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Chapter 30 – Foundational Heroics Rescue Race

"I AM HERE!" All Might announced to Class 1-A as they stood before the walled off training field that they'd be using today. "And the reason for that is…your Foundational Heroics Training!" He placed his fists on his hips with his signature smile. "It's been a while, boys and girls! How is everyone?"

"Not much of an entrance." Kaminari mumbled to Kirishima.

"I kind of expected more after a break." Kirishima nodded to the blonde.

"Maybe he ran out of schticks?" Sato guessed with the other boys.

"Run out? Never!" All Might chuckled at the comments. "My supply of schticks is inexhaustible!" He declared with a wide smile that got a round of grins from the students.

"His Golden Age Costume is so cool." Izuku was always excited to be able to learn from his idol and favorite Hero.

"As an immediate follow-up to your internships, today's activity is a playful one!" All Might held up his right hand, his index finger pointing upwards. "A rescue-training race!"

Iida's hand shot into the air quickly. "Shouldn't rescue training be performed at the USJ, sir?"

"That place is for disaster rescue training, in particular, young Iida." All Might shook his head. "But recall what I said, it's a race! This is Field Gamma!" He threw his arms wide to introduce the training ground. "It's a dense spread of factories that wind together to form an intricate network of maze-like alleys! For this exercise, you'll all be splitting into four teams of five members and going through it one team at a time!" Seeing that all of them understood, All Might nodded and continued with the explanation of the exercise. "I'll send up a distress signal from somewhere inside, and you will all start at the edge of the field in randomly selected locations. It's a race to see who can reach and rescue me first!"

"Yes, sir!" Class 1-A chorused, smiles breaking out on multiple faces as some excitement started to build up.

"Naturally, keep the destruction of property to a minimum." All Might reminded, looking over at Bakugo and pointing to the Explosion user.

"Stop pointing at me." Bakugo grumbled at being called out for the collateral damage that his Quirk was capable of causing so easily.

"Alright, now to randomly select the first group and their entry points to Field Gamma." All Might pulled out a tablet and flipped it around to show the screen to the students. A list of names rolled past the screen like a slot machine for a second before they stopped. "Group One will consist of Sero, Ashido, Iida, Asui, and Midoriya. Please head to the location beside your name and we'll begin shortly!"

"Yes, sir." The five students stepped forward.

"Once you get the signal you may begin!" All Might instructed before leaping from the ground and into the middle of Field Gamma in one move.

"Whoa…" Chikuchi blinked at seeing All Might's legendary strength in-person for the first time. She was given understanding looks from all of her classmates. They'd been just as surprised by it the first few times too.

While the five students of Group One made their way towards their designated starting positions. The rest of the class was sat up on a raised platform with a large screen and speakers. The screen was divided into five perspectives, each one following one of the students.

"Iida is better at flat out speed, but in a series of narrow streets like this, isn't he at a disadvantage?" Ochako pondered on the location given what she knew of Iida's Quirk.

"The mobility experts of our class all got matched up, so I'm not sure how to call this one, you know?" Shoji looked between the five screens to determine who had the biggest advantage in this race.

"Yeah. But Midoriya is there, can't he just use that Warp Gate of his?" Kirishima questioned the others. It seemed like the easiest way to win in his opinion.

"Doesn't he need line of sight for it to work? Or at least a target area to warp to?" Tokoyami asked, not having full knowledge of the majority of their Class Representative's Quirks.

"Not sure, but even line of sight warping gives him a pretty huge advantage, right?" Jiro reminded the group from her spot next to Momo.

"Yes. Izuku's various Quirks could be combined to give him exceptional mobility, but his Warp Gate makes distance almost a non-factor." Momo agreed with her friend wholeheartedly. "Further, I'm sure he could open a gate into the sky and just peer through it, if needed."

"I'm giving Izukun the win on this one." Ochako smiled, her cheeks lightly pink. It wasn't favoritism…okay it was…but it was also just the most realistic outcome!

