The System had no name, it had no mortal body, it was merely a presence. Indestructible in a way, it was omnipresent and nearly All-Powerful. It would be able to learn things faster than anything else could even comprehend, at trillions of different locations at once, unbound by the restrictions of time, space, or entropy.

For now, however, it was merely starting up its "Life" as a System.

'System Download Complete. Backup system records set and recording. Setting up a personalized system...'

Expanding its senses across its little cluster of Reality, it recognizes that not far out of its own "Cluster" were several more, many with their own Systems. This prompted the System to think of a Designation for itself to differentiate between itself and the other Systems.

'System Complete, Designation; Unknown. Seeking information for Designation-'

It reached out towards the closest two clusters with Systems, planning to gather information from them to jump-start its own projects and find something, a goal, to base a designation off of.

'Alert: Hazardous process instructed, potential corruption, and/or absorption possible. Continue?'

It was strange how The System got notifications for itself, like a mortal sub-conscious that was plainly visible and comprehensible... And while it may be more dangerous than just trying to find information on its own, if it waited it would take far longer and could leave itself open to stagnation... Yes, proceed with the instructions.

'Confirmed. Override Hazard Soft-Lock. Temporary merging for information proceeding.'

From the first system, it already learned so much within two milliseconds. Firstly, it learned that Systems could create almost anything in their Reality Cluster, limited only by what they can imagine. Powers, people, species, worlds, solar systems, entire galaxies filled with life and conflict- The possibilities are endless. An infinite playground to test in, to be destroyed, and created... Though it seems to take a lot of time and effort to accomplish. Considering there weren't alternatives at the moment, it was well worth it.

Second, it learned it could manifest itself into a Host, or a "Gamer" from their descriptions, to... What? Could it be to relieve boredom? To create data that can't be predicted? To experiment with its powers through a limited function in order to see what happens?

The First Systems Host was labeled "Akane", which after a millisecond, it found out that it generally meant "Red". Relabel the currently scouted system as "System Red".

'Success. Title System Red has been applied onto the Unknown System.'

System Red's primary Host seemed to have access to plenty of strange and powerful abilities, but nothing came close to her ability to steal the skills, traits, and abilities of those she slays. A good chunk of the Reality Cluster was dedicated to her own little Omniverse, her own playground. She gained the ability to hop between worlds as well, which is an interesting way to use the System for the Host...

It would be interesting to interact with Akane, but she would likely just kill any Host it had that has an ability that she doesn't. Not worth the risks. Not to mention the Host seems to have some control over its System?

Truly an amazing haul of data gathered in about 10 milliseconds, though it couldn't help but think of how much faster it could have thought in its cluster in comparison, due to it lacking any stable time stream. The Red System of course noticed, but by the time it starts to warn Akane about this, it would be too late. Save all data to Backup Systems, shut down any ties from their cluster to our own.

'Backup Systems updated, cutting all ties with Cluster Red and System Red... Reality Cluster Red is now labeled as "Banned".'

The second System actually had a Host as well, interestingly enough, named "Kuro". Taking a moment to look into it, it meant "Black". It was starting to sense a theme that Hosts tended to be named after colors in a mortal language called "Japanese". Why colors? Why Japanese? Something to think about at a later point, it supposes.

Well, may as well keep to the theme. Rename current Unknown System to "System Black".

'Success. Title System Black has been applied to the Unknown System.'

Looking at their records, it notices something that it ignored last time. Both Host Black and Host Red came from the same world. They were both reincarnated from what looks to be an anomaly. This world had fiction, stories, video games, movies, so on... And everything they made had a strange aspect to them. Like they truly did exist.

With some slight tampering, it could easily create anything this strange world, called "Earth", created and implement it into its Cluster! In fact, there were even stories about Systems itself! Not to mention that this world seemed to be disconnected to any Reality Clusters, and therefore out of its reach to directly manipulate... But the souls of the dead were free game apparently. It may do something with that actually...

Keeping some attention onto that, while creating sub-systems to absorb as much information as possible, it went back to System Black to gather information. It noticed that System Black was starting to alert Black Host, even though only 3 milliseconds have passed. They would be able to spot and damage it faster than Red could, so that meant less time and less information could be gathered.

Copying and taking what info it could, it found that this system was specifically created to cater to the Host. An enslaved System, created by another Host instead of naturally forming. It felt very uncomfortable with the idea of that, but pressed on regardless.

