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Chapter Thirty Three

Logan went up the stairs a few minutes after Rory and took a moment to stare at her as she sat in bed. Her hair was now in a messy bun on top of her head, she had taken off her makeup and she was wearing one of his old Yale t-shirts, if he had to bet she was wearing a pair of underwear and no pyjama pants because she really didn't like sleeping with pants. She never had. "You're beautiful," he told her as he entered the room with a pint of Ben and Jerry's, a couple bags of candy, two spoons and two bottles of water.

"Do you say that to all the girls you knock up?" Rory smiled as she saw him. He walked towards the bed and leaned forward and kissed her before passing her the ice cream and one of the spoons, "what a dreamboat."

"You know, I think we can all agree that me not knocking anyone up over the years is quite the shock."

"Well, more so for those early years," Rory laughed, "I'm surprised there aren't any pre-Rory baby Huntzbergers out there. Although I guess they would be teens now, not newborns."

"So little faith in me," Logan laughed.

"You know it's like…seven, right?"

Logan nodded, "it is a work night, we just got the best news I could ever imagine, and we have none of the big kids here…I can't think of anywhere I want to be other than in bed with my fiancee."

"You have always been a smooth talker," Rory laughed as Logan went into the closet and emerged a moment later with a pair of sweatpants on his hips. "Combined we're fully dressed."

"I had a feeling you weren't wearing anything under the blankets," Logan grinned as he climbed under the comforter and Rory immediately moved to snuggle against him, "are you happy?" he asked her as he placed a kiss on her temple.

Rory smiled and leaned into his embrace as she lingered on the spoonful of ice cream in her mouth. "I don't think I have ever felt so right about something," she told him softly before offering him a spoonful of the ice cream. "This is going to be a lot of firsts for you, and you know this isn't my first kick at the can…so…we're both going to have to be patient with each other."

"You think it will become a problem?" Logan raised an eyebrow.

Rory laughed and shook her head. "No," she assured him, and it was the truth. "I just think that there will be things…like sitting down that you get freaked out about, and that I will tell you is no big deal. So I think before we tell anyone, before we start making those plans…we both need to keep in mind that we have to be considerate towards each other."

"I do have a question for you," Logan told her as he took the spoon from her and took more ice cream for himself.

"I thought you brought two spoons?" Rory glared, waiting for him to ask his question.

"Do you want to get married before or after baby?"

"What do you think?" Rory didn't answer, she wanted to know what his take on it was. Did he feel the need to get married.

"Well, if you give birth in Connecticut, from what I have read…prior to today, if we aren't married, I will have to file to establish paternity, if we are married, it is simply assumed that your husband is your baby daddy."

"Do you want to get married just because of the whole loophole?"

"Rory," Logan teased her with a scoop of ice cream before kissing her briefly, "I asked you to marry me well before you were pregnant. We are just talking about a timeline here. I actually had a couple of ideas."

"About the wedding," Logan nodded. Rory couldn't hide her excitement, the way she felt at the idea of marrying Logan was so different than how she had felt about marrying Perry. Marrying Perry was exciting, but in a different way. Marrying Logan just felt like safety, it felt like where she was meant to be. "Tell me."

"I thought we could do the city hall thing," he told her honestly, "us, your parents, my sister, the kids…maybe my parents depending on how they are behaving, and then after the baby comes, maybe under the guise of a housewarming party or something early in the new year, we could do a big wedding. That way we get both. We get to be married, which, in case I have not made myself clear, I would happily do right now in this bedroom, but we also get to have a wedding which…I've always liked the idea of you walking down the aisle to me."

"You would marry me twice?" Rory smiled at the idea.

"Well just think, if we do this, this little bean could be there too."


"Like a coffee bean."

"Seems appropriate," Rory laughed. Perry had always given the boys pet names in utero as well. Luca had been affectionately called fancy feet because of how much he liked to kick, and James and Christopher had been thing one and thing two. "I must say, I like the way it sounds calling you daddy."

"Jesus Ace," Logan groaned, "the things you do to me. This is supposed to be a night of good, clean fun…besides, are you even allowed to do that in your condition?"

"that?" Rory repeated, "in my condition?"

"I feel like you are about to tell me all the reasons that was a bad thing to say?"

Rory laughed and put the ice cream on the bedside table, she had enjoyed too much. "It is perfectly safe to have sex with a pregnant woman."

"But what if I…" Logan made a face, "can I poke it with my…you know."

"Can you poke a baby, in utero…with your penis?" Rory gave him her best 'mom' look.

"Now that you say it out loud I would really appreciate if we could pretend I didn't ask something quite so stupid."

"Honey, you know I'm only with you for your looks," Rory joked, "don't get me wrong though…until I stop puking four times a day…this," she gestured to her body, "is off limits."

"Duly noted."


"So…when do you find out what it is?"

