7th March 1981

The blonde woman was coming home after a mission from the order of the phoenix. They had miraculously survived without losing anyone and even if they didn't manage to capture a single death eater she considered it a win. Surviving was winning at this point. She took her leather jacket which smelt of cigarettes and some muggle cologne that the boy she stole from used it.

She won it on the card table, fair and square, which made Sirius very pissed. He hated even more that she used the jacket on all order functions, throwing her win into his face every time. She was supposed to put it on the bet table next time they were to go to the bar, but since things were getting worse it couldn't be helped that it was getting postponed. She like the attention it brought her,

Marlene was happy with her camaraderie with Sirius and never saw him as a potential partner. Even if he tried to flirt and seduce her a few times. She could definitely see the appeal but she had a loving family and couldn't help but wish that sort of firm and dependable relationship from a partner and that was something she could never see herself getting from him. She could imagine him wanting to snog and maybe shag her a few times before losing interest and moving into his next target, just like he did with everyone else. But because she didn't cave and he didn't get to eat and leave, they have this friendship based on jokes and bets that always put a smile on the girls face.

She dropped her bag on the couch and went looking for her parents and brothers that were supposed to be home for dinner. She thought the place was a little too quiet but she only understood the gravity of it when she got to the kitchen and saw the bloodied body of her mother on the table. It took her a second to process and pull her wand up and shoot a barrier expel. Then she managed to look around better and see Bellatrix and Rabastan Lestrange torturing her father but soon turning their attention to her.

"Marlene! Leave! Run!" Her father said as she started duelling against the witch but Rabastan noticed it finished her father with a avada kedavra and soon joined his wife against the blonde.

"You Bastard!" Marlene said while shooting curses at them.

"Little Marlie is being taught a lesson. How does it feel to be the last McKinnon alive?" Bellatrix said in a sing-song voice as she fired crucius at her. Marlene looked around trying to find her two big brothers and her nephews. They were dead. She couldn't even tell the difference of the children as they were covered in blood and gutter. She swallowed hard and kept fighting but soon saw herself corned. She always carried an amulet in her wrist, at first look it was a simple jewelry but it was a runic artifact that permitted her to ignore wards and transpass almost any security constriction. She tried to think of the ministry and aparate, she knew she wasn't in the mental state for it but it was her last chance. As she was apparating she got caught in the explosion of a bombarda that Rabastan fired at her but she still managed to complete it.

She just didn't get the place right and two blocks away from the entrance to the diagon alley she showed up in the middle of the street. Completely confused she just managed to look at the light that approached her as she felt herself being hit by something metallic. She heard a commotion of people gathering and sirens but she felt herself drifting to sleep. The last thing she thought about was she couldn't die. She couldn't possibly die. She was afterall the last living McKinnon…