It was four hours until Harry's birthday. Harry had fallen asleep in the backyard on top of Padfoot. Remus and Lily smiled at the sight of Godson and Godfather asleep in the grass with the bright summer sun shining down on them. "They look so peaceful and that is saying something when Sirius is around," Remus said putting down the book that he was reading. Lily laughed and nodded slowly.

"Yeah, they do. I'm going to get started on the party stuff. Do you want to help?" Lily asked looking at her son who looked so happy. Remus followed her eyes and smiled.

"I'll keep an eye on them," Remus told her, but Lily grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet.

"They will be fine. Come on," Lily told him making Remus laugh a little. However, he did not say anything as he followed Lily into the house.

The two friends were quiet while they worked on making the house nice for Harry's party later but as Lily worked she could not stop looking at Remus who seemed tired and saddened by the fact that James is not there. Lily knew that Remus was close to James after school. Lily sighed when she was done putting up the banner with her wand and looked at Remus who swayed a little. "Remus?" she asked Remus who hummed but he did not say anything as he stepped back from his work. Lily looked at all of Harry's presents and smiled before her eyes grew wide. "Did you get the one from James and me?" she asked but this was not the question that she was going to ask. Remus smiled at her and nodded slowly before he smiled a little. "Good now, why don't you get some rest. The full moon was last night. I don't like it when you push yourself to wake up so early after it," Lily said crossing her arms. Remus laughed weakly but he sighed and shook his head.

"I need to help you, Lil. Sirius is asleep and I've never seen him sleep so soundly. I can't just wake him. I only care about him and Harry. they need to sleep, and I don't," Remus said shaking his head and looked at his wand in his hand. Lily felt tears in her eyes.

"Remus," Lily started but Remus walked away to finish with the preparations for the party.

Padfoot woke with a dog yawn and looked at Harry asleep on him. He waged his tall before he licked Harry waking him up. "Eww Padfoot," Harry said giggling a little. Padfoot barked and waited for Harry to get off him and then turned back into Sirius.

"Did you sleep well puppy?" Sirius asked looking at his Godson who nodded and looked to the porch.

"Yes, were are mummy and Moony?" Harry asked yawning and started to walk to the back door. Sirius did the same thing and smiled

"They might be inside," Sirius told the five-year-old who ran to the back door and opened it before he giggled at Sirius who followed him in. Inside was covered with red and gold streamers, a cake on the table, and a banner that said in red letters: "Happy birthday Harry." "Happy birthday puppy," Sirius said when Harry ran around to look at everything.

"Can it start now?" Harry asked bouncing up and down. Sirius laughed and looked at Lily and Remus who was holding onto the counter.

"Not yet cub. We need to wait for everyone," Remus said smiling at Harry's energy. Sirius however looked at a Remus and frowned. However, he did not say anything as the doorbell rang. "Who's that?" Remus asked walked to the door, but Sirius followed him.

"Who is at the door mum?" Harry asked still existed. Lily smiled at him and ran her hand through his hair.

Sirius sighed when he walked up to Remus who was about to open the door. "Moon, I got this. Why don't you rest up for the party?" Sirius asked Remus who looked at him. Sirius noticed that his eyes were amber at this moment. Remus then looked away when Sirius sighed. "Remus It's ok to show the wolf to me. You did it all the time back in school," Sirius said before he took a long breath. Remus looked at him and smiled a little.

"Thanks, Pads but I need to be there for Harry. I don't need rest," Remus said before he put his hand on the doorknob. Sirius shook his head and sighed again. Remus turned to him. "I know the full moon was last night, but I don't need rest," Remus said shaking his head again but again Sirius shook his head also. "Moony. You need to rest. Go to bed, I got this," Sirius said again. Remus smiled at him and nodded. He then took his hand off the doorknob and went to the stairs to get some rest. Sirius let out a breath and opened the door. In the doorway stood a large family all with red hair. Sirius knew that this was the Weasley's "Welcome," Sirius said unsure what to say. He didn't really know Molly and Arthur in school, so he did not really know what else to say.

"Thank you, Lord Black," Arthur Weasley said before he and his large family walked in. Sirius sighed and followed them.

"You can call me Sirius, I might be the last member of my family, but I don't want to go by that title," Sirius said from behind the family. Arthur turned around and smiled at him. "Puppy?" Sirius said to Harry who ran up to them. "Why don't you hang out with the other kids while we talk with their parents?" Sirius said to Harry who looked at the six kids who were looking around them. Harry then nodded and laughed a little.

"Ok Pads," Harry said before he looked at the kids. "Can I show you guys around?" Harry said to the kids whom all nodded, and they all ran out of the room.

The party went well. Harry liked his cake and he liked his presents. Mostly the broom that Sirius gave him. He also loved the picture of her and James. Lily laughed when Harry cheered and said: "Daddy is here," everyone smiled at that. Harry was asleep now but not Lily. She could not help but think about James and how he would react to his son's birthday. How he would react to that special present that he and Lily had given him? Which was the Marauders Map. Harry had asked so many questions to Sirius and Remus about it. Lily laughed to herself as she laid in her bed thinking about Harry's plush lion that he had also got. He had named it James and Lily could not help but cry.

"I think he misses you to James, but he also sees you as a hero. So, do I, we all see you as one James," Lily said before she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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