I'm Tired of Waiting!



Bam looked at the cloudy sky that surrounding his palace today. It seems like it was laughing at him saying how gloomy and dark he was.


A name comes out from his mouth. That name used to belong to someone he cared the most in the past. The person that taught him everything. But now, that person was nothing but dust that once entered his eyes then causes him to cry and was in pain for a long time. Until someone else helped him to wipe it out and throw away all the tears and pain.

Sadly, that person also was taken away by Rachel and even claiming that he was her. How unfair this world can be sometimes, but Bam can't even complain about it since, in this tower, justice has no meaning at all.

"My God, Khun already fell asleep," said Hwaryun who suddenly appeared behind Bam.

"It's getting dark, how about you take a little rest," said Hwaryun again and slowly went beside Bam who was busy looking at the gloomy evening sky.

Hwaryun sighed and slowly patted Bam's back.

"He will be okay. He may be... a little shock? Perhaps?... But I bet you know that all we need to do is to wa-"

"Wait?! How many years I need to wait again?! Please can you tell me what had happened to Khun?! Did I do something wrong that makes him lost all his memories?! Why he didn't even recognize nor remembered me?!" Said Bam immediately cutted Hwaryun words.


"I'm tired Hwaryun! I'm tired of waiting! Now, I have even already become a Slayer and everyone seems to be scared of me but why...? Why? Why? I already fulfill most of my people's desires but who will fulfill mine? I don't want anything Hwaryun. I- I just want Khun," said Bam. Hwaryun looks closely at Bam.


"Just wait," she said then vanished, leaving a lighthouse near Bam that showed what exactly had happened inside his room. Where Khun was sleeping peacefully with a teddy bear that has an amber as its eyes, in his embrace. He looks so cute cuddling it.

During the day, Khun was exactly acting out of his characteristics where he kinda into toys just like a little kid. He seems still hasn't realized that he had the body of an adult.

Remembering what happened that early morning, where suddenly Ha Jisung has visited him, kinda made his day. Bam began to smile a little.

After explaining to Ha Jisung that Khun has lost most of his memories, Ha Jisung immediately went out of his palace. At first, Bam thought that he may hate Khun but suddenly he comes back with a teddy bear and lots of other toys. Even its kinda shocking but Bam still let him meet Khun.

When Ha Jisung was offering Khun the other toys, he still ignored it and keep reading the book that Bam gave him. Bam already asked him to stop because Khun was an adult, not a child but Ha Jisung just ignoring it and keep offering Khun with many other toys that he already brought.

"Master.," called Bam asking him to stop treating Khun like a child.

Still, an ignorance that Viole had received and it makes him wanted to take away all those toys.

But before Bam was able to grab all the toys that Jisung had brought, Jisung with the speed fast as lighting, immediately catches the most expensive toy ever and it was a teddy bear with amber eyes then quickly handed it to Khun.

Khun stunned when he saw the teddy bear and keep staring at it.

"Bingo!" said Ha Jisung and immediately put the teddy bear next to Khun.

"Take care of this for me," said Ha Jisung and Khun nodded slowly while staring at the teddy bear. Ha, Jisung smiled softly.

"Don't worry, Bam. He still remembers you," said Ha Jisung.

It was beautiful yet sad things that he had learned today. Knowing that how cute and adorable Khun can be even he already an adult and how he needs to wait a little bit longer for Khun to recovering.



Day 2

Bam slowly opened up his eyes. He didn't even realize that he had been sleeping on the couch last night. Slowly, he stretched his body. The pain at his back that caused by his weird poses of sleeping, finally vanished as he heard the crack sound that made by his back's bones when it gets to the right posture.

Slowly, he stands up from the couch and walked towards the bathroom to clean himself before he made some breakfast for him also Khun. Before that, he needs makes sure that Khun was alright so he took out his lighthouse then take a look at it. The surface of the lighthouse showed that Khun was still peacefully sleeping with the teddy bear gift from Jisung. He smiled the slowly walked into the bathroom.

After finish cleaning himself, Bam went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. An omelet and a ham sandwich were what been prepared by Bam.

Finish with the breakfast, Bam went to his room to get Khun but instead of seeing him Khun peacefully asleep, Bam saw he was groaning in his sleep, sweat a lot, and gripping the bedsheet tightly as he was in pain. Bam was panicked when he discovered that Khun's body was burning. Hurriedly he lifted Khun to the bathroom and carefully wiped his body with a wet cold tower so the temperature will go down.


Bam flinched when he heard Khun was calling his name.

Did Khun already remember everything?

Slowly Khun opened up his eyes and showed the eyes that able to make the slayer meltdown even in any situation. Khun looked right into the golden eyes while the slayer waited patiently for the owner of the ocean eyes to start talking.

A pale warm hand touched Bam's cheek and it makes him shed a little tear. This warmness was what he had longed for a long time. Is this really the end of his waiting? He hopes so. He really does.

"Khun..." said Bam softly and slowly caressed Khun's cheek to make sure that he isn't dreaming. Yes, he isn't.


"Yes?... Khun, what wrong?" asked Bam when he saw Khun was confusedly mentioning his own name.

"Is that my name?" he said.


"Sorry, I don't seem to remember anything but I'm sure we are in the bathroom right now."


"Oh, since you're at my side when I woke up, I'm sure you're my roommate or perhaps family?"


"God, my head is so dizzy and hurt, It feels like it going to explode at any time. Do you have some medicine? I don't like this pain."


"Erughhh... Why I can even remember anything? Even my own name. God, this is suck. Hey, can you help–"


"Ehh? I did not do anything–"

"I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm TIRED! I have been waiting for you for a hundred years but instead of welcoming me, you keep rejecting me away! Isn't it hard for you to just remember a person named Bam which is me?! Am I not important to you?!" shouted Bam right in front of Khun while gripping his shoulder tightly until it created bruises.

"I'm... So... So.. Sor.. So... rry" cried Khun. Bam was shocked. He didn't mean to scold Khun. He was just unable to control himself.

Knowing his own actions already crossed the line, he immediately lifted Khun and brought him back to his room. Helping Khun changing his clothes and bring him to the dining room to take some breakfast. Khun didn't say anything so do Bam. All he could hear was the sound that the plate made when the spoon meets its surface and Khun's sobbing.

"I'm sorry. I was so mad when you keep forgetting about me every day," said Bam breaking the silences. Khun lifted his head and looking at Bam who was staring at him too. He smiled softly. For some reason, that smile heals the pain that was in Khun's head and heart.

That smiled also makes him wanted to go and hugged that person in front of him.

"May I know what our relationship is about?" asked Khun.

Hearing that question makes Bam smirked. Slowly he stands up and went beside Khun. Khun just watching Bam confusedly. When he about to ask another question, his mouth suddenly has been sealed. It sealed by Bam's lips.

Khun widened his eyes when Bam suddenly kissed him. He does felt shocked but instead of pushing Bam away, he kissed Bam back while unconsciously put his hand around Bam's neck.

Bam apart his lips from Khun's and closely look right in Khun's eyes.

"Get the answer?" Bam asked and Khun nodded slowly.

Seeing Khun's face that completely red makes Bam felt like he wanted to eat him. No. He must.

Slowly, a small smirk showed on Bam's face but unable to noticed it by Khun. Bam began to think that he can take this opportunity to mark Khun as his.

Didn't want to wait long, Bam put his lips against Khun's again and Khun accepted it fully. Without waiting any moment, Bam lifted Khun and put him against the wall, ignoring half-eaten breakfast and slowly devour the main meal that he been craving for a hundred years.