Madison smiled at herself in the mirror as she gazed over the silver and white striped dress that she wore, paired with sensible white heels and her fashionable reading glasses that actually did nothing for her vision. They were clear glass but they made her feel professional and sexy at the same time.

"You are alive bitch" she affirmed to herself as she flicked her long blonde hair to the side and smirked "now don't fuck this up".

She turned to exit the room and made her way towards the herbal laboratory where she would be teaching her students to create a potion and an ability.

Since returning to the world of the living thanks to Mallory pulling her from out of literal hell, Madison really threw herself into teaching and supporting the new girls who had joined the academy. She found joy in teaching them to master the craft and develop new powers, and never would she admit it but she learnt alot from her students in return.

"Madison Montgomery" a familiar voice spoke from behind her as she walked down the hall. Madison turned to look upon the face of a woman she had not seen in a long time.

"Zoe Bitchson" she smiled as she walked towards her former frenemy and embraced her in a friendly hug.

"How was hell" Zoe asked.

"It was shit. First time I literally worked in a retail store before Michael got me out, then when the bastard sent me back, I was in an amateur theatre performance of Wicked!" Madison exclaimed "Literally 50 people watching, it was absolutely terrible and we got tortured if we mucked up and even worse! I wasn't even Glinda, I was a fucking flying monkey Zoe. Like what kind of sick joke is that".

Zoe laughed loudly picturing Madison trapped in a money outfit for months until Mallory pulled her out of hell "well it's good to see you again, I was out visiting my parents but I heard of your return".

"How's Kyle?" Madison asked Zoe with an eyebrow raised. Kyle had killed Madison the first time after she had refused to revive Zoe, who had teleported herself into spikes and killed herself. However after Kyle had strangled Madison to death, Cordelia was able to revive Zoe and became the Supreme from doing it.

"Umm, he's actually dead" Zoe explained as her head tilted slightly downwards "Cordelia executed him after he killed you. Which I completely understood".

"I'm sorry to hear that Zoe" Madison said as she grabbed Zoe's hand and held it within her own "have you found anyone else in the meantime? Are you into girl on girl action?" she teased hoping to lighten her friends mood.

"Not really on both of those, but I do see Kyle on Halloween night and we spend that one day a year together when his spirit crosses over" Zoe told Madison with a sweet smile on her face.

Madison pulled her hand away gently and smirked "Well that is depressing, and on that note I'm late for my lesson".

"Okay, I guess I'll see you around. Queenies coming to visit later on".

"I know, I'm looking forward to seeing the bitch" Madison said as she turned to continue the path towards the herb laboratory.

Zoe continued towards her room to unpack her luggage from the trip. As she walked to her room she saw Mallory exiting her own bedroom and the two smiled to eachother as they approached one another.

"How was your trip? Are your parents well?" Mallory asked Zoe.

"It was good thanks, they're alright. Dad's still working, mum's on the booze, nothing out of the ordinary" Zoe explained, the trip was rather uneventful and consisted of day drinking with her mother while watching Netflix series. Before her mother would pressure her into using her powers to do magic tricks for her, like levitating the chair she was in or moving the glasses around the room and pouring our drinks. Though it was a good distraction from the grief she still held after Cordelia's death.

"That's good to hear" Mallory replied placing her hand on her friends shoulder "It's been rather busy here at the academy with you and Queenie gone, but bringing back Madison has been an excellent help".

Queenie has recently left the academy to start one of her own after being asked by the Voodoo witches to become their new queen following the execution of Dinah Stevens after the role she played in the Apocalypse which Mallory had reversed the precious year.

She had left on good terms and visited regularly to discuss the new things she learnt with Voodoo and even had a couple of students of her own here at Miss Robichauxs Academy.

"I'd chat more but I really need to crash out for abit" Zoe said as she placed her hands upon her luggage bag.

"That's cool. I'll see you later on when Queenie visits" Mallory replied nodding towards her friend as she walked towards her classroom.

Within the class there were 6 students all with very different levels and abilities in magic. Tanessa Morgan was a new student in Mallory's class but she could sense strong magic emanating from the girl who was new to her powers.

It had been 2 months since Cordelia had suddenly died which caused Mallory to become the new Supreme witch of the coven. It was such a confusing night, Cordelia had left the academy suddenly to go out not telling anyone where she was going. And an hour later Mallory felt her die, it was like a stabbing in her heart followed by an extreme rush that knocked her out as the former Supremes powers rushed into her body.

When she awoke, Cordelia's body had been found and she was welcomed by all the girls as the new Supreme, and required to plan a funeral for her former mentor. It had only been less then a year since Mallory had performed Tempus Infinnitum and reversed the apocalypse but in that time she had learnt so much from Cordelia, and in return was able to provide her mentor with much information she held from the apocalypse timeline.