Episode 1: Coming of Age for a Flaming Bird

In a bedroom, the sun begins to shine through it. The sun rays travel into the room and reach a bed. Sleeping in the bed, is a young woman with exotic tan skin and long fire color hair. Sleeping next to her is a small nine tail fox. The girl is Phoenix Jeno Magne and her small fox, Kyuubi. The alarm clock on her desk goes off and it rings at 8:00 am in the morning. The girl presses the button on the alarm and turns it off.

Phoenix begins to sit up and lets out a yawn as she stretches her arms. She then rubs her eyes, allowing them to open and reveal her gold yellow eyes.

In the restroom, Phoenix washes her face, dries it, and then puts lotion on her face. She then heads back to her room. She then dresses in the kimono her aunt Tsubaki has given to her for her graduation. Phoenix keeps her hair long and wears the bracelet with the Magne family crest. She then places a red and orange colored bow tie on Kyuubi's neck.

The two walk down the stairs as Kyuubi changes to an ordinary fox, and into the bar where her family works.

Tsubaki comes out and cheers, "Hi! Happy birthday, Phoenix! You are finally eighteen years old, an adult!"

"Good morning Aunt Tsubaki," Phoenix says with a smile

"Good morning," Tsubaki says.

Just then, Tadashi brings out a tray full of plates and puts it on the table. Tasubaki and Phoenix sit on the table.

"Hi Uncle Tadashi," Phoenix says.

"Hey Phoenix. How is our young adult doing?" Tadashi says.

"I'm doing fine. Kyuubi and I are excited for my birthday," Phoenix says.

Kyuubi barks happily as he walks to Phoenix's side

"Hey. Remember to keep an eye on him when your friends come. You know he can't get himself into trouble," Tadashi says.

"I won't," Phoenix says.

She then looks around and asks, "Where's mom?"

"You know your mom. She's not very much a morning person. She also had to work late last night," Tadashi says.

"Who isn't a morning person?" A stern voice of a woman appears.

The group turns their heads to see the woman who is dressed and ready.

"Come on cuz, you stood up very late last night and you deserve to get some sleep," Tadashi says.

"Yes, but today is my daughter's birthday and she's officially eighteen years old," Momiji says.

"Yeah. I know," Tadashi says.

"Hi mom," Phoenix says with a smile.

"Hello darling. Happy Birthday," Momiji says, giving her daughter a hug.

"Thanks. So have you anything from dad?" Phoenix replies.

"No. I suspect your father is as busy as ever. From what I remember, the Extermination is happening today." Momiji says.

"Yes. I remember Charlie saying it will be starting tonight at midnight, I think. Charlie said that it doesn't look like night in Hell, so I'm having trouble figuring out when to get to sleep," Phoenix says.

Tadashi says, "Maybe I wonder what demon I would become if I ever go to Hell."

"You never know, and there is a possibility that you never will," Phoenix says.

"I have to wonder what kind of demon you are. You might inherit some from your father. You especially got his hair and looks," Tsubaki says.

Phoenix blushes, "Aunt Tsubaki."

"Maybe we should finish breakfast and then we can have your party," Momiji says.

"That's true, I'm getting hungry," Tsubaki says.

With that the family of four eat their breakfast. Phoenix gives Kyuubi one of her sausages, which he enjoys.

Sometime later, her friends along with her classmates and her family's friends arrive at the party. The bar is decorated with balloons, streamers, banners and such. There are large tables where food is being served like a buffet. Tashashi is of course in charge of the drinks, while Momiji and Tsubaki are incharge of cooking and serving the food.

At the dance floor, Phoenix and her friends are waiting close to the stage. Her friend, Len is in charge of the D.J with Akane, who is also in charge of the karaoke machine. Once they are finished, they both walk down the stage.

Len says, "Okay Phoenix, the D.J system and the Karaoke Machine is ready."

"That's great. Thanks guys," Phoenix says.

Akane says, "Happy Birthday Phoenix. How does it feel now that you're eighteen?"

