The Fox and the Hound

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Well, here we are at the start of a new story; this one is going to focus on Kaga with The Commander. I really want to force myself to figure out how to build a believable romance between the two of them as Kaga's dialogue lines make it clear she grows care a great deal about you but doesn't know what to do with herself in this regard. That and well there is a real lack of Kaga centric stories out there….

Part One – The hunt begins

I toss my pen to the desk and stretch before looking at the clock just as six bells ring letting me know that my day just vanished in this mountain of paperwork, taking over this base for someone else has been a real pain in the backside.

I grab my jacket and look at the wings that were on it still, I really should see about getting time to requalify before too long, I know it's coming up soon. I give them a little tap and head out the door to the Golden Anchor the local pub.

As I enter I see that cat with the green hair calls out to me, "Careful Shikiknayn, Akagai, and Taihou are both here tonight…"

I sigh and hang my head, so much for enjoying a night of beer and pub-grub…. Those two are going to make my life so much more difficult tonight. I don't know how they got it in their collective heads, but they are under the impression that I belong to them and not the other one. I've made it clear that I really, really don't want that… but they have both seemed to take that to mean that the other Kansen are getting in the way.

I give my order to the cat before heading up to the second floor to see Taihou and Akagi almost nose to nose, trading insults at one another… I sigh and look for an open spot, the only space I see is with either Kaga or the Ise sisters. Knowing how Akagi gets, Kaga is likely the safer bet for internal fleet harmony…

As I approach Kaga's table from behind her tails are flicking back and forth, I wonder about those tails, like where they attach to her body. I take a sip of my beer and gently touch one of the tails to stop it from hitting my mug, as soon as my hand makes contact I'm surprised how soft and fluffy it feels, I see her sit bolt upright a slight pink hue coming to her cheeks and I wonder if I did something she didn't like.

She twists slightly to watch me with her blue eyes, almost like a hunter watching prey, as I take a seat across from her and she raises an eyebrow and states, "Very bold of you to not only touch my tails but take a… hey!"

I took her saucer of sake and took a sip, I see her purse her lips, her tails flicking, her nostrils flare and eyes narrow at me as she says, "Do you want to try and entertain me with your final struggles or are you counting on Akagi to save you?"

I know her well enough to know that she responds to strength and challenge, "The strong can take what they want."

There it is, I see her take on a smirk, and I can tell she enjoys this… Kaga is about the only Kansen I can talk to, without Akagi going crazy if she sees it. I watch as Kaga's tails are still flicking back and forth as she tells me, "Then prove your strength…"

"Why? The truly strong have no need to prove how strong they are." I tell her, with a slight smile.

After a moment she smiles at me, reaches across the table at pats my arm as she asks me, "How are you today Wulfric?"

I laugh and shake my head, I've got a strange friendship with Kaga, we tend to push each other's buttons first then we open up to each other. I give her a smile as I tell her, "How many times do I have to say it, Kaga? I hate my name when off duty call me Hound, everyone else does… did."

I watch as she takes her saucer back and pours more into it before looking to Akagi and Taihou still trading barbs at one another while she sips and says, "You came in at act three today…"

I sigh and sip my beer and ask, "Don't they ever get tired of this? I've made it clear; I'm not interested in either of them… both seem like they are a few cards short of a full deck…"

I see Kaga smile, slightly at the corners of her mouth before resting her chin in her right hand and continuing to watch the show as she says, "Sometimes I wonder how things would have been different if I hadn't been made an aircraft carrier and Tosa was still around…"

I tilt my head to the side, "Who's Tosa?"

Kaga sighs and looks down at the table as she says, "My sister…"

I raise an eyebrow, as I see her cheeks becoming a little pink and Iask, "I thought Akagi was your sister?"

"Cousin would be more accurate…" she said folding her arms on the table and putting her head on them.

I watch as she turns her head to look at me with her blue eyes as she tells me, "Did I ever tell you? I was a battleship, a Tosa class… The Amagi class was similar to the Tosa class, just not as well armored, faster, and longer…"

She paused to point at her white hair as she said, "It's why I don't look a lot like Akagi… I look more like Tosa did and Akagi looks more like Amagi did…"

I sit back in my chair, this is more information about Kaga she's not been one to share with me before, this seems unusual for her so I venture a guess, "Kaga, are you drunk?"

"Maybe." She tells me, turning her head to watch the show between Taihou and Akagi.

