Hi I know you are waiting for another Kuroinu fic but I will leave another demo of Re: Zero with another EEnE franchise (Ed, Edd and Eddy) what would happen if the trio would help Subaru with his adventure and pure returns from death. the two franchise not methey belong, they belong to their respective owners. enjoy the demo and comment.


Eddy was walking down the alley while he had a wound on his abdomen. "I'm a coward ..." Eddy cries on his knees. "Ed ... Edd ... Subaru ... Satella ... they didn't deserve to die ..." Eddy gritted his teeth as his abdomen bled non-stop. "I think ... I did something ... I'd better die ..." Eddy slumps forward in the face. "How unfortunate ..." Eddy slowly opens his eyes showing the pale brown color where it slowly fades away. "So scammers die too ... I'll die being one ..." He said before taking his last breath.

10 hours ago.

In the afternoon. The three young men are preparing for the other scam. The young man who is wearing the brown jacket with a black cap is building a machine. The other young man who is tall and dressed in a dark green vest with a white shirt, he is reading a fantasy comic. the last one is sitting next to the one who is reading the comic. He's wearing the dark yellow jacket. He's reading the map and he says to the one with the black cap.

"Is this going to work. No double D? "He shouts excitedly to double D. the young man responds.

"It depends on how long the machine can hold. That of creating a jawbreakers. We don't have to exceed the machine or it could explode." He wipes his hand with the handkerchief. The dwarf approaches the machine and begins to press the red button. Double D slaps the Dwarf's hand. "No Eddy. Safety first" Eddy frowns and spins around

"Safety first" He Imitates the voice of Double goes to the box of Tools and opens. Eddy looks at the young man who is reading the comic and throws the suit and screams. "Ed!, put this on "Ed looks at the suit and smiles. He ran over to the box and stepping over Eddy. Leaving him crushed. Eddy grunts in pain and puts on the safety suit and goes over to double D and hands him the suit.

"Eddy ,where is Ed?" Double D asks. Eddy points to the box where Ed is inside, suddenly flies open revealing that it's Ed in a safety suit and yells

"! I'm ready for the Mission!" Ed brings the two closer. Double D clears throat.

"Gentlemen we are here to test my invention that you can create the jawbreaker. Not an ordinary jawbreaker. But the improved jawbreaker that will have the best flavors you have ever tasted in your life" Double D presses the button. the machine begins to shake little, Double D turns the turn to the two friends "Guys you better get away" The three move away. The machine begins to come out steam. Double D puts the helmet on. Eddy lowers the mask. Ed stares at the machine. When the machine stopped shaking. The three approaches the machine. And Eddy yells at double D.

"This junk is useless !" Grab the baseball bat and run to the machine. double D is stopped by the attempt to destroy.

"Stop Eddy. Look !" He points to the machine where it is inside a microwave. Double D brings the machine closer and reaches in. Reveal the jawbreaker done. Eddy puts on a big smile and Ed yells excitedly. Double D puts on a proud smile and says "Gentlemen this is the Eds jawbreaker" Eddy runs up to the jawbreaker and shoves it into his mouth. His eyes shine and he screams to the sky

"This is the ultimate Jawbreaker! ¬°Enjoy the jawbreaker!"He looks at Double D and yells "Double D do more !" Double D hits the button. The machine starts another jawbreaker comes out. "Get it out a lot. Not one. We need them to do business."

"Eddy we can't exceed the can only pull one single "Eddy snaps his finger. Ed grabs the body of double D." Eddy what are you going to do? "

"I'm going to press the button several times so that multiple jawbreakers come out" Eddy presses the button several times the red button and the machine shakes sharply. Double D yells at Eddy to stop. Eddy does not listen to Double D. He is blinded by greed. Ed looks at the machine and feels that something bad is going to happen.

