Party Crashers

With police sirens blaring, the A-Team's black van rounded the corner with three police cars close behind. Turning again, two cars were there blocking the street. Slamming on the brakes, they barely avoided crashing into the police cars. As the police surrounded them, Face looked at Chey.

"I taught you a lot about running cons. The military isn't far behind us. Stay near me, and we'll try to getaway. We can double back for the others."

Chey nodded as the police ordered everyone out. Hannibal and B.A. stepped out of the van as the police opened the side door. Entering in, their guns drawn, they looked at the back where a priest and a nun were working to free themselves of their rope ties. Face looked up and in an Irish brogue started speaking.

"Oh, saints be praised. I hoped that it was indeed you fine fellows that stopped them."

Untying their hands, they emerged from the van.

"What were you doing in there?" One of the policemen asked.

"Oh, I really don't know. Sister Margaret and I were working at the local soup kitchen when this grey-haired fellow jumped out and kidnapped us. I really don't know what they would want with the likes of us."

"Are you alright, sister? These guys are wanted by the military."

"Oh," She said, shocked. "I'll be alright. I'm just very shaken up at the moment."

The police officer looked at her. She looked absolutely terrified.

"We would like you and Father…umm… I'm sorry, I didn't get your name."

"Flannery. Father Michael Flannery of Saint Thomas over on the East Side."

"Yes, Father Flannery. If you and Sister Margaret would stop by the station this afternoon so that we can get your statements."

"Of course, let me get Sister Margaret back to the convent where she can gather herself, and then we'll be right there."

"Thank you, Father Flannery."

Quickly Face, and Chey left. Circling around, they studied the situation before them. In seconds Decker and three other military cars pulled up.

"How nice," Chey said. "Four cars, I guess that he finally figured out to stop putting us all together in one vehicle."

They watched as Decker approached the officers holding the rest of the team. From their close-range Face and Chey could hear the conversation going on in front of them.

"Officer, I thought that you said that you had the team? There are only two here." Decker shouted.

"Yes, sir. This is all that was in the van."

"Just these two? No one else?"

"Only a priest and a nun, sir."

"A priest?" He growled out.

"Yes, sir, and a nun." The officer confirmed.

"Did you get their names? What were they doing with them?"

"Yes, sir. They had been kidnapped."

"Kidnapped?" Decker looked over at a smiling Hannibal.

He knew him well enough to know perfectly well that he would never kidnap an honest priest, let alone a nun. Taking out a wanted poster, he had them look at the picture of Face.

"Was this the priest?"

Studying it, the officers responded.

"It certainly looks like him, her too. Although nun's wear so many clothes that you can't be too certain."

"I'm certain. You let their con-man escape, and from the sound of things, Cheyanne is improving as well."

"Lose something, Decker?" Hannibal shouted.

"We'll find them, Smith. Don't ever doubt that."

"Oh, I don't doubt that you'll find them. My doubts comes from you catching them."

Decker just turned around as they placed both Hannibal and B.A. into one of the cars. Face smiled.

"They just never learn."

Quickly they disappeared. Hotwiring a nearby car, they followed the military vehicle. Face nodded.

"Alright, there are a lot of stoplights on this road. If they stay on this course and they must to get to the freeway, then they will have to pass tenth."

"Face, we've already played the priest and nun card today. These guys already know about it. Do you really expect to pull it off again?"

Face just nodded as she turned and parked the car a block away from St. Mary's Catholic Church. Walking onto the grounds, she found a baseball and picked it up. They waited near the gate as soon the military car came into view. Waiting for the right time, Chey threw the baseball. It hit the vehicle perfectly, cracking the driver's side window. Screeching to a halt, the officer got out, hand on his gun ready to draw. Chey looked at him for a moment. Not recognizing him, she knew that she would probably be the best choice for contact since she had only recently joined them. Running forward, she shouted.

"Oh, officer. I'm so sorry. We weren't expecting that. He's never even hit the ball before much less put it over our wall. If you would come inside, we'll be happy to give you our insurance information. Of course, the church will gladly pay for the repairs."

"Yes, Sister…?"

"Sister Beatrice. I'm the physical education instructor. Of course, you know how important it is for young people to keep in shape."

"Yes, well, I can't stop now. I have to go." Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small notebook. "Here's my unit information. Give that number a call and explain what happened."

"Oh, yes. Of course. Oh, there is one more thing."

"Yes, sister?"

At that, Face snuck up behind him and pulled his gun out of the soldier's holster.

"I would suggest raising your hands." She smiled.

He growled as they quickly handcuffed him to the iron fence. Above them, a child stood staring out of the window.

"Billy, what's got your attention?" One of the nuns asked.

"I'm watching a priest and a nun rob a guy and steal his car."

