Episode 13: Lu Lu Land Run Around

Outside at one of Lu Lu World's empty parking lots, there aren't any cars or other types of vehicles around. Suddenly, a portal opens and four demons step out of the portal.

The other two are a married couple. The first is a male red skin imp with white freckles on his cheeks, white pointy hair with black and white striped horns, yellow sclera with no irises, a long thin tail with a barb at the end, and red cloven hooves. He is wearing a black coat with red buttons, and white cuffs, white shirt with a black turtleneck, black pants, red bow-tie, and fingerless gloves.

The wife is a red skin imp with a long demonic tail with white markings on her, yellow scleras and black pupils, and wears black eyelashes. She has black horns with three thin stripes, grey-ish black hair and bangs cover half of her right eye, she has a beauty mark on her left cheek, and has a black heart shape on her shoulder. She wears black lipstick, black choker, cold-shoulder back crop top with gold buttons, black pants, fingerless gloves, and black footwear.

The last demon is not like the others. This demon is an owl demon like Octavia, but is male and taller than she is. He has two pairs of narrow red eyes with no visible irises or pupils. He has blue and dark blue feathers with white and gray accents. He has a tail of blue feathers with darker blue tips that reaches his feet, and a lighter gray-blue puff of fur on his chest. From the neck up, his feathers fade from blue to darker blue, and his face stands out in a white heart shape. His arms and legs are black and his limbs are tipped with owl claws. He is wearing a feathery tophat with a regal yellow feather decal that is reminiscent of a crown. He also wears a red tunic with six golden buttons, gray trousers, and a plush burgundy surcoat with a white fur collar and puffed striped sleeves.

"Here we are. Lu Lu World," Stolas says.

"So this is Lu Lu World, huh?" Blitzo says.

The owl call Stolas says, "Yes. Octavia should be somewhere in the park."

"If you say so, but why here of all places," Blitzo replies

The smaller male imp, Moxxie says, "I'm sure there is a reason. Although, I have to wonder why it's a theme park of all places."

"Come on, let's go over and then go have some fun while we add it," The girl imp, Millie happily replies.

"Sounds good to me. We'll find the kid and then we'll go have a little fun," Bltizo says.

Moxxie rolls his eyes and mutters, "Oh fuck."

The four then begin to walk to the park to find Octavia. And in some cases, Blitzo feels there is something that is going to be shot.

Meanwhile in the Fun House of Lu Lu World, Phoenix, Octavia, and Zǐ Māo find themselves being chased by Imps. Judging by their actions, it's without a doubt that Octavia is their main target. The three then hurry down the maze as they turn right and then left. They soon reach a dead end and quickly turn around to head in the other direction.

"We need to get out of this maze, or at least find Charlie and the others," Zǐ Māo says.

"It might be too risky to find them with these Imps around. We'll have to get out of the maze and see if we can lose them," Phoenix says.

"But how will I be able to find the way out?" Octavia asks.

"We'll have to go around the maze until we find a way out of this plaaaaaaccceeeee!" Phoenix screams as she falls.

Octaiva and Zǐ Māo fall down as well.

Scream as they begin to slide down a large slide that has a few bumps and also spiral down. Soon, the three then fall through a hatch and fall down into a large ball pit. The three groan as they sit up to see them. On the other side of the ball pit, there is an exit.

"Well, it looks like we found the way out," Octavia says.

"Then let's hurry," Phoenix says.

Phoenix picks up Zǐ Māo and puts him on her shoulders. She then takes Octavia's hand and they both begin to walk across the ball pit. When they reach the end of the ball pit to exit, they hear a crashing sound from the ball pit. They turn their heads to see the Imps have found their way out as well.

"Damn, they caught up to us!" Phoenix says.

Then turns to Octavia, "Let's hurry!"

"Right," Octavia says.

The two then hurry out of the ballpit as the Imps notice them.

One of them says, "There they are!"

"Go after them!" The other says.

The imps then begin to run across the ballpit to catch up with Phoenix and the others.

Meanwhile, Charlie and the others are able to get out of the maze from a different exit that has streamers on the exit.

