Rainbooms First Taste of Death Battle!

Outside, waiting at the Canterlot High parking lot are six band members and best friends of the Rainbooms consisted of Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluttershy each doing their own thing to keep their mind busy though Rainbow Dash can't seem to keep herself patient enough.

"Come on, when is Sunset going to get here?" Rainbow Dash winced.

"Calm down, Rainbow Dash, I'm sure she is checking on a few things at her club before leaving." Applejack stated.

"But's already been over twenty minutes since school ended and the day is wasting with us sitting on the parking lot." Rainbow Dash said while bouncing a soccer ball on her knees.

"She said about a surprise she wants to show us, that means she's making a final preparation on it." Twilight believed with her talking dog, Spike on her lap.

"I can probably guess what that surprise is, but I'm not saying anything." Pinkie giggled as she and Fluttershy are playing cards together.

"Why don't you sit down and ply cards with us, that should help ease your mind." Fluttershy offered.

"Fine…" Rainbow Dash exclaimed and sat next to Fluttershy and Pinkie starting the game all over.

"I sure hope it's not another dangerous magic situation, all that danger nearly ruined my hair." Rarity said while putting some makeup powder on her face.

"You know, it actually been a while since we had to face magical problems since that Starswirled Music Festival." Rainbow Dash pointed out.

"I still can't wrap my head that we were in an endless time lop." Spike said.

"Which is a nice break if you think about it, at the end of the battle we're just teenagers trying to live out our everyday life though with a little magical help." Applejack chuckled, looking down at her geode necklace.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late." Sunset Shimmer said walking up to them with Flash Sentry right next to her.

"Hey, girls." Flash greeted.

"Hi, Flash." The Rainbooms greeted back.

"Finally, do you have any idea how long you kept us waiting. I already finish practicing my soccer moves over a dozen times and play cards was starting to get boring too!" Rainbow Dash complained right up to Sunset's face.

"But we haven't even started." Fluttershy pointed out.

"Hehe, sorry, I was getting nervous about the surprise I wanted to show you guys." Sunset chuckled, scratching the back of her head.

"Well, I hope it's something with style because I could use a new inspiration for my design this season for winter." Rarity said.

"Not exactly, but it's something lovely." Sunset hinted.

"Oh, did you get a new friend for Ray?" Fluttershy asked.

"Fluttershy, you would be the first person to know about that, working at the Animal shelter and all." Sunset reminded making Fluttershy blush a bit.

"Is it a new magic power you just discovered!" Twilight asked curious with a pen and note in each hand.

"Nope." Sunset shook her head.

"A new chow toy?" Spike asked exciting.

"Spike, I just you one yesterday." Twilight reminded.

"Oh yeah, it was cool." Spike smiled.

"Well, you see I… how do I tell you this?" Sunset said nervously.

"How about we show them." Flash moved Sunset's head toward his face and their lips together for a few seconds before separating and looking at the shock expressions of their friends.

"Oh, my goodness!' Rarity gasped.

"No way." Rainbow Dash's eyes widen.

"Great Giant Apple in the Sky!" Applejack gasped.

"So, you two are…" Twilight paused wondering if what she is seeing is real.

Sunset look at Flash with a slight anger face before turning to her friends with her cheeks blushing and they hold hands.

"Yep, Flash and I are dating again." Sunset revealed.

"That. Is. AWESOME!" Rainbow Dash cheered.

"Oh, I'm so happy for you two!' Fluttershy clapped her hands.

"I knew you would get back together!" Rarity smiled.

"WA-HOOO! Give it up for the rekindled couple, Flash and Sunset!" Pinkie shouted with small pink explosions like little fireworks.

"Amazing, when did this happen?" Twilight asked.

"A little after the music festival, we ran into each other to see the band and we got caught in the music that we ended up kissing each other without even realizing until the music was over." Sunset explained.

"We talked for a while and I express of how much I miss having her by my side even though we ended in bad terms, I really wanted to make us work again because all this time I still love Sunset longer than forever. There's no other woman I rather be with than her." Flash hugged Sunset with one arm.

"And so, we're together again." Sunset finished the story.

"Oh, that is the sweetest story I have ever heard." Rarity complimented.

"I always knew you two were too good to be separate from each other for long." Applejack tipped her hat to the couple.

"Even though I wanted to date him." Applejack said softly that nobody heard.

"Now I just have throw you two a reunited love party and wait until the harem party starts!" Pinkie winked at the Fourth Wall.

"The what?" Flash and Sunset asked what Pinkie just said.

"Nothing." Pinkie said giggling then her body starts to shake and twitch.