The nun stormed over.

"Don't lie. How many times have I told you that…"? She stopped mid-sentence and stared out of the window as a nun, and a priest jumped into the military car and sped away.

"Oh, merciful heavens." She shouted as she ran downstairs and out the door to help the soldier now handcuffed to their fence. Down the road, they were all laughing.

"The look on that private's face when Face drew his own gun on him was priceless." Chey laughed. "You want to talk about confused."

"Sister Beatrice?" Face asked. "Someone, you know?"

"The head disciplinarian at the boarding school. I'm surprised that I don't have permanent calluses on my knuckles from her."

"Since when were you a troublemaker in school? I would have thought that all of the nuns would have loved you."

"Face, I don't know where you ever got the idea, I was a saint. I was severely mentally abused, so I did act out often. I kept getting sent to her for organizing poker games."

Face looked at her for a moment.

"I thought that you didn't play poker?"

"I don't play with you. I can't bluff a win from you. We can read each other to well. I also took bets on horse racing."

Hannibal laughed from the backseat and spoke.

"You were a bookie at the boarding school?"

"Yeah, and I had a reputation for collecting."

"But you didn't know how to fight." Face pointed out.

"No, but I had no problem dropping anonymous letters to the nuns over where a person's secret stash could be found or where someone was sneaking out at night. If you didn't want a run of bad luck, you paid your debts."

Face looked in the rearview mirror and smiled.

"Hannibal, I love this girl." Looking ahead, he continued. "We're going to dump the car at the park."

Chey smiled and picked up the CB.

"What are you doing?" Face asked.

Chey just smiled at him.

"No." He said. "Whatever you're thinking, no. Hannibal's love of the Jazz already got us caught once today."

She just winked and spoke into the CB.

"Hey, out there. I need to speak with Colonel Decker."

A few seconds later, he was on the radio.

"This is Colonel Decker. Who is this?"

"I'm the person stealing your military vehicle with your two prisoners inside. Currently, we're heading down the interstate. Catch us if you can."

"Cheyanne." He sputtered.

"Watch your temper. Have you been taking your blood pressure medicine? You're not as young as you used to be."

"Cheyanne." He shouted.

"Have a nice day."

With that, she turned off the radio. Face spoke.

"The interstate is in the opposite direction."

"Is it? Well, I am a girl, so directions beyond turn left at the greenhouse are more than I can handle."

"That's my girl," Hannibal said. "I could hear the complete hysterics in Decker's voice."

They got out of the car and in no time had Hannibal's and B.A.s cuffs off. Calmly walking away, they got a taxi and headed back to the original scene in hopes of retrieving the van. Stopping a block away, they walked towards the military police. Seeing the van still there, Hannibal looked around.

"Alright, they're not guarding the van. It looks like there is only one guard."

"Yeah, we can overpower him, no problem," B.A. said.

"There's no need," Chey responded.

Suddenly they heard the sound of Velcro tearing. Looking around, they noticed that instead of looking like a nun, she stood there in a very short skirt and tight white top. Very little was hidden. Letting her hair down, it fell around her shoulders. She looked down to see Face staring up at her with a smile.

"Priests aren't supposed to think like that." She teased.

"True, but nuns are also supposed to be virgins."

"Well, that ships sailed."

She said, deciding not to continue that line of conversation. Especially with Hannibal right beside them. Turning to leave, she felt Face's hand on her wrist. Looking back at him, his lips met hers in a passionate kiss.

"Be careful." He whispered into her ear.

She smiled and nodded. Sauntering across the street to the van, she approached the young private standing there.

"Hey, Sergeant. Got a light?" She asked, holding a cigarette.

He looked at her and her clothes. Guessing that they were in this part of town, he automatically assumed prostitute. Still, she was a pretty one. Walking forward, he smiled and opened his lighter.

"I'm only a private." He corrected.

She smiled at him.

"Maybe I should just call you general."

Lighting her cigarette, she smiled at him and motioned for him to follow. He knew that he shouldn't leave his post, but if he was caught, then he could always claim suspicious movements. Heading into the alley, he approached her. Dropping her cigarette to the ground, she smiled at him. Leaning down towards her, she suddenly moved, pinning his arms behind his back, she struck the back of his neck. Leaving the unconscious soldier in the alleyway, B.A. put on his M.P. helmet and got into the driver's seat. The rest of them got in the back of the van and crouched down. Decker sighed as he saw the M.P. drive away with the van. A couple of minutes later, another jeep with more M.P.s pulled up. One of them approached him.

"Sir, I've come to pick up the prisoners' van."

Decker looked at him.


"Sir, the van. You sent for us to drive the van back to the base."