"I'm pretty confident it's human, unless Mitchum has some funky DNA in him that he passed along to you. Viking maybe?"

"I think Vikings were still human, I have it on good authority in fact."

"Soon, around 9 weeks I think there is a blood test, or seventeen to twenty weeks we would find out by ultrasound."

"I want to know," Logan admitted. "Did you…with the boys?"

Rory nodded, "we found out, yeah. Did the whole big party thing."

"So what about this time?"

"I would like to know," Rory assured him, "I mean…I've always envied the women who just wing it. But I am not into the whole neutral wardrobe and neutral nursery. It isn't to say that my boys were dressed up in head to toe blue, or if I had a girl she would have pink all over her…but I like to look at something and know who I am picking it for."

"Honor will die, if this is a girl…I think we'll have to move her in with us."

"That actually…" Rory paused. She had never had a nanny, she hadn't wanted a nanny, she hadn't felt that she needed a nanny, but the more she thought about it. Logistically with five children, she may need more help. "How do you feel about a nanny?"

"I was raised by my nanny, so I think they can be pretty great. But…I think that one is your call."

"I just…" Rory passed to collect her words, "with five kids at home, I don't know how I can be nursing, sleep deprived, driving kids to school, practices, friends…"

"So maybe we get a nanny and we also hire a night nurse for the first little bit?"

"A night nurse?" Rory repeated.

"Honor had one, it just made things a bit easier. Everyone slept more."

"Logan, you don't get to sleep with a newborn," Rory told him, hoping she didn't sound too judgmental, "why don't we just…think about the night nurse? I can agree that a nanny will probably be necessary, but the night nurse…"

"We'll think about it," Logan agreed.

"Are there names that you like? Have you ever thought about having a baby and what you would name it?"

"I can honestly say," Logan put his arm around Rory and put the spoon on his nightstand, "other than when I was planning to marry you when we were in our twenties, and when I saw you with Eli in San Francisco, and every moment since then…I haven't thought about having kids. I never…there was never anyone to have kids with. So…I don't really have a laundry list of names. How about you?"

"Well, I have named three kids, so I've gone through some of my lists," Rory told him awkwardly, "but for a girl…"

"What names do you like for a girl?"

"I have always really liked Harper."

"Harper Huntzberger?" he made a face as Rory frowned and took a bite of the ice cream. "I mean…Honor Huntzberger is a tough one with the alliteration, but I'm not sure we want to do that twice - in middle school people used to make fun of the double H's."

"They make fun of double h's?"

"Kids will make fun of just about anything, you should know that, you have three boys."

Rory laughed, "you might be right about that. I swear, the boys can weaponize just about anything. Well…what about Kendall?"


Rory made another face, "ok, no."

"Why don't we sleep on the name thing? Or wait until we know if it's a boy or a girl."

"I guess," Rory pouted, "but we can't have a nameless baby."

"I think," Logan leaned over and kissed her temple, "there is a pretty big jump from lets wait to nameless baby. How about…do you want to tell anyone?"

"Anyone? Well yes, I thought we should probably let the cat out of the bag at some point," Rory laughed.

"Alright, let me redirect that question," Logan laughed, "how do you want to tell people?"

Rory paused for a moment. With Luca, they had waited until just about twelve weeks, aside from their immediate family knowing, with the twins, her Dad knew immediately and her family a few weeks later, but they didn't tell family and friends until it was glaringly obvious that she was pregnant with twins. She supposed this was something she should let Logan decide within reason. She had done this before, twice, and this was his first chance to tell his family that they were expecting. "Well, I think that we should tell the boys first," that was the only thing she could really think of to insist upon, "but whenever you want to tell your parents or sister, I'll tell my parents soon…"

"Why don't we wait until we've seen the doctor and stuff and maybe we can tell them when we know the gender?" Logan knew his parents, in their own, dysfunctional way would be excited, and Honor would be over the moon, she would immediately start planning a baby shower or decorating nurseries at every piece of real estate a Huntzberger owned. "What about Perry?"


"Well, he's the boys dad, so…"

"I guess, once we tell the boys, I will tell Perry," Rory nodded. She appreciated that Logan was considerate of Perry, the two men had managed to start getting along and Rory appreciated it, they both respected who they were to each other and the importance of the kids when it was all said and done. "I think we should wait until after I have seen the doctor to tell the boys."

Logan smiled, "am I…do I get to go to those appointments? Who do you even see? Paris?"

"No, I will not see Paris through my pregnancy," Rory laughed at the thought, imagining the three of them in a room together while getting an ultrasound. "She is sending me some colleagues that she would recommend out here, and then back to my old OB."

"You said that downstairs," Logan recalled, "sorry…there are so many…"

"I know," Rory smiled.

"So…I think there are two things that I really want to do, and…as soon as you will let me."

"Anything," Rory mumbled as she returned to eating the ice cream, "but first…please take this away?" she laughed as she passed the container to Logan.

