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Warnings: Iemitsu bashing

Today's Special

"A flower's name.

Means nothing to the flower itself."

Nana sighed, after hours of painful labour. He had finally arrived. Her precious baby boy.

When the nurse handed her the baby. She could hardly believe it. She knew she had been completely faithful. Iemitsu had been her first and her only.

But the baby did not have the chocolate brown eyes they had been expecting. Nor did he have either of their brown or golden hair.

The infant's hair was a midnight blue, and his eyes were an icy blue...

But what shocked Nana even more, was Iemitsu's reaction to the baby's unexpected appearance.

He didn't yell.

He didn't scream.

All he said was. "Oh well. At least he's your kid. That means the Vongola's blood in you, will flow within him. But we should at least try to have another. You know; uncase this one hits the bucket."

The man's words ignited a fire within Nana.

How dare he!

How dare he talk about her precious baby that way!

How could she have been so blind!

He obviously only wanted her jeans for some reason. He didn't even care if the child was really his.

Whatever the hell this Vongola is.

Doesn't matter.

Because the only thing that matters to Nana, is her child.

"Iemitsu." Nana called calmly.

"Yes dear." He smiled back, as if he hadn't just been talking about them needing another child, like some safety net, in case Tsuna died.

"I want a deviorce." Iemitsu's eyes widened, but Nana refused to give him even a chance to speak. "I expect you to leave the house. When me and my son return from the hospital, I expect to see a detailed explanation of whatever this Vongola is. Because you seem quite concerned about it, clearly more so than your son. Furthermore, I want three/fourths of your salary every month. Whatever you're doing, you're clearly making a lot of money. You may visit Tsuna on his birthdays, thanksgiving, and on christmas as well. If he chooses to cut ties with you when he's older. That will be his decision to make. Not mine." Nana takes a deep breath. "Now. Get out." she says calmly.

When the man doesn't move, rooted to the ground in shock, she glares at him, "Get out. Before I have someone else force you out."