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Chapter 2 – First Day at UA

"1-A, 1-A, 1-A…there it is." Izuku smiled at finally finding his classroom. UA was a massive school and he'd almost gotten lost. A helpful upper classman had kindly point out the way for him and given him a thumbs up before leaving. Standing before the door, Izuku took a deep breath and exhaled before opening the door and stepping into the room.

"Take your feet off that desk, immediately!" A blue haired teen demanded as he chopped the air. "It's an insult not only to the people that made it, but also to our seniors who studied here before us!"

"You're kidding me, right?" Bakugo sneered back at the other teen. "Did your old school put a stick up your ass, or were you born with it?"

"Of course, why wouldn't we be in the same class?" Izuku sighed in defeat. Did the universe have it out for him or something?

"It's him, the Record Holder." The blue haired teen spoke as he noticed Izuku standing in the doorway.

"Tch." Bakugo scowled at Izuku from across the classroom. All of the other students in the classroom, the majority based on the fact that only a few seats were empty, looked towards him at the same time.

"Uh…hi?" Izuku greeted the class as a whole. He wasn't used to having so much attention on him all at once.

"Good morning, my name is Iida Tenya, from Somei Private Academy." Iida introduced himself to Izuku.

"I'm Izuku Midoriya; it's nice to meet you." Izuku returned the greeting.

"I was very impressed by your record breaking achievement at the Entrance Exams, Midoriya." Iida stated and Izuku felt his cheeks redden slightly.

"Oh, thank you." Izuku replied nervously. He needed to get it together or he was going to look like a fool in front of his new classmates. He heard some comments from his new classmates when they heard Iida's mentioning of his 'record breaking'.

"So he's the guy that scored even more than All Might?" A red haired boy said to a blonde guy with a black, lightning bolt-like, streak in his hair.

"No way, are you for real?" The blonde replied; looking between Izuku and the red head.

"I heard the old Record was like 140 or something." A purplette girl mentioned as she looked over at Izuku.

"I saw the list for the Entrance Exam, he got 175 on it. Kero." A verdette girl with long hair and large eyes commented.

"That's crazy." A short boy with purple balls on his head piped up.

"Damn Deku." Bakugo growled from his seat, still glaring at Izuku.

"Hey, I recognize that messy hair! Midoriya, how are you?" A familiar female voice spoke up from behind Izuku. Turning around Izuku was greeted with the sight of Uraraka Ochako in the UA student uniform.

'She looks really cute in the uniform.' Izuku thought to himself before he spoke. "Good morning, Uraraka-san, it's nice to see you again." Ochako smiled at him in return.

"What do you think we're doing today, besides orientation?" Ochako asked with a smile. The girl had a bright and bubbly personality and Izuku found himself a mixture of flustered and enamored by it. "I wonder what our teachers are like. I'm so excited to meet everybody!"

"If you're just here to make friends you can pack up your stuff and leave." A male voice came from behind the brunette. Turning to look the duo found a man in a yellow sleeping bag lying on the floor. Neither was quite sure what to make of this new occurrence though.

'Who is this guy?' Izuku wondered as he looked at the scruffy face poking out of the sleeping bag.

"Welcome to UA's Hero Course." The man spoke as he stood up and unzipped the sleeping bag. "It took you all eight seconds to quiet down, that's too long, time is precious, rational students would understand that."

"Hey! Like, wait up!" A female voice called out as a girl ran up to the 1-A classroom door. "Sorry, I know I'm almost late, I somehow got sent towards the 1-B classroom instead of 1-A! My bad, my bad!" The girl spoke up as she rubbed the back of her head. She had fawn colored hair and warm dark brown eyes; she also 'filled out' the UA uniform very well. Izuku realized what he'd just thought and felt his cheeks heat up a bit.

"Don't let it happen again." The scruffy man spoke up.

"Sure thing! Psyched to be here!" The girl replied with a bright smile.

"I'm your homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shota." Aizawa informed the class. All of the students blinked in shock at the information. "Right, let's get to it. Put these on and head outside." He pulled out a gym uniform from the sleeping bag and showed it to the class.

"Huh?" Rang out through the classroom.