"I feel older for one thing, now that I'm officially an adult," Phoenix says.

"I see. You barely became an adult so there are lots of possibilities for you to do," Kaito says.

He lights up his cigarette and places it in her mouth, "You know. I've been hearing some strange rumors going around town."

"What kind of rumor?" Phoenix asks.

"Strange shadows are hiding in alleys and such. Of course, they're just silly rumors," Kaito says.

He takes the cigarette from his mouth and bows out smoke.

"Just be glad Phoenix is okay with you doing smoke and it's allowed to do it in the bar, just don't get too crazy," Kanna says.

Len says, "Come on, quit being such a downer, it's a party and it's officially for us adults."

"You know I do drink a little and don't smoke at the least," Phoenix says.

"I know," Kaito says.

Akane brings out a bottle that reads, 'Wӧlffer Estate Rosé.'

"Just thought it would be nice to give you some Sweet Wine a little early. Happy Birthday. I know Roses are your favorite flower," Akane says.

"Um thanks," Phoenix says.

"I got it when I went to New York with my family two months ago. It's very popular there," Akane says.

"Thanks Akane," Phoenix says.

Len then gives Phoenix a bouquet of red roses, "Well I got you some real roses."

"Thanks Len," Phoenix says, and takes the bouquet.

Kanna passes Phoenix the microphone, "Since it's your birthday, you'll be singing the first song."

"Um okay," Phoenix says.

Phoenix then takes the microphone and walks on the stage.

Akane hops on stage and types on the computer for the song.

"Alright girl, you're ready to play," Akane says.

Akane hops off the stage and right on cue, music begins to play.

Kanna rolls her eyes, "That's an Anime song."

"What? Anime is always a great song to play with," Akane says, shrugging her shoulders.

The song begins to play for everyone in the bar to hear. With that, Phoenix begins to sing the song.

Phoenix Magne:

Bara no kubiwa tsunagete gin no kusari kuwaete

Koyoi mo hitori hateru anata ga nikurashii

Hizamazuite onameyo nigai ai no shizuku wo

Tenshi ni hodokosu aoi doresa-jyu

Akane and Len place their gifts on the table and return to hear Phoenix sing. Many people turn to the stage to see Phoenix singing.

Phoenix Magne:

Jibun to iu hitsugi no naka kokoro wa mata ugoiteru

Chigireta hane wa gekkou ni ikikaeri urumu wa

Yami yori mo kowai no wa kodoku

Futari no akashi jyuujika no moto de musabori mashou

Phoenix then swirls a little and lifts her hand in the air.

Phoenix Magne:

Bara no tejou hazushite shiroi tekubi kasanete

Fureau koto no kiseki anata ga itooshii

Then places her hand on her chest.

Phoenix Magne:

Hizamazuite sasageyo itai ai no kotoba wa

Ga-ze ni nijinda akai arabesuku

Tsumidemo ii suki to itte kindan no kuchibiru wo

Phoenix stops singing to hear the music. Some of the people who are invited to walk to the stage to hear Phoenix singing. Unknown to everyone, Phoenix's father, Satan is watching her from the darkness.

Phoenix Magne:

Sekai wa sobietatsu oshiro ge-to wo akeru no wa kami

Sonna fuuni michibiki tsuzukete soshite watashi no me wo

Phoenix soon begins to dance on the stage with the moves she has learned from her traditional Japanese dancing class.

Phoenix Magne:

Fusaidara dareyori yasashiku

Phoenix stops dancing to life her hand in the air.

Phoenix Magne:

Namae wo yonde sonotoki shiru desho eien no imi wo

She then reaches her hand out.

Phoenix Magne:

Bara no yubiwa majiete kawa no ribon musunde

Kagami no ma no butoukai subete ga kuruoshii

Phoenix walks on the stage. Satan can't help, but smile to see the wonderful time she has with her friends and her family in this world.

Phoenix Magne:

Mayoikonde satoreyo meguru ai no rekishi wo

Namida de kazarou kuroi maria-jyu

Phoenix then walks down the stage and on to the dance floor.

