"I can't believe it, Sweeney," Mrs. Lovett said. She had already said this, in fact, five times in a row. "The sea! I've always wanted to go. Ever since I was a little wisp of a thing-"

"You've sang the song," Sweeney told her. She beamed at him.

"Oh, Mr. T, I'm so happy you've come back."

Sweeney grunted. "I'm not regretting it either."

"I'm still here, ya know." Toby's voice came from the seat behind them. "Don't get all sappy."

Mrs. Lovett dropped her voice to a whisper. "Do you suppose we ought to get married?"

Sweeney snorted. "What church would even let us in?"

"We could do a private one." Mrs. Lovett sparkled up at him. "Surely we could find something."

Sweeney gave her a look. "Yes. We could. It...could be arranged."

"Oh, Mr. Todd!" Mrs Lovett gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "I'm so happy! I could eat you up, I really could!"

Sweeney looked at her, alarmed. "In a pie?"

"No, not in a pie, silly. I'm just excited." Mrs. Lovett stared dreamily into space. "A seaside wedding."

Loud, exaggerated gagging came from the seat behind them. Sweeney took a long sip of wine from his flask. He figured he'd need it. Still, he was getting married to his love. He wouldn't trade her for anything.

"And we should have a brother for Toby," Mrs. Lovett said decisively.

Sweeney choked and spat wine everywhere. "Let's just save that idea for another time, ok?"

The gagging stopped. Toby seemed to have been stunned into silence.

The train ground to a halt and Sweeney rose, Mrs. Lovett leaning on his arm.

"I'm going to enjoy this, ya know," she said softly.

He grinned. "Me too."

"How are we going to combine Todd and Lovett?"


She snorted. "That's awful. I love it."

He took her hand, and she took Toby's. And together, the family walked off the train, into their happy future.