The First Step

It doesn't end.

For what feels like centuries now I've floated in the abyss. Just...emptiness. I couldn't move, couldn't speak. At first, I panicked, then I went insane. But eventually, I recovered from that as well. My memories have long since slipped out of my grasp, but I refused to allow anything else to fade away. I told myself stories. Anime, movies, books, tv shows. Reviewed all my knowledge over and over again. All in an attempt to exist. Which leads to me now.

'What story should I remember this time?'

Then I saw it. A door. Something that exists in this black void. Desperately I tried to move towards it. Only to forget I had no body to move. I refused to give up, however. To just give in and allow such a chance to tease me. For there is nothing worse than seeing hope you couldn't grasp.

'Please. Just a bit more...Please...'

A miracle among miracles occurred. The door drew closer, and as it did so it opened. Blinding white light erupted from it, consuming the void...and me as well. When I could see again, I seemed to be in someone's office. The light from the sun outside so blinding I couldn't even see out the window. It was just whiteness.

"Welcome. I'm sure you have questions."

I turn around and saw what looked to be a man in a suit. However, every time I tried to see his face, my eyes refused to look higher. As if his very presence was demanding my head stay bowed.

"Yes, I know. Believe me, it's annoying how no one can look me in the eyes."

'Where am I?'

"My Office. I'm called many things. But you can call me GOD for now."

If I had a heart it would be racing. God. As in the creator?

"Well, you're both right and wrong. I created existence, it was others who created the worlds you know."

'Worlds? And what do you mean others?'

"Allow me to explain. Your world, and every other world you know in fiction, was created by Gods as well. However, make note of the lowercase letters. There is only one GOD. But other Gods can exist."

'Well, that proves the multiverse theory. But...why am I here?'

"To become a god."


The mishmash of thoughts in my mind could hardly be called coherent.

'...what? Why?'

"An experiment. Allow me to explain. All my Gods were created from nothing more than my power. They came into existence as they are. Powerful, capable of much more than their wards and creations. It made them arrogant, and stagnant."

Well, he certainly wasn't wrong. Very rarely are good gods known in the multiverse.

"I want to create a new breed of Divine. A Mortal God."

'And as for why you chose me?'

"You survived after your world died."

Even with no form. I could feel the chill that ran through me.


"A rival of your worlds god wanted to be petty. So he attacked one of the worlds in his supervision. It was a massacre, he destroyed everything. You have no afterlife because it doesn't exist anymore."

'So that void...'

"Was the void of nothingness. Nonexistence."

He sighed.

"It's a tragedy. One I try to prevent. By the time I discovered what had happened. All the souls floating in emptiness had faded away."

Even though I couldn't see it. I could feel him smiling at me.

"Except you. You lost your home, your body, and even yourself. But you refused to fade. Your mind filled with thoughts of worlds you didn't even know existed. Such will could not be ignored."

I felt a hand on my head.

"That and as an apology for what happened to you is why I made this offer. So that you can save a world from meeting the same fate as yours."

'You mean?..'

"Yes. Another pair of gods abandoned their world, after killing its people. Life eventually returned, but they were in danger of dying out once more. Erased just like your people were."

I shivered. The memories of what happened to me as vibrant as ever.

'I'll do it. I refuse to just do nothing.'

I could feel his smile growing into a grin. The hand on my head ruffling my head.

"Perfect. Then allow me to explain what being a Mortal God is."

'I /was/ a bit curious.'

"It's a God made from the soul of a Mortal. You start weak but have an advantage other gods don't."


"You can grow in power. The more people believe in you, the more divine beings you conquer, the stronger you become. Even becoming able to choose your domains."

That's...powerful. I may not be world ending at first, but I will be able to become even more powerful as time goes on.

"However there are some things you must know. Flaws and your Divine Core."

'It is pretty amazing how a capital letter makes such a difference.'

"Isn't it? These are things you can't control. Even I don't know which one you'll end up with. A flaw is a vice you will have to control. And your core is the origin of your divinity. It's a domain in which you know no equal. Besides me of course."


'Anything else?'

"Yes. Never lose your spark. That will of yours is what made you strong. Never forget that."

'I won't. I Swear.'

Power then erupted from him, drowning the room in his presence. "Then be Reborn as one of my Children. The Power and Path you walk are yours alone. Awaken my Son."

I could feel the power surging into me. Changing my existence. I blacked out as I hear his last words.