In only a few minutes the class of twenty found themselves on a practice field. Thankfully UA had some pretty good sign markers to lead students to locker rooms and practice fields. So this time no one got lost on the way there.

"A Quirk Assessment Test?" All the students questioned when they heard what they'd be doing.

"But what about Orientation? We're going to miss it." Ochako spoke up.

"If you want to be a Pro you don't have time for pointless ceremonies." Aizawa replied. "Here at UA we're not tethered to traditions. That means we get to run our classes however we see fit." With a quiet exhale Aizawa held up a phone-like device. "You've been taking Standardized Athletics Tests your entire school lives; but you've never been allowed to use your Quirks. The Ministry of Education is still trying to pretend we're all created equal; and not letting those with the most power excel. It's not rational. One day they'll learn." With a shake of his head Aizawa focused on Izuku. "Midoriya, you broke the Record on the Entrance Exam, what was your best throw on the Softball Pitch in Junior High?"

"Sixty three meters, sir." Izuku replied.

"Right, try doing it with your Quirk." Aizawa instructed and pointed to a circle on the ground. "Anything goes as long as you stay in the circle."

"Alright." Izuku looked at the ball in his hand. It was equal in both size and weight to a softball, but with a metallic black ring around the middle. 'What would be the best combination for a distance throw?' He thought to himself as he rapidly went over the list of Quirks he had in his head. 'Yeah…that one, and that one…add that one too…with these as well. That should do it.' Izuku mused before he held the palm in his hand and extended his arm at a forty five degree angle. 'Air Compression', 'Amplification', 'Enhance Function', 'Kinetic Boost', 'Force Multiplier', and 'Force Projection'.

"What's he waiting for?" A pink skinned girl asked as Izuku stood in place for a few seconds.

"Powering up, I think." Ochako replied making the pink girl tilt her head in confusion.

A large blast of air sent the ball rocketing into the sky. The strong wind this kicked up almost staggered some of the students. Bakugo grit his teeth at seeing the force Izuku had unleashed while all of the other teens were impressed. The wind died down a second later and Izuku looked towards Aizawa for further instructions. The teacher was looking down at the device in his hands as if waiting for something.

"All of you need to know your maximum capabilities." Aizawa stated as he turned to face the class as a whole. "It's the most rational way to figure out your potential as a Pro Hero." He held up the device in his hands so that the students could see it. On the screen was Izuku's result of 1,410.3m. Izuku heard all of his classmates gasp at the distance.

"Whoa, fourteen hundred meters, are you kidding me?" The boy with the blonde, lightning bolt streaked, hair exclaimed.

"Was that an 'Air Cannon' Quirk?" A large boy with gray hair and a facemask questioned.

"Huh, at the exam it was a super-hot cutting force." Ochako remembered. "Maybe he can alter the temperature and other properties?

"I wanna go, this looks fun!" The pink girl clapped her hands together.

"This is what I'm talking about! Getting to use our Quirks as much as we want!" A black-haired boy cheered.

"So, this looks fun, huh?" Aizawa questioned, quickly silencing the students. "You have three years at UA to become a Hero. Do you all think it's going to be all games and playtime?" Seeing none of the students replying Aizawa continued. "Fools, today you'll engage in eight physical tests to gauge your potential; whoever comes in last will be deemed to have 'none' and will be expelled immediately." That got a round of gasps from all of the students.

'Immediate expulsion for coming in the lowest on eight tests?' Izuku thought in shock at Aizawa's words.

"As I said, we get to decide how our classes are run. If that's going to be a problem you can head home right now." Aizawa stated as he pushed his long hair up out of his eyes and stared at his students. "Now let the games begin."

-First Test ~ 50 Meter Dash-

Izuku watched as Iida and the girl with frog-like features took their places at the starting line. He was interested in seeing how his classmates did and what all of their Quirks were. Though he could tell at a glance that both Iida and the girl had Mutant Type Quirks. Their times were impressive though, Iida clocked in at just over three seconds and the girl at about five and a half seconds.

Watching his classmates run, and in some cases, use their Quirks in interesting ways to complete the Fifty Meters, really made Izuku wish he had his notebook right now. Ochako finished in just over seven seconds and seemed pleased with her result. The fawn haired girl and the pink girl both finished at just over five seconds. Though the pink girl appeared to be skating on some kind of substance coming from her feet, which Izuku thought was a good way to complete the test. Finally it was Izuku's turn, and the universe seemed to still be messing with him since he was paired with Bakugo.

