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Chapter 5

It was Christmas morning and everyone was very excited to see what Santa had bought them so they were up at the crack of dawn. Thea and Seth bounded into the front room, Megan and Ryder straight behind them and they all gasped in pure delight at the stack of presents under the Christmas tree. Both Michelle and Robert chuckled at the children's expressions as they followed them both in their dressing gowns. After about an hour of opening presents everyone had finished and were starting to play with their new toys.

Thea came running over to Michelle and crawled onto her lap with a box in her pink, glittery box, "Auntie Chelle, Auntie Chelle, look what Santa got me!"

The little girl pulled the lid off to reveal: silver and pink diamantes stuck to the wall; 4 little fairies each a different colour with delicate, twinkling wings; crayons, and underneath all of that lay 4 different pictures. In the first photo, Carla and Thea were crouched down on the beach with both their names written in the sand, on the second Thea, Seth and Carla all had ice cream on there nose and the twins were laughing hysterically, on the third it was a picture taken on the twins first birthday and they were both sat on a chair each, Carla in the middle crouched down helping the 1 year olds blow out their candles on a big chocolate cake and on the fourth it was moments after they were born, both wear little knitted hats one blue and one pink, lay on Carla's warm chest.

"I know baby, your mummy asked Santa especially to give you this one," Michelle exclaimed tears glazing over her eyes slightly.

"REALLY!" The little girl gasped in awe staring at her auntie as she nodded.

"Oh wow! Look Seth got one too but his had boring nee naws in!" Thea explained making Michelle chuckle a the little girls expressions, she looked more and ore like Carla everyday.

"Go on go play with your toys while me and uncle Robert make breakfast," Michelle replied as the little girl jumped off her aunties knee and ran towards the others.

Michelle walked into the kitchen and Robert immediately hugged her as he knew she was missing her best friend.

It was about 11 o'clock when Jonny, Aidan, Kate and Ranna turned up, Michelle said she would host Christmas dinner at there apartment so when the kids got bored they could have their toys to play with.

"Merry Christmas cuz!" Kate and Aidan grinned pulling Michelle in for a hug.

"Merry Christmas, get anything nice?" Michelle questioned sitting on the sofa with them.

"Yeah I did, Kate thought she would be ever so generous to get her caring brother a pair of Grinch socks!" Aidan replied sarcastically pointing towards the socks he was wearing, "And then forced me to put them on because she thought they would match my personality so well, were her exact words."

The whole room burst out laughing as Aidan leant back against the sofa crossing his arms.

"Well its the thought that counts," Michelle teased.

"Yeah, and obviously she thought long and hard about it!" Aidan retorted as the kids came running out the bedrooms.

"Merry Christmas!" Megan sand jumping in the middle of Kate and Aidan, "Look what Santa got for me!" She pointed towards a 6 story house built fully out lego.

"Did Santa already build it for you?" Aidan asked the 8 year old as she started frantically shaking her head.

"No silly! Santa is too busy to do that, that's Roberts job, duh!" She said plainly as if it was a stupid question.

"Yeah, Aidan duh!" Kate giggled hugging Megan.

"It was Robert's favourite part of Christmas morning, wasn't it babe?" Michelle taunted.

"Oh yes, who needs presents when you can build a 3000 lego house," Robert replied smiling sarcastically.

"And what did you two get?" Jonny asked the twins one sat on each knee.

"I got a pretty box with lots of fairies and pictures in and mummy asked Santa to give it to me esp ... espe," Thea struggled.

"Especially," Jonny finished for her, "Wow that very nice isn't it, "What did you get little man?"

"Same as Thea but I got nee naws not rubbish fairies," Seth expressed using his hands to talk which made everything ten times cuter.

"And what about you Ryder?" Aidan asked adjusting Ryder on his lap.

"Choo Choo!" Ryder he yelled smiling excitably making everyone laugh at the little boy's bubbly expression.

Everyone was generally chatting when Michelle's phone rang.

She picked it up and examined the caller, "No caller ID," She mused showing Robert who was sat next to her.

"Answer it might be important," Robert replied.

"Ok, won't be long" Michelle answered full of fascination to see who it was as she walked into the bathroom.

"Hello...yes, speaking...what do you that's not it can't happen...ok...aha...yeah, thanks bye." Michelle ended the phone before it slipped to the floor with a loud bang grabbing everyone's attention.

Robert walked into the bedroom to check his fiancé was ok and saw her curled up in a little ball in the middle of their bedroom. He instantly ran towards as she leant into him.

"Michelle, Michelle, are you ok?" but no answer came only tears, more and more fell from her eyes unable to stop.

"Michelle baby?"

"She's gone Robert, she's gone they couldn't save her," Michelle whimpered.

"What Carla?" Robert breathed in in shock as Michelle nodded her head weakly.

"All the drama of the kids being taken away she stressed so much, she was already weak and it made her worse. She's gone, everything she done for me and I couldn't help her, I didn't tell her I loved her!"

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