"Ed is not feeling well" The machine turns purple and many purple jawbreakers come out and Eddy grits his teeth in excitement. the machine starts to get a lot of vapors. Double D looks at the pressure regulator. It is over the red boundary and the glass creates a large crack. Double D yell at Ed

"Ed let me go we have to turn off the machine or else it will explode!" Eddy looks at the two with the greedy smile.

"! Don't let go, Ed. We will have a lot of jawbreakers for the rest of our lives. Hahahahahahaha" the Machine turns red and starts firing hot screws. the pressure regulator reaches the maximum temperature and breaks the shaft. The machine stops creating jawbreaker and keeps shaking. Black smoke starts to come out of the outlet pipes. Eddy growls angrily and starts beating the machine to start. the machine begins to jerk where the microwave tube rotates rapidly.

"Oh dear!" Cries Edd pale. "EDDY TURN OFF THE MACHINE !" Eddy begins to hit several times the machine did not stop shaking violently. Eddy slowly pulls away and had a pallor on his face.

"Edd, what machine have you built?" Eddy asked Edd fearfully.

"For so many revolutions and too many high temperatures, that caused the plutonium rod to go crazy ..."edd replied fearfully.

"PLUTONIUM!" Yells Eddy with an expression of horror and Ed with a happy expression at the same time.

"I WILL FINALLY BE A SUPERHERO!" Ed yells happily. Eddy grabs Edd by the collar of the shirt.


"It was just to generate energy and volts!" Edd yells and gets out of Eddy's hands and brings the machine closer. "We just have to turn it off!"yells Edd and takes something out of his bag and takes out his little laptop from the computer and starts typing several times, the screen showed [SYSTEMS ERROR] [ERROR] [ERROR]. "Ed help me turn it off!"shouts Double D approaching the machine where there were cables and begins to disconnect them but they were so hot. Ed runs to the machine and begins to force the cables out.

"Bad cables!" Ed yells. Eddy had no choice but to grab the bat and start hitting the machine to turn it their efforts to shut down the machine were not very effective until the microwave's mouth began to form a black circle where it began to suck on itself along with the machine.

"Oh-Oh ..." Ed said silently.

"Oh dear ..."Edd said in a pale, dead voice.

"Oh god dam- ..." Eddy was going to curse before the machine exploded.


Neighbors leave the house due to the loud noise but look up at the sky where many jawbreakers are raining. in the center of the neighborhood there was a large crater but there was not a single trace of the Eds.

"Ugh ... my head ..." Eddy slowly opens his eyes and sees something blurry. "Double D? .."He tries to strain his eyes to focus very well on the blurred figure but when he raises his hand that has five thumbs. "Why do I have five fingers?" He said looking at his fingers. "Five fingers?"He said looking at his hand along with his arm, which is very different. "Eh?"Eddy saw a kind of broken mirror on the ground and he grabs it to see his face, when he looks at his reflection, Eddy was shocked, looking at him well that he has the hairstyle back and with white skin but his face was well formed. " Why i did become a handsome man? "He said rubbing his eyes.

"Wow, I have five fingers!" Shouts a cheerful voice. Eddy recognized that voice and looks at the person who is tall but his body is well built but has short hair and large eyebrows. "Ahahhaa I have an anime body!" He yelled happily.

"Ed?" Eddy said recognizing the voice.

"Ah, you are Eddy, you also have an anime body!" Ed yells pointing at Eddy.

"Oh god ... Eddy, Ed ..." The third person gets up from the ground. Ed and Eddy look at the person who has different clothes but he has an anime body.

"Double D?" Eddy said recognizing the voice "Is it you?"

"Eddy?" Said Double D looking at Eddy and is not surprised "Why do you have bodies from an anime?"he said surprised.

"You looked at the mirror and your hands ..." Ed said, smiling excitedly.

"Ed, it's not time to play a Game..." Edd groans a little while looking at his five-fingered hand "What!" He yells in shock. "Can not be!"edd looks at the broken mirror on the floor "Oh my god, my face is different!" he yells in horror. "That must be crazy!"