'Force Projection', 'Kinetic Boost', 'Physicality Boost', 'Enhance Function', 'Efficiency', 'Force Multiplier', 'Amplification' Izuku combined the Quirks and compiled their effects as he took his position. When the 'go' was given Izuku launched off the blocks so powerfully they shattered. He clocked in just behind Iida at three point three seconds. Bakugo was snarling when he came in at four point three seconds while using his explosions as thrusters.

"Damn cheating Deku!" Bakugo yelled loudly as he stomped passed Izuku.

"Cheating?" A black-haired boy with odd elbows questioned.

"How'd he cheat?" The fawn-haired girl questioned, her head tilted in confusion.

"Bakugo-san appears to be a sore loser." A tall ravenette girl with a rather 'voluptuous' figure commented looking at Bakugo with distaste.

"Agreed, I saw no means of cheating." Iida nodded as he looked between Izuku and Bakugo.

"Oh shut up, you all don't even know how useless Deku is without other people to leech off of!" Bakugo retorted with a snarl. That brought up confused looks from everyone and Aizawa sighed at having to stop the tests.

"Midoriya, as your teacher I've already received your information from your Junior High. If you don't mind, please clear up this situation by explaining your Quirk." Aizawa sighed. Izuku exhaled and his eyes dimmed a bit at having to reveal his Quirk so soon. But he didn't want anyone to get the wrong impression of him by listening to Bakugo.

"Alright, sir." Izuku agreed before he turned to face his classmates. "My Quirk is a Mutant Type; it's called 'Collector'." He saw several of his classmates mumble the name and looks of confusion spread across their faces. "My Quirk allows me to permanently copy the Quirks of others through a small sample of their blood." There it was, Izuku lamented, the shock and unease in his classmates' eyes. He was really hoping he'd be able to make a friend or two before he was forced to reveal his Quirk to everyone. Just as he was about to resign himself to being an outcast again; someone spoke up in his defense, sort of.

"Any Quirk? Any at all?" Ochako asked curiously and Izuku almost felt like crying from relief when he didn't see any fear or unease in Ochako's eyes.

"No, not all." Izuku shook his head. "I can't copy other Mutant Type Quirks, and Transformation Type Quirks only express about half of their full capabilities when I copy them. I can copy Emitter Types at full 'power' but I have to work out how to use them myself. Any drawbacks of using the Quirks I copy also apply to me as well. I can use multiple Quirks in synchronicity to achieve new or more powerful effects as well; but using too many or generating too much force can lead to injury." Izuku almost sank to the floor in unbelieving joy when he saw the faces and eyes of his classmates go from fear and unease to looks of curiosity and interest.

"That's, like, totes amazing!" The fawn haired girl exclaimed her eyes wide and a smile on her face.

"It's a very interesting Quirk." The ravenette girl nodded, looking at Izuku curiously.

"That's wild!" A red-haired boy yelled out as he held up his fists excitedly.

"As interesting as Midoriya's Quirk is, we have tests to finish." Aizawa spoke up and all of the students snapped to attention. Izuku watched on, trying to commit Quirks to memory for his notebook, as the rest of the class finished up their Fifty Meter Dashes.

When it came to the Grip Strength Test, Shoji Mezo blew everyone else out of the water with an insane five hundred forty kilogram squeeze. Izuku had mixed 'Physicality Boost', 'Force Multiplier', 'Amplification', and 'Enhance Function' together to get an impressive two hundred fifty kilogram reading. Momo was easily the most impressive, score wise, as she created what seemed to be a miniature hydraulic clamp and it eventually maxed out the dynamometer.

The Seated Toe Touch Test had been challenging for Izuku. While he was flexible and could get a good score he didn't have a Transformation Quirk that would let him extend his arms past their natural limits. Something to look into for the future maybe?

The Standing Long Jump was cleared with the same combination of Quirks as the Fifty Meter Dash. Izuku had simply changed the direction he'd applied the force and launched himself clear over the sandbox, multiple times the length of the box to be accurate.

