Doctor Felix.

If you had the chance to go back and change something that affected you badly, Would you? Should you? Alison has a chance to do just that, but! There are always consequences.

Author's Note: I started writing this story in 2014 as a comedic adventure with Felix and Alison. I then ran out of ideas and sat on the story until now. Having a recent Brainstorm I have finished it but it's not all comedy. I think you'll see where the old and new meet.

A persistent knocking at the door woke Felix from his slumber. The banging in his head was worse though, after a heavy night of 'Beer Pong' & 'spin the bottle shots' with his 'latest flame.' He stumbled to the door of his loft, removed the screwdriver from the "lock" and rolled the door back.

"Well, well, look what the cat dragged in." Alison pushed past Felix and sat down on his couch.

"Come right in Sarah! Haven't seen you for almost a year and you turn up out of the blue at three o'clock in the bloody morning! I only went to bed an hour ago! And what are you wearing? Is this part of your latest Con? Going for the soccer Mum/Suburban Housewife look?"

Ignoring the remark Alison said. "Felix, something terrible has happened!"

"Yeah somebody stole your wardrobe. And what's with the accent?

Gotta hand it to you Sarah, you sure know how to stay in character."

"I'm not "in character". Don't play games Felix, something terrible has happened and I need your help to fix it!"

"Sure thing Love, just come back in the morning." He said stifling a yawn.

"No, it will be too late by then! You have to come with me now!"

"Sarah, Sarah please calm down. I have a splitting headache.

"Why do you keep calling me Sarah? I'm Alison, You know who I am!"

"Oh, right "Alison" He replied making aerial quotation marks.

"Wait. Oh cheese and crackers! You said this would happen. I've changed the timeline! If Beth never shot Maggie, then she wouldn't have been suspended from the Force and wouldn't have thrown herself in front of that train. Also Sarah wouldn't have stolen Beth's bag and never assumed Beth's identity and I would never have met you or Sarah!"

With a puzzled look on his face Felix asked "Sarah, sorry Alison you're talking nonsense! Have you been drinking? Maybe a little puff from the magic dragon?"

"I'm not stoned Felix, if that's what you think! I used the TARDIS to go back in time to save Beth. But it didn't work. "Now she's dead all over again and it's my fault!"

Felix sighed. "I know I'm going to regret this, but start from the beginning."

One week ago.

Alison opened the front door and let Felix inside, "It's nice of you to come over and help babysit Helena's twins with me Felix."

"This is the only reason I'd drag myself into suburbia, you know it makes my skin break out every time I leave downtown. Also there's a Doctor Who marathon of Matt Smith my fave Doctor on tonight and my cable is out."

"Do we have to watch it?"

"It's part of the agreement we made"

"I hoped you'd forget."

"Not a chance!"

They settled in to watch the marathon with snacks and drinks, Alison didn't get past the first few episodes before she nodded off, the twins were sleeping soundly too, Felix watched the first season but started to nod himself, so he tucked the blanket around Alison and let himself out.

Three days later Felix knocked excitedly at Alison's door. She thought "it must be important, he hates Suburbia, it makes his acne break out every time he leaves downtown"

"Alison, it's me open up, open up!"

Alison opened the door with an annoyed look on her face. "What's the 911 Felix?"

"I did it, I finally passed my driving test and bought my first car."

"Congrats Felix, where did you buy it?"

"Off a Guy on Gumtree."


"Yeah you know the online website, Gumtree where you can buy and sell anything?"

"Oh, sure."

"The Guy said he bought it off a 'traveller' who was tired of travelling and wanted to settle down somewhere. Anyway, I took it for a test drive and reached over to turn on the radio and the guy told me never to touch the radio."

"Why not." Alison asked

"That's what I said. He just told me that it was better, if I didn't touch it that's all.

Anyway as I was driving home, I forgot his instructions & turned on the radio to have a bit of music. Looking for my favourite station, I twiddled the tuning knob and next thing I knew I was in the Middle Ages at a jousting competition!"


"I know, crazy right, this knight on his horse came charging at me with his lance at the ready, I twiddled the knob back the other way and I was home again. I have a feeling this 'traveller' (making aerial quotation marks with his fingers) was The Doctor."

"Which Doctor?"

"He's not a witch doctor he's a time lord, the Doctor"

"Doctor Who?"


"Hold it Felix, back up a bit. Who are we talking about?"

"The Doctor! The one with a time machine called the TARDIS"

"Oh that Doctor, You have a TARDIS? Can we go for a trip?"

"That's why I'm here, Sarah and the others are busy with something or other, sooo let's go."

They walked outside and Alison closed and locked the door behind them. She looked around expecting to see a Police Box standing on the lawn.

"Where is it?"

"It's right here" he said pointing to a small car parked at the kerb.

"You built a time machine….out of a VW beetle?"

