Just Go With It

Rated: PG
Category: Triple Drabble. Humor.
Season: One. Set during "Safe."
Spoilers: "Safe".
Summary: What if the "brother" scene in the bar went another way?

She'd introduced him as her brother, because it really did work better that way.

And tonight was no exception.

But usually, it didn't quite work out like this.

Usually, she wasn't summarily ignored.

In fact, that was exactly the opposite of what usually happened.

And very much not what she wanted in this case.

She needed information, and she'd been planning on using her feminine wiles to get it.

But despite all outward appearances pointing toward success, she'd failed miserably.

She'd made her introductions and turned on her charm.

And her mark immediately greeted her "brother" with a smile.

Her charm fell flat on its face.

It tried to get up and dust itself off for another try, but the way the bartender ran his eyes over Peter knocked it back in the dirt.

She sighed, ready to head back to the lab.

But she forgot her "brother" was ten pounds of charm in a five pound bag.

Fortunately, he didn't.

He smiled back at the bartender.

Ten minutes later, they had what they needed, and Peter had a phone number in his pocket.

An hour after that, Olivia jostled his shoulder as they left the bar.

"Nice job back there," she said.

Peter shrugged. "You do what you have to do, right?"

"The ends justify the means," agreed Olivia.

Peter snorted. "That they do."

They reached Olivia's SUV and climbed in. Olivia started the engine, but turned to Peter before putting it in drive.

"So, you going to call him?"

"You know… I just might," said Peter, with a huge grin.

Olivia laughed, then put the truck in gear.

They drove back to the lab in silence, but Olivia couldn't help but smirk the whole time.

Guess Peter had meant it when he'd agreed to just go with it.