Phoenix Magne:

Uso de wa iya suki to itte jyunketsu no kuchibiru de

Phoenix soon begins to dance and her friends begin to dance with her. Len and Phoenix take each other's hands and begin to dance with the other. Phoenix and

Phoenix Magne:

Bara no kubiwa tsunagete gin no kusari kuwaete

Koyoi mo hitori hateru anata ga nikurashii

Hizamazuite onameyo nigai ai no shizuku wo

Tenshi ni hodokosu aoi doresa-jyu

Phoenix sings with a smile on her face as her friends dance with her.

Phoenix Magne:

Bara no tejou hazushite shiroi tekubi kasanete

Fureau koto no kiseki anata ga itooshii

Hizamazuite sasageyo itai ai no kotoba wa

Ga-ze ni nijinda akai arabesuku

As the group of friends dance, strange shadows begin to enter into the bar without them being detected.

Phoenix Magne:

Kokoro kara suki to iu wa kegare naki kuchizuke wo

Phoenix dances the traditional Japanese dance. Then Phoenix along with the music comes to a stop.

Once the performance ends, everyone in the bar claps and cheers for the great performance. Phoenix can't help putting on a big smile on her face. She loves making her friends and family happy.

Sometime later, Phoenix opens her presents from her friends, family, her classmates, and the other grown ups. She ends up with some perfumes, nice clothes like blouses, shirts, dresses, shoes, pants, and skirts. She also received a few wine bottles, a purse, a pair of sunglasses and more. She has received plenty of presents, even some for Kyuubi. After the present giving, Tadashi brings the birthday cake. Everyone sings happy birthday to Phoenix and she blows out her candles. Phoenix smiles to see her friends and classmates come to wish her a great birthday. It does make her sad about leaving them, but that's part of growing up. Her kind of growing up anyway.

Later in the night, everyone returns home for the night. Some carpools because they have too much to drink. Phoenix is in her bedroom packing her suitcase with clothes, accessories, and such from her birthday. Even some from her room. The door opens and Momiji walks inside.

Phoenix turns her head, "Hi mom."

"Hello sweetie, how are you doing?" Momiji asks.

"Doing fine. Just finish packing up my things. I can't wait to see dad tomorrow," Phoenix says.

"I know. I'm glad that we're going to be with him. We're also going to see your cousin along with your aunt and uncle as well," Momiji says.

"Yeah. I'm bringing some of my games so I can show her what we have in Japan," Phoenix says.

"Sounds nice dear. Remember to get plenty of sleep. We got a big day tomorrow," Momiji says.

"Don't worry, I'm way ahead of you," Phoenix says.

Then Momiji asks, "You remember to pack some stuff for Kyuubi?"

"I got it, mom. I already have it in the suitcase," Phoenix says.

Kyuubi barks happily and hops on to Phoenix's bed. Phoenix closes her suitcase and places it next to her bed.

Momoji then brings out a small red box that has a yellow ribbon on it.

"Before you go to bed for the night, there's still one present for you to open. It's from your father," Momiji says.

"Really? What is it?" Phoenix asks.

"Open it and find out," Momiji says with a smile.

Phoenix takes the box and unties the ribbon on it. Then opens the box to see a tsuka. The tsuka is a gold handle with a red cloth wrapped around it. At the end is an orange, red, and yellow lanyard.

"A tsuka?" Phoenix says, confused.

"It appears so," Momiji says.

Phoenix looks at it and says, "Hmm, there doesn't seem to be a blade attached to it. I wonder if I need my powers to activate it."

"Maybe so. I'm sure you can ask your father when we see him," Phoenix says.

Phoenix sits on the bed, "I'm going to turn in early. Goodnight mom."

"Night sweetie," Momiji says.

She then tucks herself in the cover and falls asleep for the night. Momiji walks out of the room and closes the door. Kyuubi walks to Phoenix and snuggles her.

Phoenix wakes up a little and gives her little fox a hug.