"Uh, my Pinkie Sense is going off all the sudden." Pinkie informed everyone.

"Is something bad going to happen?" Fluttershy worried.

"I don't think so, this is a mixture of my "Falling from the Sky" sense and the "Unknown Doozy" sense." Pinkie said.

Then suddenly, a red and black vortex right above the school as a box came out falling right on Flash's head and the vortex quickly closes.

"Ow!" Flash groaned in pain.

"Well, that happen." Applejack said.

"You okay, Flash?" Sunset asked.

"Yeah, just this weird box with a note." Flash pointed at the note and the box.

"Oh, let me see." Spike hopped on the box.

"Be careful Spike, we don't know what this is exactly." Twilight warned.

"Got it, now let see." Spike looked at the note carefully and reads it out loud.

"To whoever find this box,

You may not believe it, but this is a message from an entirely different world is probably not like yours and your existence is a fiction in the form of cartoons or comic or anime or whatever. I have sent this box contain the most entertaining and awesome web show in my world known as Death Battle where two characters from different franchise like anime, video games, cartoon, etc., going against each other in a big fight to see who would win and who would die at the end. There are over 100 episodes of this show, but I have made the disk to only show my favorite Death Battle episodes because I believe them to be the best in my opinion and view, hope you enjoy them!


The Saiyan of the North Star.


If you're not feeling awesome to watch it, then don't bother."

"Hey, we are so beyond awesome to watch!" Rainbow Dash angered.

"Huh, so these disks contain this Death Battle web show that is very popular from wherever this came from." Applejack looked at the disks inside the box.

"I don't know, can we really trust someone from another world that is not Equestria?" Sunset asked a little cautious.

"I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Let's take them and see for ourselves." Flash suggested.

"I'm actually very curious to see what these Death Battle episodes are like." Twilight agreed.

(Sunset's House)

"Okay, I'm gonna put the DVD in. Just be prepared for anything strange and dangerous." Sunset said to everyone before putting the DVD in.

"I must say, these rules here are very detailed so everyone will know that the battles will seem fair." Twilight commented as she reads the Death Battle rules that came with the DVD.

"Yeah, yeah, let just watch the show already!" Rainbow Dash excited as they see the intro screen.

"Good music." Flash said.

Wiz: Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat. Kings of the fighting genre. And every good fighter needs awesome villians.

"Never heard of those, but I bet that would be awesome video games to play." Rainbow Dash said.

"And it looks like we'll seeing villains in this." Sunset stated.

Boomstick: Like Akuma, the ultimate badass of martial arts.

"Oh, he looks scary." Fluttershy commented.

Wiz: And Shang Tsung, the sorcerous vanguard of doom.

"There's something about that guy I just don't like." Applejack glared.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find who would win... a Death Battle.


The scene shows Akuma as just looking at the man send shivers down everyone's spine.

"This guy reminds me of when I became a She-demon, but worse." Sunset admitted.

Wiz: Akuma, master of The Fist. Known as Gouki in Japan, he is a living weapon, ten times stronger than nearly every other Street Fighter.

Boomstick: Plus, he looks friggin' awesome, I totally want me some red, glowing eyes.

"I prefer if he didn't have the red glowing eyes, thank you." Fluttershy said scared a little.

"Not to mention the outfit he's wearing is all dirty and old. It's like a retro pajama." Rarity commented on Akuma's clothing.

"I don't think he cares about fashion, Rarity." Applejack stated.

Gou Hadoken

Total Control

Can Fire Multiple at Once

Shinku-Hadoken (Pinkie think its spicy)

Can be Charged

Usable in Midair (Zanku Hadoken)

Wiz: Akuma has dozens of powerful special attacks, including the Gou Hadoken. A powerful blast with precision control. He can even use the almighty Shinku-Hadoken, which is, basically, a giant fireball of death.

"Oh, that looks like spicy." Pinkie said.

Boomstick: Man, if I ever fire a Hadoken in real life, I'mma die happy.

"Me too, though not the dying part." Rainbow Dash nodded.

Special Moves and Attacks

Gou Shoryuken "Dragon Fist"

"Air Slashing"

Hurricane Kick (Rainbow Dash likes that one)


Hyakki Shuu (Demon Flip)

Wiz: Akuma also uses the Shoryuken uppercut, a teleport ability, a swift multi-striking hurricane kick, and the Hyakkishu, A.K.A the Demon Flip.

"So many attacks each deadly in their own way." Twilight interested.

"Guess even a martial artist means you learn all kinds of moves." Applejack said.

"I always wanted to learn martial arts, but I never got the chance." Flash mentioned.