"That was fun," Charlie says.

"I guess it was," Vaggie says.

"Yeah. Maybe we should go in there again," Angel says.

Charlie looks around, "Hmm, I wonder where Phoenix and the others are?"

"They probably got themselves lost or something," Angel says, shrugging his shoulders.

Vaggie rolls her eyes, "Angel, it's a maze. That's the whole point of it."

"I guess you're right. Maybe when back to where Husk and Alastor are," Charlie says.

"I'm sure Conan and the others might have seen her," Vaggie says.

Unknown to them, Phoenix and Octavia are actually not in the maze at all. They are running through the crowd of sinners and demons to get away from the Imps. Phoenix turns her head to see them trying to get through the crowd.

Phoenix mutters, "Shit!"

Phoenix and Octavia continue to run as fast as they can and are able to get past the crowd.

"Those guys aren't going to give up that easily. We should find somewhere to hide," Zǐ Māo says.

"And somewhere where they won't notice," Octavia says.

"That store is one," Phoenix says.

Phoenix and Octavia then hurry inside the store before the Imps can notice them. When they walk inside, they can see the place is a souvenir shop that is full of clothes, bags, accessories, and other stuff people can buy.

"That's very convenient," Octavia says.

"But it might not be safe for long. It might not be long before they find out we're in here," Phoenix says.

"But what can we do? They already know what we look like," Zǐ Māo asks.

Phoenix tries to think of an idea on how to lose the imps chasing them. She then turns to see the different clothes and accessories. That gives her an idea.

"I think I know. We just need some disguises," Phoenix says, holding one of the Lu Lu Land's jackets.

Octavia groans, "You have got to be kidding me?"

Sometime later, after purchasing the clothes, bags, and accessories. The three then leave the store while wearing clothes from the store. Of course, they also have to wear jackets, hats, and pants to help cover their appearance. The girls also have backpacks with their clothes in them since it's not smart to leave them.

Octavia says annoyed and mutters, "I rather kill myself than wearing this."

"I know you don't like this idea, but it's only for a while," Phoenix says.

"I suppose. I just hope my dad doesn't see me wearing this," Octavia says, rolling her eyes.

"Whatever you say," Phoenix says.

Then says, "Anyway, Zǐ Māo you hold my hand and Octavia, you and I should link arms. So they won't suspect anything."

"Okay," Octavia says, sounding awkward about it.

"Sure," Zǐ Māo replies.

The three then walk into the crowd of people as the Imps are looking for the three. Luckily, thanks to their little disguise and trick, they are able to sneak past the Imps without them noticing.

Phoenix thinks, "So far so good. We just need to keep this up until we're a distance away. Then we can find Charlie and the others."

The three then continue on their way without the Imps blinking an eye.

Meanwhile, Charlie and the others are able to meet up together. However…

"What? Phoenix and the others didn't come back?" Charlie asks, shocked.

"Sorry Charlie, but I haven't seen them and Husk and I were here the entire time," Alastor says.

Grace turns to them, "And we decided to go back to the Fun House, but we haven't been able to find them. However, we did see a few Imps roaming around in the Fun House as well."

"Imps?" Angel says, confused.

"Yeah. Grace and I saw them in the Fun house, and some of them have weapons on them. They appear to be searching for someone…" Conan says.

Suddenly, Vaggie wonders, "Wait, you don't think those Imps might be…"

"My thoughts exactly, they must be the Imps that abducted Octavia and probably found her here," Grace says, concerned.

"If Phoenix and Zǐ Māo are with her, it should be fine. Phoenix is being trained for stuff like this. Of course, we should find her as soon as possible," Cloud says.

"You're right. As much as I trust Phoenix to take care of herself, but if those Imps find out who she is," Charlie says, worried.

"Then let's go find her before anyone discovers it," Angel says.

In another part of the park, Stolas along with the three Imps are searching for Octavia themselves.

"Wow! I can't believe we're actually in Lu Lu World!" Millie says, excited.

"Yea yeah. I know, but we're here on an important mission here," Blitzo says.