"Walk Tall, Azrael."

My eyes open as I felt something tickle my nose. Opening my eyes I was met by another pair. Feline slitted ones with a pair of black ears twitching on top of them.

"A cat?... Wait..."

'I can speak? No...not only that...'

A hand rushed up to my face, almost knocking the black cat over as it hissed in annoyance. I touched a nose, skin with bone underneath. A body, an actual body. I could feel wetness running down my face. Tears. I was alive again.

I stood easily. The cat jumping up a nearby trashcan to stare at me. However, that wasn't important.

'A mirror. I need a mirror.'

Somewhere in my mind, I took account of the fact that I awoke in an alleyway, but that hardly matters as I kneeled to look in a nearby puddle. Grey shaggy hair, piercing gold eyes, and tanned skin.

"I look like a mix between Archer and Shirou." Well, that was interesting. I wonder why he chose this form?

[I didn't. You did. At least, your soul did.]

I blinked. Hearing my new father in my head. Hardly expected this, but I'll run with it.

'My soul?'

[I built you a physical form using your soul as reference. You lost everything about your old body. Even the memory of it. Since I did it this way, you should have no disconnect. Controlling it should feel natural for you.]

He was right. I felt like I had this body for years.

[Now it's time. Here.]

A list appeared before my eyes. Filled with an immense amount of terms.

'What is?...'

[It's time to chose your first domain. You aren't mature enough to access your core yet. When you've grown it will reveal itself. For now, take your first steps into godhood.]

I took my time. Pouring over the list. I had no idea where I am, so I need something versatile. Something that can help me earn money and respect while also allowing me to defend myself. Then I saw it. I hardly believe in fate, but this was close.

[Crafting? Curious choice.]

'It's perfect. Creation is a little too much, I doubt I have enough divinity to create anything. However, Crafting is using something that already exists to create something else. Plus, since its such a broad term it could mean anything from sewing to cooking to forging to alchemy. Perfect to start with.'

[Clever. Instead of going for easy power, you went for the one that covers your bases. Well, I'm signing off. I'll show up once you hit important milestones but otherwise you're on your own. Live your life Azrael.]

I felt him leave my mind. I hated how much I missed him already. Being alone for such time left me tired of being by myself.

My head perks up as I heard a gentle mew fill the alleyway. The same cat that awoke me stared into my eyes. I smiled. Maybe I don't have to be.

It was sometime later as I walked out of the alley. Looking around at the city I found myself in.

'This place seems familiar...'

The cat on my head mewing as she relaxed in my hair. She seemed to like me for some reason, so I kept her around. I found out she was a girl from checking.


I stood in front of a glass window, pretending I'm observing the antiques while checking the rest of myself out. I was tall, a solid 6ft. My body lean, but still having muscle. I was wearing a grey hoodie and a pair of jeans. I looked around 17. All in all an average guy if you can ignore my hair and eyes. Yeah, I'm a guy. Thank Father. Made sure to check right before leaving the alley. Safe to say, I'd make an impression.

'I need a short term plan, a long term plan, and an end goal. To do all that I need to figure out where the hell I am.' Mixing with the crowd I felt old instincts returning as I shift in and out of the way of foot traffic as I made my way down the street. I got a few odd locks for the animal on my head, but I doubt that's the worst they've seen since it only got a second glance.

I sighed, looking up. Only to see something that made me almost forget to breathe. See it was dark out, and as I looked up at the moon I saw it looked different. Like a whole part of it was shattered.

Remnant. I'm in RWBY. Fuck. Alright. Need to make a plan stat.

I'm most likely going to be facing the brothers. While they may have abandoned this world, they may return if only because another god was playing in their sandbox.

After thinking it through I got a rough idea of what I want to do.

Gain enough power to defeat the brothers.

End the lovers' quarrel between Ozma and Salem.

Find the asshole who destroyed my world.

Top three things I need to do. A simple list, but one I'm sure most could agree with. Idly I scratched my kitten's head. A purr rumbling from its throat.

Now I need to find a place to stay. Since this seemed to be Vale according to my memory from the show, I can also infer that the fall of Beacon has not occurred yet.

Checking my pockets I found a scroll and some Id. More then I'd thought I'd get.

'Azrael huh? Guess that's my new name. It works strangely enough.'

It felt familiar, yet somehow still strange. Like a hug from a family member, you have never met before.