"Goodnight Kyuubi," Phoenix says as she falls to a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, in another world, there is a place known as Hell. Somewhere in Hell, Charlie Magnie, Phoenix's older cousin and the Princess of Hell is preparing her own projects. She looks at the clock tower to see that it's three hours before midnight. She sadly sighs and knows another yearly Extermination will start. When the Angels descend from Heaven known as Exterminators and kill a certain amount of demons because of the Overpopulation in Hell. She really doesn't like it, but it's the way it has to be. In her case, she just hopes her project works. Of course, Charlie has something else to worry about as she ties a red ribbon on a small black box. Then puts it next to three others with different ribbon colors and boxes.

Just then, the door opens, making Charlie turn her head to see Vaggie, her girlfriend.

"Hi Vaggie, glad you came in time," Charlie says with glee.

"Yeah. The yearly Extermination will be starting soon, gotta remain here until it's over," Vaggie says.

Charlie sadly sighs, "I know. And it doesn't fully help that I have a bit of an agenda going on. I was able to get an interview and announcement with Katie Killjoy at News 666. I also gotta meet my Uncle Satan at the entrance of town. And I need to make sure to have the rest of the hotel ready, and try to find more staff for it. Also have another suite ready and…"

"Charlie, calm down," Vaggie say stopping Charlie in her tracks.

"Thanks. I guess I'm excited and nervous about the interview. And well, I need to make sure everything is ready for their arrival," Charlie says.

"Right. So who is this arrival? You've been pretty excited about it?" Vaggie asks.

Charlie says, "Well, you're bound to meet them sooner or later and parents said it's okay for you to know. But, promise to keep this all a secret until otherwise."

"Promise," Vaggie says.

Charlie then brings out a photo of Phoenix and Momiji. Then shows it to Vaggie with a big smile.

"Great! Because after waiting for a long time, I'm going to see my Aunt Momiji again and I'm finally going to meet my cousin Phoenix, face to face!" Charlie says with excitement.

Vaggie takes the photo and looks to see the two females. Vaggie eyes wide in shock.

"Wait… your aunt is human? And is your cousin a… hybrid?" Vaggie asks, stunned.

Charlie calms down and explains, "Yeah. This is my Aunt Momiji and my cousin Phoenix. My Uncle Satan's wife and daughter."

Vaggie blinks her eyes three times before asks, "Wait, your Uncle Sata? Lord Satan? Captain of your father guard and keeps Overlords in chick is married to a human?"

"Yeah," Charlie says with a nervous smile.

"And he has a daughter that is half human, half demon?" Vaggie adds.

"Yeah. I'm sorry I never told you about her before, but my uncle made it very clear that Momiji and Phoenix must be kept confidential. Only me and my parents, Phoenix's uncle and aunt, the Von Eldritch Family, My Uncle's Second Captain Cloud, and two Other Overlords only know about Phoenix's identity as a hybrid and her existence. You can understand why I had to keep this from you until now," Charlie says.

Vaggie takes a deep breath and calmly says, "I understand. I may not be here long, but I know well enough to know why this must be kept secret. A demon hybrid with human blood is a rare type of demon and there hasn't been one in three hundred years. And with her being Satan's daughter, you can imagine she will be incredibly powerful. If any demon, and Overlords were to find out…"

"I know. My parents and Uncle said the same thing. My Uncle Satan separated himself from his family for Phoenix's protection. Now that she's eighteen, her demon powers will be fully developed and will fully awaken when she arrives in Hell. Until they can officially announce, Phoenix and Momiji's arrival and stay must be kept secret," Charlie says.

Vaggie shows a calm smile and says, "I will… and I promise to help keep your cousin safe if you need it."

"Thanks Vaggie," Charlie says, and hugs Vaggie

Late in the night, Phoenix is fast asleep with Kyuubi sleeping next to her. Suddenly, coming in visible from the wall is glowing white eyes and a white mouth. It then comes out of the wall appearing it's a physical form like the one that has attacked her from school. The creature sees Phoenix happily sleeping in her bed and reaches its hand out to grab her.