"Double D, what the hell is going on and where are we!"shouts Eddy looking at the place that is an alley but the structures are medieval.

"Medieval style alleys ... it seems that we are in medieval times ... I think we travel time ..." Edd said surprised. "We are no longer in our time ..."he said in horror and grabs his backpack bag containing personal items.

"How can you build a time machine ?!" Eddy yells blaming Edd.

"That wasn't part of the plan!" Edd yells angrily. "The main thing was to get Jawbreakers out one at a time but your greed brought grace falling on us!" Yells Edd blaming Eddy's greed.

"My fault, because you installed plutonium instead of putting triple home generators!" Eddy yells claiming Edd.

"I did it because the machines needed power, I curse your greed!"

"Damn your nerdy intelligence!"yells Eddy pointing at Edd.

The Scammer and the Smart were arguing, blaming each other, as Ed looked back and his eyes snapped open to see something surprising.

"Guys ..." Ed said trying to call his two friends.

"Take back what you said dwarf!" Edd yells in response to Eddy's insult.

"Sock head!" Eddy yells.

"Hey!" Ed yells out loud.

"WHAT ?!" yells Edd and Eddy at the same time looking at Ed.

"There are dragons with legs on the ground!yells Ed pointing out of the alley.

"Dragons don't exist!" Eddy yells complaining about Ed's stupidity.

"Ed, I don't think you understand that we are in a medieval age ..." Edd tries to correct Ed"The Dragons never existed in medieval times ..."

"Well, learn to grow up!" Eddy yells angrily slapping Ed.

"No, Eddy look!"Ed yells as he grabs Eddy by the head and forces him to look at the medieval street that was full of people in medieval clothing and also the most shocking thing that caused Eddy to open his eyes and mouth at the same time is thatthere were humanoids with different species.

"Those are cats!" Eddy yells in shock looking at the humanoid Nekos.

"Dogs!" Yells Edd who was also shocked looking at Humanoid Kobolds.

"Chickens!" Ed yells when he sees a person who is a chicken species. "And it has two legs and is a mutant! "He yells before hugging the hen.

"Cooooocoro!" Yells the chicken villager with a shriek, "Let me go, humans!"

"And talk!" Ed yells excited.

"Ed drop it!" Edd yells. "Let him go that creature right now!" He yells challenging Ed.

"It's impossible!" Eddy yells and looks at the Humanoid Chicken and forces him to open its beak "FOR SURE IT IS A COSTUME!" He yells looking at the chicken's mouth.

"Coooocoro!" He yells in a thud. "Guards! "He yells, warning the guards.

"Hey!" Yells a guard watching the three strangers.

"Guys!" Edd yells grabbing the two of them by the shirt "RUN!" The Trio starts running away from the guard.

30 minutes later.

during that long chase fleeing to little half of the unknown kingdom.

The trio remain seated on the bench. "Uff ... uff ... we lost him ..." Eddy said and looks at Edd. "Edd is this a dream?"

"No ... I have no idea ..."Edd said, breathing hard due to running a lot.

"Guys maybe we were traveled to the other dimension to a fantasy world!" Ed yells in shock.

"Ed, this is not the time to play!" Eddy yells, hitting Ed with his fist.

"Whoa, Eddy you hurt me!" Ed yells rubbing his nose. "Wait that's pain?"

"Oh you want to feel pain again!" Eddy yells giving Ed another blow.

Edd is shocked to see something a drop with red color coming out of Ed's nose"Eddy stop !" Edd yells stopping Eddy. "Ed's nose is bleeding!"

"How!?" Eddy yells at his fist that is stained in blood. "It can't be ... I'm sorry Ed ... we never bleed ... but this strange world doesn't have the same logic that we lived in ..."

