Jeyne woke feeling like she did on most mornings. Feeling ill. Two days past it had even been so bad that she had thrown up. Her sickness had been easing of late though.

It had been two moons now since Robb had left Riverrun. Since then, they had gotten word of Balon Greyjoy's death, and Robb winning back Moat Cailin from the Ironborn. But the biggest news they had heard had come from King's Landing. King Joffrey was dead, poisoned at his own wedding by the Imp, while Robb's sister, Sansa had gone missing.

As she dressed herself, Jeyne examined her belly. It had swollen just a little now, but there still wasn't any visible bump when she was wearing clothes.

When she had finished, she left, and found the Great Hall to eat Breakfast. Her mother had given her warning of the queer cravings she would have while with child, and so far Jeyne had found her mother to be correct.

After breaking her fast, Jeyne found herself wandering the castle. She had been warned that later it would become more difficult to move, and to use her ability to move while she still could.

Since Robb had left, Jeyne found most her days to be a bit empty, hardly distinguishable from her life she had lived before as just the daughter of the Lord of the Crag, save for the crown atop her head and the babe in her belly. Everyday they would get some news and rumors of what was happening elsewhere. Robb had written her to tell her that he would by riding North to the Wall to aide the Night's Watch against the King Beyond the Wall, and try to root the Ironborn out of the North once and for all before he would return south.

But Robb had also told her that soon she may be able to come North and live at Winterfell as a proper queen should.

Jeyne saw the same beauty of Riverrun when she walked around the battlements until she got to the Western side. They had heard reports of Lannister forces in the West coming, and it seemed they were true now. The banners were too faint to identify, but Jeyne had no doubt they were Lannister men.

The castle had been preparing for a siege though for a while now, as Ser Brynden had known that with Robb no longer in the area the Lannisters were like to move in to try and take the castle while Robb was gone.

When Jeyne had first heard word of men coming she had been terrified, and expressed such sentiments, however the Blackfish had tried to reassure her that this incoming host could number no more than ten thousand, and even then that would likely be overestimating them. And he had cleaned out the area so they could not forage the area around here, while they would have to also split their host into three, and eventually they would be forced to storm the castle, which was unassailable. Now though, seeing the host from such a distance, Jeyne felt a strange sense of relief. The host was hardly the large force she had envisioned, it was hardly larger than the one that Robb had when he took the Crag, and it was all afoot and would be split in three.

To the east they had heard that after taking Harrenhal from the Bloody Mummers, the Mountain had been called back to King's Landing in the wake of King Joffrey's death to stand as the crown's champion in a possible trial by battle.

And soon, Robb would be returning, and he would beat them back, as he had before, she thought. Only, until then she would need to be strong for him, and the child she carried.

After a while though, Jeyne decided to leave the battlements, and find something else to do. She found Elayna and Rollam playing in the Godswood together, which put a smile on Jeyne's face, even though they were soon to be under siege. They were prisoners now, she realized, along with her mother and father. Only she wasn't as she was Robb's queen and had his child in her. It was a strange thought, for the queen's own family to be prisoners of their king, yet these where queer times.

At some point, Jeyne found herself before the Heart Tree, praying to Robb's gods. She didn't know how to pray to the Old Gods, so she decided to make up her own prayers. She prayed for Robb to have another victory, so that they may be reunited soon and for her to have a strong son, and for the besieging force's quick defeat.

When she was finished, Jeyne rose again, feeling not much different than before. Rollam and Elayna were still playing though, and Jeyne decided to join them for a bit. It wasn't too hard to keep up with them she noted, though she figured that was not like to be the case for very long.

The rest of her day passed with little incident until dinner, after she was done with her food. Jeyne was seated at the high table, and was there when Maester Vyman came in with important news. "Ser, your grace, we got a raven... It says that Lord Tywin Lannister is dead, slain by his own son, the Imp, who has fled the city of King's Landing.

The Blackfish considered that for a moment. "How do we know this to be true?" He asked.

The maester shrugged in response. "We don't. If we get word from more sources, we may be able to verify it's validity, but for now with this siege, we aren't going to find out for a while."

"If this is true, this changes everything." One of the men at arms said.

"It changes nothing." The Blackfish said. "Take a look from the battlements. Lord Tywin isn't the one who commands the force outside."

Jeyne placed her hands protectively on the small swell of her belly. "Would they assault the castle sooner now, do you think Ser?"

"I do not know, my queen." Ser Brynden replied. "Only they know what they will do."

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