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(Earth-11945 AD)

I had planned on tracking down these two but didn't expect to find them so quickly. I had some of the best luck sometimes. I just accepted my good fortune and moved on.

Now you may be wondering why I came to such a barren world. It's pretty simple.

First, I wanted to give the androids an actual happy ending. They've been fighting for a cause that doesn't even matter anymore, dying in a war that was already both lost and won. Commander White was barely hanging in there, trying to keep them together.

Second, I need an army of my own. Such a resource would allow me to act without losing my anonymity. Plus, be my eyes and ears around Remnant.

Last, Hot Robo Waifus. Enough Said.

It didn't take long before they both attached themselves to my side, fueled by their terror and guilt. They refused to lose what could be the last human on earth.

I, of course, thanked the humans of this time. I could tell that androids were made as close to humans as possible from mentally scanning these two. It seems they wanted stress relief as well.

It was amusing how they treated me like the weaker one when they were far more fragile.

Soon I was at the Resistance camp. I could look around and see all the broken down and depressed androids. These warriors grimly accepting their fate to fight and die.

Let's liven things up.

I tapped my foot on the ground, a pulse of power surging from me across the entire camp.

I fixed glitches; I healed wounds and filled this place with a breath of fresh air.

As they looked to themselves in awe, I stepped forward.

"My name is Azrael, and I wish to be in contact with Yorha to discuss the war and Humanity."

"How?.. Why?.."

Once again, I cut my hand holding up my bleeding palm.

"As A Human myself, I deserve at least that much."

It's funny, as a God, I had to hide I was human, so worship was rare. The Faunus only saw me as a savior after I helped them. However, this was the first I was considered holy just for being a human.

I love programming.

After I got them to stop praising me, I finally got to use a communicator. After waiting for a few moments, I saw that I was connected.

"This is Commander White. What is the purpose of this transmission?"

Just as imposing, just as beautiful.

"Simple. The war is over, Commander. It's time for the troops to come home."

"Excuse me?"

"You're excused."

Her face was both shocked and annoyed.

"Listen here; I have a war to fight. We don't need..."

I showed her the blood on my hand, the still dripping blood.

Her expression grew even more shocked, gasps surrounding her.

"This is an order from your creator, Commander. Now get me to the Bunker; we have much to discuss."

(The Bunker)

She was shivering, despite only just barely being aware of the cold.

A human.

A Human.

A few whispers ran rampant before she glared at where the voices were originating. Silence filled the Bunker.

"Well? A Human just gave an order! Hop to it!"

They scrambled, moving to send a ride down to the Resistance base.

Her mind was running wild, trying to figure out where he came from. Despite what she tries to enforce, humanity created androids with emotions, and she was feeling quite a few.

Terror, awe, disbelief, and relief surged in her mechanical heart.

She needed him here; she needed to see it with her own eyes.

(A Few Hours Later)

They rolled out the red carpet. First-class all the way, at least as much as you could in the apocalypse.

As I stepped out of the transporter, I was greeted by a hall full of Yorha. Every one of them saluting to me.

"Glory To Mankind!"

"At ease."

Only then did they stop their salute, looking at me with eyes full of hope, doubt, and relief.

Now, where was?.. Ahh, 2B. 9S right beside her. It seems they called all of Yorha back for this; how cute.

With each step, I felt their eyes follow me, some gazing at my blade as they did so. It seems the thought of humans fighting confused and scared them. Oh boy.

Soon I was face to face with the Commander herself.

"Sir...Glory to Mankind."

She seemed a bit choked up.

I place a hand on her head, her eyes widening in shock.

"You've done well; you all have. Thanks to your efforts, we have won this war."

She shook before her arms wrapped around me, stunning the command center. I could feel tears leaking into my clothes before as I held her. Sending off her people to die in a war she thought had no meaning, even ordering the death of those who learned too much. She was strong even for an android, but such strength needed rest as well.

Eventually, she pulled away.


I smiled.

"Get ready for transmission, Commander. It's time I spoke to the troops. All of them."

Her eyes widened before she barked out orders to the rest of the operators.

Soon I was on stage.

I cracked my neck.



