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Chapter 41 – Quirk Strength Training

At exactly five-thirty in the morning, the forty students that made up Classes 1-A and 1-B trudged out of the 'Catnip Inn' to stand in front of their homeroom teachers. Most of them barely looked awake, some were yawning, while others tried to clear the sleep from their eyes.

"Good, you're all here." Aizawa looked over the students.

"So early…" Kaminari yawned.

Vlad King nodded sharply at the comment. "Get used to it, training will start at this time every single day of the camp." His words made more than a few of the students physically droop.

"This past semester you've learned the very basics of what you need to be a Hero." Aizawa said in his normal flat tone. "Laws and regulations, support gear, combat, and you've learned new ways to utilize your Quirks."

Vlad took over. "You've also been honing your minds and improving your physical conditioning." The Blood Hero commented on the schoolwork they'd been doing as well as their physical training. "But your Quirks haven't kept pace with the rest of your development."

"Our Quirks?" Nirengeki Shoda, a somewhat short teen that was Class 1-B's Vice-Representative, questioned his homeroom teacher.

Aizawa tossed a familiar softball-sized device at Izuku.

Izuku looked at the ball that he'd caught curiously. "Isn't this from the Quirk Aptitude Test?"

"Your distance on the first day was 1,410.3m. Try it now and see the difference." Aizawa motioned for Izuku to step off to the side and throw the ball.

"Wow, fourteen-hundred meters?" Setsuna whistled. "Manga got the farthest of any of us and his was eleven-hundred meters." She looked over at a teen with what appeared to be a comic book speech bubble for a head. Truly one of the most extreme of physical mutations granted by Quirks, especially considering that it wasn't the young man's actual Quirk, but a remnant mutation from his family tree.

As Izuku walked over to where Aizawa was pointing, he heard multiple of his classmate's making predictions on how far he'd launch it this time.

"You think he'll hit two kilometers this time?" Mina questioned, some excitement building up and pushing away her lethargy.

"We've been through a lot these past three months! Throw that sucker, Midoriya!" Sero cheered their Class Rep on.

Izuku held the palm in his hand and extended his arm at a forty five degree angle, quickly compiling the Quirks that would get him the longest physical throw. Air Compression, Amplification, Enhance Function, Kinetic Boost, Force Multiplier, and Force Projection. With more focus he compressed more air than he had been able to back at the start of the year and then blasted the ball with it.


A massive blast of air rocketed the ball into the sky and into the distance. If anyone had been sleepy before, they were wide awake now.

Aizawa looked at the measuring device in his hand, waiting for the result. There was a 'ding' and the homeroom teacher's expression barely changed. "1,425.9m." Aizawa showed everyone the screen.

"Huh? Only fifteen more?" Camie blinked at the lack of increased distance. She knew how hard Izuku worked on his Quirks these past few months.

"Class 1-A has been through a lot in this first semester." Vlad acknowledged the class with a nod. "But your Quirks haven't been keeping up with your physical development, which forces you to give up on some applications for your Quirks and focus on what you can do right now. If you want to improve as future Heroes, then you have to strengthen your Quirks."

Setsuna briefly raised her hand and got a motion from Vlad to speak. "You say 'strengthen your Quirks' like it's no big deal, but there's forty of us, each with a different Quirk… How do we each go about doing this?"

"We need more details here." Kamakiri agreed with Setsuna, not understanding how they'd all strengthen their Quirks.

"Class 1-B has been fortunate enough to avoid the disruptions to U.A.'s curriculum that Class 1-A has experienced." Aizawa said as he looked at Class 1-B. "Because of this, your growth has been steady and in line with how U.A. normally develops our students. I'm sure you recall from class that Quirks can be vaguely compared to muscles. The more you work them, the more they develop." He got nods from Class B. "Simply put, instead of steadily working your Quirks up as you age, like normal, we'll be deliberately pushing your Quirks past their breaking points to make them stronger, just like the tears in a muscle healing and reforming stronger."

"But with forty of us, can six people effectively help everyone?" Itsuka questioned politely, not wanting to doubt her teacher, nor their hosts, but it was quite the numerical disparity.

"That's why we have these ladies." Aizawa motioned to the side.

"That's right! We're four parts of a whole!" Ragdoll declared brightly.

"Rock on with these sparkling gazes!" Mandalay declared.