I shook my head. Pulling aside someone, I gave a small smile to show I meant no harm. "Sorry to bother you. I'm from outside the kingdom and wanted to know if there was a smithy nearby. I'm hoping to find a job."

The lady kindly gave me directions, and after asking a few more people I found it. And it was not what I expected. A run down and old fashioned smithy greeted me. Nestled between two office buildings, it almost reminded me of the house from Up or Stuart Little. It was clear it had been there for a long time.

Steeling myself, I knocked on the door. Some time passed, so I knocked again. This time just a bit louder.


Only for someone to wrench open the door as soon as I finished knocking. Showing a man wearing a blacksmiths apron and covered in soot. His gray hair was streaked with black and lines covered his face, showing his advanced age. Steel grey eyes met my gold, showing a lifetime of success and failure. He ran a scarred hand through his bushy beard, a few sparks being put out.

"You ain't one of them." His voice calmed down significantly, but the power in his words was still there.

"Considering I don't know who 'them' is. I would think so." Ahh, my old snark, how I missed you. One of the few parts of me that carried over.

He snorted, amused. "Alright Boy. Mind explaining to me what you want? A new weapon? Some armor?"

"I want to learn."

I could tell from his expression that wasn't the answer he expected. His eyes narrowed before he opened his door and stood aside. It was clear he wanted me to enter.

I stepped passed him and walked in, it was old and run down, but the weapons were anything but. This was a man who knew his craft, and the perfect cover. While I may have the domain of crafting, my divinity was low. As such it would make sense to learn from someone who knew what they were doing. Talent and skill were two different things after all. Plus, I needed a place to create my works.

"Alright Boy. Now tell me why I should take you in. As you can see I'm not exactly overflowing with cash or business. Most huntsman orders their weapons from an assembly line. While others prefer making them themselves. All I have is my skill. Why would you choose to work for me?"

"Because it's not money I'm after. I want to be the greatest smith in Vale, in Remnant. I have some talent, but that talent is like metal. Useless unless refined and forged. Teach me how to forge, and I promise I won't let you down."

He stared me in the eye. Trying to see if I was telling the truth. Before a grin crossed his face. "I like that look in your eyes. Alright Boy. I'll take you under my wing. Let's see if we can forge a smith out of you."

He led me to the forge. The heat was welcoming as my body relaxed. I took a deep breath as I stood there. A hand on my shoulder shook me out of it. I saw him with an understanding look in his eyes, his expression softened. "If I had any thoughts of you faking they just died Boy. Only a true smith can feel so comfortable in a forge."

He sat down and gestured towards the forge. "Make something. Anything. It'll give me a good idea of where you are." He gave a slight cough before sitting down. Eyes like steel watching me.

While I had no true knowledge of forging, it was a part of my domain. I closed my eyes feeling the divine power inside me responding. unknowingly, a pale silver light emanated from me. It was like breathing, something you do by instinct. I was in a haze, the feeling of heat and the sound of hammers comforting me as I felt myself create something new. By the time I was finished the feeling was lost and I felt completely drained. Looking down I saw I created a dagger. The blade sharpened and polished, the grip wrapped in black leather. the hilt curved down just a bit to protect the hand while the pommel was a sharpened point.

Blinking I looked over at mentor forgetting he was even there. He had a wide grin and his arms were crossed over his chest. "I recognized that look in your eyes. When a man puts everything into his craft he blocks the world out. I knew not to bother you until you were done."

He walked over and gently took the blade from my hand. "A strong blade. I can feel the quality and talent, but as for skill..." He went on for some time. Telling me where I went right and wrong. Most of it came from a lack of real knowledge. I suppose as I grow strong the quality of my weapons would improve also. Perfect.

"Either way Boy. I can see that talent you spoke of. Now let's get to business aye?"

I knew I had a long road ahead of me.

Hey. Azrael here. I know, I know. I'm late. I'm sorry to say that both Leaf Villiage Saints and Silver Hearts are dead for now. Will I Eventually come back and remake them? Maybe. I wrote them in my senior year of high school, and I'm a much different person now. Honestly, I never thought about writing again until I read 'A God's Ascencion In Remnant' by 'flameclawsxx'. I have no idea why, but muse skyrocketed. Maybe its the premise, but it seemed like something I dearly wanted to try out. Chapters will be a bit short for now. I may have muse, but my skill needs some time to return. Hopefully I'll shake the rust off soon.

See Ya.