"Androids of Earth. This is /Not/ a message from the Council of Humanity. For such a council does not exist. There are no humans on the moon; in fact, there are no humans anywhere near here except, of course, for me. The Commander of Yorha lied to keep the war going under Mankinds last order. The Grand Order."

Around the world, androids were going through many different emotions; rage, hopelessness, and emptiness. However, that all changed when they heard what came next.

"Yet Mankind still lives."

They instantly increased the volume of the transmission.

"To fool your enemies, you must first fool your allies. We wanted no chance that the machines would use android intelligence to get in the way of Project Exodus."

They could only listen; their bodies were unable to move.

"Project Exodus was a secret project of Mankind. We moved from one dimension to the next, and we trusted in our androids to keep the machines from following us. You succeeded."

Shock filled their eyes.

"Let the machines have this ruined world. It's time you came back to our side."

Tears slipped down cheeks.

"The wars over. Let's get you all home."

The sound of cheers filled the air. Androids were screaming the heavens. The war is over.

They won.


(The Bunker)

I looked over at the androids surrounding me, a smile on my lips.

"You've all done well. I can only hope you can forgive Commander White. She was following an order she didn't even know she had."

The Bunker was silent before filling with cheers. Every android was screaming with joy at their mission being finally done; some were just frozen as if they couldn't believe that it was finally over.

I turned to White, tears once more leaving her eyes. She needed to hear she did the right thing more than anyone.

To hear such good news was great!.. even if it was all bullshit.

Of course, it was a lie; humanity in this world is gone. So I was taking the androids.

"White, I want every Android on Earth to meet up near the resistance camp you picked me up from as soon as you can, please."

She nods while I stretch, immediately making the orders known.

Time to 'tinker' with their programming.

(One week later.)

It took quite some time for all the androids in the world to meet us; however, with Yorha giving those far a ride, They soon completed it.

I saw a sea of androids, all with great moods. Hope had filled them all, with quite a few were glaring at the twins by my side.

'Can't have that, now can we?'

I raised my hand, silence overtaking them.

"The Popola and Devola units are innocent. They fought till their last breath just like every other android did. What happened was out of their control. As by power and right as a human, I pardon them of all past judgments. May they be treated with a clean slate."

The twins themselves held onto each other, just barely stopping themselves from falling to my feet in thanks. There was a bit of grumbling, but for the most part, they accepted it. Humanity had survived after all.

I then tapped my feet, the earth changing to make me a throne.

"Now listen closely! What I say next is of extreme importance."

Bullshit Go!

"Much like the twins, Mankind needed a watcher to protect them in the next world. The same energy we used to travel to our new realm corrupted them. Two beings beyond Machines or Androids; we called them the Brothers. They thought of themselves as better than Mankind and wiped all memory of this world."

I could see the hate in their eyes as they started to put two and two together.

I merely nodded.

"Yes. They are why we took so long in coming back for you."

Instantly I gave them a new target to hate over the machines.

"However they couldn't stop me. The Brothers were merely the prototype; I was the perfect product. I am Mankind perfected, with powers beyond any human."

This reasoning should explain why I can do my tricks; humans didn't have powers here after all.

At least most didn't.

"I was forced beneath the earth for quite some time, only to emerge to find Mankind stuck in the same trap you all were, fighting a neverending war. The very same beings who were supposed to aid man abandoned it—even creating monsters of shadows and nightmares to prey upon them."

I could see their eyes widening in sympathy. This war was hell, even from just the game. To know another understood such pain was both a welcome and haunting thought.

"I swore to do what they failed to and guide humanity in their place. I refused to allow all of you to suffer any longer, however."

I stood, my throne falling to pieces like it was never there.

"All of you have struggled to see this day. Here take..."

"Wait one fucking second!"

What could only be described as angry sex on legs walked up to me.


Yorha stood ready to attack what they considered a traitor against their kind. Yet I raised my hand and stopped them.

She gripped my collar and snarled in my face.

"You expect me to believe this bullshit?! That we're getting some kind of happy ending after all this?!"


It wasn't my words that shocked her enough to let me go, but the surety in which I said them.

"You find this hard to believe simply because of how hard it's been for all of you, all the sacrifices you made to survive in a war that should have ended long ago."

I laid a hand on her head as she looked at me, stunned.

"Allow me to make amends."