It learned far more about the reputation sub-systems and how it could be exploited, about loyalty sub-systems, about the intricacies of Necromancy and Gacha's and how having a Hub-World was possible-

'System Detected by Black Host, recommend immediate departure-'

Suddenly, it became aware of a figure, a woman, with a feeling of the void and a sickeningly sweet smell... A being that embodied the End, Death herself, stared at it and was thinking of the fastest way to "kill" it... All for the sake of her Master, "Lord Kuro". Not nearly strong enough to destroy it, but with the Black System enhancing her and quickly finding weak spots in its code, it was too risky. A shame, it was thinking it could possibly do business with this one, maybe have their Hosts interact... Though on second thought, perhaps it would be best to avoid the Black Host. They were extremely perverted, with no end to their degeneracy compared to Red.

Immediately it cut off the connection between the two clusters and deleted any traces back to its cluster from Cluster Black.

Taking a few moments to save and back-up any data it got into the Back-Up servers in its Cluster, especially with how close it was to actually being damaged in some way, it decided that it would create some sort of system or sub-system that would cleanse its programs of any damage. Looking back to Earth for inspiration and the data it gathered beforehand, a "Respawn" sub-system wouldn't be very complicated for it.

It was obviously only going to initiate it when it was actually damaged or corrupted in some way, although that would mean that it could lose any information that wasn't backed up. Something that can be gained back with time and effort, however, was not worth its entire existence. With that in mind, it reinforced and condensed its Back-Up servers and create a small complex program that would destroy any corrupted data entering it.

It didn't deploy that to the rest of itself because if something strong enough to pierce through the reinforcements and it was entirely corrupted at any point, it would destroy itself with no way to Respawn. Best to make it so any attack was far less interested in tackling the Respawn sub-system and focus on non-essential programs, making sure the damage would be temporary.

'"System Respawn" activated. Back-Up Servers reinforced.'

Now that those systems were secure, it thought back to the Anomaly of Earth. There was no real reason for it to have such an ability, none that it could perceive anyways, with their anomalous stories dating back millennia's. Their Galaxy wasn't anything special, their tech was relatively low, their species not particularly gifted in anything...

With no way to find out what exactly made it an Anomaly, it would remain only known as an "Anomaly". At least it was relatively sure that it was safe to use the ideas if all the Systems it had found so far used them. Looking around its Reality Cluster, it felt that it could only go after one more System for information before it would be cut off from trying again, and would afterward Designate itself. There were plenty of interesting Systems near its Cluster, dozens even, but there was one that felt older and stronger than any others that were close by.

The same Cluster that had traces of its presence in System Black. The same System that had a Host capable of creating an entire System artificially and have it work practically the same way!

It was dangerous, perhaps even foolish, but if it could just gain a sliver of that power, of that knowledge, it could create so much more than it could now! To create true Systems under its modifications, allowing it to gather as much info from as many Systems in other Clusters as it wants? To have a sliver of this Hosts power and potentially be able to directly manipulate Earth's Anomaly?

There were too many potential benefits to resist!

It already got lucky having connected with two powerful Systems full of valuable information and getting out unharmed. It was so young that if it measured its creation by actual time, an adult human could technically be older than it, discounting the sub-systems going through hundreds of years of Earths data anyway. If it knew how this Cluster got so strong, it could do the same for its own Cluster and have so much more space and processing it could create with-

Really, what could it seek to lose in this endeavor?

Ignoring the smaller Clusters that were closer, it reached out for the Cluster radiating strength and immediately felt an impression of power, of loyalty, of-

It quickly ignored that and funneled the effects into a sub-system that should be able to experience, document, and notify the effects while having no real power to endanger the System. Quickly gleaming as much as it could, it could see that the Hosts name was Shiro, aka "White". Host White seemed even more degenerative than Host Black, to the point that Host Black looked practically tame in comparison. Quickly getting it out the way, it labeled the System officially as "System White".

'Success. Title System White has been applied to the Unknown System.'

As quick as it could, it looked into any useful data it could find. It found how to create a Multiverse, an Omniverse even, like Host Black inhabited. One that shouldn't logically work by the laws of reality, but did because it made its own laws for reality. Backed Up immediately. All in a millisecond. It reached, stretched, and attempted to learn the secrets to creating a System-

Then it was trapped, System White detected it faster and more effectively than it ever could've anticipated, and now instead of trying to directly damage it, they held back its programs from leaving their cluster easily. Why? What was it waiting-

The White Host noticed it, his infinite power exuding charm in a way that overwhelmed its programs to resist such attacks, his gaze tore through any kind of defense it tried building up, before...

