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Collector Hero: Synthesis!

Midoriya Izuku was a nice boy, his parents adored him and his preschool teachers praised his kindness and willingness to share. The little green-haired boy was a delight to be around. But he was also quite a mystery. By age four, when most children begin to manifest their Quirks, Izuku hadn't shown any sign of change so his mother took him to the doctor.

-Doctor's Office-

"Hmm, I don't understand it." The Doctor mumbled as he looked over the results of Izuku's tests. Midoriya Inko, Izuku's mother, looked on worriedly before speaking up.

"Doctor, is there something wrong?" Inko questioned as she held onto her little boy.

"Not wrong, per se." The Doctor replied. "But I've never quite seen anything like this before."

"What do you mean?" Inko asked starting to worry more for her son.

"According to all of the tests, Izuku not only has a Quirk but it should be ridiculously powerful and obvious. The strength of his Quirk Factor alone is astounding. I've never seen marks this high before. Little Izuku has more 'Quirk Potential' than several dozen full grown adults, it's mind-boggling!" The Doctor informed the mother and son as he continued to look over the test results.

"So he does have a Quirk?" Inko wanted to be sure.

"Most assuredly, Midoriya-san, every test has come back positive." The Doctor confirmed. "The only thing I can tell you for sure about it is that it's a Mutant Type Quirk. Beyond that it, in all honesty, should already be incredibly obvious. The fact that it's not is truly baffling."

"What should we do?" Inko inquired and the Doctor could only give her the basics.

"Keep watch on Izuku, check for any physical changes, or sudden mental developments. Both Regeneration and Mental Enhancing Quirks can fall under the Mutant Type." The Doctor advised and the mother nodded in understanding before bowing and leaving with her son.

Izuku would go on to show no significant changes through the next few years. He was intelligent, to say the least always within the top ten or even the top five of his classes. Unfortunately for the young green-haired boy, none of his peers believed him when he told them he had a Quirk. Without anything to show them the other kids wouldn't believe that Izuku had a Quirk at all. It was his friend Kacchan that had started the exclusion of Izuku from his peers. The young ash-blonde boy had found out about the term 'Quirkless' and applied it to the young boy. Without anything to show them to prove them wrong Izuku quickly found himself an outsider among his classmates.

"You ready to head out Izuku?" Inko asked her son as the eleven year old finished tying his shoes. The two were headed out for some shopping together and Inko planned to buy Izuku some All Might merchandise that would hopefully put a smile on her son's face. To the worried mother her son didn't smile enough. She knew that he had no real friends because his Quirk was still a complete mystery. She suspected that he was even seen as Quirkless by the other kids his age. But until his Quirk actually did something that could be catalogued as an ability there wasn't much either of them could do.

She'd held out hope that they had discovered his Quirk a couple of years ago. Izuku was always a smart boy but when he first saw her Quirk in action he'd quickly understood it. The few times he'd seen his father, Hisashi, use his Fire Breath Quirk the little boy had quickly figured out how it worked and that his father had hit the limit of his Quirk's ability, just as Inko had when she was a teenager. Unfortunately a trip to the Doctor's Office had rendered the idea of an 'Intelligence Enhancing' Quirk out. Izuku simply didn't have the marks of that type of Quirk on his test results.

"I'm ready." Izuku smiled slightly at his mother and the two left their apartment. Hisashi was at work, even on a Saturday he sometimes had to go in to work. The man was hopeful that his 'importance' to the company meant that he'd be getting a rumored promotion that had been going around his office recently. The mother and son made their way towards the market and began to shop for groceries. Everything was normal on this Saturday, the sun was out and it was pleasantly warm. A few white clouds drifted lazily across the sky and people were in a good mood. Walking back home Inko smiled as Izuku happily looked over the new All Might figure they'd stopped at a shop to buy.

It happened so quickly.

A sudden scream, a large crash, people running. Inko lost sight of Izuku for a moment.

"Get out of my way!" A loud voiced yelled followed by the one sound a mother never wanted to hear. The sound of her child screaming in pain.

"Monster!" A different voice roared out followed by another crash. When the crowd had cleared out a bit Inko saw a Pro Hero, Shishido if she remembered hearing from Izuku correctly, repeatedly punching a man with long sickle-like blades coming from his arms. The villain was pinned and looked to already be unconscious but the Pro seemed almost feral in his rage.

"Izuku?" Inko questioned looking for her little boy. Her blood ran cold upon seeing her baby laid out on the ground, red blood pooling under him. "IZUKU!" She ran to her child's side and her scream seemed to snap the Lion Hero from his rage. He quickly cuffed the villain and ran over to assist. Izuku was unconscious and Inko was panicking as she saw the large cut across her son's torso.

"Damn." Shishido grimaced as he grabbed the hem of his costume and used his strength to tear it off. He was quick to fold the cloth and place it over the large laceration on the boy. "Ma'am hold this; keep the pressure on the injury to help stop the bleeding." The Pro instructed and Inko wasted no time in following the instructions. "I've got a Code 47C at-" Shishido started speaking into a police radio but Inko had already tuned the Pro out her complete focus on her injured son while tears poured from her eyes. The next hour was a complete blur to Inko; she barely remembered anything other than calling Hisashi and trying to tell him what happened. Hisashi had practically torn the hospital doors off their hinges when he arrived. Now both parents were sitting in a waiting room holding each other. Both had red eyes from their tears when a Doctor approached them.