Boomstick: Also, Akuma's got tons of different Super Arts, but two really stand out. First there's the "Kongo...Kokuretsu Za... how do you say that?

Wiz: No idea.

"Sheesh, is it really that hard to pronounce Japanese?" Sunset rolled her eyes.

Super Arts


Kongo Kokuretsu Zan

Boomstick: Well, I'm pretty sure that's Japanese for "Fuck You Up!" 'Cause basically, Akuma punches the ground and things explode.

"Wait, he what?" Spike asked.

Announcer: K.O. The scene shows Akuma performing the move against another Street Fighter character with the purple explosion from his punch shock everyone.

Boomstick: He shattered a whole friggin' island just by punching it. Holy shit!

"Destroying an island with a punch like that, that's impossible!" Twilight gasped.

Wiz: But that's not the deadliest move up his nonexistent sleeve.

"What, you mean there's another?" Flash asked.

Akuma uses his deadliest move against Dan Hibiki and his health depletes afterwards.

"Oh, my!" Fluttershy surprised scared.

Wiz: The Shun Goku Satsu, also known as the Raging Demon, literally means "Instant Hell Murder."

Boomstick: Man, I'm going to totally name my first kid that. The Raging Demon at full power is fatal, this guy's a frikin' onslaught of pain!

"Who in heavens' name would want to name a child after that?" Rarity questioned Boomstick's taste.

"But that move sure can finish the job." Applejack pointed out.

Wiz: That's right. Boomstick, Akuma lives for one thing, and one thing only: fighting. He travels the world day and night searching for worthy opponents. He's an unstoppable human Holocaust, losing only once to his brother Gouken, but after a brutal rematch...

The scene shows Gouken dead with his dead on the wall of his dojo and his blood painted in the Japanese symbol for Heaven. This causes the girls, Flash and Spike to gasp of seeing this.

"How could he do that his own brother?" Fluttershy sobbed.

"I know me and Big Mac fight sometimes, but we would never do anything like that." Applejack said, thinking the same for Applebloom. Rarity and Fluttershy thought the same for their younger sibling, same with others who have siblings.

Boomstick: Oh hey, look he can fingerpaint!

"Dude, not cool!" Rainbow Dash snapped.

"He's lucky I can't bite him." Spike growled.

Wiz: It was rumored that Akuma sacrificed his soul to a demon in exchange for the strength to defeat Gouken, but this has been declared non-canon.

"Oh, thank goodness." Sunset sighed in relief.

Boomstick: Akuma's got one major problem, though. His stamina is absolutely pathetic. He can dish out the pain, but he sure can't take it.

Wiz: It's crucial for Akuma to have total control over the fight. He takes an extremely offensive approach. Always moving, always attacking.

"Guess he's a whole new meaning of "No pain, no gain!"" Pinkie commented.

"Better add "Deadly" to that too." Twilight said.

Boomstick: Yeah, screw defense, give me more ways to hurt people!

Akuma: I am Akuma, and I will teach you the meaning of pain!

Shang Tsung

Wiz: Shang Tsung is the cunning sorcerer from Outworld, and scheming pawn of Shao Kahn. He's extremely adapt in magic and a well-rounded fighter.

"Uh, that guy doesn't look so tough." Rainbow Dash shrugged.

Flaming Skulls

Can Attack in Rounds of One, Two, or Three

Fire Damage

Swift and Deadly

Unlimited Supply of Human Scalps (Everyone gasps)

Boomstick: This guy can shoot flaming skulls, which is totally awesome, but where the heck does he keep them? I mean seriously, how many skulls can a person carry around with them?

"He may shoot flaming skulls. But can he shoot cupcakes from a cannon?" Pinkie smirked.

"Do the skull he uses were from… other people?" Fluttershy gulped.

"Let's not think about that." Sunset suggested, not wanting to have nightmares of her skull being use like that.

Wiz: Tsung can teleport around the battlefield with the special move called "Hot Escape"

Hot Escape

Teleport Ability

Extremely Fast

Wide Range

Burns Victims when Appearing Close Enough

Sucker Punch!

Boomstick: Wah! Sucker punch, bitch!

"Teleporting in fire does sound awesome." Rainbow Dash interested.

"Well, I prefer my way of traveling." Pinkie said appearing right next to Rainbow Dash causing her to jump.


Can Change into Anyone he Knows

Copies Abilities and Stats of Subject

Enables Hundreds of New Strategies

Wiz: He can morph into whomever he wants, giving him tons of different skill sets, its like fighting a hundred different foes combined into one.