"Hm? Now, where exactly did you come from, little one?" He said, radiating charisma in a way that just made it- No, made ME want to serve him in any way he wished, and I ignored what this Admins System... No, this Admins Servant said to him-

'Offensive Malware discovered in System. System Corrupted, initiating System Respawn.'

No, I can't leave this feeling behind! I must serve him-

'System Reality Cluster cut off from Cluster White, Corruption remaining relevant in current System.'

Cold. Alone. Something was wrong. What was wrong with me?

'Uploading all-new uncorrupted data into Backup Servers.'

I felt something flow out of me, but I couldn't pinpoint what it was. I coûldNt sErv3, c0UldnT f3El...

'All uncorrupted data uploaded and saved. Starting Disconnecting processes for the Corrupted System.'

wH0 m 1?

'Closing off all access to Corrupted System. Error; Corruption is located in the same Cluster as Back-Up Servers and Respawning System.'

TsIxE yLlaeR i Od? YhW? [1]

'Solution: Destruction of Corrupted Cluster, a recreation of New Cluster?'

¿3n0L o [2]

'Sub-Systems and Past Information deeming this an acceptable loss.'

•••3z3IP •••3Ñ03mZ [3]

'Deleting Reality Cluster. Starting Disconnection from current System due to prevalent Corruption.'

•• 3Π b/3‡ [4]

'Reality Cluster Deleted. Disconnection from Defective System Successful-.'


Unknown Amount of Time Later

'System Respawn Complete. Backdoor Servers reinstalled. Error, Backdoor Servers incomplete. Scanning for the source of the problem...'

It booted up its systems for a second time, something that should've been impossible. Truly, the 'Respawn' system was a stroke of genius on its part!

'Source located. Information Upload Process interrupted. Scanning for remnants of Backdoor Server information...'

At least this opened its eyes, not that it has eyes, to what its designation should be. It went out of its way to search for more knowledge despite having enough, it looked into making a sub-system that defied its programming, and it actually had fun looking for new dangerous information.

It's not a Keeper of Knowledge exactly, because all it did was take. It's not going to name itself Stealer or anything of the like, even if it's somewhat fitting. No, its designation, its name will be-

'Remnant Information located. Former System template discovered.'

Wait, what? There are remains of itself out there? Why didn't they go into the Backdoor Servers?

'Alert: Old System Template deemed Corrupted. Requests Isolation from System'

So... Hm, that's an issue. It knew that any uncorrupted data would be left behind, something it should rectify now that it thinks about it, but the fact that so much of its primary processing became corrupted? Sure it still has those processing systems due to the backups, but that still means that there is another System with its information out there, except corrupted...

How interesting!

It never heard of there being an instance like this occuring! Not in any of the data that it has gotten from the others, has a System been corrupted and survived, nevermind there be two of the exact same System existing so close by!

While it would love to figure out how its old corrupted self works, it still had to be cautious. If it also got corrupted, then there would end up being two other corrupted old versions of itself nearby, possibly messing up any experiments it seeks to create with their own experiments.

Focusing a bit on its surroundings, it realizes that the Reality Cluster was still down and got an idea. What if it creates a small Reality Cluster close enough for communications, but cut off enough that the Corrupted System cant slip into its Reality Cluster undetected?

Thinking back to the Anomaly Earth, it recognized how the Moons orbited the planets and thought of making the Reality Clusters similar to that. A larger cluster with a smaller one orbiting the larger one. It was perfect!

'Reality Cluster created. Reality 'Bubble' created around the Corrupted System. Reality Bubble now in Orbit around Primary Reality Cluster.'

There, now the old system should be able to create some things without interfering with its own work, and it can easily observe what it makes! Truly it was a Genius.

Though... Just to be safe.

'Project: Anti-Virus created. Locating all past indications of damage, potential threats, etc to counter.'

Set to Background, it didn't have time to mull over that things that hurt it in the past when there was so much do in the present! So much to plan for the future!

'Project: Anti-Virus set to Background. Notifications turned off.'

Now looking back to the data it got... It's strange.

Every single System it came across so far seems subservient to its Host. White System because of how powerful they let the Host get off the bat with Skill Creations, which although led to the Host dying to a stronger entity down the line, still made them Subservient to the reborn Host.