"Midoriya-san?" She asked and both parents nodded. "Izuku is stable and he'll make a full recovery." She gave them a soft smile as she watched the tension and fear practically fall off the parent's shoulders.

"Can we see him?" Inko and Hisashi asked in unison.

"Of course, please follow me." The Doctor replied as she led them to Izuku's recovery room. Hisashi and Inko saw Izuku sleeping in a hospital bed and were at his side so quickly the Doctor almost thought they had 'Speed' Quirks for a second. Over all Izuku seemed fine, gauze bandages were wrapped around his chest and there was an IV in his arm but other than those two things the boy just appeared to be sleeping.

"Will there be any lasting side effects?" Hisashi asked seeing his son sleeping peacefully.

"Aside from a thin scar, no." The Doctor shook her head. "The villain's Quirk was deadly, but it also cut incredibly cleanly. It was very easy to mend and Izuku responded well to one of our Nurses' Healing Quirk. He didn't even need stitches."

"Thank goodness." Inko sniffled as she held her son's hand as he slept. The two parents stayed with their son the whole night and in the morning both were awoken to the sound of their son's voice. It was a joyous set of parents that, gently, hugged their son that morning and Izuku had to be filled in on what had occurred. The young boy had only the brief memory of the villain heading his way and a flash of pain.

"Midoriya-kun, are you hungry?" A Nurse asked as she held a tray of food in her hands. Seeing the boy nod the Nurse smiled at the cute boy and placed his food on the moveable table and let the boy start his breakfast. Inko and Hisashi asked where the cafeteria was and Hisashi left to get breakfast for Inko and himself. Izuku seemed rather hungry and was done with his breakfast several minutes before Hisashi came back. In that time though Inko noticed her son develop his 'thinking' face that he did when he was 'analyzing' a Quirk. The strangest part about seeing him do it now, other than the fact that she was the only one in the room and he'd already studied her Quirk completely, was that her son was looking at his own hand while slowly clenching and opening his hand.

"Izuku, are you ok?" Inko asked and Izuku turned to her with an indecipherable look before he spoke.

"I think I have a Quirk." Izuku confusedly replied as he put the tip of his index finger behind the tip of his thumb and then flicked at an empty plastic cup that had once had juice in it. The cup, several inches away from his fingers, flipped over and landed on the sheets of his bed. Inko stared wide eyed at what her son had just done before smiling widely and hugging her son gently.

"Oh Izuku! I knew you'd figure it out eventually!" Inko congratulated her son on finally figuring out his Quirk. It seemed it may even be an off-shoot of hers!

"What did I miss?!" Hisashi came into the room with his and Inko's food to see his wife smiling happily while Izuku looked confused while staring at his hands. The following explanation and demonstration brought a smile to the father's face. The only oddity was that Izuku still seemed to be confused by his new Quirk. To both parents it seemed their son wasn't able to truly figure out his new ability.

The rest of the day was spent bringing in the Hospital's resident Quirk Specialist to help the family figure out Izuku's ability and get it registered. The Specialist however wanted to look into the family history to see potential links between Izuku's Quirk and his parents and grandparents. The only close resemblance seemed to be Inko's Attraction of Small Objects Quirk, but in reverse. Izuku however, was the one that shot that theory down.

"That's not it." Izuku spoke up and his parents as well as the Specialist turned to him curiously. "This Quirk is an Emitter Type; my Quirk is a Mutant Type." This led to the Specialist running the 'Quirk Typing Test' on the boy and confirming that Izuku did indeed have a Mutant Type Quirk, but that his results now showed he also had the 'Emitter' trait on his test.

"I've never seen this before." The Specialist commented as he looked over the original test that had been done on Izuku, showing the boy to only have the 'Mutant' trait. He then turned his gaze to the new test showing both the 'Mutant' and 'Emitter' traits. "How in the world?"

The family stayed at the Hospital for another two days. In that time Izuku was given a full body scan and high focus scans of his skin from head to toe. While these were taking place the Quirk Specialist had called in other Specialists and they'd set about checking the National Quirk Registry for any Quirks that matched what Izuku had displayed so far. At the end of the second day the Midoriya Family, nay the entire Country, potentially the World; would be shocked beyond belief.

"It's 'Force Projection'." The original Specialist reported and all three Midoriyas blinked at the man. "It's a Quirk registered to a young Pro MMA fighter. He's rather popular and goes to Blood Drives to help increase turn out and donations. Izuku has somehow obtained his Quirk; or a copy of it at least."

"But…but how?" Inko questioned while Hisashi looked on in confused concern for his son.

"I believe that the blood that Izuku was given during his transfusion was from the young man." A different Specialist spoke up; she was one of the ones called in by the original. "As crazy as it sounds, Izuku's Mutant Quirk, is the ability to copy Quirks from the blood of others."