"Sounds like a Changling back in Equestria." Sunset recalled reading about them back when she was Princess Celestia's student.

Boomstick: Man, I wish I could morph into anybody I wanted. I can have some fun with that!

"Oh, I bet you would, you pervert." Rarity said firm.

Straight Sword

About Three Feet Long

Secretly Hidden

Of Unknown Make

Prefers Fists and Magic over Swordsplay

Boomstick: He also has a razor-sharp Straight Sword, though he usually keeps it hidden for a surprise attack.

"Probably perfect for backstabbing." Applejack rolled her eyes.

Wiz: Shang Tsung possesses one other strange, but useful ability. Long ago, when he was caught cheating in the Mortal Kombat tournament, he was cursed, by the elder gods, to rapidly age until an untimely death. The only way to prevent this fate is to absorb the souls of his victims.

"Seriously?! I can eat all souls?" Spike scared with his paws over his face as Twilight comforts him.

Soul Steal

Sustain Youth

Restores Energy and Health

Gains Opponent's Memories and Skills

Uses Skills for Morphs

Boomstick: He can literally eat your soul. Your soul! Not only can this heal him, but he gets the memories of the souls he devoured.

"Man, now that's scary if he were to do that to us." Flash said, holding Sunset for dear life in a crushing bear hug.

"Flash… breath…" Sunset patted his arm squeezing the air out.

"Oh, sorry." Flash apologized as he lets go.

Wiz: This helps him copy the move sets of other fighters when he morphs.

Boomstick: So really, his curse became his deadliest weapon. Good punishment there, gods.

"Yeah, way to make the guy more deadly than he already was." Rainbow Dash mocked.

"I kinda agree, he should have been banish to Hell." Fluttershy said shocking everyone.

Wiz: Shang Tsung has lived and fought for over a thousand years. His sorcery, powers, and brutal Fatalities are rivaled by few, and he's claimed the title of grand champion of Mortal Kombat several times, almost bringing about the winning streak necessary to allow Shao Kahn to invade Earthrealm, key word being almost.

Boomstick: Yeah, unfortunately for Shang Tsung, he pretty much sucks at actually accomplishing his goals. He's super powerful, but like most villains, he can never get around some goody-two-shoes getting in the way of global take-over.

"Well, he is a minion to the big boss, after all." Pinkie pointed out.

"Yeah, minion can't really do things the main villains can't." Rainbow Dash chuckled.

Wiz: His only notable victories have included treachery and deceit. But, keep in mind, Tsung's not fighting any ordinary meat-heads. He's fighting demons, sorcerers, and gods, and even in defeat, he somehow keeps coming back more lethal than ever.

"In other words, making him annoying to kill him for good." Twilight deadpanned as Sunset nods.

Shang Tsung: You... will... DIE!

"Wow, that line was scary. Maybe I should use that for Halloween." Flash said.

After hearing the advertisement of Gamefly, it is time to see the fight itself of who will win and to see if this show really is the best the guy sent the DVDs from another world.

Akuma walks on the stage when Shang Tsung suddely appears behind him from his Hot Escape technique. Akuma jumps away to the other side of the battlefield, and prepares to fight.

"Kick his butt, Akuma!" Rainbow Dash cheered.

"Teach that soul sucker the meaning of pain!" Spike cheered too.

"You were worried that he can suck dog souls too, weren't you?" Twilight asked.

"Yes!" Spike answered.


Tsung shoots a Flaming Skull, which Akuma dodges by jumping over. He shoots two Gohadokens in the air, and Tsung blocks them. Akuma attacks Tsung's feet, and knocks him even more off balance by hitting him with a hurricane kick. and knocks him in the air with a Shoryuken uppercut. While in the Air, Akuma hits him a few time and finishes the combo with a Shinku-Hadouken. Tsung lays on the ground and Akuma tries to finish him off, but Tsung transforms into Scorpion.

Akuma stops and decides to see if this form is powerful enough to fight against, allowing him to get back up.

"Hey, why did he stop?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Maybe he wants to see how strong Tsung's new form is." Twilight guessed.

"More like a cheating copycat who can't do everything original himself." Rarity stated.

Scorpion: COME HERE!

Shang Tsung throws the Kunai spear at Akuma and drags Akuma over towards him. He uppercuts Akuma, cueing the "Toasty Guy", Dan Forden, to appear in the right corner of the screen.

Dan Forden: TOASTY!

That part made everyone laughs wondering what was the point of that guy.