Slamming his fist down on the hood of the car, he just growled. In truth, as mad as he was, he still smiled, thinking about Cheyanne. She might be a fugitive now, but for some reason, she seemed to belong. Down the road, Face looked at her.

"Do you think that you could piece that outfit back together? It's a bit distracting."

She smiled and simply crossed her legs, showing an abundant amount of leg. He just moaned and turned away.

"Think of something else, Face," Hannibal said.

Looking back at her and her legs, he answered.

"The only thing that I'm thinking about is those legs."

"Let's get these two lovebirds' home before Face tackles her in the back of the van."

"Oh, Face. Can't you control yourself better than that?" B.A. questioned.

Face nodded and turned back to her when she shifted and recrossed her legs, giving him a clear view up her skirt.

"No." He whined, answering B.A.

Soon they pulled up at Face's and Chey's apartment. Their current place wasn't very high profile, just a small regular apartment. Quickly heading indoors, the van pulled away as they entered their apartment. Closing the door behind them, they instantly worked on getting each other's clothes off. Heading into the bedroom, Chey soon found herself pressed against the door facing it while Face stood behind her, swiftly removing the rest of their clothes. Kissing the back of her neck, she moaned as his hands moved across her body. His feather touches sending waves of fire through her. Two hours later, they emerged from the bedroom and sat down on the couch. Snuggling into his arm, he wrapped it around her shoulder and turned on the television. A few minutes later, an announcement came over the news broadcast. Carmen and her oldest daughter August were missing. Chey smiled.

"I thought that I was her oldest daughter."

"Should we call the rest of the team?"

"No, it's a trap. Decker is using August to catch me the same way that he tried to use me to catch you. However, I seriously doubt she's in special forces training. He probably learned his lesson with that one, and Carmen wouldn't let him use her that way either."

Pushing the news report to the back of her mind, her hand moved across Face's chest. Leaning down, he kissed her again as they laid down on the couch. The night passed, as well as several passionate rounds. When dawn broke, there was a knock on the door. Yawning, Face opened the door to see Hannibal standing there.

"Have you seen the news?"

"You mean Carmen and August? Yeah, we saw it."

"Chey didn't bolt for the door?"

"No, she's pretty sure that it's a set-up by Decker." Face said.

"Probably. I'm glad she didn't bolt. It means that she's thinking. Or was she distracted?" He asked, looking at him.

Face smiled.

"Maybe a bit of both. She was thinking about it, but I didn't let her think too much about it."

"I need to talk to her."

Face nodded and headed into the bedroom. A couple of minutes later, Chey came out wearing a fluffy black robe. Setting down, she yawned and looked over at Hannibal.

"I saw the news. I seriously doubt that they're missing."

"If they're not at home and from the news coverage, they're not. Where do you think that they are?" Hannibal asked.

"At Emmitt's. After she married Decker, Carmen and her father started getting along very well. She's married with legitimate children, and I'm out of the picture. He's happy."

Hannibal nodded.

"Alright, Face, are you ready to go meet your grand-father-in-law?"

He gave a slight, not really nod and smile as they went to get dressed. A couple of hours later, all five members were heading to the upper east side of L.A. to see her grand-father Emmitt Walker. Pulling up across the street, they looked at the gated mansion.

"Face-man, we should be in politics," Murdock said, looking at the glistening white mansion.

"You couldn't do it," Chey said. "Even Face is too honest to be a politician."

She looked over at Face, who was sitting there in thought. He was trying to think of the best con to get them into the front door.

"Chey," Hannibal said. "This is the first weekend in June, isn't it?"

Chey smiled and nodded. Hannibal continued.

"Alright, we'll go in tomorrow morning. Face, I need a fancy dessert catering van."


"Emmitt Walker, every year, on the first weekend in June, sets out an all sweets buffet for the children of sponsors. He even invites some of the underprivileged for photo opportunities."

"Yeah, except that his own grand-daughter was never invited."

"We get in through the kitchen. There are usually several different bakeries involved. Cheyanne, you're going to run lean on this one. I need you in a business suit as head of our delivery van."

"You got it."

"With you on lead, you will be able to move about freely inside the mansion. Since you know the place, you know where to look."

Cheyanne nodded as they started getting ready. Early the next morning, they got in line with a string of bakery trucks. Pulling inside the gates, they began setting up.

"These are impressive," Chey said, looking at the pastries and cakes. "Where did you con these from?"

"Well, this truck was supposed to go to a large bankers convention."

"Oh, good enough." She said.

She was wearing a dark green skirt and blouse with a short bobbed black wig. Face looked at her and decided that black wasn't her color. Still, she didn't look like herself either, and that is what they wanted. As they began to get ready, Chey entered the backdoor kitchen area. It was as busy as she had heard. No one was paying attention as she simply walked past them and into the house. She could hear her grandfather in the study, talking with several others. Looking around the doorway, she scanned the room. There was no sign of Carmen or August. Staying still, she listened for a few minutes.