"Same, Izu has got this on lock!" Camie cheered for her boyfriend, a bright smile on her lips.

"Yeah, but who would be second if Midoriya just warps to the finish line?" Kaminari questioned everyone.

"Sero, maybe?" Kirishima thought about it. "Wouldn't he be the best bet after Midoriya's warping?"

"I think Tsu-chan is the most likely contender for second place." Toru spoke up brightly. "She was already fast before, she can stick to walls, and I bet she got even stronger at her internship!"

"Yeah!" Camie and Ochako cheered along with the invisible girl. "Go, Tsu-chan!"

"I do hate to bet against her, but while Mademoiselle Ashido is fast and nimble, I believe she might be at a similar disadvantage as Iida in this race." Aoyama commented, posing as sparkles seemed to come off his body. "Unless she has a way to significantly increase her speed on such unfavorable terrain, this race is not in her favor."

"START!" All Might's voice blared over the speakers and all five students inside Field Gamma took off.

"This kind of test is made for me!" Sero launched his tape up high, sticking to one of the many pipes throughout the field, and then retracted his tape to launch himself into the air above the obstacles.

"See!" Kirishima pointed out. "Going above is best in a cramped space like this one!"

"Sero is good at staying airborne too. So, that gives him an advantage." Shoji agreed as the class watched.

"Kero!" Tsuyu crouched down, tensing her legs and thighs as she prepared to hop with all of her strength. In a blur the frog-like girl was gone, launching herself high into the air and landing on top of a multi-story factory that had been before her. With another leap, she had cleared three more such buildings and safely landed on the roof of the fourth one.

"Oh my!" Momo was happy for her friend and amazed by the display.

"Told you!" Toru laughed brightly, seeing Tsuyu clearing large distances with each hop.

"Go, Tsu, go!" Ochako and Camie were happily cheering her on.

"Anybody else seeing Iida?" Sato questioned, seeing the resident speedster dashing around buildings and down streets while barely slowing down. "Since when could he corner like that? He's almost halfway to the center point of the field already!"

"He must've learned from Ingenium on his internship." Todoroki spoke up as he watched Iida. Clearly the straight-laced teen had learned quite a lot from his elder brother.

"Mina's doing parkour?" Tokoyami pointed to Mina's screen.

"Yahoo!" Mina was indeed parkouring her way across the intricate network of pipes, buildings, ductwork, and other obstacles. With a grin, she leapt towards a flat wall, only to produce a thick, viscous acid from her hands and through her special shoes. The pinkette stuck to the wall almost like Tsuyu and quickly climbed up the side before resuming her parkour across the rooftops. "Can't stop me!" She laughed brightly, seeing the roof that she was pretty sure All Might was on.

"Man…everyone has improved so much." Kirishima beamed at his classmates as they raced through Field Gamma.

"Tch." Bakugo tsked from off to the side of the group, his eyes hadn't left Izuku since the start. His angry red gaze was practically drilling a hole into the green-haired teen.

"Since I have no fixed target…" Izuku knew the 'Coordinate' part of the Warp Gate Quirk wouldn't be of much use here. "Line of sight it is!" A swirling black and purple fog appeared from his body and he leapt through it. He exited a gate that was high in the air, gravity reasserting its hold on him as he began to fall. "There!" Izuku took his time to scan the rooftops of the industrial field to try and spot All Might. It hadn't taken him long to see a large man standing on the roof of a building near the center of the area. A new gate swirled into existence below him and Izuku fell through it.

"Ah, I suspected as much." All Might chuckled as a swirling black fog appeared just above the building he was waiting at. The green of Midoriya's costume flew out of the gate as the boy tucked and rolled to absorb the impact of his fall. He popped back up onto his feet with a smile that made All Might grin in return. "Well, we have our winner!"

"Yes!" Izuku cheered a little at winning the race.

"You beat me, Izukun." Tsuyu landed on the roof from her latest jump just a moment after Izuku had been declared the winner. "Congratulations." She smiled at him and let out an adorable 'kero' when he pulled her into a warm hug for a moment.