"We've come to lend a paw and help!" Ragdoll continued.

"We've come from…somewhere…" Tiger spoke his part ominously.

"Stunningly cute and catlike!" Pixie-bob exclaimed.

"Wild, Wild Pussycats!" The four posed together, now able to complete their well-known Hero Team routine.

A few members of Class A and B clapped for the Pussycats, though all of the students were clearly a bit taken aback by the sudden arrival and posing.

"My Quirk is called Search!" Ragdoll grinned brightly at the students. "I know almost everything about a person just by looking at them! That includes weaknesses and their location! Up to one-hundred people at a time!"

"With my Earth Flow I can make the ideal training ground for each and every one of you!" Pixie-bob demonstrated by making large hills and cliffs form from the dirt dozens of meters away.

"And I use my Telepath to give advice to all of you in real time!" Mandalay smiled at the students.

"And I'm here to beat you into shape." Tiger said plainly.

'That's really different from the other three!' The students all thought at the same time.

"All of you power-up types come with me." Tiger beckoned them over with one of the claws on his puffy cat glove. "My bootcamp is ready to go."

Several students strode over, looking warily at the Pro Hero, already knowing they were in for a rough time.

Vlad looked at the students again before they were divided up for training. "Emitter types with maximum output levels need to raise their limits. Mutant Types need to strengthen their bodies and the traits that come along with their Quirks. Transformation Types need to increase the speed of their shifting and make it more fluid and natural on top of further increasing their abilities granted by their transformations."

"This'll be so hard that you'll wish that you were dead, so do your best to stay alive." Aizawa smiled at the students, the look coming off as vaguely sadistic to all of them. As if Class 1-A's homeroom teacher would be getting a laugh out of their coming suffering.

'That's NOT reassuring at all!' All forty students screamed in their heads simultaneously.

"Plus Ultra, right? Show me that ultra." Tiger demanded of the students under his instruction. Not a single student in the group didn't tremble at least a bit.

Because of Izuku's myriad of Quirks, his training needed to be equally varied. In the early morning, he was part of Tiger's bootcamp. Working out his body while Tiger acted much like a drill sergeant.

"Now. Come at me." Tiger ordered Izuku several minutes into the training.

Physicality Boost, Kinetic Boost, Enhance Function, Force Multiplier, Amplification. Izuku compiled the five Quirks in just a second or so and launched a kick at Tiger.

"Okaaay. Not quite fast enough yet!" Tiger used his Pliabody Quirk to bend around Izuku's kick in ways no normal human could hope to replicate. "Cat Punch!" Then he socked Izuku right in the face, putting the teen on his ass. "That's proof that you're not ripping those muscles enough yet!"

"Yes, sir!" Izuku mumbled out as he forced himself off the ground.

"I can't hear you!" Tiger bellowed.

"YES, SIR!" Izuku hollered back as he rejoined the others exercising.

Tiger moved on to the next student that he'd test, never choosing any two consecutive students and always seemingly at random from the group after everyone had gone a round. Any one of them could be called out at any time, whether it was in the middle of an exercise, or while they were climbing one of the cliffs, or running up one of the hills. If they didn't respond fast enough, a 'Cat Punch' would find its way to their face in no time.

Late morning until lunchtime saw Izuku working on control and output with his various Quirks. Pixie-bob would create walls, obstacles, targets, and even humanoid golems for Izuku to either destroy, avoid, or subdue. All of the Pro Heroes creations were moving as well, forcing Izuku to adapt on the fly, straining his reaction and mental flexibility.

"Gah!" Izuku yelped out as he was clocked in the back by a dirt golem's fist. Just a half-second ago he'd nearly blasted a target that was shaped like a woman pushing a stroller. That was one of the targets he was supposed to avoid. His forceful halt of his reaction to the sudden appearance had made him too slow to react to the next enemy that appeared.

"You won't last long as a Pro Hero if you take too long to assess and react to every situation in an emergency, Midoriya!" Pixie-bob's voice called out from outside of his section of the training area.

"Yes, ma'am!" Izuku got back to his feet to continue the exercise.

"There's a flow to everything, Midoriya." Mandalay's telepathy sounded within Izuku's mind. "Even in a chaotic situation, you can find this flow if you keep yourself aware. Look at the entire situation, don't get tunnel vision on one small thing at a time."