Shang Tsung then keeps him in the air by hitting him with flaming skulls that burst out of the ground. Akuma falls behind him and throws him to right. He them teleports behinds him and kicks him, which Tsung blocks. He fires a Hadouken, but Tsung uses Hot Escape to get away, then reappears and slashes Akuma with his sword. He then grabs Akuma and tries to steal his soul, which heals some of his health and drains some of Akuma's.

"Oh dear, is he going to lose?" Fluttershy wondered.

"I wouldn't count him out just yet." Flash said.

Akuma breaks out of it by hitting him with a Hurricane Kick. Tsung runs toward him, but Akuma catches him off guard using the Kongo Kokuretsu Zan, which knocks him in the air.

"Oh yeah, the island destroying punch!" Sunset excited.

He then teleports over, hits him a few times, and then throws him. Tsung then lands on his feet and transforms into Akuma.

The two prepare for battle

"Uh-oh, now it's the battle of two Akumas!" Pinkie gasped.

"They look exactly the same." Spike pointed out the obvious.

"Just remember Tsung is the Akuma on the left." Twilight said to everyone.

The two Akuma's then jump in the air and they attack, blocking each other's moves. One of the Akuma knocks the other into the ground. and then tries to finish him off using the Kongo Kokoretsu Zan.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" Rainbow Dash panicked.

"That is going to be intense." Applejack said on the edge of her sit.

"It looks like Tsung may win this!" Twilight shocked, hoping to be proven wrong.

However, the other Akuma grabs him and finishes him off with a Shun Goku Satsu. As one of the Akuma's stands with his back to the screen with the iconic heaven kanji confirming the kill, it is then shown that the Akuma lying dead on the ground is Shang Tsung, who shortly turns back into his original form, releasing his souls.


Everyone just stared at the screen for a few seconds and they cheer loudly.

"That. Was. AWESOME!" Rainbow Dash shouted.

"It feels like I'm having a sugar rush without eating any sweets!" Pinkie squealed.

Boomstick: Oh man, that was way too close!

"Too close for comfort." Sunset said.

Wiz: No kidding, Boomstick! Akuma's raw power and speed pressed a distinct advantage early on, but Tsung's own cleverness and wide array of skills quickly even the odds.

Boomstick: It looked like Akuma had the whole thing wrapped up, but Tsung's morphing trick saved his ass.

"Should have finish him off right there." Rarity stated.

Wiz: Akuma's pride for battle almost cost his life, as he stopped to see if his new face was worth a challenge.

"And that pride almost cost him his life." Twilight said.

Wiz: But, it wasn't enough. In the end Akuma's skills as a fighter proved unmatched.

Boomstick: I mean, Tsung loses to Liu Kang all the time, and compared to Akuma, Liu Kang's the nicest guy in the world. There was no way he could take Akuma's constant punishment.

They laugh of the smile face emoji on a muscular body.

"He maybe able to copy others exactly like them, but he can never beat the real deal." Flash smirked.

"Truer words couldn't have been said better." Sunset kissed Flash on the cheek.

Wiz: As Tsung isn't used to winning anything on his own, he wasn't perfect on delivering the final blow, leaving him wide open for the experienced Akuma to unleash his greatest weapon.

Boomstick and Rainbow Dash: The Raging Demon of Instant-Hell-Murder-Awesomeness!

Wiz: And so Shang Tsung fell once again releasing his devoured souls, again.

Boomstick: Looks like Tsung's all souled out! Ha ha, get it, Wiz?

Everyone groan from the bad puns except for Pinkie who laughs.

Wiz: The winner is Akuma.

And so, the Death Battle episode ends.

"Man, that was like 40% awesome I have ever seen." Rainbow Dash bragged.

"You said it, Rainbow Dash. That made me feel more exciting of seeing other characters going against each other like that." Applejack nodded.

"Even I like it." Rarity admitted.

"It was a little scary, but not as scary as I thought." Fluttershy said with a small smile.

"Can we watch another one?" Spike asked Twilight.

"Oh, we're definitely going to watch another one. The favorite is listed from each season in order." Twilight nodded.

"Well then, let's get onto the next episode!" Flash excited.

"Right away!" Sunset said as she plays the next episode of the favorite Death Battle episode list.

KO a new story is born and hope you all enjoy it!

I have finally decided to do something no one has ever done before, making a reaction story of the Equestria Girls characters watching Death Battle though through my favorite list because watching the whole season episodes would be a little too long. In some chapters, other EG characters will join the Rainbooms, Flash, and Spike to enjoy the watch as well and Flash will be in for a big surprise with his love life.

To be honest, this was hard and longer to make than the other chapters on the other stories, but I'll give it my best to make this story going till the last episode of Death Battle!

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