At Sam and Cat's place, Sam is watching a Zoey 101 marathon when Jade, Cat, and Tori walk in

Cat: I'm home from school and brought friends over.

Tori: Hi Sam.

Jade: Sup Sam.

Sam: Hey how was school?

Cat: Fun.

Jade: Robbie got detention for being late.

Sam: Sucks to be him.

Tori: Well Rex shouldn't have unplugged his alarm clock.

Cat: Oh you watching Zoey 101?

Sam: Yeah.

Jade: Hey that girl looks exactly like you, Vega.

Tori: That doesn't even look like me.

Cat gets a text from "Robbie" saying he wants her to go to Nozu

Cat: Oh Robbie wants me to go to Nozu with him.

Jade: Why?

Tori: Aw is it a date?

Cat: Maybe. Should I go?

Sam: Yeah go ahead. I can keep Jade and Tori company while you're on your date with Robbie.

Cat: Kay Kay. Bye.

Tori: Have fun.

Jade: Bring me back a spicy tuna ball.

Cat: Kay Kay.

Cat walks out the door

Sam: How long will it take for her to realize she took her book bag with her?

Tori: She always takes it with her.

Sam: Oh.

Jade: She better bring me back a spicy tuna ball.

At Nozu, Mrs. Lee is setting up a trap for Cat

Mrs. Lee: I can't believe she thought I was that nerd with glasses. She's so stupid.

Cat is singing in the background

Mrs. Lee: Good she's coming. Now for my revenge.

Cat walks in Nozu

Cat: Robbie I'm here for our date.

Cat goes up to the counter and it sets off the trap

Cat: What the?

Mrs. Lee: Aw looking for your date?

Cat: Mrs. Lee?

Mrs. Lee: In the living fresh.

Cat: What are you doing?

Mrs. Lee: Kidnapping you.

Cat: Why? I didn't do anything to you?

Mrs. Lee: Yeah but your lame goth and cheekbone friends left my daughter hanging from the ceiling so now I'm taking you hostage for revenge.

Cat: NO!

Mrs. Lee knocks Cat out

Mrs. Lee: Don't bother screaming for help.

We now cut back to Sam, Jade, and Tori who are playing a violent video game

Jade: I love this game.

Sam: Me too.

Tori: Dang it, I keep crashing.

Jade: No wonder why you don't have your license.

Tori: Hey!

Sam: How do you think Cat's doing on her date?

Jade: I bet they're making kissy face.

Tori: That's what you do to Beck.

Sam: Who's Beck?

Jade: You met him a few times.

Tori: He's hot and from Canada.

Sam: Oh him.

Tori's phone starts ringing

Tori: Oh maybe Cat's calling.

Tori answers and puts it on speaker phone

Tori: Hello?

Mrs. Lee: Hello Tori!

Tori: Who is this?

Mrs. Lee: I'll give you a hint. You and that goth girl left my daughter hanging from the ceiling.

Jade: Mrs. Lee?

Mrs. Lee: That's right princesses!

Tori: What do you want?

Mrs. Lee: I staged that dating thing so I can kidnap your friend Cat.

Sam: She what?!

Tori: You kidnapped Cat?

Mrs. Lee: Did I stutter.

Jade: You let her go right now!

Mrs. Lee: No! And good luck finding her! Because you won't! Sweat on that you grunch!

Call ends

Sam: Okay who was that girl?

Jade: Mrs. Lee.

Sam: Why does she hate you?

Tori: It's a long story.

Jade: I had this play I wanted to do so Tori asked her to pay for it but she wanted to make changes to the play by adding her irritating talentless daughter in it.

Tori: So we had Robbie, Trina, and André go down there to fool her but I guess she found out.

Sam: Aw man.

Jade: We have to go save Cat.

Tori: But we don't know where she has Cat.

Sam: I know someone that can help.

Jade: Who?

Sam: Nona.

Tori: Cat's grandma?

Jade: How could she help?

Sam: I gave her a tracking device so if Cat gets in any type of trouble, she or I can track her location.

Tori: Where does she live?

Jade: Elderly Acres.

Sam: Let me get something real quick.

Sam goes to the fridge and takes out 3 pounds of hard frozen butter then takes a sock out of a hamper

Tori: What's that?

Sam: My butter sock.

Jade: A sock filled with butter?