The Repeated Side Steps were easy enough. 'Physicality Boost', 'Enhance Function', 'Efficiency', and 'Lactic Acid Elimination' saw Izuku securing second place, only beaten out by the short boy with the ball-like hair. The boy bounced between two cushions of his Quirk at such speed that no one could keep up.

The Sit Ups Test was also conquered with the same four Quirks as the side steps. Only in this test Izuku took first as everyone else lost out to their physiology and the buildup of lactic acid in their abdominal muscles. With the 'Lactic Acid Elimination' Quirk, Izuku's body was able to bleed away the acid before it could build up and cause the painful burning it did in others.

In the Endurance Running Test Izuku and Iida eventually tied. Izuku could keep going with his four enhancement Quirks carrying him through the test. Aizawa had actually just told them to stop after they'd gone on for so long that they were cutting into the classes' time to finish the last test.

As Izuku had already done the Softball Pitch Test he didn't have to go again. Instead he was able to watch as his classmates came up with their own methods of getting farther throws, if their Quirks were applicable to the test, of course. Bakugo raged when he'd only gotten about half of Izuku's distance and stewed in his rage off to the side of the rest of the class. Izuku was very impressed when Momo had created a functioning Cannon of all things and fired the ball out of it. Her score of three kilometers and change was well earned in his opinion. Ochako left every students jaw on the floor when she'd removed the effects of gravity from the ball and seemingly thrown it into orbit! Her reading came out as Infinity but Aizawa would only mark it as one meter further than Momo's score.

"I'm just going to bring up the whole list. It's not worth going over each individual score." Aizawa informed the class as he clicked the device in his hand. A hologram appeared and listed off their names from first to twentieth place. Izuku stared for a second, not quite sure if he could believe it, when he saw his name sitting just below Momo's. The fact that Momo had taken first place meant that Izuku was second! Reading through the whole list Izuku tried to match names to faces so he could start identifying his classmates.

-Quirk Assessment Ranks-

Yaoyorozu Momo

Midoriya Izuku

Todoroki Shoto

Bakugo Katsuki

Iida Tenya

Tokoyami Fumikage

Shoji Mezo

Utsushimi Camie

Kirishima Eijiro

Ashido Mina

Uraraka Ochako

Koda Koji

Sato Rikido

Asui Tsuyu

Aoyama Yuga

Sero Hanta

Kaminari Denki

Jiro Kyouka

Hagakure Toru

Mineta Minoru

-Quirk Assessment Ranks-

"Nooooo!" The short guy with the purple balls for hair screamed as he looked at the list. "I can't be expelled! How will I get popular with girls and touch their bodies now?!"

Needless to say this was met with…less than pleasant reactions from the girls of the class.

"Degenerate." Momo huffed looking away from the wailing boy.

"You're gross." Kyouka glared at the panicking Mineta.

"That's not very Heroic." Tsuyu admonished with a shake of her head.

"Keep dreaming." Camie dismissed the boy.

"Pervert." Mina turned away from Mineta.

"That's so wrong." Toru backed away from the boy.

"Is 'that' why you're here?" Ochako looked creeped out as she moved closer to Izuku.

"Also, I lied about expelling the person in last place." Aizawa informed them with a wave of his hand. "It was a logical ruse to make you all try your hardest."

"I'm saved!" Mineta cheered only to be wrapped up in Aizawa's scarves and dragged in front of the teacher. Aizawa's eyes glowed red with his Quirk as he held Mineta off the ground at eye level.

"That being said; if you don't improve your behavior you'll be out of here before you know it!" Aizawa informed the, once again, panicking boy. "Just because you're not going home today doesn't mean you aren't the first one on the chopping block! Do you understand?" Mineta nodded rapidly before being released by Aizawa's scarves and dropping to the ground. "Anyway, your papers for the school and the beginning of the semester are on your desks. Make sure you pick them up and read them by tomorrow. Dismissed."

The class all breathed out and began to make their way towards the locker rooms to change out of their Gym Uniforms. Aizawa was walking back towards the teacher's lounge when he ran into All Might just as he turned the corner of the building. The underground Hero wasn't surprised though. He'd noticed the large man peeking around the corner for most of the tests.