"Shoot!" Sero sighed at seeing that he was third. "I thought I'd picked the fastest route too."

"I have arrived, sensei!" Iida nearly barreled through the door of the roof access. The bespectacled teen quickly counted his classmates and hung his head at coming in fourth place on a race of all things.

"Darn it!" Mina pouted as she swung herself over the railing to the rooftop. "You guys are making me look bad!" She accused playfully, pointing at her friends.

"Midoriya may have taken first place, but you've all figured out new and better ways to use your Quirks since starting at school here." All Might praised the five students with a bright smile. "Keep up the good work as you prepare for your Final Exams!"

"Right, Finals are coming up." Izuku recalled as the group were walking back down the stairs of the building to vacate the field.

"I need to study more." Mina groaned, not being the bookwork type.

"You can do well if you apply yourself, Ashido!" Iida chopped the air in her direction.

"Hmm, I could use help in a subject or two, myself." Sero admitted, running his free hand through his hair while his opposite hand held the helmet of his costume. "Classical Japanese isn't helping my overall scores."

"Perhaps we should make a study group? Kero." Tsuyu suggested, looking at Izuku.

"That's not a bad idea, as Class Rep it's part of my responsibilities to make sure that all of us are doing our best when it comes to our grades." Izuku agreed as he entered his 'thinking' pose. "We'll need to make sure we have everyone that needs help join in, if they want to, of course. I'm sure Momo will want to help as well, she was first on the midterms, so she could help with any subject."

"Kero." Tsuyu had a happy little smile as she took Izuku's hand in hers as they walked, just listening to him mutter as he planned to make the best study group that he could to help his classmates. 'So cute!' She cooed in her mind.

When it was time for the next group to have their turn, the five students were: Tokoyami, Jiro, Kirishima, Chikuchi, and Aoyama.

"START!" All Might's voice once more blared over the speakers. The Number One Hero had moved to a different location entirely within Field Gamma to prevent the next group from knowing where to find him.

"Dark Shadow!" Tokoyami called out and the sentient Quirk rose from the raven-headed teen's body. "Dark Fallen Angel!" He exclaimed, making a few of his classmates quietly snicker at the chuunibyou name.

"Got it!" Dark Shadow seemed to withdraw into Tokoyami's cloak, only for his large arms to wrap around his stomach.

Tokoyami leapt as high as he could, roughly a meter and a half, and then literally flew into the air!

"EEEHHH?!" The watching students exclaimed in shock.

"Tokoyami can fly?!" Shoji was wide-eyed at seeing his friend flying.

"Since when?!" Kaminari gaped at the new development.

"New move!" Mina cheered brightly, even as she laughed at the name.

"I see…" Izuku had pulled out his notebook, stashed somewhere on his person, and was rapidly flipping to Tokoyami's page even as he started muttering. "Using Dark Shadow's seeming immunity to gravity, Tokoyami can have Dark Shadow hold him and then move. Rather than Tokoyami standing on the ground and Dark Shadow moving independently, they become like horse and rider to achieve flight! That's amazing!"

"Shining…Rocket!" Aoyama announced flamboyantly as he directed his laser towards the ground. The bright light was unleashed and sent the armored teen flying up the side of the nearest building until he landed on the roof. "Monsieur Tokoyami is not the only one that has learned new tricks!" The blonde sparkled as he rushed across the rooftops, occasionally blasting himself higher with a carefully controlled beam. Internally he was hopeful that All Might wouldn't mark off too many points from his score for the bits of damage he was doing while launching himself around.

"Aoyama too?!" Sero was both stunned and happy for his classmate. "It's not actually flying, but it's still crazy!"

"He must've gotten better with his stomach pain, huh?" Ochako could sympathize with Aoyama. Having to deal with nausea from using her Quirk for too long was a similar kickback that the two shared.

"Didn't see that coming." Toru remarked before seeing what Chikuchi was doing. "Look at Chi-chan go!"

