"I'm your dad, not a dummy."

"Thank you for paying for the rest of my tuition dad. I thought the scholarships and grants were enough, but I forgot how expensive the United States is." She's stated embarrassed, but relieved poking at her salad. Her father had just flown into Toronto from New York to help with delivering her items across the country so she wouldn't have to worry about too much when she'd arrive at her dorm. She didn't see him much in her adult years, but managed to call him every week to dissect. He was more than proud of her that she wanted to follow in his footsteps, but even he grew hesitant in thinking that it was her actual dream and not his. "You're my daughter Casey. No need to thank me." He'd casually state cutting into his steak as if coming off twenty grand a year would be a utility. "I wish you would have called me for the housing situation two years ago. I told you and Lizzie not to fret about financial things." Casey let out a nervous laughter. "I know dad, but staying with Derek wasn't terrible and I was too nervous to get my own apartment."

"Speaking of Derek, Casey I'm going to really ask you, as proud as I am, are you sure you want to go to Harvard?" She looked up confused almost dropping her fork in the process. "What do you mean speaking of Derek?" She asked a bit on anxious edge. Her dad casually chewed his food before stating, "You know what I mean. I'm your dad, not a dummy. The University of Toronto would have more than graciously accepted you. In fact knowing my daughter, you applied there as a back up instead of Yale or Princeton so why are you going to Harvard?" Her father knew her so well. She grew flushed as she ran a curl behind her ear. "Do you think I should stay?" She asked almost in a whimper. Her father looked up and smiled sincerely at his daughter. "No I don't, but I think deep down if the right person told you to stay, you would." He went back to his meal as Casey went back to her thoughts.

"You don't tell me what to do, you're not my brother."

"I don't think you should go." Casey couldn't believe what her now legally aged sister was saying. Lizzie had always been upfront and honest with Casey about her emotions, but she couldn't believe she wouldn't hold it in for a moment like this. "Lizzie how could you-" Casey started before a newly teenaged Marti plopped right on Lizzie's bed to join them. "I kinda agree with Liz, sorry Casey. I don't think you should go either. I thought we just couldn't say it out loud." Casey let out a sigh before giving both girls an arm squeeze. "I love you both so much, but I'm going." She would be lying if she wasn't having second thoughts about it herself, but she was following a career path she had laid out for herself at a very early age and New Casey would not disappoint Young Casey. Even if it hurt. "Oh good, you guys are being honest in here! I think you should stay too." An older, taller, but still awkward and goofy Edwin chimed in taking a seat at Lizzie's computer. By reflex, Lizzie popped up and hit Edwin in the back of the head when his fingers started typing away at it. "Ow, relax!" He'd stated jokingly pinching her which made them all laugh. Casey would miss moments like these. "I'll vote for Simon since he's downstairs... he wants you to stay too. That's a siblings majority even without Derek!" Marti screeched. By her own reflexes, Casey shuttered at the word sibling and Derek in the same sentence. Don't get her wrong; Edwin and Marti were Casey's siblings. It just felt right to call them that because she loved them unconditionally. She loved Derek too, but in a way she knew would never be described as a brother.

"I'm not in on this weird vote. I don't want a vote. Everybody hustle downstairs to help Nora with the bags. Casey is leaving, end of discussion." A very stern Derek suddenly shook the room from the doorframe. Like working ants, everyone scurried out of the room and down the stairs in mini whispers between themselves. Everyone except Casey who stayed situated on the bed unfazed. "You don't tell me what to do, you're not my brother." She challenged when no one was in ear shot making him smirk. He walked towards the bed prompting Casey to stand her own ground. He leaned down so they were face to face and slowly inched towards her ear and whispered "You're right, I'm not your brother." before placing a gentle kiss on her cheek and backing away. She smiled before passing him to the doorframe so he wouldn't see her blush. "Now it's the end of discussion."

"I'm not the opinion she wants, dude."

"Venturi, you're looking sloppy out there! if you want to be a starter when the next season starts, I'm going to need that same hustle you gave us your rookie season!"

Derek cursed himself before hightailing it into the locker room. It was preseason training and his head was all over the place. He didn't need that type of energy before his big was finally eligible to be a starter and nothing would ruin his hard work. "Ugh, fuck." He grunted hitting a locker. "That locker didn't do anything to you bud." His best friend mocked taking off his gear. "Look you know it's real when it's coming from your best friend and I know you Derek. Just ask her to stay man. Get your head out of your ass and tell her you need her around next year."