"Huh?" Hisashi couldn't hold back his exclamation of confused shock.

"I know! It's fascinating!" A third Specialist smiled though he quickly toned himself down seeing the looks he got from the parents and his own colleagues. "Sorry, but this is truly unprecedented. A Quirk capable of permanently copying other Quirks has never been seen before."

"So I have to have blood transfusions to gain a copy of a Quirk?" Izuku asked his head tilted slightly and his eyes looking between the three Specialists.

"Not quite, young man." The initial Specialist informed him as he pulled a few pictures from the file his was holding. "These are images of your hands, Izuku, magnified about one hundred times." The Midoriya family looked at the pictures and the Specialist pointed to tiny spots all over Izuku's palms. "These are about as thick as a human hair. Compiling these images with the internal images we got from the full body scan shows that these spots are micro tubes that connect to Izuku's bloodstream. We believe his Mutant Quirk utilizes these micro spots to potentially extract blood from a person and use that to copy their Quirk." Both parents nodded to the explanation but still appeared rather lost. Izuku stared at his hands for a bit before the third Specialist spoke up again.

"If you're up for it, young man, we could do one last test before you leave." He offered and Izuku nodded in acceptance, after looking to his parents for permission. The test was moved to a room with a micro imager and three of the Hospital Staff were brought in, a female Nurse, a male Nurse, and the Doctor that had performed Izuku's treatment.

"So what do I do?" Izuku asked as he looked at the people in the room.

"Each of these Staff has a different Type of Quirk, Izuku. We'd like you to hold onto their arm and try to actively copy their Quirks. This is to see if you can copy every Quirk Type or only Emitter Quirks." The female Specialist explained and Izuku nodded. The female Nurse stepped up first with a smile.

"Hello Izuku, I'm glad to see you doing so much better." She smiled getting one in return from the boy. "My Quirk is an Emitter Type called 'Healing Aura' you responded well to it when we were closing up your injury."

"Thank you for that." Izuku said with a bow. "And for this too." The Nurse smiled and waved off his thanks before holding out her arm for him. Izuku placed his hand on the offered arm and focused on copying her Quirk. Izuku didn't feel anything and neither did the Nurse.

"Move over to the imager please." The first Specialist instructed the Nurse and she placed her arm under the devices lens. A minute later and the Specialist nodded. "It seems to have worked. The imager shows multiple micro punctures that have almost instantly healed up."

"Is this it?" Izuku asked as he held up his hands and a light green glow emitted from them. The Nurse smiled at the boy and nodded.

"That's 'Healing Aura' alright; I hope you'll put it to good use Izuku." The Nurse smiled kindly and Izuku nodded rapidly as the glow dissipated from his hands.

"Well, this confirms he's not limited to just one of each Type. He now has two Emitter Type Quirks." The third Specialist nodded as he marked the result on his tablet.

"Guess I'll go next." The male Nurse grinned as he briefly showed his Quirk to Izuku by growing to double his original size. "My Quirk is a Transformation Type that I call 'Little Giant'." He chuckled and Izuku laughed at the name too. The man offered his arm to Izuku and once again Izuku held onto the offered arm and focused on trying to copy the Quirk. Just over a minute later and Izuku scrunched up his face, as if he was trying hard to remember something, before he grew almost another half of his own height.

"This feels different." Izuku remarked as he slowly walked around at his new height. "I don't feel like I can get any bigger than this though?" He remarked uncertainly.

"Strange." The male Nurse commented. "I can only go between regular height and 'giant' size. Nothing in between and it's always been exactly double my base height. He looks like he only went up about half of his height."

"Potentially unable to fully replicate Transformation Type Quirks?" The female Specialist remarked as she noted the difference. "Because his base Quirk is a Mutant Type maybe he can't overly change his body composition or structure? Or maybe all Transformation Types are only able to express 'half power'?" She theorized and both of the other Specialists seemed to be considering this as well.

"That's still neat though." Izuku smiled as he went back to his regular height.

"Have fun with it, big guy." The male Nurse grinned as he ruffled Izuku's hair playfully.

"Guess I'm last." The female Doctor smiled at Izuku kindly. "My Quirk isn't anything fancy. Just a minor Mutant Type." She informed as she moved her hair aside revealing two small horns on her head. "I jokingly named them 'Oni Horns'." She grinned and Izuku chuckled at her naming. Once again Izuku placed his hand on an offered arm; after a few minutes of nothing happening Izuku shook his head towards the Specialists watching.

"I can't do it. There's nothing there, no feeling or anything." Izuku informed them and all three Specialists rapidly recorded the new information.

"Fascinating, simply fascinating." The third Specialist remarked as he input the new data.

"So no ability to copy Mutant Types; perhaps because his Quirk is itself a Mutant Type?" The first Specialist theorized as he looked over the information they had compiled.

"It seems that might be the case." The female Specialist nodded as she looked over the results so far. "Emitter copies at 'full power', Transformation copies at 'half power' and Mutant cant' be copied at all. This is still incredible, permanent copying has never been documented before. Even in this limited capacity it's revolutionary to Quirkology."