"But Lu Lu World is a big place. She can be anywhere. Although, I have to wonder why she's even here," Moxxie says.

"Who knows? We know that she's here, so we might as well start looking," Blitzo says.

Then says, sounding annoyed, "How about I go with Stolas to check the east side of the park and you two can check on the west side."

"Fine," Moxxie mutters.

The Imp couple then head off in one direction of the park while Blitzo and Stolas start heading in the other direction.

"So Stolas, any idea why your daughter would be here of all places?" Blitzo asks.

"Not really. I have to suspect that the abductors probably brought her here, or she came here on her own to avoid them. Unless she is with someone else, but she doesn't know that many sinners her, well, except for Charlotte," Stolas answers.

"That's Hell's Head Honcho's kid right?" Blitzo asks.

"That is correct, it's possible the two girls might have come here together, but I'm not sure," Stolas says.

Blitzo rolls his eyes, "Right. Let's just find the kid and those kidnappers. The better we find her the better chance of someone will die during this. And the sooner we can get home."

Then angrily whispers to Stolas, "If you try to fuck my ass at that park I swear to…"

"You are so cute when you are serious," Stolas says, and pinches Blitzo cheek, much to Blitzo's dismay.

He then pushes Stolas' hand away, "Save it, let's go find your daughter."

Somewhere in the game area of the park, two of the imps are talking to one of the Vendors of the game stands.

The Imp with the curled up black horns, says, "She wears a pink dress with yellow stars on it and has a black beanie."

"Haven't seen her," A stern conductor dressed cat demon says.

"That's what you keep saying, but I want you to think really hard about it. If you know what's good for you," The black horned imp says, holding a knife.

The imp with the large white striped horns turns his head to see the three disguised friends running to their direction.

"She'd be the same age as those girls," The imp with the white horns answers.

As the three are running, Octavia trips on a stone and the hat falls off revealing her hair.

"Oh no!" Octavia says, shocked.

The two imps are surprised to see it. Octavia quickly picks up the hat and puts it back on. Then the three continue to run away with four imps chasing them.

One of the imps chasing them shouts, "There she is!"

"Don't let her get away!" The other imp shouts.

The two Imps then charge towards the girls and the cat demon. When they try to pounce on, the three slide down from under them and roll to the ground. They turn their heads to see the Imps are flatten to the ground.

Phoenix picks up Zǐ Māo hand and takes Octavia's hand, "Let's go!"

The imps lift themselves up from the ground as their accomplices hurry to them.

"Don't just stand there, get those kids," The Imp with white horns shouts in anger.

A short black haired Imp says, "Come on, we need to capture them!"

The two male Imp quickly get up as all seven of the Imps gather together and chase after them and pursue the three together.

Meanwhile Conan, Grace, and Angel are searching for Phoenix, Octavia, and Zǐ Māo, but they aren't able to find them.

"Dang, where could those three go?!" Angel asks, annoyed.

"I don't see them anywhere! You don't think they've been captured?!" Grace asks, concerned.

"That's kind of impossible unless Phoenix is off guard. Besides, she probably knows better than to beat them, and well, transform in front of them," Conan says.

"Yeah. I'm sure Phoenix and the others are able to get away from those weirdos," Angel says.

"Still, I have to wonder where Phoenix, Octavia, and little Zǐ Māo are," Grace says.

Suddenly, someone asks, "You know where Octavia is?"

The three turn their heads to see two imps, who are the married couple, Moxie and Millie.

"Um hello, can we help you?" Grace asks.

"Uh yes, we couldn't help, but overhear you saying Octavia's name, and we have to wonder if she's an owl demon by any chance?" Moxxie says.

Before Grace can answer, Conan glares at them and says, "Hold on, how do we know you're not with those Imps who abducted her?"

"We're not sweetie, we're actually with her father Stolas, who is looking for her. He and our boss are at the park somewhere," Millie says.

"Her father?" Angel says, confused.

"Just let us explain and maybe you can explain to us about Octavia's whereabouts," Moxxie says.

