"Damn it Toby, hold still." Happy was trying to adjust the braces she made for his legs to stabilize his walk. But he kept testing them.

"I'm just trying to get a feel for them." Toby defended himself.

Happy huffed. "You can get a feel for them after I complete the adjustments. Or do you want to keep using the gait belt to get around?"

Toby shook his head. "I'll hold still. I'd love to be able to walk to the corner store by myself. Instead of someone having to drive me and walk me around in it like a three year old."

Happy grinned. "Why do you think I have been busting my butt designing and building these things? Still you have made such great progress since Walter and Ralph reformulated that solution to repair the actual neurons in your brain." Happy told him as she finished the last few adjustments.

Toby nodded. "I still can't believe what Collins did to me. Well to us, all of us really."

Happy looked up and nodded. "He took a lot from us. Thankfully most of it is back now. Even if this is the best you can be, I can deal with your walking issues. Knowing your brain is back to 90% of normal and your memory is restored."

Toby grinned. "You only say that because my puns haven't come back."

Happy laughed. "I actually kind of miss them. Come on and stand up now."

Toby slowly pushed up against the chair and he rose up slowly as the prosthetics moved with him but kept his legs and joints aligned correctly.

Happy reached out and took his hand and Toby took a step and then another. They slowly walked across their living room floor. Each step he grew more confident. As they reached the front door he turned and hugged Happy tightly. They both had tears in their eyes as they kissed deeply.

Walter came quickly down the stairs. "Paige, what is this text you sent me?"

Paige turned around in her office chair. "I didn't send you a text."

Walter stopped and frowned as he pulled his phone back out and looked at it. "If you didn't, someone has cloned your phone."

Paige frowned and looked at his phone and shook her head. Suddenly the door to the Garage opened and Toby walked in followed a moment later by Happy. "Hey guys."

Walter and Paige looked up and smiled. "Hey Toby, Happy, how are you guys?"

Sylvester jumped up and ran over and hugged Toby while Happy slipped around them and moved on over. "I finally got those prosthetics finished and adjusted on him."

Paige looked at Walter, "Toby."

Walter nodded, "Had to be him."

Happy frowned. "What had to be him?"

Walter turned his phone around so she could see the screen. "I got a message from Paige only Paige didn't send it. We figure it must have been Toby messing with us."

Toby began laughing. "Sorry guys, I couldn't help it. By the way Walt, you got a cute birthmark on your left butt cheek."

Walter frowned and then looked at Paige.

Paige blushed. "I couldn't help it. You walked into the bathroom the other night and your butt is so cute. I had to take a picture. If I had known the pervert was going to hack my phone I would have taken better precautions. Wait, how did you get my password? It was in the protected area of storage."

Toby laughed. "You mean Ralph's birthday backwards? That was my second guess."

Happy sighed and walked over and pulled his phone out of his coat pocket and tossed it to Walter.

Walter quickly logged into Toby's phone and nodded showing Paige the message and he reset the phone to factory settings before taking Paige's and updating the security for it. "I had thought we were past this kind of thing Toby?"

Toby laughed as he took his phone back. "Hey, you're the one who developed the juice to fix my brain."

Paige stood up and hugged him. "Well it is still good seeing you up and walking mostly under your own power."

Toby nodded. "I was getting tired of having a tether."

Everyone laughed.

Paige slapped his arm. "Now stay out of my phone."

"So what is on your agenda for today?" Walter looked up at Toby.

Toby looked at Happy and then back to Walter. "Well we thought we would take everyone to lunch as a way of saying thank you for all you've done to help me. It would have been so easy for you to walk away after all that happened."

Walter shook his head as he continued working on Paige's phone. "I don't abandon my friends."

Everyone looked at Walter in shock.

The quietness alerted Walter to something being wrong and he looked up almost in panic as his brilliant mind replayed what he said. "I-I didn't mean for that to come out like it did guys."

Paige smiled and pulled his head down and kissed him. "It's okay Walter. We all will probably be a little sensitive to things like that for a while. And it has only been about a year since we got back together. It was a messed up three years and while Toby had an excuse the rest of us, especially me, doesn't."

Walter kissed her back. "No, I mean I honestly forgave all of it Paige. I just didn't think about what my words would imply or the reaction to my words. Kind of how I never think when I say something that is insulting about normal intelligence. I'm still trying to get control over that."

"Speaking of getting control over something, how are the wedding plans coming?" Toby asked as he turned the chair next to Paige's desk around and straddled it as he sat down.

Paige rolled her eyes as Walter quickly put her phone on her desk and walked over to his.