Sam: Yep. I can break a bone with this thing. And that's what I'm going to do to that lady.

Tori: I can see why you two are friends.

Jade: Alright get in my car and we'll drive to Elderly Acres.

They walk out and see Dice

Dice: Hey have you seen Cat?

Sam: She got kidnapped by a psycho girl?

Dice: Nora?

Jade: No. Someone way more psycho.

Tori: We'll explain on the way.

At Elderly Acres, Sam, Tori, and Jade have told Nona everything

Nona: My granddaughter got kidnapped?

Tori: Uh huh.

Jade: Don't worry. We're going to save her.

Sam: We just need to know where Mrs. Lee has Cat trapped at?

Nona: I'll get the tracking device.

Dice: So the owner of Nozu hates you because of a play gone wrong?

Tori: Uh huh.

Jade: I wanted the play done my way since my dad came to see it but she wanted it her way.

Tori: So we found a way to keep her busy so the play could be done the way Jade wanted it.

Jade: But then she found out we left her daughter hanging from the ceiling.

Dice: Okay I'm caught up now.

Sam: I hope Cat's okay.

Nona gets the location

Nona: I found the location.

Tori: Where is she?

Nona: It says she's in the basement of Nozu?

Tori: Nozu has a basement?

Sam: I'm going to kill that girl.

Jade: Thanks for the help Nona.

Nona: No problem. Now go save Cat.

Sam: We will.

Dice: Can I help to?

Sam: Sure.

Sam, Dice, Tori, and Jade all run out of Elderly Acres and into Jade's car

Tori: Okay so the plan is we save Cat, beat up Mrs. Lee and call the cops.

Jade: I'm going to do more than just beat her up.

Sam: Same here.

Dice: How far away is Nozu from here?

Tori: Not too far.

Sam: Hang in there, Cat.

Cat is trapped in the basement of Nozu in a room that looks identical to the one Nora trapped the iCarly crew in iPsycho

Cat: Hey! Mrs. Lee! I'm getting hungry!

Mrs. Lee: Aw you hungry?

Cat: Yes.

Mrs. Lee: Well too bad.

Cat: Why do you hate me?

Mrs. Lee: Because your lame friends left my daughter hanging from the ceiling.

Cat: She's irritating!

Mrs. Lee: How dare you call my daughter irritating.

Cat: Those were Jade's words.

Mrs. Lee: Oh I have other stuff for her.

Jade: Really?!

Mrs. Lee sees that Jade, Tori, Sam, and Dice have arrived

Mrs. Lee: You?

Tori: Cat!

Cat: Tori!

Sam: Let her go! Or else!

Mrs. Lee: Or else what, Goldilocks!

Sam starts to get very angry for hearing that name and she gets out her butter sock and starts hitting Mrs. Lee


Tori: Get er Sam!

Jade: Tori you and Dice go free Cat. We'll take care of Mrs. Lee.

Dice: On it.

Jade gets out her scissors that Cat gave her in A Christmas Tori

Jade: This is for ruining my play! This is for kidnapping Cat! And this is for calling Sam, Goldilocks!

Sam: Okay she's had enough.

Tori kicks down the door and frees Cat

Tori: Cat are you okay?

Cat: I think.

Dice: Whoa Sam and Jade really kicked her butt.

Sam: She kidnapped one of my best friends.

Jade: Alright let's get out of this place.

The final scene takes place at Apartment #22

Cat: I can't believe you all came to save me.

Sam: We'd do anything for you.

Dice: Yeah.

Tori: You're our friend.

Jade: And friends always help each other.

Nona: Cat I'm so glad you're okay.

Cat: How did you even find me?

Nona: Tracking devices.

Cat: You put a chip in me?

Sam: I did when you were sleeping.

Cat: Thank you.

Jade: You're not mad?

Cat: No. If you didn't chip me, I could still be trapped.

Dice: Oh please. It would have taken us 30 minutes to find out where you were.

Cat gets on her phone and goes to TheSlap and uploads a photo of her, Sam, Dice, Tori, and Jade with the caption "I'm proud to have friends like these people. FEELING: Happy:

Tori: We're happy to have a friend like you Cat.

Sam: We're always here for you.

Jade: No matter what happens.

Nona: I might not be here this much longer, but you know I'm here for you too Cat.

Cat: I love you guys.

Tori: We love you too, Cat.

The End