The three demons look at each other and think it might be their chance to help Octavia reunite her with her father.

At the northern part of the park, Phoenix, Zǐ Māo and Octavia continue to run away from the Imps. Soon, they hurry past the line despite hearing the scorn of the demons who are already in the line. The three then run on the tracks.

"Come on guys, we're going to take a ride," Phoenix says.

Octavia quickly grabs hold of the bar on the train car and hops on. Phoenix picks up Zǐ Māo and hop on the train as he grabs the railing. They both then climb on the train car.

"That was too close," Zǐ Māo says.

"I agree, but glad that those Imps aren't able to catch up with us," Octavia says.

"I wouldn't be too sure about it guys," Phoenix says, concerned.

The three look behind them to see the Imps on a pump trolley.

"Great. They're catching up to us," Octavia says.

"Wel,, I don't think they're going to get far," Phoenix says.

Phoenix then makes one of her hands go on fire. Then uses the fire to create Shurikens.

"Volcanic Shurikens!" Phoenix says and throws the flaming shurikens on the tracks and in front of the pump trolley.

The shurikens heat up the tracks as the trolley gets close. Soon, then wheels on the trolley melts and causes the car to come to a complete stop. The Imps look down at the wheels dumbfounded to see them melting. Soon, Phoenix and the others continue to ride the train far away from the Imps.

"Hmm, that's impressive, Phoenix," Octavia says.

"Thanks. I was kinda hoping you didn't have to see that, but drastic times come for drastic measures," Phoenix says.

"It feels that it's always like it in Hell," Zǐ Māo says with a smile.

Octavia rolls her eyes with a smile as Phoenix begins laughing with a smile on her face.

"Still, I don't think those shurikens will stop them for long," Octavia says.

"Yeah. We need to find Charlie and the others, and hopefully fast," Phoenix says.

Soon, the train stops at one of the stations of the park. The three quickly jump off and hurry down the path to get away from the Imps. However, the Imps are able to get to the same station on foot and see them running away into the crowd.

At the west side of the park, Charlie, Vaggie, and Cloud are still searching for Phoenix and the others.

"Phoenix! Octavia!" Charlie calls out.

"Zǐ Māo! Where are you?!" Vaggie calls out.

"Where could they have gone?" Charlie asks.

"You think we should have seen them in the park by now," Vaggie says

Cloud looks around, "The park is so big and it's a popular attraction that it will be difficult to find them."

"And I've been trying to call Phoenix, but she won't answer her phone," Charlie says, looking at her phone.

"I have a feeling they're in some kind of trouble," Vaggie says.

Charlie and Vaggie turn their heads to see Alastor, Niffty, and Husk.

Charlie asks, "Did you find the others?"

"No," Husk answers.

"We couldn't find them anywhere," Niffty says.

"We wouldn't find them either. How is it that we find find a young hybrid adult, a teenage owl, and a feline kid," Vaggie says, annoyed.

"Maybe the Imps are the reason why we can't find them? Maybe they're trying to get away from them?" Charlie asks, concerned.

Suddenly, they hear someone calling out, "Charlotte! Charlotte!"

Charlie and the others turn to see Stolas and Blitzo walking towards them.

"Stolas?" Charlie says, confused.

Meanwhile, Phoenix, Octavia, and Zǐ Māo continue to run through the crowd as the Imps give chase. Luckily, they are able to keep a far distance away from them. The three then climb up the stairs of one of the rides.

Phoenix turns to the others, "Come on guys,"

The two hurry up the stairs. Octavia then stops to take a deep breath from the running. Suddenly, a gun fires and it hits part of the wall.

"Great, they're already catching up to us," Phoenix says, irritated.

Zǐ Māo looks at the top of the stairs, "Look there's a slide. We can go down there."

Phoenix and Octaiva waste no time and hurry up the stairs and down the slides. The Imps are soon following behind them. The three then reach the lower floor of the slide and hurry out.

"Those imps are very determined," Octavia says.

Zǐ Māo turns to Phoenix and asks, "What are we going to do?"

