Each Childs Tuition includes teaching, food, board, trips(on some subjects), each student gets given 1G(£5) per month which gets given at the end of the month(spending money to use in Hogsmead Village).

Year 1: 250G (£1250)
Year 2: 250G (£1250)
Year 3: 250G (£1250)
Year 4: 250G (£1250)
Year 5: 250G (£1250)
Year 6:250G (£1250)
Year 7: 250G (£1250)

Optional if asked Mastery Year: 300G (£1500)

Students with Low income families scholarship available definitely for 1st and 2nd year. To be able to continue if all grades are at least an acceptable level. No fails are allowed in the overall grade.

If you have failed subjects students from low income families from year 3 onwards will be moved to a partial scholarship.

Year 1:0G (£0)
Year 2: 0G (£0)
Year 3: 100G (£500)
Year 4: 100G (£500)
Year 5: 100G (£500)
Year 6:100G (£500)
Year 7: 100G (£500)

Optional if asked Mastery Year: 200G (£1000)

Tuition is paid in 3 separate payment

1st (50% of overall tuition) 10th September

2nd(25% of overall tuition) 10th January

3rd(25% of overall tuition) 10th April

Every Student will also be set up with a vault in Gringotts where year 1 and 2's money will be deposited. If a student already has a vault it will be deposited in there own vault.