Light bursts from her form, circling her as all the damage from the years she's been fighting repaired itself. Soon she appeared just as she was before her mission all those years ago.


"Yes, sir."

She stepped forward, giving the Yorha salute before bowing at the waist.

"Unit A2. On behalf of Yorha, I apologize for our betrayal. I couldn't allow news of humanity's assumed demise to spread and falsely accused you as a result. I now welcome you back into the fold and absolve you of all false crimes."

I nodded before stepping forward then.

"Allow me to give you your first mission. Henceforth you shall serve as my protector on Remnant and my go-between for Yorha."


She was almost shaking now, her emotions overwhelming her.

"At ease, soldier."

She nodded numbly before stepping to the side.

I raised a hand and snapped my fingers, the crowd of androids becoming factory new.

"Surely you didn't think I would forget about the rest of you?"

Cheers sprung out as they thanked me for my kindness. It was both heartwarming and a bit guilt-inducing. I was basically using them, after all.

Now then, time for step two.

I stomp on the ground; hundreds of ships rose from the earth. I used Yorha ships as a baseline before making some adjustments. Each ship can hold about a hundred androids.

"Everyone, get on board and hook in! Each ship should have download ports for you to get the info needed about the new world, jack in while the auto-pilot gets us home."

Everyone boarded with relieved grins, a few were on the lookout for machines, but I made sure to mess with their internal GPS to make them avoid this place.

Soon each ship rose into the sky, and I was thrilled I thought of just downloading the info for them. Explaining every little thing about Remnant was going to take far too much time. At least this was easier. I also ma have added a small program to solidify my place in their minds. When they would choose between other humans and me, they would always pick me.

I turned to the Commander.

"White, get Yorha back onto the Bunker and jacked in as well. I'll be there shortly."

She looked confused.

"And what will you be doing, Sir?"

I smirked.

"Getting some new friends."

(The White Fang)

"...Have you shown this to anyone else?"

Her voice was cold, the rage in her eyes just barely held at bay.

"No, Lady Khan."

"Good, your judgment was correct."

She stood, glad her choice to send out her guards was the correct one.

"Consider this mission of the utmost importance. Find out if these claims are correct. I do not wish to believe that we were betrayed so fully by our own, but too much makes sense for it to be ignored."

"My Lady! Surely this human could not be correct!"

"I dearly wish I could say he wasn't Adam. However, I always felt that Schnee was far too comfortable even with all our strikes against him. His stock never dipped, and it seems he never lost profit. Now we have a reason why."

Even from her throne, she could feel his rage boiling over; at least this time, she could understand it.

"And as for the smith?"

Blake perked up.

"A rarity, my Lady. It seems this human truly doesn't hate us and is, in fact, supportive of our kind."

She raised a brow.

"Truly? Is that why it took you so long to come back? I had thought you were uncovering evidence to expose him when weeks turned to months."

The cat Faunus seemed a bit uncomfortable.

"Adam wanted to make sure he was what he seemed."

She forced herself not to roll her eyes; of course, it was Taurus.

"It seems I have a new friend to make then."

They both seemed shocked.

"My Lady?"

She couldn't help giving an amused smirk.

"Don't sound so surprised, you two. I merely wish to make a measure of him myself. Besides, this should help you both with your new mission."

They seemed surprised, look at one another before Blake spoke.


She sat back down, reclining in her throne.

"When the cat is away, the mice will play. In this case, the mouse is more of a rat. This should make them sloppy with me going, especially since they believe we don't suspect them. Use that opportunity to find all the evidence you can; I want to know how deep this goes. Now leave. I must prepare."

They lowered their heads in acknowledgment before leaving, her guards once again entering the room.

Time to see this human.

(Earth-11945 AD)

"Hello, Mister!"

"Hello, you must be Emile. I've heard about you."

The head bounced a bit, clearly happy.

"I'm glad! Did you want to see my wears?"

"Not now, no. I just want to ask you a question."

"Really? Go right ahead!"

"Would you like to be human again?"

Alright! One year since I started this fic. Damn, the time has flown by. Still, I'm glad I did this; getting a chapter out just gives me a sense of satisfaction. I hope you all enjoyed it! Oh, just to be clear. Azrael is claiming to be an evolved human to justify what he could do.