After a few moments, she looks back at me and asks, "So why do you turn down my sister's advances?"

I sigh and hang my head before telling her, "My older brother gave me some advice in high school, he said to me, 'Wulfric, never stick your dick in crazy.' And well Akagi is in a three-way tie from my point of view for 'most crazy'."

I see Kaga snicker before she asks, "So who is she tied with?"

I raise an eyebrow before I tell her, "Akagi, Roon, and Taihou."

I see her nod her head just before she yawns and says, "Those are all solid contenders…"

I sigh and stand up pulling her up by an arm as I tell her, "Common I'll walk you home."

She goes to protest but gives in when Taihou slaps Akagi and she hears me sigh. As we get down to the first floor, the blasted cat hands me a to-go bag as she says, "I figure you'd nayned it to-go…"



We are about halfway to the Sakura dorms and I'm supporting Kaga under her right arm, my left around her back with my hand just under her bust, she looks at me, I can clearly see the sake had gone to her head by this point as she says to me, "I wonder where I sit on your ranking of crazy…"

I gulp a little, if I was honest, when I first took command she was pretty high up that ladder, but after getting to know her, she's actually one of the more stable ones. I sigh and adjust her weight on me as I tell her, "Honestly, not that high, about normal for a woman really…"

She looks at me and gives this sloppy drunk smile and I see her do something I've never seen her do, she twitched her ears up and down. I've seen Atago, Naka and Hanazuki all do that before, I can't help but laugh and that seems to cause her to laugh too and I ask one of the few questions I've been wanting to ask her but been avoiding it, "So… are those really your ears or do you have a pair of human-like ones hidden under your hair?"

She wiggles them up and down again as she says, "Nope, they're my ears…"

She pauses and drunken whispers, in other words, all but yells to the world, "And they're really sensitive to being touched too… Almost as much as my tails are…."

I raise an eyebrow and use my right hand to reach behind me and stroke one of her tails and I see her close her eyes and take on this look like I had just done something she really liked, she bit her lower lip before telling me, "Don't do that… if Akagi saw you do that, she'd think you were trying to sleep with me…"

I nod and take hold of her arm that is across my shoulders again as she tells me, "But if it helps you relax, I'm okay with it…"

We finish the rest of our walk without another word, I get her back to her dorm and I lay her belly down on her mat, with her head off to the side, as soon as her head hit the pillow she started snoring. I see her tails are splayed out in a nine-pointed compass behind her and I test a theory and rub the fur on the tails and hear her give off a pleasure-filled moan before going back to snoring away.

I bounce my head up and down and side to side, this information could come in handy at some point… I wonder if the other kitsune are like this as well… About the only one, I could test it with would be Akagi… but I have a feeling that'd be a dangerous choice…

As I go to leave, I hear Kaga roll around before I feel her legs lock around my right one as she says, "I've caught you now Shikikan…."

I look back to her and see that her eyes are closed and she still has a light blush to her cheeks, I'm about to ask when I hear her snore, loudly. I watch as she opens her mouth wide and I see the pointy canine teeth right as she mumbles out, "Now I'm going to eat. You. Up!" right before she bites down on her pillow, I'm not sure if I should be amused, flattered, or worried at this point.

I slip my leg out of hers and quietly slip out of her room and come face to face with Akagi. Very few times in my life have I been actually well and truly scared for my life, this, well this was one of those times. I see something flash in her red eyes as she saw me come out of Kaga's room, yet it passed extremely quickly as she moved to place her body against mine, sniffing me closely like she was looking to see where Kaga's scent was on me. I see one of her brown ears twitch slightly and her tails flick back and forth before she leans back and smiles to me as she says, "For a moment there, Akagi was worried Shikikan-sama had bedded Kaga… Akagi should know better."

I let out the breath I had been holding as she steps back and rubs her hands against my chest and shoulders before she says, "Akagi should let Shikikan-sama head home… unless Shikikan-sama would like to partake in Akagi tonight?"

I give a fake yawn and stretch, still holding my bag of take-out as I say, "I think I'll turn in for the night, sleep well, Akagi."



A few days after that incident with a dunk Kaga and some interesting revelations, I'm sitting in my office when I hear a knock at the door, I stop trying to balance a pen on my nose and call out, "Enter."