Happy and Toby both laughed. Happy looked at Paige, "That good huh?"

Paige nodded. "Trying to arrange a schedule that matches up with Walter's parents and their farming needs and getting Mom here for it has been a real pain. Just when we think we got it nailed down something comes up and we have to scramble for another date."

Walter looked up from his desk. "Case in point, the fifteenth is no longer viable. Richard just sent an email that the Roger's contract has been moved up." Walter sighed as he rubbed the sides of his head.

Paige frowned. "Why didn't he email me? I'm going to call him." Paige got up and took her phone up to the loft.

"She's on a mission." Happy laughed.

Walter smiled and nodded. "They've worked out this system because they worry about me and then half the time Richard forgets and contacts me instead of Paige to let her know."

Toby frowned as he looked at Walter. "I thought we had you more or less running on all cylinders Walt. What is going on?"

Walter shrugged. "I've been experiencing little hiccups from time to time that we haven't really been able to nail down."

Toby nodded. "Maybe it is stress related to the wedding."

Walter looked up and frowned. "Why would that be causing stress?"

Toby smiled. "Walt, you've wanted Paige for so long. You finally got a relationship with her only to have it blow up on you. You spent three years alone because of what Collins did. You are probably worrying about what would happen if something blew up again before you get married. You are thinking the marriage would moderate any such blow up. So every time something happens that causes a delay you are experiencing stress over it which is causing your hiccups."

Walter stared at him and they saw his cheeks redden before he slowly nodded. I'm still not who I use to be, which is both a good and bad thing. Bad because I'm still so fragile and good because I am at least more emotive for Paige."

Toby stood up and walked over and sat on the corner of his desk. "Walt, thanks to your magic potion my professional opinion is that you are fine. You still need some work but you need to quit stressing because at this point Paige isn't going anywhere. And I am willing to bet all the money in my wallet against all the money in your wallet that Dr Rizzuto has told you the same thing."

Happy looked over at Toby, "You what?"

Toby grimaced. "Just a figure of speech my little Asian noodle."

"It better be or I'm taking those braces away." Happy shook a wrench at him.

Paige came back down the stairs huffing. "He claims he forgot, again. I'm half tempted to drive over to this office and put my foot up his ass."

Happy and Toby laughed as Walter just smiled.

"Speaking of a foot meeting an ass how is our favorite Father figure?" Toby looked around. "I didn't see his SUV and I don't hear his gravely voice."

"He had to go to LAX to help TSA with a prisoner transfer." Walter told him as he pulled up his scheduler and adjusted the Roger's contract.

"Well come on then you guys. I'm starving, let's go get lunch." Toby slapped his hand on the desktop.

Paige smiled. "That sounds like a good idea. Come on Walter let's go eat."

Walter nodded as he locked his computer and stood up. He stepped over and took Paige's sweater and held it open for her as she slid her arms in it.

The five of them walked out of the Garage and climbed into Paige's car with Walter driving and Sylvester riding in the passenger seat. "Where are we going?" Walter asked before he put the car in gear.

"Kovelsky's, we can't afford a fancy restaurant, unlike you." Toby teased him.

Walter nodded as he put the car in gear and drove off.

They frowned as they pulled into the parking lot and saw the parking lot was empty and the lights inside were off. "What the heck, they didn't say they were closed today." Toby complained.

Walter looked around. "So what do you want to do?"

Happy pointed. "Just park like normal and let's try the door. Maybe they are open."

Walter shrugged and pulled over and parked. They all exited the car and Walter took Paige's hand as they walked up to the door. Happy pulled and the door opened and so they walked on in. The inside was eerily quiet and there was no smell of freshly cooked food.

"Hey, is anyone here?" Happy yelled out.

Toby pointed. "I think I saw a light back there a ways."

They walked back into the side door leading into the kitchen and back rooms. "This is damn peculiar guys." Walter told them as he scratched his chin.

Happy pointed at a double set of doors. "Paige and I will go check in there, Sly go check out back and Toby, you and Walter go check the rooms down that hallway."

Walter slowly nodded as Happy and Paige stepped away and Sylvester walked down another passage. Toby pulled on his arm. "Come on Walt, I'll protect you."

Walter grinned as they walked off.

Paige pushed the one door open and as she stepped inside with Happy she saw her Mom standing in the room. "Mom?"

Veronica grinned and moved quickly over and hugged her. "My baby, come on we don't have a lot of time. We got to get you in your dress."

Paige frowned. "What dress?"

Happy opened a closet door and unzipped the bag hanging on the back of the door. "Why your wedding dress of course you silly."