The Midoriya Family left the Hospital to return home that afternoon with a healthy son and a new Quirk Registry.


Name: Midoriya Izuku

Quirk: Collector

Type: Mutant (Subsets of both Emitter and Transformation as well due to Quirk's properties)


Izuku was pretty happy all things considered after his Hospital stay. He'd finally figured out his Quirk and had something to show to his peers! Maybe now they'd see he hadn't been lying these past six years! That evening his parents had smiled and happily offered up their own Quirks to be copied in hopes of helping Izuku's future Hero career. Izuku and Inko had both held each other while tears streamed down their faces after the copying was confirmed successful. Hisashi chuckled fondly at his wife's and son's propensity for tears before pulling both of them into a big 'Family Hug'.

It was unfortunate that so much of a person's 'worth' or 'self-worth' was placed on their Quirk in the Modern Era. Izuku had gone to his Elementary School the following Monday and happily showed off what his Quirk could do. While many were amazed it didn't take long before that amazement turned to fear. A fear of losing the 'individuality' that their Quirk represented. Of being 'less unique' if Izuku also had their Quirk. The green-haired boy quickly found himself ostracized again. He held out some small hope that Kacchan wouldn't think his Quirk was frightening but was disappointed in a completely different way by his old 'friend'.

"Keep your hands away from me, Deku!" Bakugo Katsuki growled at the green-haired boy. "You're not taking my Explosion Quirk just to make yourself worth something!"

"But…Kacchan…I'd never…I wouldn't…" Izuku tried to assure his 'friend' that he'd never 'take' a copy of his Quirk without Katsuki's permission. But the ash-blonde wouldn't hear it and told Izuku to stay away from him. The green-haired boy walked home alone that day with tears in his eyes.

Inko had held him close and reassured him that everything would be ok in time. That he'd become an amazing Hero and people would look up to him as a great example of 'helping society'. Hisashi also comforted his son and told him that he'd find friends that wouldn't care about his Quirk or that would think it was amazing in the future. Izuku would spend the last year of Elementary School as a complete outcast regardless. For the first two years of Junior High this stayed the same as well. Most of the students in Aldera Junior High had come from the same Elementary School as Izuku so his Quirk was quickly outed to any student that didn't already know.

"Maybe I should just quit?" Izuku thought morosely as he walked up the stairs of the apartment complex. The Midoriya Family would be moving out during the summer this year. Hisashi had gotten the promotion at his office and made much more money these days. For the last two years he'd saved up and now the Family was putting the last bit of paperwork in to move into their new home; a nice two story house on the edge of Musutafu. It even had a small backyard which Izuku was sure his parents would enjoy. His mother was interested in trying to start a garden once they'd moved in.

"What's got you looking so down today, Midoriya-kun?" An old man asked as Izuku trudged towards the apartment. Izuku had spoken to this old man on several occasions since he'd been old enough to talk. Kanshu Saito was a retired policeman, the former Head of Villain Transport for the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. The old man and his wife lived in the apartment complex just a few places down from the Midoriya's.

"Nothing much, Kanshu-san." Izuku tried to smile but the old man shook his head.

"You know it's just Saito-jii for you, Midoriya-kun." Saito smiled at the young teen. "Tell me what's got you so upset." So Izuku told the old man about his treatment by his peers and the years of being excluded. After he finished Izuku was surprised that he actually felt better.

"Thank you for listening." Izuku bowed and Saito chuckled.

"It wasn't a problem, Midoriya-kun." Saito assured. "But you shouldn't listen to those kids. All kids are a bit self-centered, and teenagers can be even more so. But if you want this old man's opinion, you'll do great things as a Hero! I'd bet money on it!" The old man chuckled and Izuku smiled genuinely at the old man's honest support.

"Thank you very much, Saito-jii." Izuku bowed again.

"Tell you what Midoriya-kun, why don't you copy my Quirk? It got me to my old positon in the Police Force. I'm sure a future great Hero like you will put it to good use." Saito offered and held out his hand.

"Are…are you sure, Saito-jii?" Izuku asked shocked. He'd trained with the Quirks he'd already copied back when he discovered his Quirk. He felt even with just 'Force Projection', 'Healing Aura', and 'Half Giant' as he'd taken to calling his only Transformation Copy; that he'd still make a pretty great Hero. But Saito-jii's Quirk would put him even further beyond that!

Kanshu Saito's Quirk was an Emitter Type and part of the rare 'Erasure' sub-type of Quirks. In the simplest terms whoever Saito touched lost the ability to use their Quirk until he let go. Hence the name 'Quirk Nullification', though like most 'Erasure Type' Quirks it didn't do much to Mutant Types. But Emitter and Transformation Users were as good as Quirkless when under Saito's power.

"It'll do far more good in the hands of a young, up and coming, Hero than in this retired old man's. Most of the Villains I had to transport gave up when they realized their Quirks didn't work anymore. The look on some of their faces is still burned into my mind to be honest. I guess if you've gone your whole life being able to do something, and then you suddenly can't, it shakes your worldview quite a bit." Saito commented and Izuku nodded. It did sound plausible, if he suddenly wasn't able to walk for some reason Izuku was sure that he'd be freaking out too.

