"Want a bite?"

"You're distracting me." She'd tried to be annoyed when she said it, but even she could admit - in her head only - Casey wasn't complaining. In fact she was relieved. Derek's antics were keeping her from throwing her laptop at the nearest wall. She was in the kitchen past her bedtime cramming for the LSAT again and knew her brain could only hold so much information.

"You can thank me later." He'd smirked and pulled up a chair extremely close to her - close enough to smell his signature scent and new shampoo not that she'd notice he changed it last week - though again, she wasn't complaining. A small tub of Ben and Jerry's strawberry shortcake ice and a spoon was now being waved in her face. "Want a bite?" He'd casually asked dipping the spoon hungrily in the batch before waving it in her direction again however directing it towards his own mouth. Casey rolled her eyes playfully. "What's the magic words?" He'd asked repeating his playful process.

"Der-ek!" She purred when she whined. She pushed her long brunnette curls out of her face before pouting up at the hockey player. He smirked. "That's the wrong answer." In his attempt to roundabout the spoon again, she'd taken matters in her own hands and instead when he'd expect it least, grabbed his wrist and pulled the spoon towards her and quickly into her own mouth. Surprised, but impressed Derek let out a genuine laugh and watched Casey seductively eat the ice cream from his spoon. "I hope that taste was worth it Princess. You're in trouble now." He'd stated before starting a tickle war with the beaut beside him. The spoon graced the floor though the two twenty - somethings didn't seem to notice or care as they engaged in what would become a twenty minute tickle - tackle frenzy.

"It's not like that."

Casey could tell by the intrigued faces her friends were making they wanted to know more about her living situation. She was a bit offended they weren't as engaged when she told them she had past her LSAT with a score that would get her into her dream school - Harvard - but she knew deep, deep, deep down they were excited for her even if she would have to move across the country if she actually got in (fingers crossed). "It isn't as complex as you guys are making it. Derek and I are just friends. We got closer at University and I can't thank him enough for letting me move in his condo - the perks of being drafted early on - when I could no longer afford student housing without taking out a loan, but we aren't romantically involved. Sorry to disappoint... again." She stressed tossing a pillow at her oldest friend in the room who should know better, Emily. They were having a girl's night at Jennifer's new place and though they were on the floor in a makeshift sleeping bag pillow fort due to the lack of furniture, they were proud their old college roommate Jennifer had finally decided to leave her abusive ex and start a new beginning. "All I'm saying is-" Emily started before tossing the pillow back. "Derek might not have the same memo you're reading from."

Casey rolled her eyes though she was growing uncomfortable having the same conversation every other day with her friends. "It's not like that." She stated though a part of her didn't believe it herself. "I mean, I've thought about it. I've even dreamed about it, but it's just not like that. He didn't even blink when I told him I was applying to Harvard. He cares about me, just not in that way." Jennifer rubbed her arm in a supportive gesture. That was the first time Casey even admitted out loud that she had thought about crossing the line. "That's because the love of his life is moving to Massachusetts because let's face it, Harvard would be lucky to have you. He knew if he blinked, you'd be gone." Emily countered. Casey hid a smile and rolled her eyes again. "Its not like that."

"She would hate it. Grab three."

"I hope I'm not cramping your style Mr. Professional Athlete. I just really wanted your advice on what to get Casey as a congratulation gift for getting into Harvard." Nora joked fiddling with some of the jewelry on display. Derek smirked hiding his real emotions down under per usual casually walking behind his step mother who became a crucial part of his life over the past years - more than he was willing to admit. "You could never cramp my style, Nora." He reassured making her grin gratefully that she and Derek were able to form an amazing bond over the years. "I just don't know why you'd need my advice about Casey's wishlist." He finished turning his nose up. Nora casually rolled her eyes ignoring Derek's respond. "What about this one? You think she'd want a flower pendant or does it look a little old school?"

Derek only half heard her reply as he was staring at a beautiful gold bracelet with mini charms to be chosen from on the side including a hockey stick and ice skates. He hid his excitement and the quickly grabbed the bracelet and the charms to add. When Nora wasn't looking he'd make an excuse and buy them at checkout. "Derek, the pendant?" She'd repeated. He clinched the bracelet and looked at his stepmother with a devilish smirk. "She would hate it. Grab three." Nora just sighed and chuckled to herself putting back the pendant in hopes to find something better.

"You just described me you know."

"Okay so what was wrong with Miranda?"

