Chapter Four -I'll Tell You All About It (When I See You Again)

Harry set his box down and wiped the sweat from his brow. Three floors of steps with a massive box of clothes had wiped him out, and there was still more to grab. He pushed his glasses back up his nose and tried - in vain - to scrape his wild, sweat-damp hair back from his face.

Looking at the doors he finally found his room - 394, at the other side of the building.

Cursing himself he made it to the R/A's room about halfway down and knocked on the door wearily, leaning against the frame as he caught his breath.

Only to find himself slamming into something solid as he fell when the door opened inwards. He'd landed on something... almost soft. His glasses had fallen off and he patted around for them, finding carpet that had been vacuumed a few too many times but not what he really needed.

"Well then." The voice startled him in it's familiarity, especially given that it was far too close to his ear. "It seems you're as clumsy as always."

Harry couldn't believe it, he just couldn't. He'd landed smack-bang on top of his R/A, but, not just his R/A, no, Harry was never that lucky. Tom. He'd managed to fall on top of his longest crush.

Cheeks flushed and breath quickened he scrambled off of him, forgetting his glasses and pressed his back against the wall. He gasped as he felt a gentle touch to his cheek, then the familiar feeling of his glasses glising smoothly over his face, the lenses sitting slightly askew on the bridge of his nose - bringing Tom's angular face into startling clarity.

"You're here..." Was all that Harry could manage to say, cursing the soft tremor of his voice before clearing his throat and forcing his eyes away. Tom had only grown more handsome since they'd last seen one another. His lithe build had gained just enough muscle to fill him out, his jaw was angular and his skin was that same, flawless, alabaster. His eyes were still a deep, chocolate tone and that slight tilt to his lips was as infuriating as ever. While Harry was practically the same - still too short, too awkward and far too thin - Tom had only grown more graceful in their absence.

"As are you, my Harry." The term of endearment made Harry throw his head to the side to avoid eye contact with Tom. The elder tutted and took a firm but gentle hold of his chin, encouraging their eyes to meet. "Are you upset with me? You're the one who left, love."

"I, I wasn't expecting.." Harry could figure out what he wanted to say. He wasn't expecting to see Tom? Or, he wasn't expecting Tom to be so determinedly the same as he was four years ago.


"Harry? What's happening?" the slight tremor in Tom's voice was the only sign that he was the slightest bit affected, and it only made Harry feel worse.

"I have to go." Harry said simply, shoving his stuff into his over-sized backpack on his bed.

"Go? What are you talking about?"

"My Godfather... He, he won custody of me, turns out it was in my parents' will in the first place. He's getting me out of here."

"Will I see you?"

"I don't know, Tom. I just don't know."


Harry was yanked back from his memories by the feeling of Tom caging him in his arms, tight enough that Harry worried about his ability to breathe, but not enough to prevent him from wrapping his arms around Tom's long neck and burying his head in his firm chest.

"Four years, Harry." Tom whispered has his brought one hand to cup Harry's untamed mass of hair. "Where were you? I looked."

"America." Harry answered simply. Harry had gone to America with his Godfather and come back for university.

"It doesn't matter." Tom said it that same way someone might say that it was raining. "You're here now."

Harry couldn't help himself - he'd imagined seeing Tom again so many times, imagined the anger in those dark hazel eyes, but this; this was different. Tom wasn't angry. He wasn't even upset. He was just... vulnerable. It made Harry hold him tighter, made his hands hold on to his hair and the collar of his shirt, making sure he couldn't move away.

But Tom did pull back. Not far - just far enough so that he could look into Harry's eyes. "You have no idea..." he whispered, moving his hands to draw his thumb slowly over Harry's flushed cheek, enjoying the warmth he found there. "You can't comprehend how much I've missed you." He leaned that little bit closer, until he felt Harry's rushed breath ghost over his skin. "Never again, Harry."

The kiss was suprising to no one but Harry. That first push of Tom's soft, firm lips against his own drew what could only be described as a mewl from his throat. Tom's hand cradled his head, directing him and threading long fingers into a mess of inky curls. It seemed to last forever, and no time at all - Harry's fingers flexed and curled tightly into Tom's shirt until the need to breathe fought against their need to be as close as possible.

Tom was ecstatic, he finally had him back, under his care and against his body. The relief and joy of that one simple fact flooded him in waves as he pulled the younger man as physically close to him as he could with the fabric of too many clothes in the way.

"Tom." That voice, beautiful, soft. "Tom." Gods, he loved the sound of his name on those lips, why wasn't he still kissing them?

"Tom!" Startled, Tom snapped out of his musings and paid attention to his Harry. "Two thirds of my things are still downstairs and I don't want them to be stolen!" Flustered and at least a little hot, Harry just wanted to go and get his stuff and think.

Tom coughed twice before he deigned to respond. "Right, of course, I'll send someone down." Harry rolled his eyes but allowed Tom to pull his phone out and type out a text so quickly Harry had no hope whatsoever of deciphering the message.

Tom pulled himself away fully, straightening his shirt and tie, and clearing his throat again before he looked back at Harry. And, by the Gods, the man was stunning in his just-too-tight black jeans, crisp white shirt and a tie that inexorably shared Harry's eye colour. His dark loafers gave him the look of an extremely smart intern, all in all he made Harry's dark tee-shirt and faded jeans look scruffier than they already were.

"Well, lookie what the dog dragged in." Draco was leaning against the door-frame, smirking. Harry realised he and Tom were still stood just a bit too close, but there wasn't much he could do about it against a wall so he just cleared his throat a little too loudly and shot Tom a pointed look. The slight smirk turning one corner of the older's full mouth certainly wasn't helpful.

"Been a while, Prince." Harry said, it didn't come out as casually as he wanted.

"Yeah, it has, Puppy." The jibes were fine, Normal, Expected.

When Blaise appeared a few moments later, the only surprise was the appearance of Theo at his side. Harry hadn't known the other boy well at Durmstrang, but he looked much better and far less thin than he could remember. Good.

"Right, Harry's stuff is downstairs, can you three get it and bring it back here? 15 minutes should suffice." It may have sounded like a question but everyone in the room knew it to be anything but.

When they left Harry broke into a soft giggle that immediately caught Tom's attention. "As domineering as ever, hm?"

Tom shrugged it off and moved to sit in his desk chair, Harry choosing to stay at his spot against the wall, lacking either the energy or will to move.

They were quiet for a few moments, they often were, but it was disturbed by the appearance of someone Harry didn't quite recognise. She was around Tom's age, with purple hair and more piercings than Harry could remember seeing on anyone.

"Time to attend to the freshies, Riddle." She popped her bubblegum at the end of her sentence. "We have icebreakers, safety talks, QA and then frogmarching them all to the cafe for overpriced lunch."

Tom didn't make a sound, simply nodded, but that nerve in his eyebrow twitched and Harry almost found it funny. Tom was good at hiding his emotions, but he always telegraphed frustration.

"I'll be there in a few moments, I was just helping a new student with his things." The dismissal was plain, as was that the woman stayed just a few seconds too long to exemplify that Tom wasn't in charge of her.

When she left, Harry took a step towards Tom. "You do know what one of the freshies that will be frustrating you so much will be me, right?" That seemed to perk him up, and the nerve in his brow stopped twitching.

"Okay, we'll wait for the others to return and leave your things here, then we'll head down to the hall."

Harry shook his head in amusement. Tom could never resist directing people.