"Relax, that's just the chameleon circuit, the TARDIS blends itself into its environment."

"Of course, how stupid of me."

Felix pressed a button on his key fob and two quick chirps sounded, the passenger door opened and they climbed inside.

"It really is bigger on the inside!" Alison exclaimed then noticed something she hadn't noticed before.

"Are you wearing a bow tie?

Felix replied, "Bow ties are cool; there's a Fez in the back seat for you if you like."

"I don't think so!'

"Now, where do you want to go? Whom would you like to meet? Abraham Lincoln?

"You can take us to see Lincoln?"

"Sure, I have his Gettysburg address!"

"That's pathetic Felix."

"No one appreciates my humour!"

"Okay, let's go shall we? Umm do you have any change on you?"

"What for?"

"Ah, this is a pretty base model TARDIS, its coin operated."

"You're kidding!"

"I'm not. I used all my change on my last trip."

"I left my purse inside; I didn't think I'd need it."

"Can you go and get it please?"

After a few minutes, Alison came back with her handbag bulging she had raided Gemma and Oscar's 'piggy banks' and tipped them into her bag.

Felix opened the glove box and inside were two coin slots. They tipped the coins out of the handbag and began to count.

"I have ten dollars and seventy five cents" Alison said.

Felix replied "I have eleven dollars, twenty five cents and a stick of gum."

"That makes Twenty two dollars."

"How far can that take us?" Alison asked.

"Only into the recent past."

"Can we go back and save Beth from jumping in front of that train?"

"No sorry love, we should only observe past events, we can't change them; first rule of time travel."

"Can we go back and watch last week's episode of Outlander? I missed it."

"Outlander it is!"

Curious, Alison asked "How does it work?"

Felix replied. "Simple, I just turn the key and it goes."

Alison rolled her eyes at him. "Seriously!"

With a grin on his face Felix said "After a lot of experimenting I found that if you turn the tuning knob you set the year and the volume knob sets the day. It all comes up on the window see?" Looking at the little window in the radio she could see the present date where the radio station frequencies usually were.

"I have a few presets for times I've visited already, and this one" He said pointing at the last of the six preset buttons. "Is an emergency return home button"

"Good to know!"

"Okay let's go, Geronimoooo!"

Seconds later "We're here!"

"That was quick, we haven't moved, I didn't feel anything!"

"That's the magic of Time Travel. Now let's go inside and watch that vile wretch Stephen Bonnet get his comeuppance!"

After the episode ended Alison switched off the TV. "Well, that was very exciting!"

"I was waiting to see Stephen Bonnet get hanged or something for what he did to Brianna & her family."

"That's a few books further ahead in the series Felix; it hasn't come to TV yet."

"Oh well." Felix looked at his watch and cursed, "OMG! Is that the time? I have a hot date tonight, I've missed it!"

Alison replied "Felix, you haven't missed your date, we went back a week to watch the show remember?"

Felix breathed a sigh of relief. "Phew! I forgot about that, let's go home then."

Arriving back to 'their' time Felix asked, "Alison, Be a love and drive me home please?"

"Why can't you drive home yourself?"

"I haven't got a garage and I don't want to leave this parked in the alley behind my loft."

Alison drove Felix home to his loft Downtown.

"Now Alison, remember what I said about the radio. Please don't touch it."

"Don't worry Felix; your TARDIS is in good hands. I'll look after it."

Driving home from Felix's place, Alison couldn't stop thinking about Beth and how she could save her by using the TARDIS. "No." she said to herself. "Felix said don't touch anything."

Temptation got the better of her and as she parked in her driveway, she set the radio dials back to October 7 2012 the evening that Beth shot Maggie Chen which was, (she thought) the beginning of Beth's downward spiral to taking her own life.

Reaching over to the glove box to see how much credit was on the display, it read $5.75.

Thinking to herself she said, "Surely that's enough for a quick trip back to save Beth, it's not like it was centuries ago."

Starting the car, she pressed the button and said out loud. "This is for you Beth."

Present Day.

Alison continues her story.

"Felix, you have to come with me now! I messed up the first time I went back to save Beth and she still died even though it was a different set of circumstances."

"Okay Alison, I'll play along. Let's go and save your friend Beth."

Walking down the stairs to the Alley behind his loft, Felix looked around but couldn't see anything unusual. "Okay, where is this Time Machine of yours?"

"You're standing right next to it." Alison said.

Pointing to the dumpster, Felix laughed. "Yeah, great joke Alison, I'm going back to bed."

Alison removed the key fob from her pocket and pressed the button. Two quick chirps sounded and the Dumpster transformed into a VW Beetle.

"Shut the front door!" Felix took a step back in shock. "It's real!"

"Of course it is, hop in!" Felix climbed in the passenger side and Alison slid behind the wheel. Reaching over to open the glove box Alison starting feeding the coins into the mechanism.