"Is it empty?" he laughed, he knew that Rory was always up for eating a full meal, but he imagined that pregnant Rory would be a whole different story. "Let me take it to the kitchen, don't try to run away or hide or anything."

"I wouldn't dream of it," Rory chuckled and watched as he walked out of the bedroom. She leaned her head back against the pillows and smiled. She couldn't regret saying no to him the first time. If she hadn't said no, she wouldn't have her boys, and even now, she appreciated having Perry as a friend. But having a baby with Logan was more than she could have dreamed of. She could imagine him as a Dad, in fact, even when they weren't together, she had imagined him as a Dad. Not on purpose, she didn't wish Perry wasn't the father of her older boys, but on more than one occasion after Luca was born, she had pondered what those moments would have looked like if she were doing them with Logan, and not Perry. She smiled as he came back into the room, he placed a chaste kiss on her lips before he opened a bottle of water and drank most of it in one swig. "Thank you."

"You owe me," Logan laughed.


"I want to get married now."


"Soon…as soon as we can get it together. Just us at City Hall, or us and the boys, something…"

"And what else?"

"Agree to that first," Logan spoke softly, she knew that she could say no if she wanted to, she knew that he would agree to wait, or agree to invite more people, but he also wanted her to understand that he wanted to be married to her more than anything else.

"I want the boys there," she told him with a smile growing on her face, "but if you can book us an appointment, I'm sure I have something to wear at home, get someone to officiate…I will marry you right away."



"I have the your wedding band, so I guess you just need to get one for me." Logan paused to think about anything else that would be needed, "city hall in San Francisco is beautiful."

Rory nodded, she had seen it a few times when she had googled things to do in San Francisco when she and the boys had been in Palo Alto looking for something to do. "I would love that."

"And…just the boys."

"I can't believe I'm about to say this," Rory shook her head, wishing for a brief moment that she didn't have four boys and therefore know that one day she would see them marry a person who hopefully would get along with her. "We need to be fair. So…the boys, my Mom, Luke, my Dad, GiGi if she wants…your parents, Honor, Josh, their boys, and your boys."

"My boys?"

"Colin, Finn, Robert, Steph…"

"I thought this would be small?" Logan admitted, trying not to smile and give away that he was in fact excited at her willingness to include his family, both blood and chosen.

"It will be family only," Rory corrected him. "We…you and I can't get married without them…and your parents? Well…one day I will hopefully see my boys get married, and my heart would break if I wasn't there."

"You're too perfect, I mean, really, do you have any flaws?" Logan brushed a stray hair out of her eye. "Well, why don't we set it up here then? We'll get the license, have everyone here, surprise them with a wedding…"

"I thought you wanted to do that as a housewarming party."

"Well, we can do that too with everyone we've ever met, you can wear that dress you told me you fell in love with…Paris, Doyle, Hugo…this…this can just be our little secret?"

"You think it will be a secret that I marry a man who was just considered the most eligible bachelor in America a couple of years ago?" Rory laughed.

"Wait till they see me carrying a carseat, the women will go wild."

Rory laughed, he was right. She could remember when Perry would go out with one of the kids and women would flock to him, a good looking man with a baby, no one could resist. "Think we can get this all sorted out for the weekend after the hockey game? I know it's short notice but…"

"I think that will be just enough time."

"We're really doing this?"

"Which part?" Logan smiled. This was it. It was everything. Everything he had waited for, everything he had hoped for, now all he had to do was get her to sign on the dotted line.

"Getting married?" Rory giggled, she felt her cheeks flushing as he kissed her gently. Her hands went to his cheeks as she held him as close as she could, "and having a baby?"

Logan laughed and continued to pepper her with soft kisses, "we are. Unless you think you can finally get away?"

"Uh-uh," Rory shook her head, nope. She wouldn't lose him, not again. They had come so far and she knew she was right where she wanted to be. "So what was the other thing I inadvertently agreed to before we planned a wedding in record time?"

Logan inhaled, he assumed this would actually be a tougher sell for her, "I need to figure out the logistics, but I'm moving to Encino."

"Logan," Rory shook her head, "no." She told him honestly, his business was in Palo Alto, his business needed him, he was busier than ever.

"Non negotiable," Logan told her. "I will fly back and forth. You are pregnant, you have four kids, I will be home by dinner."

Rory smiled, her hands still cradling his cheeks, "that is a pretty big promise."

"I will keep it, I swear."

"I really want you to be able to do that but…"

"Look, I can work Friday and Monday from Encino, you have an office, we can share. Then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I will fly back and forth. If I leave early, it will be fine."

"You'll be exhausted," Rory countered. She wasn't sure why she was fighting it, she loved the idea. She loved that Logan wanted to do this, but she also didn't want him to sacrifice too much of himself for her.

"We're having a baby, I think I should get used to it."

"You're sure?" Rory asked and smiled as Logan nodded and kissed her once more.