"Something you need All Might?" Aizawa questioned the new teacher.

"I was merely curious as to whether you'd expel the entire class or not." All Might replied and with a single look he could tell Aizawa didn't believe him.

"Whatever, if you have nothing to say I'll be going." Aizawa walked passed the large man.

"Aizawa, did you notice anything, odd, about young Midoriya?" All Might asked.

"Nothing that wasn't covered by the information from his previous school. Is there something I need to be aware of?" Aizawa questioned the Number One Hero.

"I'll have to do some digging before I can be sure; but it may be for the best to keep a close eye on young Midoriya for a while." All Might said. Aizawa merely shrugged in response.

"I keep watch over all of my students." Aizawa stated before walking away.

"Could it be possible?" All Might wondered to himself as he thought about the green-haired teen. "Could 'He' have a child, or a descendent?"

-Girl's Locker Room-

"Totally didn't expect this the first day, am I right?" Camie asked the other girls as they all changed back into their school uniforms.

"Not a bit!" Mina replied with a smile.

"It was unexpected." Momo admitted.

"I wonder if everything we missed in Orientation is covered in the papers Aizawa told us to pick up and read." Ochako wondered.

"I'm still surprised about Midoriya-chan's Quirk to be honest." Tsuyu commented with a cute croak at the end.

"Right? It's super crazy!" Toru exclaimed.

"I've never heard of anything like it." Kyouka shook her head.

"I think it's interesting." Ochako replied, she still remembered being saved by Izuku at the Exam.

"Speaking of guys, we have some hot ones in our class!" Camie laughed and Mina joined her. Momo, Kyouka, and Ochako blushed at the topic while Toru giggled and Tsuyu looked mildly interested.

"Right? Who're you looking at Camie-chan?" Mina questioned with a grin. The fawn-haired girl smiled teasingly as she looked at the other girls.

"Well Todoroki is handsome, and Kirishima and Kaminari have some good looks, but that Midoriya is pure 'Fire'!" Camie tapped her full, pouty lips with the tip of her index finger. "I wouldn't mind getting his number."

"C-Camie-san! Is-Isn't that a b-bit fast?" Ochako stuttered out with red cheeks.

"It does seem rather…forward." Momo blushed as she finished with her tie.

"I think you should go for it!" Mina cheered with a bright smile.

"Go get him, Camie-chan!" Toru giggled as she put on her shoes.

"Can we please talk about something else?" Kyouka requested as she closed the locker and revealed her blushing face.

"We should be hurrying. We need to get our papers and stuff from class still." Tsuyu commented as she headed for the door, already changed.

"What? No way! I wanna keep talking about boys and romance!" Mina playfully whined as she followed after the frog-like girl.

"I'm sure there will be time for such things later." Momo spoke as the girls exited the locker room. "For now we should focus on the work we have ahead of us."

"Alright, we'll save it for 'Girl Talk' later!" Mina smiled widely.

"I'm in!" Toru exclaimed as she fell into step with Mina.

"Count me in too, always fun to dish about cute guys!" Camie grinned as the girls walked back towards their class room.

"I'm not well versed in such things." Momo admitted with her cheeks pink.

"We'll get you there, Yaomomo!" Mina grinned at the ravenette.

"Yaomomo?" Momo questioned as she raised her hands to her cheeks cutely.

"This is going to be a regular thing isn't it?" Kyouka sighed as she walked beside the taller girl.

"It seems like it." Ochako rubbed the back of her head, mildly embarrassed about the boy talk.

"This is, like, going to be a fun year! I'm already psyched!" Camie smiled as the girls made it to the classroom to collect their stuff.

Izuku had no idea that he was already starting to attract some 'attention' from a few of his female classmates. But the year had just begun and UA was already proving to be a challenging school. He would have to make sure to be ready for whatever the Hero Course could throw at him!

Further down from Izuku, Bakugo was glaring at the verdette as he constantly thought about his placement in the Rankings. Fourth place was unacceptable! Hell, second was already bad, but fourth?! The fact that Deku beat him only made it even more infuriating! The damn leech! He'd show that loser who the better Hero was the first chance he got!

Neither boy knew that said 'chance' was already fast approaching!

-End Chapter-


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