Walter frowned as they came up to the bathroom door. "Surely no one is in there."

Toby shrugged. "We won't know until we go in."

Walter pushed the door and the light from inside spilled out as Walter walked on into the room.

Toby followed behind him grinning ear to ear.

Walter gestured. "See, no one is here."

Toby walked past him and opened a stall door and reached around it and pulled a bag around and hung it on the door and unzipped it. "Come on Walt. Get your duds off and slip into your tux here."

Walter frowned. "What is going on Toby?"

Toby grinned. "We're throwing you a wedding. Everyone is already here and Paige by now is getting into her wedding dress. Now we got to get you into your tux and I got to get into my suit so we can get you married."

Sylvester was grinning as he swapped out his clothes for a nice business suit and walked on out back where he found Cabe and Allie, Louise and Sean, Richard, Ralph and the rest of Walter's team, Dr Rizzuto along with Mr. and Mrs. Kovelsky.

Paige looked at Happy with tears in her eyes. "Not that I am complaining, but why are you guys doing things?"

Happy smiled. "Several reasons actually. One, because of what you did to get us married. Two, even though it wasn't his fault, Toby feels guilty about the split up and the years in between because of that damn computer chip. Three, I owe you. Because of you I finally opened up and allowed Toby in. Four, we owe Walter for saving Toby's life and that formula that has restores his brain."

Paige hugged her tightly. "Thank you."

A few minutes later Walter and Toby walked out and Louise ran up and hugged Walter. "I'm so happy Walter. Paige is getting the best man I know."

Sean stepped up and shook his hand. "And you are getting the finest woman I know."

Cabe walked past them and into the building. He walked down to the bakery doors and knocked. "Is the bride about ready?"

Paige grinned. "Come in Cabe."

Cabe opened the door and stepped in. He stared at Paige with tears in his eyes. "Kid, you are simply perfection."

Paige laughed and hugged him. "Don't make me cry."

Happy stepped up and put the pin Cabe gave her onto her dress. "This is your something borrowed."

Cabe handed her a bracelet. "This was my Aunt's and she wanted me to give it to my daughter on her wedding day. So here it is. Your something old."

Veronica picked up a whole bouquet of blue roses Ralph had made for her and handed them to her. "These are your something blue and of course your dress is your something new."

Paige laughed trying her best to hold back the tears when there was another knock on the door. "Come in."

The door opened and Ralph stood there and smiled. "Is my Mother ready for me to walk her down the aisle?"

Paige smiled and nodded as Ralph walked up and hugged her.

"Finally I get my Dad." Ralph told her.

Paige laughed. "I'm so glad you finally are. Sorry it took so long."

Ralph held out his arm and she put her hand on it as the others left ahead of them.

"When did you guys put this all together?" Paige asked before they stepped out.

Ralph grinned. "Actually it was ninety percent Toby and Happy. They'd been working on everything for the last month. Richard's plane is taking you guys for a month long honeymoon someplace. He has refused to let anyone know where."

They stepped out into the hallway outside the bakery and started walking towards the back door. "He set up a sat phone so if we have to contact you guys we can but we still won't know where you are."

Paige laughed.

Ralph rapped on the door and a moment later they heard the wedding march start playing and he looked up at his Mom and pulled her veil over her face. "Are you ready?"

Paige nodded. "I'm more than ready baby."

Ralph pushed and the door opened and they walked outside.

Neither Walter nor Paige could give much of a coherent recollection of the ceremony. Though they were pretty sure Ray actually got her name right. They were curled up together on the plane as it taxied down the runway.

"I can't believe they did this." Paige told Walter as she kissed him.

Walter nodded. "I can't believe you said yes."

Paige grinned. "With all the delays I was about to drag you to the court house and just get married and to heck with everyone else."

Walter grinned. "That would have saved a lot of headaches. It was so kind of Richard to arrange for our honeymoon as well."

A stewardess opened the door at the front of the plane and walked back with a bottle of champagne in a bucket with ice and some glasses. "Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien, you will be left alone for the flight unless you need anything. In which case just pick up a phone and dial 0."

She set the bucket and glasses down and then walked over and adjusted a set of seats and they expanded and laid down flat forming a bed. She quickly made up the bed and got out a couple of extra blankets and set them down. She turned and smiled. "Our flying time will be just over thirteen hours. Here is a menu of what is available for meals and snacks. Mr. Elia sends his best."

Walter poured the champagne as the stewardess left. He handed a glass to Paige, "To us."

Paige nodded, "To us."

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