Just then, Kyuubi's ear begins to twitch and wakes up from his sleep. He turns to see the creature and growls in anger. The shadow pounce at the creature and bites it on the wrist. The shadow creature roars in pain, causing Phoenix to wake up and turns to see the creature.

Phoenix says, confused, "Kyuubi?"

She then sees the Shadow creature, "You?!"

Phoenix creates fire and throws it at the creature. The creature screams in agony and the fire disappears. Kyuubi lands on the bed.

"Don't you dare hurt my fox," Phoenix angrily says.

Kyuubi then pounces and attacks the creature. Phoenix grabs her suitcase and bangs it on it's head.

"Take that you shadow! You have nerves coming into a room when a girl is sleeping!" Phoenix angrily says.

Phoenix then throws her suitcase at the creature and falls to the ground. Phoenix and her fox land on the ground.

"What are you doing here?" Phoenix demands.

The shadow creature answers, "My master requires your presence girl."

"What?" Phoenix asks.

The creature then begins to go into the ground and create a type of Vortex. The Vortex soon created some kind of hurricane in her room. The girl and fox are being pulled into the vortex. Phoenix's suitcase is the first to come down. Kyuubi is being pulled in, but Phoenix is able to grab her.

Phoenix screams, "Hang on!"

Phoenix then begins to pull her away to the door. When she opens the door slams open and holds her hand at the door knob.

Phoenix screams, "Help! Mom! HELP!"

Phoenix can't hold on to the door knob any longer and loses the grip. Phoenix falls into the vortex.

Phoenix screams, "DADDY!"

Momiji runs into the room and gasps to see Phoenix hand being sucked into the hole. Momiji panics and rushes to the hole to see it disappeared.

"Phoenix! Phoenix!" Momiji says, and begins to shed tears.

Then realizes what has happened. Her daughter has been abducted.

"I need to find Satan!" Momjiji says.

She then runs out of the room to contact her husband to tell her what happened. With her daughter being abducted, it could mean big trouble.

Somewhere in a dark black abyss, Phoenix continues to be pulled down to who knows where. It all happened so fast, but she knows one thing… She has been abducted by the shadow creatures that have been attacking her. And now, one of the Shadow creatures is holding her in its arms.

The shadow creature says, "My mission is almost complete."

"Wha-what are you talking about?" Phoenix asks.

The shadow creature stares at Phoenix and tilts its head to her. Phoenix struggles to break away from the creature's grasp, but it's proven to be too strong for her to break free.

The creature says, "You are a very powerful creature…"

"And beautiful… Perfect for my master…" The creature adds as it lets out it's long tongue and licks Phoenix's cheek.

Phoenix feels a strong chill in her spine and panics, "What are you doing?"

Phoenix then pushes the creature away by the face as she screams, "Let go!"

The hybrid pushes the creature away with her hand. Suddenly, strong fire explodes from her hand and the creature is soon caught on fire. The creature screams as it lets go of Phoenix and drifts away.

The creature screams, "Curse you, girl! You will not get away! My master will have you in his clutches!"

Phoenix is still shocked by her power hurting the creature. Soon, the creature has disappeared and she continues to be floating in the strange abyss.

She looks around, "Kyuubi? Kyuubi!"

Suddenly, she hears barking and turns around to see Kyuubi is standing on her suitcase. Phoenix reaches her hand out and grabs the handle of her suitcase. Then takes Kyuubi in her arms and holds him tight. She then reaches out to her suitcase and grabs hold of the handle.

Phoenix looks down at Kyuubi, "I wonder where we're going."

Phoenix and Kyuubi continue to fall through the dark abyss and see some kind of red glow. The light becomes so blinding that Phoenix has to shield her eyes.

Phoenix begins to panic, "What's going on?"

The light continues to glow a bright red color as the light continues to blind her. Soon, everything has become black. Unknown to Phoenix, she is soon going to have one Hell of an adventure and trouble

Kinjirareta Asobi: Rozen Maiden