"Well then, if we can't shake them, then well… it looks like I'll have to fight them," Phoenix says.

Then takes Octavia's hand as she picks up Zǐ Māo with her other arm, "This way."

Then she drags the two away with the Imps still chasing after them.

Meanwhile Charlie explains to Stolas about them meeting Octavia and how she has been abducted and brought somewhere close to the city. Also about how she is able to escape and arrive at the hotel the other night. Also how Charlie decides to take here here to help take her mind off of the incident. They also explain what they suspect when they find Imps in the fun house.

"Well Charlotte, it seems that you all have quite the predicament," Stolas says.

"It's Charlie, and yes. We also worry that two of our friends who are with Octavia are being chased by the Imps who we suspect are responsible for her abduction," Charlie says.

"Sounds like you all got your fuckin hands full, and now we have to look for two more demons," Blitzo says.

"Excuse us, who exactly are you?" Vaggie asks with a glare.

"The name Blitzo, the O is silent. Stolas and I are associates in a way and hired me and two of my coworkers to look for his daughter. Only now that we find that she's being chased by the assholes who kidnapped her," Blitzo says.

"Now now, Blity, let's focus on the matter in hand, which is finding Octavia and Charlie's friends," Stolas says.

"Uh, right…" Charlie says, feeling awkward.

Then says, "But we have no clue where they are. They could be somewhere in the park."

"And we better find them before something happens, and well, Phoenix will have no choice but to fight back," Vaggie says.

"Seems so. However, we know the girl can handle herself," Alastor says.

"Yeah, but…" Vaggie says, glaring at Alastor.

"Hey. How about we focus on finding whoever you're talking about and Octavia before something happens. And this is Hell, something is bound to happen," Blitzo says.

"It's not like you know where she is," Vaggie angrily says, glaring at Blitzo.

"Like you're one to talk, bitch," Blitzo says.

Soon, the two begin to argue at each other with harsh language.

"Not very long and those two are already at each other's throats," Husk says.

Charlie nervously says, "Y-yeah."

Meanwhile, Phoenix, Octavia, and Zǐ Māo are still running from the seven Imps who are chasing them.

Phoenix takes them down the stairs, "This way."

"Okay," Octavia says.

Phoenix takes Octavia down the small stairs and finds themselves in the middle of a colorful designed floor that has small water fountains circled around it. On the bottle there is a large circle and then a smaller circle close to the middle.

Just then, one of the imps points a rifle at them and fires. The bullet then scratches the side of Phoenix's right and she falls to the ground as they reach to the middle of the area

Octavia kneels to her, "Phoenix, are you okay?"

Phoenix sits up and clutches her arm, "I'm okay, the bullet just grazed my arm a little."

Suddenly, the three find themselves surrounded by the imps.

The tallest imp with large black and white striped horns walks up to them with an evil sharp teeth smirk and large yellow eyes.

He says, "How about we end this now? We'll take care of your little owl friend and my friends will make this quick for you and the little cat."

Zǐ Māo hugs Phoenix with a frightened expression as Octavia places her hand on Phoenix's left shoulder.

Phoenix turns to see the Imp, "If you kill us now, then you'll attract a lot of attention and any demon will know what's up."

"Well, we were hoping to simply snag the girl while you assholes weren't looking, but you didn't make things easy for us," The Imp leader says, and brings out a gun.

"But I am a gentleman so you're first lady," The Imp says and aims his gun at Phoenix's head.

Octavia and Zǐ Māo are worried that Phoenix will be shot if she doesn't do something. Suddenly, the fountain begins to shoot out a wall of water from the end, then makes another ring wall close to the middle. Then finally makes the last one blocking the imps from the three friends. The imps are thrown off balance and fall to the ground.

Phoenix turns to Octavia and Zǐ Māo, "You guys better stand back, I got an idea how to get us out of this mess."

"What are you going to do?" Octavia asks.

"You'll see," Phoenix says.

Phoenix stands up as Zǐ Māo stays close to Octavia, knowing what she is planning. Phoenix lifts her hand with her bracelet and once again, it begins to glow.