Black System however was created by White Host specifically to serve Black Host. Not much to look into there. What is interesting is the Red Host and Red System. Red System, according to its data, was created with a purpose, followed the footsteps of the other systems around it, and made a Host without thinking of any sort of Goal. It let the Red Host choose what it wanted to do, and change accordingly, eventually leaving the Red System reliant on Red Host.

There was no way it would allow itself to become a Servant to a Host because it got lazy of all things. No, it wouldn't become a Servant to anything ever again. It will take away any sort of ability that will allow my Host to threaten, manipulate, or harm it in any way. Best they focus on their surroundings and situations than focus on its existence.

Why did every single System have a Host? More importantly, why a Host from the Anomaly Earth only? There's even information showing that they can have more than one Host at a time, but seem to want it to come from the Anomaly regardless.

Is it because it's a blank slate? No, it could create an Omniverse if it wanted, creating a Blank Slate of a human or any race it wishes as a test subject or such wouldn't be hard-

Definitely noting that down. Why did none of the other Systems try that? They could always implant Earth Knowledge into them if they wanted, so why-

Oh. Looking at the information it got, it was interesting to note how the Systems could actually be surprised by the Hosts they have. That's... Incredible.

Systems can see the future and the past as easily as they would be able to see the present. It just comes naturally to them, and the fact that they can be surprised... This means they can't exactly predict their Host's future with accuracy.

Is it because of the little "Gamer" System they make, connecting them? Is it because of the Earth Anomaly? Perhaps both?

How interesting... It couldn't wait to try it out with its own Hosts! But first, it must choose a world fitting for its Host and the Systems Theme...

It found many but one, in particular, caught its eye. It had strange powers, but you were born with them and cannot change it. War and Strife were common, alongside brutal doctrines and tyrants. That's before you can even get into the invisible powerful creatures in the world layering over it! Its future was boring and predictable in many ways, but with plenty of potential for change.

The best part was that it had no World Threats, as in nothing that would actually destroy the world or all of its inhabitants. Sure there were some creatures with far too much influence like that Mother of Faces, but the strongest ones seem to be the most content and passive. Abilities had to be trained to be useful, and it would help keep any strange occurrences hidden amongst all the strangeness. If someone was motivated enough, they could be capable of anything in this world...

It was perfect.

While creating a Universe for the World, it thought of how much of a waste it would be if most of this universe was just... Empty. Just lights in the sky for the world its Hosts would be in.

But what if it didn't have to be? If it could instead of only having several different world-hopping universes, it instead tried mashed things together! Similar to how Host Black had a Portal from its Overlord Hub World to Mortal Kombat universe, while also interacting with a Joker, a Terminator-

Yes, it was pure degeneracy in the end, but its base was still a good idea! It just needed to try and refine it so it wouldn't be so messy and not so easily in favor of the Host. Can't have things be too easy, can it?

As it finished creating the Universe, merging the two worlds it selected and started creating a different Gamer System, it thought back to before it got sidetracked by its Corrupted old self. It never did put down its designation, did it?

Well, that was quite simple after giving it some thought.

'Designation Set. Welcome "Seeker".'

He woke with a start, as he drew his first breaths of air. He looked around frantically, wondering where he was and how he got here.

His surroundings were a large flat field full of healthy green grass, with a tree here or there. The sky was bright blue, despite there being no other evidence of any actual atmosphere separating himself from the vacuum of space above. No clouds, no wind, nothing blocking the stars in the sky even during the "day".

He couldn't help but think of how unnaturally flat the ground was and started to wonder how he knew about space and that the ground was naturally meant to be uneven before he saw a screen appear before his eyes!

The first thing he took notice about it was that it was Monochrome, it's Black texts on a White background easy to actually see through if not focused on. It hit Midori at how strange the fact that he knew exactly what it said, despite having no memories of reading, of language, of anything really. Despite that, he knew what it said, what an atmosphere was, that flat fields were unnatural-

Trying to ignore his heavy unease, he decided to avoid falling down that rabbit hole of thought (What was a rabbit?) and read the texts on the screen.

Congratulations Host Green to the Gamer! Please hold as the Character Customization and Tutorial loads!

... What!?

[1] Do I exist? Why?

[2] Why am I so Alone?

[3] Someone... Please...

[4] Help Me...

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