Izuku knew that Mandalay could only send messages with her Quirk, not receive them, but he sent her a mental thanks anyway as he started again. He did his best to spread his awareness to try and understand the 'flow' of the situation that Mandalay told him about.

After lunch was Practical Training for everyone. Today was sparring between members of Class A and Class B. Naturally, some people were a bit more competitive than others about such things.

"Hahaha! The time has come at last, Class A, for us of Class B to show you our superiority!" Monoma declared while pointing at the other class.

"Sit down." Itsuka chopped Monoma into the dirt. It was clear that she was in no mood to deal with his normal shenanigans after a full morning of grueling training.

Vlad and Aizawa left the matchups to a randomizer and the first match of the afternoon was between Kamakiri and Izuku.

Once both boys stood across from each other, their classmates sitting on one side with their teachers, while the four Pussycats and the young Kota sat on the opposite side, the rules were given.

"This is free sparring, but as Heroes you're required to know how to control your Quirks. The loss of life is something that we Heroes always strive to prevent. While injuries are expected, if you take it too far, you will be punished, understood?" Vlad's strong voice and dead serious gaze made it clear there wasn't any room for excuses.

"Yes, sir." Kamakiri and Izuku both nodded to the teacher.

"Begin." Aizawa started the match, his eyes focused and ready to activate his Quirk if anything went wrong.

From each of Kamakiri's arms a large, sharp blade formed in less than a second. "This is my Quirk, Razor Sharp, I think it's pretty self-explanatory." He took up a stance that spoke of years of learning how to fight with his Quirk.

"Transformation Type, blades form from the body, probably any part of the body and not just your limbs. Are the size and shape of the blades you produce freely under your control too?" Izuku's green eyes were bright at getting to see Kamakiri's Quirk up close. His Quirk Nerd was on full display as he analyzed the other student's Quirk.

"Eh? How'd he know that already?" Kaibara looked between Izuku and his classmates.

Jurota also looked confused, but offered a plausible idea. "Do you think he watched recordings of the Sports Festival?" Kamakiri had sliced through the surviving robots of the Robo Inferno during the obstacle race.

"That's definitely something that Izukun would do." Tsuyu smiled as she watched her boyfriend.

"Not that he would need to in order to understand someone else's Quirk." Ochako said with a small giggle.

"What's that mean?" Awase looked over at the two girls curiously.

"Izuku is a very skilled analyst when it comes to Quirks." Momo was the one that answered the question. "In just two days of classes, he knew more about my Quirk than I did." That got many in Class B to nearly gape. "I'd been making an incorrect assumption about how my Quirk functioned since I was four, and it actually held me back more than I realized."

Itsuka looked thoughtful for a second before looking at Momo. "Your Quirk is super complex and lets you make all sorts of items and gear on the fly. By comparison, Kamakiri's is much, much simpler. So will Midoriya have Razor Sharp figured out before this spar ends?"

"Probably." Camie shrugged with a little grin on her lips. "He'll probably have most of your Quirks figured out by tomorrow or the next day too."


What sounded like metal meeting metal rang out, getting everyone to focus on the spar as it started in earnest.

"The hell?" Kamakiri pushed his left blade against Izuku's bare forearm. Instead of making a cut like he'd intended, his blade had stopped on Midoriya's blade-like arm!

"I don't get many chances to practice with this combination, Kamakiri-san, so thank you." Izuku thanked his opponent sincerely as he broke the deadlock and swiped his left hand towards Kamakiri's midsection.


Kamakiri's right blade blocked Izuku's knife-like fingers, stopping them cold. "You think you can beat me at my own game, huh?!" He demanded as he proved his experience by quickly forcing Izuku backwards as they clashed again and again.

'The combination of Sharpen, Durability Up, Physicality Boost, Enhance Function, Kinetic Boost, and Amplification is working well enough.' Izuku thought to himself as he blocked one of Kamakiri's blades with his left hand and then grabbed it with his own sharp fingers. He yanked the blade to the side, opening up Kamakiri's guard, and thrust his right hand forward in a spearhand strike.


Izuku's hypothesis was proven correct as Kamakiri produced a blade from his chest to block the strike.

Lactic Acid Elimination Izuku added another Quirk to his 'stack' as he saw that this spar was going to require a good amount of physical effort. After the training the students had already gone through, Izuku didn't need his muscles burning and seizing up from the buildup of lactic acid in them. As the building burn in his muscles faded away, Izuku was able to more easily exert himself for longer against Kamakiri's fast blade play.