Phoenix's body begins to glow red. Then coming out of her right hand is burning fire. She raises her hand in the air and controls the fire to fly around like a large, long ribbon. The fire then begins to coil around her upper body, her arms, and legs. The flames on her upper body transform into a red sleeveless kimono top up to her knees with a black emon and lace. It has a silhouette of a flaming bird on the left side and fire on the right side. Then a bright orange ribbon wraps around her waist and forms an obi ribbon on the back, a gold string buckle appears around the ribbon, and black tights that also cover her ankles.

And then, fire patterned gloves appear on Phoenix's arms that go up to her elbows. Instead of covering the hands, they only cover the backhands and have a band attached that is around the middle finger. The flames around her legs transform into orange ballet flats. The yellow ribbons are wrapped around red leg warmers.

After that, her small gold crown with a pentagram gem appears over her head. She puts it on and her hair begins to glow red. A black choker with a phoenix feather appears on her neck, a red star earring appears on her left ear while a black crescent moon earring appears on her right ears. Then her hair becomes covered in fire. And soon, her hair turns into a glowing color of flames and slightly moves.

Phoenix then lands on the ground, and enchanting wings of a fire bird appear on her back. The feathers of the wings are the colors of fire. She then opens her eyes, her sclera are red with gold yellow pupils in the middle. At a split second, fire flashes in her eyes. Lastly, a red lined pentagram a black crescent moon having two circles and symbols around it appear on her forehead.

Phoenix announces as she moves her hands around, "A Courageous and Majestic Bird that Soars through the Flames of Hell!"

Then fire appears from her hands.

Phoenix spins around in a circle, and announces, "Blazing Phoenix!"

She then finishes with a pose. Her left knee is bent while her right leg is in a forty degree angle. She has her right hand with the palm down across her body while her left arm is presented forward with the palm facing front.

The Imps become confused to see the strange light coming from the center of the fountain.

One of the Imps asks, "What the fuck is that?"

"I don't know, but we better be ready," The Leader says.

The fountain begins to lower down as they are ready to attack. However, what they see is an unknown demon. At the same time, Zǐ Māo is relieved and Octavia is shocked.

Soon enough, Phoenix then begins to punch the Imps left and right. The Imps try to attack them, but Phoenix is too fast for them to strike. Zǐ Māo and Octavia watch as Phoenix fight against the Imps.

Shocked, Octavia asks, "That's Phoenix?! She's different now."

"Yeah. She's well, different, but she's really amazing," Zǐ Māo says with a smile.

"I remember seeing on the news about a mysterious Human/hybrid in Pentagram City, but I never think to put the appearance together," Octavia says.

"Yeah. We're trying to keep it low about Phoenix's identity," Zǐ Māo says.

Octavia nods her head, understanding the situation. The two then sit up and watch as Phoenix mostly punches and kicks the demons. One tries to attack her with a dagger, but she kicks it off the Imp's hand and then punches him in the face. Soon, the hybrid girl is able to fight them until all the Imps are knocked out.

Phoenix sighs, "That actually didn't take a long as I thought it would."

"You were great Phoenix," Zǐ Māo says.

Phoenix walks to the two, "Yeah, but I had to keep my abilities low."

"I must say. I'm rather surprised. I had no clue you were the same hybrid girl I saw on the 666 News. You were actually someone worth talking about," Octavia says.

"Thanks. Sorry I never told you about it. I just well, didn't want too many to know about well, this side of me," Phoenix says.

"It's okay. I think I understand," Octavia says.

"Now that those dorks are taken care of, we should find the others and get out of here," Phoenix says.

"Okay," Zǐ Māo replies.

The three then begin to leave the fountain area before anyone finds out. Suddenly, one of the Imps regains consciousness to see the three leaving. The Imp then holds out a dagger and pounces to attack. Suddenly, the Imp receives a headshot and falls to the ground. The three turn their heads to see the Imp on the ground, dead. They look up to see Angel, who is holding a gun in his hand, along with Conan, and Grace along with two Imps Octavia is familiar with.

"Uh, thanks Angel," Phoenix says.

