It had been a week since it happened and Wesley had been seeing Deanna everyday and on the bridge for now. In two weeks he can get back in the engineering.

He and Kathryn had been doing fine to.

He was on his lunch break right now and sitting across from Kat.

Everyone kept an eye on him to make sure they don't see anything happen.

He had scars on his arms, legs and chest now and could still be sore at times.

"So, what are we doing with the wedding?" Kathryn asked while they worked on the plans. "Obviously invite friends and family."

"Yup." Wesley said smiling.

Then she wrote down who it was.

An hour later they were on the bridge and engineering.

Wesley was in his usual and setting up a new destination.

Throughout the time Wesley would keep himself busy.

He and Kathryn were doing fine and were getting everything ready for the wedding tomorrow.

"I can't believe you're getting married tomorrow." Geordi said shaking his head.

He was going to be Wesley's best man.

"I know. It feels weird getting married already. Seems like just yesterday I was kicked off the bridge after telling Captain what's going on when I first got here."

That got everyone to burst out laughing.

"I remember that." Geordi said.

Sure enough they were standing at the isle.

"Do you Wesley Crusher take Kathryn Snow to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do." Wesley said smiling.

"Do you Kathryn Snow take Wesley Crusher to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." Kathryn said smiling to.

"I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Then they did as told and everyone started clapping and smiled.

Every Starfleet member has heard about his history. That he saved them multiple times, what happened at the Academy, leaving Starfleet and now coming back. Most of them were surprised at what he had been through over the years and impressed at what he can do.

While they had the reception Picard stood up.

"This is a big day. Today the person that has been a part of the Enterprise family since he was fifteen years old is now a grown man and married. Everyone at Starfleet has heard his history of saving us all multiple times over the years. Even on Academy break." he said causing Wesley to turn red and everyone to laugh. "Then he left four years ago but when we needed help he gladly helped us again. He sent me a hint saying he meant it. The big hint was the end of the letter said former Ensign Crusher. Everyone knows what happened over the years and seeing that make me know he meant it. Now seeing him back in Starfleet as an officer makes me happy and start to feel like I'm getting old."

Everyone started laughing at that.

"One day I know he's going to make a fine Captain in the future. Kathryn, I'm pleased to have you in the family and hope you have a family of your own and know we'll help you with anything. I hope you have a wonderful long life Mr. and Mrs. Crusher. I'm looking forward to seeing how much you two improve over the years. Wesley, out of everyone on Starfleet you deserve a family of your own after saving the Enterprise multiple times over the years and am glad you came back and showed cadets what it took to become an officer when you went back to the Academy last year. To Wesley and Kathryn Crusher."

Everyone took out their glasses.

"To Wesley and Kathryn Crusher." they said together.

"Thank you sir. I think I just needed a little bit of a break to figure out what I really wanted to do. There was a little bit of me that wasn't sure if I really wanted to leave Starfleet. I hope to make you even prouder as time goes on. You were like a mentor to me when I started being on the Enterprise. Like I said when I was sixteen, I forgave you a long time ago and understood what happens to Starfleet members. I promise to do the best I can." Wesley said smiling.

After the reception Wesley and Kathryn went on their honeymoon and the Enterprise members went back to the Enterprise.

As years went on Wesley and Kathryn had a family of their own. Two girls and one boy. Wesley was doing good at being an officer and was now Commander Crusher.

Beverly was still on the Enterprise while Data, Georgia, Riker and Worf now have their own ship. Picard was proud of the Captains and commander.

He knew Wesley was close to being Captain and would make a fine one like the officer he thought he would be.

Picard was proud of him for becoming such a grown man.

He was going to be admiral when Wesley is ready to become Captain. He had told Starfleet and they all understood.

They were in the lounge with an admiral there to talk to them about something.

"Well, I'm here to tell you all something about Commander Wesley Crusher." the admiral said confusing everyone.

"Which is what sir?" Wesley asked.

"Wesley Crusher, we would like to promote you now as Captain Crusher of the U.S.S. Enterprise."

Wesley sat there in shock then looked at Picard.

"Sir? Does he mean this Enterprise or another one?" he asked.

Picard smiled.

"This Enterprise commander." he said.

"I, I, I don't know what to say sir."

"Say yes commander. You've been a part of this family since you were fifteen years old. You went from a plain teenager to a fifteen year old acting ensign then an eighteen year old full Ensign. You're ready."

Wesley looked around the room and everyone nodded smiling. Beverly had tears coming down her eyes a little.

Then he turned into the determined Wesley they've done since he was fifteen years old.

"I accept your offer sir." he said.

Admiral nodded smiling and Picard smiled proud of him.

"Alright, and Captain Picard I'm guessing is finally accepting his admiral offer now?"

"Yes sir." Picard said still smiling.

"Very well then. I'll see you soon."

Picard nodded and admiral left.

Then Picard looked at Wesley.

"Welcome aboard, Captain Crusher." he said smiling and shaking hands.

"It's going to take a little getting used to." Wesley said smiling.

"You'll get used to it, don't worry."

An hour later Wesley and Picard were at the transportation room getting ready to say good by.

"Well Wesley, I'm looking forward to hearing how you do as a captain." Picard said.

"And I'm looking forward to seeing you as an admiral." Wesley said smiling.

Picard stood there looking at him.

"It seems like just yesterday I let you sit in my chair. And then you became an acting ensign at fifteen. Three years later at eighteen you became a full ensign. When you left I will admit we had trouble with things even after you left for the academy we had trouble. Then when you answered that letter saying you'd help us with anything and putting former Ensign Crusher made me feel relieved and hopeful. When you went back to the academy after rejoining the Enterprise I already knew you were going to get respect and after wearing your Starfleet uniform were going to be treated different. You treated the respect, accepted an attention and everything a true Starfleet member would do. When you came back as lieutenant Crusher I was so proud it's not even funny. When you became lieutenant Commander Crusher I actually almost cried. Then when you became Commander I decided to make a deal. When you become captain I will become admiral and leave you the Enterprise because you've been part of this for so long. And now look at you, a new captain. Captain of your home, Captain of the Enterprise. I know you're going to do fine." he said.

"Thank you sir. I'll try and make you proud." Wesley said.

Picard smiled and nodded.

"You'll do fine. And if you ever need help call me and I'll help."

"Thank you sir."

Picard nodded and hopped onto the transporter.

"Energize." Wesley said standing there smiling and then he was gone.