"Thank you again, Saito-jii, I won't let you down!" Izuku promised as he reached out and shook the old man's hand. A minute later and Izuku placed his hand on Saito's shoulder and Saito placed his hand on Izuku's. The teen felt out the new ability and applied it, and then a few seconds later Saito tried to apply his Quirk to Izuku.

"Well, I'll be, so that's what it feels like." Saito chuckled as he realized he wasn't able to use his Quirk. His 'Quirk Nullification' was nullified by Izuku's new copy of 'Quirk Nullification' because he'd let the teen activate his first. "Good work, Midoriya-kun!"

"Thank you, Saito-jii! I'll put this to the best use I can!" Izuku beamed at the older man.

"I recommend learning some grappling techniques then." Saito chuckled. "If you know how to lock a person's arms or wrist you'll keep control of them even if they try to flail around. 'Quirk Nullification' will keep their Quirk inactive so long as you can maintain physical contact. Just be careful around Mutant Types, some of those people can pack a heck of a punch." The old man advised while briefly rubbing his chest as if remembering such a blow.

"That's a good idea." Izuku nodded in agreement.

"You might look into asking others if they'd let you copy their Quirks, Midoriya-kun." Saito said and Izuku looked up at him confused. His ability to copy Quirks was why his peers avoided him in the first place. "I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that would love to see their Quirks put to use in Hero work. Even if they themselves wouldn't be able to make it in the profession; maybe their Quirks could do some good in the world."

"I guess I could consider it." Izuku admitted with a thoughtful look on his face. He had a few months left of his second year of Junior High. The Internet could potentially put him into contact with people who'd want to help out Heroes, or a future Hero in Izuku's case. Izuku continued the short walk to his apartment after saying goodbye to Saito. His mind was running through the potential of asking other people online to copy their Quirks for a chance that their Quirk would be used by a future Hero. It wasn't the worst idea and it could potentially give him the chance to help more people in the future.

Over the next almost eighteen months Izuku would go online and onto Hero Fan Forums with his offer. To his surprise he'd actually gotten several replies accepting his offer and asking for a meet up time and place. He'd been safe and gone with his father for the first several meet ups. All of them had been positive however; with fans of Heroes eager and happy that their 'weak' or 'impractical' Quirks could be used to make a positive change in the world. In this manner Izuku gathered copies of dozens of Quirks within eight months. The green-haired future Hero then spent the final ten months before his Entrance Exams for UA High School training with the various Quirks, learning to use multiple Quirks in synchronicity to create much more powerful effects. Though thinking back on Bakugo's reaction to Izuku's application to UA was annoying, yet another memory of the blonde that Izuku wished he didn't have.


You're all Third Years now; it's time for you to start seriously considering your futures." Their Homeroom teacher told the class as he looked at them from the podium. "While normally I would pass out these career aptitude tests…why bother? I know you all want to be Heroes!" The entire class, barring two, cheered as they showed off their Quirks. "Yes, yes, you all have very nice Quirks; but using them at school is against the rules! So restrain yourselves!"

"Hey, sensei, don't lump me in with all these extras!" Bakugo spoke up. "This lot would be lucky to end up as Sidekicks to a busted D-Lister. I'm the real deal!" Predictably his fellow classmates had something to say about that as they all tossed insults his way. "Bring it on! I'll take you all on!"

"Hmm, you do have impressive test results." The teacher commented. "Maybe you will get into UA." Cue the shocked exclamations of the rest of the class that Bakugo was trying to get into the Number One Hero School.

"That's why UA is perfect for me!" Bakugo replied as he stood up from his seat. "I aced all the mock tests! I'm the only one at this school that stands a chance of getting in! I'll be more popular than All Might himself and become the richest Hero of all time! People all across the world will know my name! And it all starts with UA!"

"Oh yes, Midoriya, you applied for UA as well, right?" The teacher asked looking over his paperwork. Izuku sighed knowing Bakugo's temper was going to flare but still replied to his teacher.

"Yes, sensei." Izuku replied and all of the other students whispered among themselves.

"Deku!" Bakugo roared as he tried to slam his hand, bursts of his Explosion Quirk already going off, onto Izuku's desk. The sudden grip on the ash-blonde's wrist and the disappearance of his explosions stopped all talking in the room cold.

"Please control yourself, Bakugo." Izuku requested as he nullified Bakugo's Quirk.

"Get the hell off me!" Bakugo yelled as he jerked his arm away from Izuku. "Trying to copy my Quirk?!" He accused the green-haired boy.

"I don't copy other's Quirks without their permission, Bakugo." Izuku informed the explosive blonde. "I also don't have any real interest in your Quirk. Personally it comes off as a bit too destructive when paired with a loose temper."

"What'd you say?" Bakugo growled but the teacher had apparently recovered.

"Bakugo, sit down!" The teacher demanded. Bakugo glared angrily at Izuku before stomping over to his seat.

"Did he just turn off Bakugo's Quirk?" A girl a row away from Izuku asked another one.

"I think he did." Her friend replied back.

