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What does Spencer believe in?

Spencer Hastings finally has peace. All the crap with A is over and she can now have the life she wants and truly deserve so much.

A was defeated once and for all about a month ago.

Right now Spencer stand outside the Rosewood church.

Just like Aria, Hanna, Emily and Alison, Spencer is still uncomfortable being even near the church because of all the weird darks tuff that's ahppened there over the years.

Church is supposed to be a good calm place of serenity where everyone can feel welcome, despite their differences, but for Spencer and her friends church is much more linked to problems and danger in their minds.

"The God in Heaven love all of humanity as his children...such damn bullcrap." mumbles Spencer, who find it impossible to believe in God after having been through so much sadness and pain in her life because of A.

Part of Spencer would like to belive in God and all that, but she cannot do so. It simply can't happen.

"Hello, Miss Hastings." says Pastor Ted Wilson as he exit the church, about to go home for the day, having not had much work that's needs to be done so he can go home early.

"Hi, Pastor Wilson." says Spencer.

"Do you wish to go into the church? I was about to go home and close up, but I can let you in for a few minutes if you want to." says Ted.

"Thanks, but I prefer to simply stand here outside those thick walls of sadness that the church very much represent for me." says Spencer.

"Why don't you like the church?" ask Ted.

"It has nothing to do with you or the fact that you dated Hanna's mother or any of sort, it's just that for me as well as my friends the church has never been a loction of positive vibes. We've been sad, hurt and very heart-broken here so I guess we'll always feel some form of negative emotions whenever we are near this place." says Spencer.

"Being uncomfortable here makes sense if you've had bad experiences in and or near the church, but trust me, God love us all and he welcome you in his house, despite any possible not good things you might've done." says Ted.

"Maybe so, but I cannot let my guard down in the church. I know it's not logical, but I feel like something creepy's gonna happen every time I come to this specific place." says Spencer.

"God protects you from the darkness." says Ted.

"He hasn't before. You've no idea what I've seen and how much pain and sadness I've had to deal with." says Spencer.

"You're right, I don't know. Still I truly believe that God love us all." says Ted.

"If so, why did he allow my friends and I to nearly die on multiple occasions?" says Spencer.

"The paths God lead us down aren't always clear, but he'd never lead us to pain and suffering. Maybe all you've gone through has had some sort of positive effect in some way or another..." says Ted.

"Well...guess it's made me strong in certain ways." says Spencer.

"Perhaps that was God's reason. To make you and your friends stronger by going through the Dark, but come out in the end, stronger than ever." says Ted.

"Not completely impossible. I don't really think there is a God though. Sorry, not trying to insult what you believe in, just explaing where I stand in this." says Spencer.

"Don't worry. No problem." says Ted.

"Thanks. The reason I don't think God's real is that I've never seen anything that points to that and I don't hold hope 'cause hope breeds eternal misery." says Spencer.

"Does it...?" says Ted.

"Yes, for me." says Spencer.

"Feel free to go to service on Sunday." says Ted.

"Thank you, but I don't think I can. Even standing here feels weird, so to set foot inside church is highly unlikely." says Spencer.

"Just do what feels right for you." says Ted.

"I try to." says Spencer.

"Good. Have a nice day." says ted and then walk away.

Spencer stand where she is, looking up at the church, trying to leave the past in the past where it belong.

2 days later it is Sunday.

Dressed up in formal clothes, Spencer exit her car and walk up to the church.

Like Ted suggested, she is gonna try to forget that the church represent so much bad stuff for her.

She really try to forget, but as soon as she is about to set foot in the church she get an very uncomfortable feeling in her heart and stomach.

"No, i can't." thinks Spencer as she return to her car and drive home.

She still cannot go to church and feel positive about it.

"I've should have listened to myself. Hobe breeds eternal fucking misery." says Spencer.

Once she get home, Spencer change into casual clothes, grab a cup of coffee and a fish sandwich and drink and eat while she watch TV.

"Maybe someday in the far awy future I might be able to be fine ina church again before my death." says Spencer to herself.

Several years later, 55 year old Spencer finally has been able to let go.

On a summer Sunday, Spencer, wearing formal clothes, enter the church in Rosewood along with her husband Toby.

When they take their seats, Spencer sigh in relief, happy that she feel safe and calm in the church.

"After all these years, true serenity." thinks Spencer.

Finally she doesn't feel uncomfortable in church anymore.

She suddenly notice that Aria, Hanna, Emily and Alison are there too and they seem to be fine being in the church as well, just like herself.

This is correct.

The End.