'Take Harry and run. Take Harry and run. I'll…I'll hold him off' The last words that he said to her echo in her mind as she laid in the hospital. With the feeling of dread sitting inside her. He was dead and she did nothing to help. She wanted to help him, but he had to try to fight off Voldemort by himself. Oh, that is so James. Lily Evens Potter opened her eyes and let out a breath. She has been here at the hospital for three hours now and she still has not seen her baby. She wanted her baby, she wanted Harry. Why cant she see Harry? Lily sighed again when she felt the tears welled up in her eyes, but they did not fall. This is the fourth time that she tried to cry but the tears never came for she was all out of tears. Lilly looked up to her door in her room when she heard someone ranting. Lily raised an eyebrow when she knew whose voice it was. It was James's and her friend Sirius Black. She did not know what he was saying but she knew why he was ranting. They really should have told someone that they switched Sirius to Peter. Peter, he is the cause of this. He was the reason why James is dead. Not Remus Lupin her other friend who is recovering from the full moon because he is a werewolf. Not that she cares, none of his friends care that he is a werewolf.

"I mean it Remus; I hate the ministry. They thought I joined Voldemort! I didn't. I'm so glad that you came with me Rem," Sirius said on the other side of the door. Lily smiled at this and closed her eyes when the door opened to reveal Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. James's best friends. Remus looked tired and she wondered why he was here. Then again she did not know what time it was.

"Lily?" Remus said weakly as he limped over to Lily's bed. Lily opened her eyes and smiled a little.

"Hi Remus," she said sitting up, but she winced at her leg which was broken. She did not remember what happened after James told her to run. However, she did not want to remember. It was a terrible night.

"How are you feeling?" Remus asked and Lily knew that he only cared about her and not the fact that he is also injured because of the full moon.

"Like I want to see my baby," Lily said a little annoyed. Sirius looked at Remus who nodded. "Have you seen him?" Lily asked Remus who nodded and sighed.

"He's fine Lil. They said that they will bring him in soon," Sirius said smiling but then he sighed, and lily saw the pain in his eyes. "This is all my fault. James is dead because of me," Sirius said sitting down but Lily and Remus shook their heads.

"It's not Padfoot. It's Wormtail's. I would love to get my hands on him and the full moon and….." Remus cut off when he saw the scared looks of Sirius and Lily. "I'm sorry. I…. I need some air," Remus said as he walked out the room. Lily sighed as well as Sirius. Soon the two fell quiet.

Lily fell asleep when Remus came back in holding Harry. Harry giggled as Remus tickled him however Sirius could see that sadness in his eyes that he was feeling. Sirius stood up and smiled at his Godson. "Hello, pup. How is he?" Sirius asked ruffling Harry's hair. Harry giggled and pointed to Lily. "Oh, you want to see your mum?" Sirius asked looking at Remus who put Harry down on Lily's bed.

"He's fine, nothing is wrong with him. Look Sirius I.. I'm sorry about…" Lily opened her eyes cutting Remus off. "Hello Lily," Remus said not meeting her eyes. Lily nodded and smiled at Harry who found his way onto her lap. "Lily I'm sorry about what I said and…." Lily held up her hand and shook her head.

"It's not your fault Remus. Blame the full moon. Now I guess we can ask about how in the hell did I survive and.." Harry giggled cutting her off. "Oh. Let's worry about that later. Right now, I want to hold my son," Remus and Sirius smiled at her but they did not say anything as they listened to Harry's gigging and Lily laughing at her son.

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