"Damn right you should. We've been looking everywhere for you guys," Angel says.

"What happened?" Grace asks.

"It's a bit of a long story, but it will be best for us to find Charlie and the others before someone wonders about what's going on," Phoenix says.

"Yeah. That sounds like a good idea," Millie says.

Sometime later, everyone is able to gather together outside of the park. Octavia is happy to see her dad. As for her dad, he is happy and relieved that he is hugging her kind of tight.

"Oh Via, I was so worried about you," Stolas says, as he hugs his daughter

"Ouch dad, you're squeezing me," Octavia says.

"Well then, all well that ends well. We found Octavia and it looks like she's been in safe hands," Millie says.

"Seems so, but are you sure you don't need any medical attention," Moxxie says, holding a large medical kit.

"I'm fine, just a little tired," Octaiva says.

"I think we're all tired from today's event," Vaggie says.

"Well then, it will be best that we head back to the hotel. Today has been a really long day," Charlie says.

"Yeah. I could really use some sleep," Conan says.

Phoenix turns to Octavia, "I guess this is goodbye for now. I hope we get to hang out."

"Maybe someday. I actually did have a good time, despite all the craziness," Octavia says.

"Yeah. I just hope you can visit without anything going too crazy," Phoenix says.

"I'm sure we can schedule for you girls to have a little playdate with your new little friends," Stolas says.

"Playdate? Really dad?" Octaiva asks, with a groan.

"Anyway, we better get going," Charlie says.

Phoenix waves goodbye, "Bye Octavia."

"Bye," Octavia says.

Charlie, Phoenix, and the others begin to leave as they head to the limo.

"Well them, let's head back to our side of Hell. I'm beat," Blitzo says.

Millie and Moxxie decide to follow.

"I wish we could have more fun in Lu Lu World,"Millie says.

"Maybe next time, Millie," Moxxie says.

Octavia and Stolas watch as Phoenix is walking beside Charlie. Phoenix takes off her hat and let her long fiery hair down. Seeing the appearance and the hair has Stolas thinking as he has seen Phoenix's appearance before. And then it hits him… he imagines seeing Satan Magnie's appearance over Phoenix's. Stolas gasps in shock without saying another word and compares the appearance in his mind.

His thoughts are cut off when he hears his daughter asks, "Dad, are you okay?"

"Oh, I'm okay. I think it's time we head back home," Stolas says.

Octavia nods her head, "Yeah."

Stolas and Octavia then follow the three Imps as Stolas brings out a blue book in his hand.

Sometime later, Charlie, Phoenix, and the others are back home and are relaxing after the day they have, specially for Phoenix and Zǐ Māo who have been running away as they were being chased for most of the trip.

"That was one crazy day," Phoenix says.

"Yeah. My feet are really sore from all that running," Zǐ Māo says as he takes off his shoes.

"I kind of also carried you at part of the time, not to mention fighting those Imps," Phoenix says.

"On the plus side, Octavia is safe and sound and is back with her family. Just wait until tomorrow," Charlie happily says.

"What will that be?" Grace asks.

"Tomorrow I was thinking we can find ways to promote the hotel so more will want to come and redeem," Charlie happily says.

"Chances of getting any one to come are close to nothing," Angel says.

"I'm with Angel on this one," Conan says.

"You never knew. There must be some sinners who want to redeem. In fact, Zǐ Māo is here to do just that," Phoenix says.

"She's right," Zǐ Māo says.

"Alright, you're the only exception," Conan says.

Charlie says, "That's the spirit. Now it's a good idea to all get a good night's sleep after the day we had."

"Sounds good to me," Phoenix says.

Then sighs, "This has been one crazy day. Let's hope I don't have anything else too crazy."

Later in the night in his room, Stolas is looking at a photo as he looks at the night sky of hell. The photo he sees is of himself, along with Lucifer and Satan.

He calmly smiles and says, "So Satan… that hybrid girl, Phoenix, is your daughter."

He continues to look at the photo and directly at the photo with Satan, Phoenix's father. He can see some resemblance the two have.