"Why don't you ask her to stay?" Derek challenged back sitting down on the locker room bench feeling defeated. Sam let out a nervous chuckle. "I'm not the opinion she wants, dude. It hurts to admit that, but I'm just not." Derek looked up at Sam and they exchanged a bromantic head nod. "Furthermore my ass is not up for a starter position. You need her Derek. The whole team needs her here to keep you from going out there and dicking it. Ask her to stay." Derek let out a sigh before heading to the showers. It wasn't the first time someone pleaded with him to ask her to stay. Between Nora, his siblings, and Emily, he couldn't catch a break. Everyone could see close they were, but Derek doubted Casey would even admit it out loud. Hell, he didn't. "I'm not the opinion she needs."

"Ask me to stay. Please, just ask me to stay."

It was her last night in Toronto and Casey wished to make the best of it with one last Sunday Movie Night with Derek even though it was Thursday. They opted for The Breakfast Club though admittedly, neither one really watching the movie. They were both just inches away on a large grey sectional both had picked out two years ago when Derek first got his apartment staring at each other in a peaceful silence. "It'll be less hair in the sink around here that's for sure." Derek broke the forever silence with a comment just over a whisper. Casey rolled her eyes, but smiled. "I will miss you too." She replied back. "Who's going to wash my clothes after practices or make my lunch?" He pouted. She rolled her eyes again. "Der-ek! You're more than capable to do those things yourself, but I'm sure any girl in this city would drop their shit just to wash your boxers." He smirked. "That may be true, but those aren't the hands I want on my delicates." Again came the silence. This time it grew more uncomfortable than the first. "Derek..." Casey started shifting her hair behind her ears. She was feeling oddly confident knowing this would be their last moment alone. "Can we be completely open and honest, no metaphors, no hints for two minutes?" Derek sat up, but stayed quiet for what seemed like eternity never losing eye contact with Casey. He knew this moment could change everything. He was expecting this moment probably even on the exact day it was happening and as much as he wanted the moment to just play out, he knew himself enough to know he should stop it. "No." He replied before grabbing the remote and turning the television up. A hurt Casey shook her head and situated herself to get up and go upstairs before Derek pulled her back down and turned the television off completely. Now they were really in silence. "It's not that I don't want to have that conversation. It's because I know if we have it, it'll change everything." He finally admitted shifting his own hands through his head.

"And what the hell would be wrong with that?!" Casey boasted growing tearful and angry. "Everyone has expressed feelings for me to stay! That they want me here with a different plan, but you - the one person I want to just tell me to-" She couldn't even finish. The room was growing smaller and smaller. Knowing she might try to bolt again, Derek grabbed her again but this time laying her on top of him. "Don't you know this is hard on me too?" He hated getting in his feelings, but right now he has no choice. "I saw your plans for yourself. You hung them on your wall the minute our family moved in together. Grade grubbing, Spacey Casey would not stop her mission for a boy." Casey looked up and saw the hurt in his eyes. Derek never talked about his feelings and she knew what he was saying was absolutely true, but she didn't care at that moment. "Ask me to stay. Please, just ask me to stay." She begged. He ran a naive hand down the brunnette's face slowly before pulling her up for a kiss. It was everything they both imagined and yet so much more. It was gentle yet grew hungry in its short but impactful moments. It was followed by two peck and a forehead kiss. "No." He painfully stated before laying them down into a deep cuddle. They would eventually both fall asleep in sheer, but welcomed silence.

"I'm only one call away."

"You obviously didn't ask." Marti whispered to Derek as everyone was giving their tearful hugs to an equally as tearful Casey in the airport. He gave his little sister a shoulder squeeze and a finger to the nose which he knew she hated. After everyone had their round with her, he quickly grabbed her and pulled her over ton out of earshot area. "You look amazing by the way. Not at all like you're about to sit on a plane for hours just to be in agony at school for another three years." Casey just rolled her eyes and squeezed Derek in an intimate hug. "I'm going to miss you so much." She'd admitted making him desperately want to ask her to...

"I'm only one call away. I promise. Just call and I'll answer every time." He promised embracing her back though PDA wasn't exact'y his strong suit it just felt right. "Der-ek! You can't promise that. You have hockey practice, responsibilities, family obligation, probably girls to attend to..." She let out a sigh. "I don't want to bother you every time I have a problem." He cupped her face as they continued to stare directly into the other's eyes. "I'm only one call away Mcdonald. You are my priority."

"Last call for Flight 289 to Boston Logan's International Airport Gate 5."

Casey gasped clearing her tears and breaking away from Derek's embrace.

"This is your last time Derek Venturi. Ask me to stay."

I love writing this so much that I almost want to extend it further than a threeshot. My original plan was to literally leave it right here as a twoshot and just have it be that "will he wont he" moment people can fill in, but if I was a reader I would be pissed as hell so I decided against it. I appreciate the reviews so much y'all have no idea! I will be obsessed with Dasey until my dying breath.