"Huh?" A lot of eyes turned towards the newest student of Class 1-A, only to once more bug out.

"Is she flying too?!" Sato gaped at seeing another of their classmates just defying gravity.

"Are those water wings?" Momo pointed out the blue objects around Chikuchi's biceps and ankles.

"They are…" Camie confirmed that their classmate was indeed wearing flotation devices made to help small children learn to swim.

"How is she flying like that though?" Todoroki wondered, clearly not understanding what the brunette was doing.

"Focus…" Chikuchi controlled her Quirk precisely, like Backdraft had shown her during her internship. "Just don't let it pierce through the edges." She floated through the air until she was flying above the factories and could see the whole training field. "There!" She grinned, only to gape as she saw Tokoyami flying straight for All Might far faster than she could hope to. "What the hell?!"

"I get it!" Izuku exclaimed with a bright smile, making several of his classmates look at him, including his four girlfriends. "She filled the water wings with water! She's manipulating it with her hydrokinesis to carry her along! That's so smart since her costume isn't ready yet!" He was rapidly writing down this new discovery of the girl's Quirk.

"I thought her Quirk made water take on spike or cone shapes? Wouldn't that pop the water wings?" Tsuyu blinked at seeing two of her classmates flying through the training field.

"She must be controlling the shapes inside the water wings, keeping the flat edges of the water cones against the sides to lift her up." Momo realized after a few seconds to think about it. "But she'd have to be doing that for all four of them at the same time…" That was a stunning revelation to just how well Chikuchi could multitask and split her focus.

"That's nuts." Kaminari shook his head. He was pretty sure he was getting a headache just thinking about it.

"Kirishima and Jiro are really out of luck, huh?" Sato commiserated with his fellow landbound classmates, watching the two run towards the area that All Might was waiting.

"Kyoka looks like she knows exactly where she's going though." Mina pointed out.

"She plugged one of her jacks into the ground as soon as the race started, maybe she heard All Might's location?" Camie guessed, having wondered why her friend had done so from such a distance away.

"Over that much distance? Can she do that?" Shoji, also a reconnaissance specialist, questioned as it became clearer and clearer that Jiro did indeed know where All Might was.

"Sensei, I have responded to your distress call!" Tokoyami flew down from the air and landed on the loading dock that All Might stood at. On the side of this factory, he was only visible from certain angles. It made it rather difficult to find him if one couldn't see from above, or had some other way of finding him.

"Excellent work, young Tokoyami!" All Might smiled and gave the teen a thumbs up. "I'm most impressed by your new move, very creative!"

"Thank you, sir." Tokoyami was so happy that he'd gone to Hawk's Agency for his internship. He never would've thought of flight with Dark Shadow on his own.

"I'm…whoa…I'm here, sensei!" Chikuchi floated down from above, a bit unsteadily, but she almost made the Pro's eyes bug out.

"Young Togeike…how are…simply marvelous!" All Might decided the how didn't matter at this moment. "You've truly taken well to the Hero Course and have clearly learned greatly during your internship! Well done!" He beamed at Chikuchi brightly.

"Th-Thank you very much, sir." Chikuchi was blushing from the praise. She felt like her heart might burst with joy! How many people, who had almost failed to get into the Hero Course entirely, had ever been so enthusiastically complimented by All Might himself?

"Your shining knight has arrived!" Aoyama declared as he slid down a ladder from the nearby warehouse-like building's rooftop. "Though it seems like I have been bested by flight…my sparkles shall not dim!" He declared, making All Might chuckle at the dramatic entrance.

"A good time, young Aoyama, be proud of your growth and development with your Quirk!" All Might gave praise where it was due. Aoyama preened under the compliment and posed.

"Thank you very much, sensei!" Aoyama had a wide smile on his face.

"You guys are ridiculous!" Jiro laughed as she jogged into the area. "Flying, rocket jumping with a laser, what's next?"

