cinder said.

"It makes sense. Different elements effect the people that touch them and the world around them differently. Although, Rage could certainly use a grammar lesson or two." Winter explained.

"Oh, come on! Paralysizing is an awesome word!" Ruby insisted.

"Yeah, it's fun and more dramatic than just paralyzing." Yang agreed.

"It sounds like you're just making it up words." Coco told them.

The creature then shifted into Fire Mode. "In any case, he has his five forms and they really are all a spectacle to behold. He looks incredible charged with each and seeing the wing membranes actually appear made out of the element in question as the rest of his body pulses and his goes crazy... Honestly, I really do love this guy. But in any case, he creates tornadoes of element, his beams are absolutely ferocious and he's just an incredibly satisfying, powerful experience. That is your Merphistophelin and he is gone now, along with Disufiroa, both landmasses the two were found in having been wiped off the map and we can only assume the dragons were lost with them. A true shame, for even if they are World-Ending First Class threats, they still had a place in the world and they will be sorely missed." Rage finished as several images of both dragons were shown for a final time.

Many lowered their heads in respect for these lost dragons. "Even if they were incredibly dangerous and could destroy the world, it's still sad to know they are no longer in the world." Pyrrha said.

"Yeah. They were both beautiful in their own way and unique even among the Elder Dragons." Velvet agreed.

"And both of them seemed to be solitary creature that lived in barren, uninhabited places, so despite they're threat level, they likely didn't pose that much of a threat to anyone." Ozpin added.

"Nothing in the world is without a place for itself. Even things we wish would disappear are still indispensable in nature." Glynda went on.

"And they were just so cool." Nora finished.

"So, thoughts?" Katana asked.

"They were epic! Both of those things sound like a thrillseeker's ultimate goal!" Yang said.

"I certainly wouldn't mind trying my skills against them." Adam agreed.

"The way they both mix multiple elements, with Disufiroa even coming up with a whole new element of its own, it's incredible. The two of them have given me quite a bit of inspiration." Hazel admitted.

"Loved the colors and the crown on Disu. Merphy's still creepy, looking like a skeleton and stuff, but those element membranes. Top notch." Coco declared.

"In there own, very horrifying way, they are incredible beasts with amazing abilities." Glynda said.

"Yes, as long as those abilities can be viewed from a different world, far away from us." Ironwood agreed.

"Or... We could see it up close and personal on Remnant!" Ruby declared.

"NO!" The Ozluminati, plus Winter all shouted at once.

"Aww, but why not! Disufiroa is so epic and cool and pretty and its powers are so awesome! And if we could make weapons from its scales and stuff-" She began, turning to Tekko and Razara as they opened their mouths to speak, "-Without killing it, only breaking off what we need-" She quickly threw in, before turning back to the adults, "-We could use three elements at once! There's no way any other monster or Grimm could stand up to something like that!" She declared.

"It is cool, Ruby, but it's just too dangerous." Summer said.

"Exactly. It was one of the monsters that wiped out its own home region. Imagine if it did that on Remnant." Ironwood told her.

"Yeah, it's true, Ruby. Disufiroa is WAY to dangerous for Remnant. I'm not bringing them to your world and that's final." Katana said.

Ruby sighed. "Alright, then. You made me do this." She said, breaking out her puppy eyes, even with added tears and whimpering for extra effect. This technique had never been defeated before. The host WILL falter to the puppy eyes!

...Or so Ruby thought. Eventually, after several moments of staring at each other, Katana gained a cocky smirk. "Don't even bother. My daughter's have used that look on me so many times, I've become immune." The hostess told her.

Both daughters looked at Ruby with a sigh. "It's true..." They admitted.

Katana smiled at this. "So you can stare at me all you want Ruby. But I'm not putting Disufiroa on Remnant." She said resolutely.

Ruby dropped the act and just crossed her arms to grumble and pout to herself. Qrow chuckled and ruffled her hair at this. "Sorry squirt. We don't always get what we want. But in your case, that's a good thing." Qrow told her, to which Ruby just stuck her tongue out in response.

"So, what's next?" Pyrrha asked.

"Well, you guys remember Dalamadur, right?" Tekko asked.

"The giant snake?!" Nora said excitedly.

"I already have a bad feeling about this." Ironwood said.

"Let's just say he's not the only giant snake out there." Razara told them.

"Another one?!" Weiss cried out fearfully.

"Yes! We've got to see it!" Yang said excitedly.

"Alright, then. Get ready, because Laviente makes Dalamadur seem like a little garter snake." Katana declared, starting the video.

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