"I'm impressed that you let this buffet continue, Emmitt. With both your daughter and grand-daughter missing, I was certain that you would call it off."

"Yes, you look so well, all calm and rested. How do you do it?"

"That's easy. Carmen and Augie are upstairs in the dayroom. Of course, Augie is upset about having to miss the sweets only buffet, but it's time that she grew up. She's too old for this. She needs to focus on becoming a polite young lady now."

"But why all the news publicity?"

"Oh, it's my son-in-law's idea. He wants to catch that embarrassment my daughter had. The sooner she's gone, the better."

"I don't know about that, Emmitt. It seems to me that you're missing out on a good publicity stunt."

"She's a wanted government fugitive. Her picture is up in post offices all over the country. The only publicity she brings is an embarrassment."

"That's not true. She's part of the A-Team. They're like modern-day Robin Hoods. The poor love them, and they fight against the powerful people who use the downtrodden to increase their power. Remember, it's the poor that put you into office."

They continued to discuss points for a couple more minutes as Chey eventually left. She had known that her grand-father hated her; she just hadn't known how much. Although she probably could have guessed. Returning to the kitchen, she headed outside and to their truck. Talking to Hannibal, she spoke.

"They're supposed to be here and being hidden in the dayroom upstairs. I'm going upstairs to check. If it's a trap and I'm certain that it is now, then I'll be running out at full speed. Get ready to go."

Hannibal nodded. She left as he got the others ready. Going upstairs, the day room was at the end of the hall. It was like an upstairs sunroom for reading and relaxing. Not seeing a guard, she knocked on the door. Hearing Carmen's voice from the other side.

"Who is it?"

"Pretty Pastries Catering, ma'am. Mr. Walker sent me up to deliver these to Miss Decker."

The door opened as Colonel Decker stood there. He looked at her for a second, the black wig throwing him off temporarily. He finally grinned at her.

"I knew that it would work. Hello, Cheyanne."

"Decker. This is for August."

She handed him a large piece of cake on a plate with cookies and other pastries. Turning around, she bolted for the stairway. Giving the plate to August, he shouted.

"Everyone, she's here."

Doors flew open as she found herself surrounded. Raising her hands, Decker approached. Seeing an opening and knowing that they wouldn't fire in such a confined area with so many civilians around, she broke through and ran into the dayroom, quickly locking the door behind her. Crossing the room, she gave Augie a quick kiss on the head.

"I'm glad that you're doing well. I've got to go now."

"How will you get out of here?" Carmen asked.

Cheyanne just smiled at her as the M.P.s started breaking down the door. Running over to the window that overlooked the side yard, she opened it and crawled out onto the roof. Looking below her, she sighed, held her breath, and jumped. The guests all stopped when they heard a loud splash from around the corner. Hannibal turned to the others.

"Let's get going."

In seconds, Chey, now without her wig and soaking wet rounded the corner. Jumping into the back of the van with the rest. The catering van sped away as the military began pouring out of the house. Disappearing down the road, they were soon at their van. Getting out a change of clothes, Chey disappeared inside the van to change as Hannibal guarded the door to keep Face away. Soon they were on their way once again going back into L.A. and the underground. The next day Decker was in his office as his private line started ringing. Picking it up, he spoke.

"Colonel Decker, here."

"Hey, it's Cheyanne." Her tone was serious this time. Not taunting or laughing.

"What's wrong? What's happened?"

"I'm calling to let you know that I won't let you use August like you used me. Do not put out another missing announcement on the news because even if it is real, I will not respond. If you had kept her out of this, I would have watched over her in my own way. Instead, you used her the same way that you used me. I will not allow her to go through the hell that you put me through. Since you did use her, I have no choice now but to walk away. I will never respond again, whether it's real or not. I can't take that chance."

Hanging up the phone, he just stared at the buzzing line for a moment. Across the street, she stepped away from the payphone and into the Corvette that was waiting for her.

"You alright?" Face asked.

She nodded.

"I expected him to do this. I hoped that he wouldn't do it, but I expected it."

"So, where to?"

"How about lunch?" She smiled.

"Sounds good, Waterfront?"

"Sure, they're main lunch run is over now."

Soon the Vette was heading back into downtown L.A. and back into the underground. Chey smiled as she looked around at the people. Sure, she knew that one day their luck would run out, but until then, she would live each day to its fullest. Looking beside her, she continued to smile. She didn't know how much longer they had, but she would stay by Templeton's side for as long as she could. Focusing back on the road, the day continued as others came to town, military, bounty hunters, people needing help, they came searching for the A-Team.