"She was too quiet. I felt paranoid around her."

"But you said Sarah was too loud just last week."

"Yeah and she was. I need one just in the middle of both."

Casey snorted stuffing her face with caramel popcorn. It was their annual off season Sunday movie night and Derek's dating life seemed to be more interesting than the actual film. Probably because Casey had already made Derek watch John Tucker Must Die a billion times over. It always seemed to lead to an interrogation about Derek's choice in women. "The perfect girl just doesn't exist for Derek Venturi." Casey joked reacting in Derek sticking out his tongue towards her.

"Okay know it all, what about you; What was wrong with Keith?"

"Not to be that person, but his name was Keith. That was my first red flag."

Derek smirked, but nodded in agreement. That one was too easy.

"Okay what about Sam? I know he's my best friend and it freaked me out at first, but don't think I don't know he was falling all over you again when you first moved in here."

"Sam... will always be someone I cherish, but he just wasn't my complete type." Casey admitted with a sigh. She really did want to fall head over heels for Sam again - even literally - but those moments just never happened.

"Ok." Derek challenged sitting up and leaning in on Casey's side of the couch. "So what is your complete type?"

Casey sat up and put her hand to her chin as if she were actually thinking long and hard on it making Derek snort.

"Tall, brunnette, toned, intelligent, confident, but not a complete douche. Athletic, not completely serious all the time so someone with great banter who I just gel with, but who challenges me too." She'd finished with a smile. Derek smirked.

"You just described me you know." Casey couldn't hide her blush or smile. She quickly averted the situation with a few pieces of popcorn down Derek's shirt.

"Oh, you're going to regret that Princess!" He warned before grabbing the bucket from her hand. She quickly jumped up into laughter as he chased her to the kitchen.

"I'd take you."

It was her last weekend in Toronto and Casey was in full party mode. She knew when she got to Harvard she would know absolutely nobody and would be in a deep rooted, closed relationship with her studies. She knew she had to go all out now which is why she decided to wear her riskiest outfit - a tight red bodycon skinny strap dress - for the last time.

"How do I look?" She asked with a spin.

"Like a girl I'd love to live with." Derek responded though respectfully in awe at how amazing she actually looked. To be fair, she could be wearing night gown and be the most beautiful girl in the world to him, but he wasn't going to boost her head up with that bit of information. Rather pleased with the compliment he did supply, Casey lit up and held out her hand which he graciously took. "Let's get you trashed before you can object McDonald."

She was the life of her party. Many friends showed up at Tony's - the local hot spot of Toronto - to celebrate Casey's going away. Jennifer gave a long crying hug and many, "but do you actually have to go"s before finally drowning her sorrow in shots. Sam sweetly kept reminding Casey how much he would miss her and missing the cues that she would miss him just not in the way he still wanted. Emily wasn't as shy with her cues telling Casey to go for it with Derek or at the very least get laid while she still had the chance (while also cock blocking many of the girls who noticed the off-duty hockey player). About two drinks and four shots in, Casey had danced and drank the night away enough to call it a success. She stumbled her way over to Derek who was talking to some random blonde near the bar. "Der-ek, I think... I think I'm going to puke." He smirked grabbing Casey's waist and laying her weight on his side. He politely shoo'd off the blonde and removed the hair from the brunette's beautiful face. "It's time to go home Spacey."

Once home - and luckily puke free - Derek carried a very drunk Casey to her half packed room. She giggled making Derek smirk as he laid her on her bed. "What's so funny Princess?" She shoved her hands through her hair then over her mouth as to keep from giggling again. "All these boxes. I'm a mess." She'd stated.

"Yeah, you're taking the whole apartment with ya." He agreed.

"I don't have everything I need."

Derek grew confused and laughed. "You just went shopping Spacey. Sober minded with a list. You don't have the room to take anything else nor do you need to take anything else with you."

Her next words were so faint if he were further away, he wouldn't have got to hear them. She was drifting into a drunk nap, but before she was completely out, she'd manage to stutter... "I'd take you." He covered the now sleeping beauty in her pure white duvet before politely placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

"And I'd go." He whispered knowing she'd never know.

Honestly thinking about making this a two or threeshot. I was inspired by a lot of fanfictions on here just to make some really cheesy Dasey moments. Still working on my other story Modeled After Us and would love for yall to go check that out. It's a slow burner, but I swear it ends up being a Dasey. I just wanted to do something more fun and and more in your face Dasey.