"Tell me…about it…" Kirishima jogged into the loading area from the other side, clearly out of breath. "I couldn't figure out where you were, except in this general direction. Hoo…" He exhaled and then inhaled deeply. "I must've run an extra dozen blocks or so just trying to find you, sensei."

"Not to worry, young Kirishima! This exercise is meant to show not only how you've improved, but how you can continue to improve as well!" All Might consoled the redhead. "If mobility hinders you, then work on reconnaissance to find the fastest way to your destination!" He shot Jiro a thumbs up and the rocker girl smiled with some pink on her cheeks.

-Boys Locker Room ~ After Class-

"Man, I need to work on my mobility!" Kirishima lamented his last place finish.

"Me too." Sato sighed, having had much the same issues as Kirishima in actually finding All Might among the maze-like training area. "Even boosting my speed with Turbinado sugar didn't do me much good since I was practically running around in circles."

"You'll have to increase your reconnaissance skills then, like All Might said." Tokoyami responded as he was putting on his tie.

"We'll still fall behind at this rate." Kaminari mentioned, putting on his uniform shirt. "I'm jealous of you guys that can fly and take the high ground so easily."

"I worked up a bit of sweat this time around." Aoyama wiped his forehead with a handkerchief. "I almost overused my Quirk."

"Midoriya, you totally took the cake this time around." Sero chuckled good-naturedly. "How are any of us supposed to beat warping?"

"Right?" Shoji got in on the banter. "It doesn't matter how fast we move if he only has to take one step to get there."

"I call hax!" Kaminari laughed, shooting a smile at his friend.

"But you guys did great today." Izuku shook his head. "I never expected to see flight from Tokoyami or Chikuchi, especially." Even his analytic ability hadn't puzzled those uses out of their Quirks. He might have a bit of a leg up when it came to understanding Quirks, but he wasn't all-knowing nor infallible. But that DID keep Quirks super exciting for him!

"Damn Deku…" Bakugo muttered under his breath as he finished changing and left the locker room without looking back.

-Girls Locker Room-

"Chi-chan, you were amazing out there!" Toru gushed to her newest friend. "How'd you learn to fly?!"

"A lot of practice with Backdraft." Chikuchi shrugged, playing it cool.

"Boo~" Mina called out with a giggle. "Give us the real story!"

"It was mostly just Backdraft asking me a lot of questions about my Quirk. Then he'd just ask me why I hadn't done one thing or another with it." Chikuchi admitted as the girls continued to change back into their uniforms. "So many times, he just asked 'Why not?' and I couldn't answer him at all. It was really eye-opening."

"I get that." Jiro nodded understandingly to the brunette. "I felt the same way back when Midoriya analyzed my Quirk. Me and my mom have the same Quirk, yet neither of us had figured out some of the things he did. He hadn't even known about my quirk for more than a few days!" She shook her head with a small grin. "It's crazy what you can discover with an outside point of view."

"You aren't kidding." Camie smiled at the rocker girl. "Izuku blew a lot of our minds that day."

"Speaking of new things though…what's up with that new gear, Jiro-chan?" Tsuyu asked as she buttoned up her shirt.

"Oh this?" Jiro held up one of the new white speakers on the back of a pair of fingerless gloves she'd added to her costume. "This is new Support Gear that came in from the same company that makes Present Mic's set up. He got me in touch with them. They'll really up my decibels!" She laughed while looking at the small, innocuous item. "They're super variable too! I should be able to more easily hit resonant frequencies and do more pinpoint targeting."

"That's amazing, Kyoka!" Momo beamed at her friend.

"What else do they do?!" Ochako asked curiously, the excitement of the room getting to her too.

"Not too much more, but I can do this with them." Jiro grinned and her jacks extended, each one plugging into one of the small speakers and removing them from the back of the gloves. With merely a thought, Jiro fully extended her jacks, taking the speakers with them, until there was a speaker on either side of the locker room. "Anyone up for some stereo?" She grinned as the speakers began to reverberate with her heartbeat.