"Five fingers ... anime bodies ... and real blood ..." Edd started to look around. "With what Ed said ... it is truly true that we are in a fantasy world ..."

"I told you guys!" Ed yells cheerfully as his nose bleeds. Edd takes something out of his bag and puts cotton on his nose to stop the nosebleed.

"The reaction of the prutonium reacted badly and created a dimensional portal ... we were swallowed by a portal ..." Edd explained the theory and looks at his hands with five fingers. "In this dimension we have the different logic in our bodies with five fingers and we can bleed, we don't have the logic of our world. We cannot be crushed, brutally beaten and specially cut ..." Edd continues to explain. "We are not in our world and we do not travel back in time ... we are in an unknown world like a game of dungeons and dragons ..."

"Impossible ..." Eddy stares at the ground "Is there a way to go back?" Eddy asks about going home.

"Ah ... I don't have the necessary materials and it will take years to build one if we look for fundamental pieces and especially Prutunium to have it!"Edd yells and opens the bag "I only have a magnifying glass, Three Walkie-Talkie, Laptop, Basic tools, first aid kit, a science book!" He yells mentioning its contents that Edd had.

"Damn we're stranded in the middle of nowhere ..." Eddy said grabbing his head, Edd gets up from the bench. "Ah yes, run away from here!"

"If they're going to follow me, I'm not going to sit around doing nothing!"Edd yells "we have to progress to investigate what place or capital we are ..." He kept walking, Ed proceeds to follow Double D but Eddy growls annoyed and gets up too.

An hour later.

Edd wrote a note in an emotional way "Capital Lugnica, year 1200, we are in Autumn, as we can not read the language of this world ... we must find a place to sleep ..."Edd commented to look back where Eddy and Ed are scamming the civilians of Lugnica.

"Come closer who wants to make a bet!"shouts Eddy who is sitting on the floor together with the wooden box using it as a table and making three-card games. "The bet amount is five bronze coins and whatever bets you want to bet on!" Shouts the price.

a victim approaches Eddy and pays the bet. "Well where is the heart?" Said Eddy who mixes the three cards quickly and places it hiding the three cards. "Choose one..."the victim grabs a card and turns around revealing that it is a Wild Card. "You lost ... next!"

Edd sighs annoyed and Ed claps his hands. The scam lasted about 10 minutes by swindling 20 naive civilians, Eddy was able to win 100 copper and 10 silver. That became a fortune until a person who is a 15-year-old girl came.

"What a three card bet?"said an orange haired girl. She is a short girl with fair skin who has golden hair with a big black bow. she has red eyes, wears a black top, red scarf, black pants that are incomplete on the left side, where she also wears a red ribbon. she also brings a brown vest, gloves and shoes, and has a sheath belt where carries her knife.

"Brat. That game is for adults, go play somewhere else ..." Eddy scolds that young woman.

"I'm not a girl, I'm older to play so I'll play a bet for a hundred coppers ..." Said the young woman smiling.

"Well..you just find the heart ..." Eddy shows the face of a heart. "If you find the heart you will win but if you find the wild card. Your money will stay with me ..." Eddy said smiling.

"Well ... start ..." The young woman sits in front of Eddy. Eddy's hands begin to move quickly and he leaves three cards turned over.

"Pick one ..." Eddy said smiling. The young woman takes a card and chose the joker. "You lost now all your money is gone ..."Eddy was going to grab the bag of coins but the young woman stops him and raises the two remaining cards, revealing that there were two more jokers.

"You are a complete cheater ..." Said the girl, drawing her sword.

"This brat ripped us off!"yells one of the angry civilians.

Eddy starts to laugh nervously and stretches the collar of his shirt. "Hahaha well I played clean but ..." Eddy points up "What is that ?!"people look back but there was nobody but when they look back at Eddy who is no longer in the box.

"Damn it!" Yells the civilians.

In the alley of Lugnica

"Bhahahahah fools!"shouts Eddy laughing looking at the large amount of coins. "That is the first step for the great con man ..."

