Hardworking. The adjective used to describe a person who devotes or puts a lot of effort in everything he/she works on. The quality that every company wants to have in their employees and for teachers to expect in their students. With all these guys having this so-called trait, anyone would feel less guilty when they throw a bunch of task to these hardworking people knowing that they'll devote their selves to finish those. Kinda reminds me of a sadist-masochist relationship from the last light novel I read which I greatly detest that I didn't even bother finishing it.

Okay so much for that, though being hardworking is in fact a great quality to have as an individual, opportunists can easily impose the act of slavery to them who have it. Take my parents as an example, they've become a corporate slave due to them being hardworking. Of course they are the reasons why I adhere to the saying "To work is to lose". I will never enter the workforce and submit myself to the whim of those corporate leaders.

If there's anyone that I'm willing to submit myself into, that would only be Totsuka- ehem, sorry that was a strange thing to say. What I say is that because he's my cute *coughs* friend that I'm able to at least make an effort if he asks something from me. Same goes to of course my dear little sister Komachi. After all, she's the cutest little sister in the world!Kyaa! That must earn me a lot of Hachiman points!

"Ew! That's gross onii-chan."Crap! She heard!"So, what are you talking just now?" asked Komachi while preparing for dinner.

"Just a monologue about hardwork and it's downsides."

"You surely hate working, do you? Man, my onii-chan's very hopeless that I might end up being stuck with him, not that I mind though. Kya! I'm sure that's high on Komachi points!"

"No, you've just insulted me earlier and for that, zero points for Komachi." I replied with a smirk on my face.

"Hmph!" Okay, That pout is adorable but I can't anger her anymore.

So yeah, back to my monologue before Komachi interrupted it. Last few weeks was tiring, both the cultural and the sports festival I mean. Contrary to what I've always believed in, I actually worked hard during the event that I became famous, or I should say infamous, because of it. "The scumbag who insulted the festival commitee chairwoman" such title, as much as I like that I insulted that incompetent bitch, is not worthy for someone who sacrificed his lazing hours for the betterment of the whole event. Not like I want to be recognized but the fact that they turned blind on Sagami's shortcomings is what makes me feel irritated. Well whatever, not like I will be involved with something big again so it doesn't matter to me anymore.


With my stealth hikki turned on, I was walking mindlessly on the hallway to fetch a meal on the cafeteria. There are times when I feel that there are hostile gazes aimed at me but I paid no attention to them. After all, those are to be expected considering the recent like Stealth Hikki isn't working properly.

However, there's a gaze I feel that's somewhat screaming "help me!" or something. I turned and saw the student council president carrying a bunch of papers that looks too heavy for her. Having a feeling that those papers are related to the festival last week, I feel a bit obligated to help that's why I decided to approach her.

"Let me help you with that, Shiromeguri-senpai."

"Ah thank you! Hiki..."

"It's Hikigaya Hachiman."

For a second, I think she just stared at me like she's trying to remember something from me. I'm honestly trying to contain my embarrassment while facing her. After all, we're not really interacting on a regular basis that I'm not used to her being this close to me. Also, I've never once experienced being stared directly at my face at such close proximity for a good five seconds, obviously because they'll be creeped out by doing so.

"Um senpai, where are this papers heading to?"

"Just to the faculty office." she replied.

We headed there without saying a word to each other, obviously because I'm not a fan of small talk and even if I do so then she might only think of me as someone who's hitting at her and reject me instantly. Wait, why am I thinking about that? Was that a vision of what will happen in the future? Please just don't let it happen to me.

"Ne Hikigaya-kun," Ok, I'm the only one here who's not a fan of small talk.


"Sorry for dragging you to this."

"Don't worry about it, senpai."

"Have you eaten your lunch already? Looks like you're heading towards the cafeteria before this." she looked at me in a somewhat concerned face.

"Actually, I haven't yet."

"Ah, I know! I'll treat you for lunch, you know, as thanks for carrying these."

Okay, I know that I always pride myself for being open to free food but it wasn't the case this time. Shiromeguri-senpai's image as a student council president might be tarnished if she was to be seen with me on something that is clearly not work-related. In fact, I've already emulated what might happen if someone will see me with her. It might go like this:

"Is that the guy who made the festival commitee chairwoman cry?"

"Now he's preying on the student council president. He's really despicable."

"Shiromeguri-senpai, please get away from that creep!"

Or something like that.

"No need to do that, senpai. I have money for that." And also, I don't want to blame you in case that you'll choose a drink that isn't MAX COFFEE.

"I insist, Hikigaya-kun. I also haven't eaten lunch yet."And this is the exact reason why I can't.

We delivered the papers to the faculty office and now we're heading to the cafeteria. Facing the assortment of meals in front of me, I couldn't help but worsen my hunger that's why I need to get out of here now.

"Um Hikigaya-kun, what would you like to eat?"

"Actually, I'm okay with anything. I'm going to buy a drink. Anything you want me to buy?"

"It's okay, I'm fine with the free water here."

With that I went to the nearest vending machine to get myself the yellow can of pure heaven, MAX COFFEE. I then went to secure us a table for two on the dining area of the cafeteria.

"Here you go, Hikigaya-kun." she said while placing her bought lunch in front of me. Still bugged by the idea that a person who hardly counts as an acquaintance is treating me for lunch, I can't help but ask her about the cost of the meal at the very least.

"How much is this, senpai?"

She only showed me the fluffy smile that I've always saw during the festival's preparations. "I told you, it's my treat."

Well, that settles it. I'm gonna gobble this whole thing up. Despite my refusals from earlier, I just can't do nothing against an actual free food in front of me.

We both finished our meal unusually fast, at least from my perspective. Maybe it's because of hunger from eating a bit later than usual. After all, there's just about seven minutes until lunch break ends.

"Ah! We're gonna be late! See you later, Hikigaya-kun." With that, she sent me a cute wave of her hands and then walked towards the direction of her classroom.

Having lunch on the cafeteria is completely alien for me, let alone with me being in a girl's company. Different from my usual spot, or classroom during unfortunate times, eating on a place not familiar to me doesn't even bring out the flavor that the curry I ate earlier possesses. Yet, a strange of comfort is what I felt while being inside the cafeteria earlier and I don't know what caused it. After all is said and done, there's only one reason I regretted a little bit...

I didn't get a chance to watch Totsuka play tennis for today.