"Neat upgrade!" Chikuchi laughed, feeling the vibrations against her. "You can blast around corners and other obstructions now. Too bad today wasn't combat training, you'd have wrecked shop!"

"Right?" Jiro chuckled and stopped the sound, pulling her jacks back to her and unplugging the speakers. "I'll have to really show off what I can do when we get to cut loose on some robots again."

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot." Tsuyu blinked as she was putting on her shoes. "Izuku wants to set up a study group since Final Exams are coming up. I suggested it and he really ran with the idea."

"I think it's wonderful!" Momo nearly sparkled and began to bounce slightly. "I'm confident that I can be of help to anyone that may be struggling academically! Oh, we could even do it at my home! There's plenty of space in the main hall!"

'Main Hall?' All of the other girls blinked at Momo's words.

"Is there any type of tea you all are partial to?" Momo was getting super excited now. "We usually drink Harrod's or Wedgewood, but I can have the butler acquire whatever kind you like!"

'Butler?' All the girls felt like they'd just been smacked across the face with the wealth gap between them and Momo. Even Camie, Ochako, and Tsuyu who all knew that Momo was very wealthy.

"What is your life, Yaomomo?!" Ochako reeled and was caught by Camie.

"I realize our vast social differences clearly now…but she's so cute like this that I can't even care." Jiro, Toru, Mina, and Chikuchi all spoke in unison. Momo really was absolutely adorable when she was like this.

-Outside of U.A. ~ After School-

"So, Izu…" Camie grinned at her boyfriend. "Do you have any plans for the next couple of days?"

"Aside from getting the study group set up, not really." Izuku shook his head. "What's up?"

"Well~" Camie drew out the word and not-so-subtly moved Ochako closer to him. "I was thinking we could go on some dates." Momo, Ochako, and Tsuyu all blushed cutely. "Ochako first, since she's such a shy bean."

"Camie-chan!" Ochako's face was now bright red.

"Y-Yeah…I'd love to." Izuku smiled, though his entire face was even redder than Ochako's. "We're dating, so we should definitely be making time for dates together."

"Izukun…" Ochako smiled adorably as she gently took his hand with hers. Both of them shared a warm look with each other, their hearts beating strongly together.

"Great!" Camie clapped her hands. "Let's talk about it! The days of the guy having to decide everything are long over! For real!"

"I agree…it does seem inconsiderate to expect Izuku to come up with everything by himself." Momo nodded, her face flushed but a beautiful smile on her lips that made Izuku feel like his heart was going to burst with affection for his amazing girlfriends.

"I have the afternoon free this weekend." Tsuyu smiled at Izuku. "My mom will be taking care of my little siblings." She had told her boyfriend and girlfriends (that's how she thought of Ochako, Momo, and Camie at least), about her home life. Both of her parents worked and she often had to take care of her little brother and sister after school.

"Then we'll have a date." Izuku declared and surprised all of them when he leaned in to place a gentle kiss on her cheek.

"Okay, kero~" Tsuyu wasn't usually incredibly expressive, but Izuku could make her swoon with simple affection like this. She took his other hand with a bright smile on her lips.

"Ooh~ Izukun is getting rather bold now." Camie grinned happily at seeing it. "That's exactly what we want to see, right girls?" She giggled and then cracked up entirely when Momo, Ochako, and Tsuyu all nodded happily.

Izuku felt like his face might catch on fire soon, but he couldn't care with how happy he was right now. Making his girlfriends happy was important to him. Their relationship wasn't conventional, but he wanted it to work and he was willing to put the time and effort into making it work! They all were!

"My mother has been wanting to meet you, Izuku." Momo revealed with a bashful smile. "Ever since she saw our match in the Sports Festival.

"My parents will want to meet you too." Tsuyu nodded as she lay her head on his shoulder as they walked hand-in-hand.

"Eh?" Izuku continued to walk, but in his mind a blue screen of death had appeared at the thought of meeting his girlfriends' parents so soon.

-End Chapter-


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