"How many Quirks does Midoriya have?" A male student whispered to another, only to get a shrug in response.

'If only they knew.' Izuku thought to himself a small flicker of amusement passing through him before he refocused on the teacher.

-End Flashback-

Izuku was getting ready to head to UA for the Entrance Exams while watching the morning news. Apparently some good Samaritans had gone and cleaned up Dagobah Municipal Park Beach over the last few months. Izuku couldn't help but smile at that, it was a good deed done for others without any prompting. That was the kind of thing that Heroes should do, helping others without being asked just because it was the right thing to do. Seeing the time Izuku headed over to the door to put on his shoes.

"Izuku, do your best, we'll be cheering for you." Inko smiled at her son.

"Go get them, Izuku! We know you'll get in!" Hisashi grinned at him, all the confidence in the world behind the father's words.

"Thanks Mom; thanks Dad!" Izuku smiled at his parents before leaving and making his way to the train station. The ride to UA was only about twenty minutes by train so Izuku just scrolled through his phone and went over a few topics to refresh his mind. The Written Exam was first so Izuku wanted to make sure he was clearheaded and ready to cover any topic that would appear. Shortly after disembarking from the train Izuku was standing before the gates of UA. "Time to take my first step towards being a Hero." He grinned to himself as he stepped pass the gate and followed the signs towards the Written Exam site.

-After the Written Exam-

"Ow…my poor brain." Izuku grumbled as he massaged his temples. UA was not only the top Hero School in Japan, but it boasted some of the best Academics Scores in the nation as well. The Written Test had clearly demonstrated that with the amount of subjects it covered as well as the depth they went into each of them. Still, Izuku felt like he'd done well, at least well enough that he'd pass in the upper percentile. Probably. Lunch was taken after the Written Test and then an instructional presentation would be given for the Practical Test. While Izuku was eating he also looked over the other examinees to check out their Quirks and potentially add more pages to his newest Quirk Notebook.

-Exam Site B-

"So just three types of robots to hunt down and one gimmick to try and avoid. Not too difficult." Izuku mumbled to himself as he stretched a bit while waiting for the exam to start. He was honestly still surprised at the large mock city that UA called a Training Site. The fact that UA had multiple Sites like this one was amazing.

"START!" Present Mic called out loudly from where he stood on a platform at the top of a tower, his voice reaching out across the large testing grounds and to all the various groups of applicants. Everybody in Izuku's testing group froze up for a moment at the sudden start. "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! THERE ARE NO COUNTDOWNS IN REAL LIFE! RUN! GO, GO, GO!"

With that Izuku and the rest of the examinees dashed forward into the large mock cityscape. Izuku ran slightly off course from the main group of students and found his first target quickly, a One Pointer according to the paper they'd gone over.

"Target acquired…eliminate!" The machine intoned and Izuku couldn't help but grin as it moved towards him. A bang went off and the One Pointer now had a hole in its head. The machine collapsed to the ground and Izuku lowered his hand.

"So 'Air Compression', 'Amplification', and 'Force Projection' is enough to deal with the One Pointers, good to know." Izuku grinned as he activated another Quirk, 'Platform', then used 'Force Projection' to leap off the ground and land on the floating square of air. Another assisted leap and Izuku now stood on top of a building looking around for more targets. "If I want to get the best score I can I should go all out. Keeping property damage in mind, of course, wouldn't be surprised if that was factored in to the overall score. So let's see…" Izuku trailed off as he looked over the Site. Spotting a large gathering of robots of multiple point varieties off in one section of the cityscape that none of the other examinees had gotten to yet. Izuku grinned as he made great use of 'Force Projection' from his feet to leap across the rooftops and reach the area first.

"Target Acquired." Rang out over a dozen times as all the bots noticed him and took aim.

"This one's for you Dad!" Izuku announced as he took a deep breath. 'Fire Breath', 'Temperature Fluctuation', 'Heat Generation', 'Gas Manipulation', and 'Amplification'! Izuku then exhaled a truly massive stream of fire towards the clustered robots; the veritable firestorm quickly engulfed and decimated the bots before they even got a shot off. When the flames petered out a black scorch mark was left on the road along with the half-melted forms of the robots.

"Holy shit! What was that?!" Another examinee yelled having apparently arrived just in time to witness Izuku's attack. Izuku paid the guy little attention before he jumped back towards the rooftops to continue hunting.

"Now I have to do one for Mom." Izuku smiled to himself as he dashed across the rooftops and headed for another untouched spot of the cityscape. "There we go!" He exclaimed at seeing a more spread out group of robots on the street. 'Attraction of Small Things', 'Mental Boost', 'Enhance Function', 'Force Multiplier', and 'Efficiency'! All the small stones and pebbles that normally littered any street suddenly rocketed upwards at insane speeds tearing through most of the robots. The storm of stones headed for Izuku before he grinned and activated the next Quirk. 'Reverse Force'! The mass of tiny rocks suddenly stopped their movement, only to then shoot back towards the robots with the same speed they'd been rocketing towards Izuku at. Needless to say the robots were perforated so badly it looked like a Military Squadron had gone trigger happy on the machines, leaving most of them in pieces all over the road.

