Chapter 1: Teenagers

Santana hung her head as she swerved through the crowd towards her locker. She kept her earbuds at a deafening volume, shutting out the cheerleaders high pitched giggles and the football players disgusting jokes. It was only her second week in this new small town, and she was already as outcast as she was before. Her raven black hair hung covering half of her face, to avoid making eye contact with anyone on accident while she put her books in her locker with perfect precision. Just as she pulled her hands aways to zip her bag, the locker door was slammed violently. Santana kept her head down, not daring to make eye contact with whoever had decided she was a little too visible. When a hand touched her shoulder, she clutched her bag tighter, bracing for impact. When the hand retracted almost immediately, like Santana had stung her, she dared to look up. A cheerleader, shit. The girl was talking. Oh! Earbuds, of course Santana.

"Whats your name!?" The girl shouted, causing half the hall to turn towards them and Santana immediately attempted to disappear further into her black hoodie.

"S...San...tan...a" she muttered, pulling at her sleeves nervously "Please don't yell."

"Sorry, I thought you couldn't hear me, I wanted to apologize for slamming your locker, I was trying to open mine." The girl looked down at Santana who was visibly shrinking. "You're new. I'm Brittany." the blonde held out her hand, and Santana shook it cautiously.

"S..sorry I didn't hear you. Earbuds." Santana mumbles.

"OOH whatcha listening to?" Brittany smiled eagerly. Santana showed her the IPod nervously. "I love MCR. Let's be friends." Brittany said. Santana shook her head, and watched the bright smile turn into a pout, and her heart broke, if that was possible in its already broken state.

"I, uh, don't have friends sorry." Santana now tried to push past the blonde towards her class, but the girl grabbed her by the wrist. Santana froze, hissing in pain, turning back to the girl who looked at her like she'd kicked a puppy. "Please let go." Santana said quietly. Brittany shook her head. Santana hissed when the girl pulled gently. "Britt stop." Santana cursed herself for shortening the girls name, but what was she supposed to do, the blonde was a goddess.

"Only my friends call me Britt. That means we are friends, right San?" she pulled Santana closer, the smaller girl nodding. Brittany let go of the Latinas wrist, and without a goodbye the girl scampered off, pulling at her sleeves.

She was there again when Santana came to switch her books. Santana pulled an earbud out in case Brittany talked to her again, but focused on her locker.

"Why are you so scared?" Brittany watched the girl move with calculated actions and shook her head "You should relax."

"P...people like don't have that luxury." Santana gently closed her locker, following Brittany's gaze to where her sleeve had slipped to reveal a scar. "I have to go." Santana started to walk away, head down, when her vision was suddenly blurred by cherry red ice. She watched as blue followed it and was stopped by a cheerleading shield. She heard Brittany yelling at the kids, but she couldn't open her eyes and water filled her ears. She felt herself being pulled away, and she did her best to keep up.

"San are you okay?" a voice broke through the fog as the ice was wiped away from her eyes. None other than Brittany stood in front of her, drying her face with a paper towel. She tried not to cry, but the red dye and sugar stung her eyes. She shook her head as tears fell. "It's okay, let's go to the nurse so you can't get dry clothes and wash out your eyes."

"NO!" Santana shouted, Brittany stumbling back. "No. She'll see. I cant." Santana pulled at her sleeves again and looked sadly at Brittany.

"You shouldn't do that." Brittany said matter of factly

"I know"

"So why do yo-"

"Drop it Britt."

"But we are friends"

"Please stop."

"Do you not like me?"

"Brittany of course I do," Santana met blue eyes "you're a pretty cheerleader who saved me from getting a blue slushie too. But you don't want to be friends with me."

"Yes I do. I like your hair and you listen to cool music, you're like the only emo kid in school."

"That's not a good thing." Santana looked up at the taller girl "I'm an outcast. You're a cheerleader. We don't go together."

"Will you give me one week to prove you wrong?" Brittany begged. Santana relented, nodding. She thanked Brittany for the slushy protection and left the bathroom sadly.

If she's not dating me by the end of the week, she will have proven my point.