"Have you ever considered 'Tap and Go?"

"Very funny Felix, give me a hand with this okay."

The Beetle/TARDIS arrived back in 2012 around the corner from the alley where Beth shot Maggie.

"Is this where it happened?" Felix asked.

"Yes, though I've been here a few times lately trying to change the past and they all have the same outcome. Beth dies!"

Alison continued "I went back to the alley where Beth shot Maggie Chen that night when she was high on booze and pills and thought Maggie had pulled a gun.


"Well, the TARDIS chameleon circuit kicked in when we landed in the alley and changed into a dumpster, It….. Ah, landed on Maggie Chen & squashed her like the Wicked Witch of the East from the Wizard of Oz!"

Felix eyes lit up. "Oh, did you see the ruby slippers?"

Sarcastically Alison replied. "No, I was too slow. A Munchkin got there first!"

"Another time I went to Huxley Station thinking I could save her from jumping in front of the train. I was too late! I bumped into Sarah getting off the train and we just stared at each other for a few minutes. A few minutes too long, Beth had jumped."

"The last time I was here I arrived early and kept Maggie Chen talking so that Beth would pass by the alley without seeing Maggie. That backfired later when I followed Beth home and parked up the road a bit. A car parked up ahead flashed its lights. Beth, having just arrived home was getting out of her car. Seeing the signal she turned around and walked to the car and before she reached the middle of the road the motorcycle roared up and cut her off. The rider pulled out a gun and shot her twice at point blank range, then sped off."

"It seems like the universe is trying to tell you something, Alison. You can't undo the past. Beth is gone and you can't bring her back"

"Maybe Felix, but she's alive here, now!"

Headlights appeared at the top of the street; the car pulled into the curb and switched off the lights. A young woman opened the driver's door and stood shakily on her feet. She crossed the road and was just about to pass Alison and Felix when Alison rolled down the window and called to her.


Clearly a bit tipsy Beth leaned in the window. Felix jaw dropped. It's true! You're identical! I thought you were having me on."

"Alison? What are you doing here?" Beth said. "I'm chasing a suspect, it might be dangerous"

Felix could smell the alcohol on Beth's breath from his side of the car.

"That's not all you've been chasing." He remarked.

"Who are you? Who's he?" Beth asked.

"This is Felix; He's a sort of relative."

Well, go home Alison, it's late and your Husband will be wondering where you are."

"Beth! I just wanted to say I'm sorry! I know all this clone stuff is driving you crazy."

Beth shushed her. "Alison!" and motioned to Felix with her head.

"It's alright Beth, He knows."

"I do?"

"Well, maybe not in this timeline." She corrected.

"Alison, you're talking nonsense. Go home, get some sleep, okay?"

Okay, Beth. I just wanted to thank you for all you've done for us."

"Go home now, I'll call you tomorrow."

Beth straightened up and continued to walk towards the Alley. Alison was watching her go in the rear vision mirror. Beth turned into the alley and a few moments later they heard a gunshot. Felix jumped, but Alison just reached for the Emergency return home button on the radio and with a sigh said.

"Let's go home Felix."

The Beetle/TARDIS appeared in the alley behind Felix loft. The Sun was rising and Alison turned to Felix saying "I tried Felix, I really wanted to save Beth but I couldn't."

Felix obviously annoyed turned to her and said. "Alison, what's the last thing I told you? Don't touch the radio!"

"Felix, I'm exhausted. I've had a hell of a night! Could you please just drive me home?"

"Okay Alison, then I'm going to sell this when I get home. The temptation is too great."

A voice from behind startled them "I might just be able to help you with that young man."

"Who are you?"

"Let's just call me the 'Traveller' and leave it at that. I thought I wanted to settle in one place, but I missed roaming around the cosmos."

Felix handed him the keys. "Here, you can have it back!"

"Felix, how am I going to get home?"

"Oh I can drop you off!" The traveller said.

"Thank you, Mr. Traveller, Felix maybe we better keep this under our hat eh?"

"I don't want to say I told you so Alison."

"But you will. Hey, what about the money you spent buying this in the first place?"

"If it's a question of payment, I could arrange something. Perhaps a direct debit to your account with my Galactic Express card. I never leave Earth without it."

"I'm not sure."

The Traveller noticed the coin mechanism in the glove box. "Maybe you would like this instead, if you don't mind the small change?"

"Well I could pay back Gemma and Oscar's piggy banks, but I don't think there's enough for your outlay Felix."

"Counting all those coins? I'll take the direct debit thanks."

With the transaction complete, the Traveller and Alison climbed in to the Beetle/TARDIS.

Arriving on Alison's front lawn, she opened the car door and bid farewell to the Traveller.

Turning the key in her front door lock she stopped before entering. Looking up to the sky she said

"Well I tried"

The End.