I try to make myself look like I had been busy when I see a pair of white ears poking around the corner of the entranceway, I tilt my head to the side and taunt out, "I didn't take you for a coward Kaga…"

That did it, I attacked her pride, but rather than her usual bravado, she walks in with her head hung, a definite defeated look to how she was carrying herself, I change my tone of voice and mindset as I ask her, "Kaga, what's wrong?"

I see her shake her head as she takes a seat across from me before she leans forward and asks me, "Shikikan…. Did I say anything to or in front of you the other night?"

I lean back in my chair and think about the other night before I say to her, "Why do you ask?"

I see her blush a little as she says, "I found teeth marks in my pillow the other day… and I know you walked me home, mostly since Akagi told me that when I asked her how I got home…"

I nod as I recall the noises and faces she made when I stroked her tails, and I think on if I should tell her, before I say, "If you're wondering if you propositioned me last night? The answer is no… If you're wondering if you told me about… some sensitive locations then yes."

I see her cover her face with both hands and lean forward, her cheeks becoming bright red as I add on, "I never knew about kitsune tails being such a… key area for you…. or your ears for that matter…"

I watch as she places both of her hands on her ears and flattens them against her head, closing her blue eyes, I laugh and toss out the final bit of information, "Then when I got you into your bed, you said something about catching me then wanting to eat me… That was when you bit your pillow…"

After a moment she relaxes in her chair and asks, "That's it?"

I nod to confirm as I tell her, "That's it… I'm not sure if I should be worried or not that a drunk Kaga wants to eat me…"

I watch as she runs a hand through her hair before she tells me, "I wouldn't worry about drunk me… I usually have very good control over her… I'd be more worried about Akagi if I were you…"

I sigh and lean back in my chair as I tell her, "Tell me about it, she out and out propositioned me that night… Though I swear she inspected me to see if I had bedded you."

She blushes brightly when I say that, maybe there was more going on here than I thought, but she deflects it off with "Shikikan, stop slacking around…"

I shrug and pick up my pen as I say, "Well I'd rather chat, but I guess there is work I should get too…"

I catch her get out of her chair and head to the door, out of the corner of my eye I watch the sway of her tails before she turns and looks over her shoulder at me and says, "Shikikan, some of us are planning on heading to the eastern beach this weekend… would you like to join us?"

I lean back in my chair and go for a teasing question, "Kaga, are you asking me out for a date?"

Seems I might be on to something, I see her go bright red, it's easy to tell when placed against all the white she wears and her white hair, it takes a moment, almost like she is searching for the right counter to use her usual confidence with before she tells me, "O…Of course not, Shikikan… Why would I be so reckless to make a move on the one my sister has claimed?"

I laugh and shake my head and I see her smirk a little before she ducks out the door, closing it behind her. I lean back in my chair and spin to look at the port as I say, "A beach day sounds like a good idea…"



When the weekend rolled around, I gather my beach stuff, filled a cooler with some beers and some snacks that should be kept cool and headed down to the eastern beach. When I got there, I could see that about nine or ten Kansen had already shown up, though they seemed to be stick to their own faction groups… Eagle Union was easy to spot, often skimpy bikinis, Royal Nave seemed to have more conservative outfits… and then I spotted the Sakura Empire girls… The three that were there were clad in some revealing outfits, thankfully I only spotted one on the crazy list… Akagi.

Almost as soon as I stepped on the beach, the three Sakura Empire women, I guess would be a more accurate term all had their Canidae ears perk up and point in my direction, I sigh and hang my head for a moment before I call out, "Hey, one of you three want to give me a hand?"

Almost immediately Atago started to do up the back of her top before she paused off her towel and bounded over to me, as she bends over to pick up the cooler she says to me, "Oh my, Commander... just what are you looking at~? Would you like me to bend over a bit more~?"

Crap… no sooner than she said that then I see Akagi stand up and undo the skirt that she had around her waist as she slowly turns and says, "Akagi picked this swimsuit out just for you, Shikikan-sama~! Are you falling in love with me even more deeply?"

I sigh and touch my face with my right hand as I shake my head, "Don't you think you're trying too hard Akagi?"

I look over to the blue towel and spot Kaga rolling her eyes at Akagi as she mumbles something along the lines of, "Survival of the fittest..."

I look for a safe spot to put my towel down, my choices are limited as I really don't want to cause friction… that leaves putting it down beside Kaga. I unroll my towel as I see her raise an eyebrow at me while I asked her, "Why waste strength on a meaningless battle?"