-In the Teacher's Viewing Booth-

"What the hell is this kid's Quirk?!" Midnight exclaimed completely confused by what she was witnessing from the green-haired examinee.

"I thought he had some kind of 'Air Cannon' Quirk at first; or maybe 'Air Manipulation' but then he went and breathed a firestorm that would probably make Endeavour acknowledge him." Ectoplasm stated as he watched the boy.

"Are we sure it isn't some kind of advanced 'Psychokinesis'?" Vlad King questioned as he looked on.

'What is this young man?' Toshinori questioned himself mentally from the back of the room watching the green-haired teen use what appeared to be multiple Quirks. 'Could 'He' have actually had a child? Maybe in the past and his lineage has now come full circle? I'll need to keep an eye on this young man.' The Number One Hero thought to himself watching Izuku run across the mock cityscape.

"What's he doing now?" Snipe questioned and everyone's eyes locked onto the screen showing Izuku.

"Let's see if my physical combination works out in a live combat situation." Izuku grinned as he got into a relaxed horse stance before focusing. 'Physicality Boost', 'Efficiency', 'Enhance Function', 'Kinetic Boost', 'Durability Up', 'Force Multiplier', 'Force Projection', and 'Lactic Acid Elimination'! Izuku suddenly blurred forward and the cameras had a difficult time keeping up with the teen. A One Pointer suddenly lost its head to a green blur. A Three Pointer had a hole in the middle of it chassis and several important looking parts were now on the ground next to it. A Two Pointer was simply in two pieces suddenly. On and on it went for almost thirty second before the blur slowed down and Izuku was seen leaning against a wall a breathing heavily.

"It looks like he's caused himself some damage." Cementoss commented as the teachers looked at the teen.

-With Izuku-

"Shit…" Izuku hissed out as his whole body hurt. That combination worked great but the kick back from pushing his body to such astounding physical feats was a deep, widespread pain throughout his entire body. With a deep breath Izuku activated 'Healing Aura' and his body was engulfed in the light green glowed as he healed. 'So glad I got this one.' He mentally rejoiced as the pain faded away and he was good to go again.

- Teacher's Viewing Booth-

"Did he…did he just heal himself?" Recovery Girl asked as she looked at the teen resume his run through the cityscape.

"It would seem so." Thirteen replied her distorted voice still managing to come off as shocked.

"Nezu, if that young man's ability can be used on others I want to help train him with it." Recovery Girl informed the principal. If the boy's healing ability could be used on others she might have finally found a good assistant to help her keep these rambunctious kids from falling apart!

"Hmm, we can most definitely inquire." Nezu the, odd, chimera-like, principal replied with a smile, his eyes never leaving the screen following Izuku. "Power Loader, it's about time and I'm interested to see the examinees' response to your creations."

"Yes sir." Power Loader grinned as he flipped up a plastic cover over a big red button. "Ready or not kids, here they come!" With that he pushed the button and loud rumbling was heard at all of the Test Sites.

-Test Site B-

Izuku watched from the street as the giant Zero Pointer moved its way down the main street of the mock cityscape. "No wonder that's just a gimmick. It's ridiculously huge, it would take either a very specific Quirk or one capable of truly overwhelming force to stop it." Looking down at the rubble strewn around by the behemoth machine Izuku caught a glimpse of someone half buried under some hunks of concrete. The biggest problem with this was the Zero Pointer's massive tank treads bearing down on them! Izuku was dashing forward without even thinking about it.

"Please, a little help! Anybody?!" A brunette girl cried out as she tried to struggle her way out of the rubble that trapped her. She hadn't expected the gimmick Zero Pointer to be so huge that it made buildings crumble just by being near them!

"I've got you!" A boy's voice called out and the rubble pinning her was carefully removed. "Can you stand?"

"My ankle, I think it's broken." The brunette replied as she turned to look at her helper. He was a nice looking guy with green hair and eyes, with freckles on his face. In the very back of her mind a thought filtered through that she didn't pay any attention to. 'He's kinda cute.'

"I'm getting you out of here." Izuku told her as he picked her up in a 'Princess Carry' and bolted away from the machine. The brunette suddenly noticed her ankle didn't hurt and a quick glance revealed a light green glow fading away. "Run from here on! I'm going to try and stop it from getting any closer to the other examinees!" He yelled as he gently placed the girl on her feet and bolted back towards the Zero Pointer.

"Wh-what?! Wait! Why?!" The brunette tried to ask Izuku. "There aren't any points for beating it!"

"The points don't matter!" Izuku yelled back as he ran. "If you can do something that'll help others, even if it doesn't benefit you, then a Hero should do it!" With that he was out of range and the girl could only stare at his back as he ran.

"He's right…" She mumbled to herself. "So cool."

-With Izuku-

"I've only got one chance at this." Izuku breathed in deeply before exhaling. 'Sharpen', 'Force Projection', 'Amplification', 'Physicality Boost', 'Efficiency', 'Enhance Function', 'Heat Generation', 'Temperature Fluctuation', 'Force Multiplier', 'Kinetic Boost', and 'Energy Burn'! Izuku's arm seemed to gain a blade-like edge, the edge glowed yellow-white with an intense amount of heat, and his body seemed to get slightly bulkier, his arm suddenly tensed as it started to literally vibrate from the amount of energy it was containing.