"Eddy you realize you stained your own reputation!" Yells Double D scolding Eddy about the scam.

"I do not care. When I'm rich, I'll be more recognized in this world! "Eddy yells laughing out loud. Out of nowhere a strong wind passed over Eddy and he felt something light in his pocket." What the hell? "Eddy said looking at his pocket." My money!"

"A ninja!"yells Ed pointing to a young woman who is standing on the box. She is the same young woman that Eddy ripped her off.

"Hey thief give my money back!" Eddy yells angrily.

"Your money is my money. So thanks for paying me ... see you, have a good life..."said the young woman who recently runs down the wall to the roof.

"The girl is Altair!" Ed yells clapping his hands happily.

"she took my money!" Eddy yells angrily and looks at Ed "Ed throw me to the roof!"he yells demanding that Ed catch Eddy by throwing him onto the roof.

"Eddy wait!" Edd yells knowing what he was going to do.

"Fly, fly, fly!" Ed yells throwing Eddy towards the roof that he accidentally hit against the window going inside.

"Eddy!" Edd yells worried.

"Kyaaaa! A pervert!" Yells a female voice. the door of the same building runs out Eddy bleeding a lot on the forehead being hit by the furniture.

"Run!" Eddy yells running. Ed and Edd follow Eddy fleeing the area.

10 minutes later.

"Eddy you forgot you can't jerk and we are not in our world" Edd said putting bandage around Eddy's forehead.

"That brat stole my fortune, when I find her I will make her pay for stealing the great Cul-De-Sac con man ..." Eddy growls angrily and looks at Edd "Sockhead accompanies Monobrow to explore the eastern area ...and I'm going to explore the West zone ... we'll meet here in the plaza when it's night ... "Eddy said.

"Wait Eddy don't forget this .." Edd said giving a Walkie Talkie "Two hours we give you the notice ..."

"Okay ... see you and find my money!"Eddy yells running. Edd and Ed proceed to run in another direction.

30 minutes later.

Eddy walked in the middle of the crowd looking for the coin thief and until he noticed something on the roof running "Gotcha!"yells Eddy running chasing her and passing over the crowd. while the girl lands towards the alley entrance and decides to run inside.

"To one side!" The thief shouts "Those who are there, to one side"The thief yelled at a group of thieves who are assaulting a young stranger who is dressed in a tracksuit.

"That's it! That's the girl who summoned me!" The young stranger yells happily.

"Summon you? I don't know what you're talking about. but I'm busy, I'm sorry, have a good life "He shouted before taking a long jump over the group. The young man looks back where that orange haired girl did that somersault class until she reached the sun.

"That won't stop you wanting to hit me, right?" The young man asks the three bandits until the brunette snaps his fingers sounding the noises of the bones

"In fact, that made us a lot angrier" He said in an angry and threatening voice.

"I imagined it ..." The young man laughs nervously but he calms down inside 'Calm down Subaru, since ancient times, the rule is that they go to a parallel world they have super powers, I will tear these guys to pieces to light the flame of my bright future ... 'he said mentally and clenches his fist to start the first step for the first battle.

"LOT EXP!"Subaru began to attack the bigman, giving a strong blow to the face, and then he fixes the dwarf and raises his right kick hitting in the abdomen causing him to throw himself on his back "That's the first time I ever hit someone! I didn't expect it to hurtmethat much"he yells shaking his hand in pain that he used it against the big man, he was surprised and amazed with himself "But this world is set up so that I'll be strong! My adrenaline is surging!"he yells excitedly and began to attack the last one, which is the medium "I've got this!"He yells when he saw that medium took something on his back two daggers that Subaru paled and stopped sliding kneeling before the armed daggers. I'm sorry! It was all my fault! Forgive me! Spare me!"He screams begging for his life.