She seems to agree as she nods her head, I see her cheeks get a little red as she looks around and whispers to me, "Hound… do you prefer Akagi's swimsuit or mine?"

I smile, this is the first time I've heard her use my nickname, it's usually 'Shikikan this or Wulfric that…' I look up and see that Akagi has taken notice that I chose to sit beside Kaga, I see her red eyes narrow for a moment before she goes into my cooler to get some drinks, while her back is to me, I wink to Kaga and softly trace the outer edge of her right ear, I see her bite her lower lip, close her eyes and rub her thighs together as I tease her with, "So… just how close are we now that you've started using my nickname?"

Once I take my finger away I see her relax before she looks at me and tease back, "Keep that up and you'll get eaten up…"

"Keep what up, dear sister?" I hear Akagi ask from behind me.

I close my eyes and await death at this point, yet Kaga is very clever with how she responds, "I was warning Shikikan to stay clear of Taihou or Roon…"

I lean backward to watch Akagi's expression go from hard to soft before she bent over to hug Kaga and tell her, "Akagi thanks Kaga for keeping an eye out for the wellbeing Shikikan-sama."

After a while and few times of me declining to go swimming with both Atago and Akagi, both of them headed off to go and grab a watermelon, I'm not sure why but they said something about a beach tradition in their homeland. Not long after they left, out of the corner of my eye I spot Kaga's tails flicking back and forth while she lay on her belly, I look at her and see that she has her eyes closed like she's sleeping, I see a pink hue come to her cheeks and I wonder what she's dreaming about, doubly so when I see her rubbing her thighs together again. I never did get to find that out, as I laid back on my towel her eyes opened, and she looked at me with this hungry look, it was one I'm likely to never forget. In a flash she had me pinned down, her mouth open and I could see those pointy teeth as she licked her left wrist, if I ever thought she hadn't been joking about eating me up this was it. She starts to crawl up me, keeping eye contact with me the entire way, I can feel every curve on her rubbing against me when she says to me, "I wonder if this is some kind of primal instinct…."

I feel blood rush south as her bust rubs up against me, her nails digging into my chest, as once she has reached to chest with hers, she sits up, pressing her lower self against me, as she arches her back forward to sniff my neck seconds before she softly nips it. I'll admit, it was a real turn on, and if I had to be honest about it, I like Kaga a lot more than Akagi, when she takes her lips away she teases me with, "I've warned you about keeping that up…"

I buck my hips to press myself against her, causing her eyes to go wide in surprise at the sudden pressure pressed against her, her cheeks going a little red before she pushes herself off of me, she goes to say something, but no words come. After a few moments, she has drawn her keens to her chest and asks me, "What do you look for in a mate?"

I'll admit that question took me by surprise, I reach over and touch her arm and ask her, "Kaga, do you want to see me as more than a friend?"

She goes bright red and buries her face in the pocket created by her arms and knees as she tells me, "I've got these emotions that I don't comprehend… I feel drawn to you and I wonder if it is because the strong attract the strong or if it is just primal instinct…"

I move my hand to touch her shoulder and tell her, "I can't decide these things for you, Kaga, I know that I like spending time with you…"

I see her ears flop forward over her head as she repeats the question to me, "Can you please tell me what you look for in a mate?"

I sit back and think on that question for a few moments before I answer, "I know what I don't want to see in one. I don't want someone who is controlling, makes me the center of her world, or doesn't want me to have friends that are women…especially since being on this base that would leave me with no-one to talk too."

I angle my arms out behind me and lean back while looking skyward and say, "I'd want someone that can be my equal and not depend on me for everything."

Beside me I hear her whisper, "I could be that…"

Well, that confirms my question to her, now if I could get her to admit it rather than just leave me to read between the lines… "So are you going to answer my question?" I ask her.

"Maybe." She tells me, still trying to keep her face hidden.

I give a little smirk before I stroke one of her tails and tease her, "I never took you to be one to run away from a challenge Kaga…"

I watch as she squirms while I do that, based on what I've learned she really likes this, I can hear her panting while her thighs keep rubbing together and she rocks from side to side in time with my stroking of her tail. As I keep up the attention, she lifts her head, her cheeks red, and that hungry look in her eyes again as she pushes me over, straddles me, uses her arms to pin mine down before she kisses me. It was then we both heard a voice, one that seemed both surprised and hurt at the same time, "Kaga?"