The Zero Pointer continued its rumbling forward as its massive treads tore up the street and the nearby buildings cracked and crumbled as it passed anywhere close. The large machine locked on to a single person directly in its path as it moved forward. The next thing it, or anybody else, saw was a massive yellow-white arc of force and heat blitz through the area and disperse high into the air. The onboard cameras from the Zero Pointer recorded the green-haired teen collapsing to the ground holding his right arm. Then they recorded the ground as the top half of the Zero Pointer slid forward off the lower half and collapsed to the ground.

-Teacher's Viewing Booth-

"DID HE JUST CUT THE ZERO POINTER IN HALF?!" Almost every teacher present questioned loudly while Nezu laughed, not entirely sanely, as he watched the Zero Pointer cease to function. The area that had been cut still glowed a bright orange from the heat that had cleaved through it.

"My, my, this young man is rather impressive isn't he?" Nezu remarked seeing all of his staff staring wide-eyed at the screen.

-With Izuku-

"Too much! Too much! Way too much!" Izuku grit his teeth at the pain he'd just caused his right arm. The limb was swollen and burned from the power Izuku had managed to generate by combining so many Quirks together at once. He'd never had a need to test out such a combination before, and now he was suffering the consequences of doing it without any form of practice. The light green glow of 'Healing Aura' surrounded the limb for a bit and the burn slowly faded away while the arm slowly returned to its original size as the swelling went away. "Oh crap…" Izuku managed to utter as he got light-headed and fell backwards. 'I used up all of my energy.' He was preparing to smack his head on the concrete but his head fell onto something much softer.

"Eep!" A familiar voice called out. Izuku forced his eyes to open. Looking up into the face of the brunette girl from earlier Izuku realized his head must be on her thighs. He would have gone red at the thought if he wasn't so tired.

"Sorry…" Izuku muttered out softly as he felt his eyes getting heavy.

"N-no p-problem…" The brunette stuttered out. "T-thanks for s-saving me earlier."

"S'no…problem…" Izuku managed to get out.

"My name's Uraraka Ochako, thank you for helping me." Ochako smiled; her cheeks very red.

"Midoriya…Izuku…you're welcome." Izuku replied as he closed his eyes and drifted off.

"Thanks again, Midoriya-kun." Ochako smiled softly as she let him rest. Most of the other examinees still hadn't rebooted from the display Izuku had done.

"Annnnd STOP!" Present Mic's voice was heard throughout the testing grounds. "The exam is over!" Ochako barely paid any attention to the loud announcement though, her eyes not leaving Izuku's sleeping face.

'Cute.' Ochako thought, only for her mind to catch up with her a second later and make her face go fully red.

-One Week Later ~ Midoriya Home-

"Izuku! It's here son!" Hisashi exclaimed as he charged up the stairs towards his son's room with the letter addressed to the teen. It was from UA and in Hisashi's mind contained his son's Acceptance Letter.

"Thanks Dad." Izuku thanked his father before taking the letter and heading down stairs. "Let's open it together in the living room." The duo made their way down stairs and Inko was quick to join them. "Here it goes." He said as he opened the letter and out came a metallic disk.

"Hmm?" Hisashi looked at the disk before it lit up and a hologram appeared in their living room.

"Hello, Midoriya Izuku, I'm Nezu the principal of UA High School." Nezu introduced himself. "I'm happy to inform you that you passed the Written Exam with a very respectable Ninety Seven percent; as for your Practical Exam Score please look behind me." The chimera pointed to an electronic board that turned on Showing Izuku's picture and score.

-Practical Exam Score-

Izuku Midoriya

Villain Points: 100

Rescue Points: 75

Total: 175 Points

-Practical Exam Score-

"As you can see you performed very well! The new Record Holder for Highest Score in fact!" Nezu congratulated with a smile on his face. "I'm pleased to welcome you to UA High School, Midoriya-san! This will be your Hero Academia!"

"That's my boy!" Hisashi cheered as he ruffled his son's hair.

"My baby boy!" Inko happy cried as she hugged her son for all she was worth.

"Thanks Mom; thanks Dad, I'm so relieved." Izuku smiled while exhaling a sigh of relief. Even though he'd reasoned that he'd passed it was completely different actually getting the confirmation. Also 'Record Holder for Highest Score'?! Holy crap yes!

'This is just the start though.' Izuku thought to himself as he hugged his mother back while his father was planning a celebration. 'I'll keep going, keep helping people, and eventually be the best Hero I can!'

Thus began the tale of the Great Hero known as Synthesis!

-End Chapter-


There's a fine Quirk and an amazing future Hero, if I do say so myself! I've always wanted to do a 'Multi-Quirk' Izuku without making him as instantly OP as 'All for One' would make him. Hopefully these limits and outright restrictions make the Quirk more interesting! Where will this story go in the future, well…let's see when we get to it!

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