The Medium kicks Subaru hard in the face. "Ahhhhhh!" He screamed in pain that he was lying on his back. the bigman and the Dwarf rejoins who are very upset and begins to lynch Subaru.

Eddy was at the entrance of the alley and was watching the three robbers beating the young man. Eddy wanted to run away but his conscience stopped him. "I'm going to run away ... like I always do ... "He said silently and swallowed.

"You think this is a game!" Yells the Dwarf who joins in kicking Subaru. The three bandits kicked the thrown Young man hard. Eddy presses his hand to his forehead and looks up, frowning, and decides to enter the alley.

"Hey gang of thugs!"Eddy yells, the three thieves stop kicking Subaru "Stop hitting to the guy" He said in a voice but his leg was shaking with fear.

"Ahh..then you try to get in .." Said the middle man threatening Eddy. Eddy was scared but swallows his saliva and decides to get in to fight. "Yaaaarh!" he yells in a fight cry.



one minute later.

"We have another hero!" Yells the dwarf, beating Eddy who is lying on the ground. the big man and the middle man keep hitting the other young man.

"It hurts .. stops ..:" Eddy begged that they stop hitting him. The middle man steps on the face of the young man in the tracksuit

" That's enough."A woman's voice was heard but with a strong and calm tone. All the thugs stopped what they were doing and turned towards the source of the voice. Subaru and Eddy, barely conscious, struggled to look at the source of the woman's voice as well. With sunlight illuminating the streets behind the woman, whose silhouette overshadowed her otherworldly beauty.

The girl's appearance is snow-white skin. She is a beautiful half-elf of average height, slim and white-skinned. She has pointed ears, along with long, straight, silver hair that reaches down to her hips. the ends of her hair are straight, including her bangs, and she has two front strands that highlight her face. She has a white rose with a thin purple bow headband on the right side of her hair and a white butterfly clip on the left side of her bangs. She has black eyelashes and blue-purple eyes with pointed, blue pupils. along with a necklace, which wears a green crystal. Her snow-white hair slowly billowed in the wind.

"Who the hell are you !?" exclaimed the slim-built thug.

"Stop now, and I'll let this slide. So just graciously return what you stole."

"What we stole?" asked the large thug.

"Now, please. It's important to me." she claimed, "I'll give up on the other stuff, but I can't let you have that. Be good and hand it over, please."

"Didn't you come to save these two?" The big bully asked confused. Pointing to Subaru or Eddy below him.

"What strange clothes they has.. If you asked me if I have any connection to them two, I would say no."

"Then you've got no business with us!" the thug exclaimed, "If someone stole from you, it was that brat who just ran by!" he pointed to the direction where the girl passed by.

"Yeah! That way! She ran that way!" the shorty claimed as well, pointing in the same direction. While Subaru, who was still under the foot of the lean-built thug, nodded in agreement.

"THAT'S BRAT THAT STOLE MY MONEY!" Eddy yells angrily.

"Shut up!"the dwarf yells, kicking Eddy Elf brought her left hand to her chin, observing them actions, before commenting.

"Hmm... They don't seem to be lying... I need to go after her!"the Half-elf declared running past the thugs. The thugs, in response, let out a sigh of relief that the silver-haired woman was overlooking the beating that they were about to continue hurting Subaru and Eddy. However, after she stopped when he was on slightly higher ground, he suddenly says.

"But regardless of that... I can't overlook what's going on here." she declared, casting her ice magic. Whose projectiles hit the large thug at the chest, the lean thug at the face, and last hitting the shorty knocking him out unconscious.

"Magic?" was Subaru's reaction when seeing the block of ice dissolved in bluish particles.

"What the hell?" Said Eddy shocked looking at the recently disappeared block of ice.

"Mess with us, will you!?" exclaimed the lean thug as he stood up, soothing the part of his place where the block of ice hit him. While the large one struggles while clutching his chest."I don't care if you can use magic! I'll kill you!" he declared. "You think you can win when it's two against one!? Huh!?" he taunted while his companion was already hanging at the wall for support with his left hand.

" You're right." The demi-elf replied, "Two against one can be unfair." Then, a voice was heard, seemingly out of nowhere. "Two versus two should do it fair, then. "From his hand, a grizzled cat spirit let out a meow.

"You're a user of the spiritual arts?" the large thug asks in response, seemingly recognizing a magic user profession from seeing a gray-haired cat appear from her hand alone.

"Correct." she replied, "Back off now and I won't come after you. Decide quick. I'm in a hurry."

"You bitch! Next time I see you, I won't go easy on you!"

"Do anything to her, and I'll haunt you and your kin forever. Not that you'll have any kin if I do that."

in reaction, and realizing from the words what the Spirit had meant, the thugs fled as the skinny thug quickly grabbed his fallen comrade and madly away from the spirit user.

when they saw that the thugs who beat him fled in fright. Subaru and Eddy turned to their silver haired savior and said.

"You saved me. Thank you."

"Wow ... it was unbelievable and thank you .." Eddy thanks.

" Do not move." she says, staring at the two of them.

Now seeing a good look on the woman, Subaru blushed seeing how cute the Elf was up close as he looked away. Eddy was shocked and was sweating bullets and gave a small nervous smile.

"Why are you staring at us?" He said shy and nervous at the same time and couldn't take it anymore and decided to look away.

" You see? They averted their eyes because they have a guilty conscience! It seems that my judgment was correct, "he says as he descends the three-step ladder.

"Are you sure? I think it was just an instinctive male reaction. I didn't sense any malice at all."Said the cat looking at the two of them." But the dwarf has something but he has the face of a liar ... "

"Shut up, Puck."

The elf then turned to Subaru and Eddy"You know who stole my insignia from you, don't you?" he asked, and looked at Subaru and Eddy.

"Uh, sorry, but I have no idea." she answered honestly, her eyes looking at the elf.

"You weren't the only victim who was robbed ... She stole my money I earn ..."Eddy said getting up but he staggered and leans against the wall.

"Eh? Wait, it can't be! Did I really just go the long way?" With a confident look, Subaru says as he struggles to get up,

"You should probably hurry after her, miss. I could ... help ..." Before collapsing midway. Eddy tried to get up.

"I'll go on my way and chase the thief ..."Eddy falls ahead because he took so many hits

"Aww, they shouldn't have tried to pick you up." the Great Spirit commented upon seeing Subaru and Eddy's attempt "What should we do?" he asked, wanting to know what they should do with the beaten boy.

"It's none of our business." was the half-elf's reply, "They will not die. We will leave them."

"Really?" it came from the Spirit.

" Yes, really." She reply his reply.

"You say that, but I bet you will still help them."

" I will not do it!"

" Yes of course."

"Absolutely not! I'm not going to do it!" The elf yells.

Edd showed the civilians the drawing that the thief is. "Have you seen this lady? "Edd said asking.

"Hey Double D!" Shouts Ed who is near the butcher stall. "The butcher knows about that thief!"

Edd approaches the butcher shop "Excuse me ... do you know this person?"Edd said asking the butcher teaching the drawing.

"Ah yes ... her name is Felt ... she lives in the low streets outside the capital ..." Said the butcher recognizing the drawing. Edd and Ed get a little smile. "but you must bring something of value to exchange stolen things in Rom's Tavern ... "The butcher explained looking at the drawing drawn by Edd.

"Thank you sir ..." Edd gives a smile and takes out the Walkier Talkie. "Eddy we have the whereabouts of the thief ...eddy responds ... "He said speaking on the portable radio." Hmm that strange but we are going to look for that thief ... "Edd said walking along with Ed." Let's go Ed ... "

"Okay Double D ..." He said smiling. Edd and Ed proceed to reach the new destination which is Rom's tavern.

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