"Tch!" Kamakiri was surprised that Izuku was keeping up with him so well. They'd clashed a dozen times already, but neither of them had scored a single real blow against the other yet. "You're not too bad, Midoriya."

"Thanks, you're really good with your Quirk!" Izuku returned the compliment with a grin. It would've been a smile, but the pace of the spar made that a little hard right now.

Vlad watched the spar with sharp and experienced eyes, noticing that while Kamakiri was easily the more skilled of the two when it came to using blades, Izuku was making up for it with many unorthodox tactics. After all, not just anyone could grab one of Kamakiri's blades that could slice through metal, when the teen tried, and come out fine. "Why isn't Midoriya ending the spar already? With what I know just from the Sports Festival, he should've been able to disable Kamakiri already."

"He's training himself." Aizawa answered easily, still ready to activate his Quirk and forcibly end the spar if he needed to. "With so many Quirks, there's bound to be some that Midoriya rarely uses. Combinations that he can't practice with against others, barring rare exceptions, without the risk of fatally injuring his partner. He's making a rational decision to limit himself in this spar, to better himself as a Hero."

The students were equally surprised that the match was still going on.

Kirishima was, of course, pumped up at the match. "So manly, Midoriya! You too, Kamakiri!" He cheered for both of them.

"Yeah! You two are awesome!" Tetsutetsu was equally as enthusiastic about the spar.

"Nothing against Kamakiri, but couldn't Midoriya have already ended this match if he wanted to?" Kinoko questioned her friends curiously.

"Maybe. But sparring is for practicing and learning about your own strengths and weaknesses as a fighter." Itsuka, a martial artist herself, felt like she understood what Izuku was doing. "I think he's making sure that both he and Kamakiri get the most that they can out of this sparring match."

Ching Ching

Kamakiri and Izuku locked blades again. More specifically, Kamakiri's two arm blades had been grabbed by Izuku's sharpened hands and held in place. Not one to let himself be beaten, Kamakiri created a blade from his foot, straight through his shoe, and kicked upward at Izuku's stomach.


A translucent green barrier had appeared over Izuku's torso, blocking the blade completely.

Heat Generation, Temperature Fluctuation Izuku compiled two more Quirks, letting them be boosted by the various enhancement Quirks that he was already using.


A hissing sound came from Kamairi's arm blades as Izuku's sharpened hands began to glow with intense heat.

"What the hell?!" Kamakiri tried to jerk his blades out of Izuku's grip, but 1-A's Class Rep wouldn't let go. The normally white blades quickly blackened from the burning heat. "Let go!" Kamakiri launched a rapid series of kicks with each leg, both of them covered in sharp blades. The attacks hit the barrier between him and Izuku, but they did no damage.

"Surrender." Izuku gave Kamakiri a way out even as the heat from his hands started to make the blackened blades glow a dull red. The color was starting to spread from where Izuku was holding the sharp blades, and if nothing was done, the blistering heat would reach Kamakiri's arms soon enough.

Kamakiri continued to struggle, even going so far as to grow a blade from his forehead and try to strike Izuku with it.

That didn't work out though, given that Izuku had suddenly grown an extra 83cm taller and was now holding Kamakiri off the ground. The increase in size that came from using the Half Giant Quirk let him hold Kamakiri far enough away from his body that the forehead blade couldn't reach him.

"Grah!" Kamakiri lashed out with both legs again, but the barrier that had disappeared when Izuku had transformed reappeared even larger. Every kick hit the barrier, but didn't accomplish anything.

Realizing that Kamakiri wasn't the type to give up, even at the risk of bodily harm, Izuku went a different route to securing his victory. Canceling Heat Generation and Temperature Fluctuation, Izuku instead looked into Kamakiri's eyes. Paralyze Glare made Izuku's eyes shine for a moment and Kamakiri went limp in his grip.

"You're done." Aizawa spoke up firmly.

Izuku shrank back to his normal height and gently set Kamakiri on the ground as he deactivated all of his Quirks. A quick use of Paralyze Glare returned Kamakiri's mobility to him.

"Damn it." Kamakiri cursed quietly as he sat up.

"Thanks for the good match, Kamakiri-san!" Izuku smiled at the other teen as he held out his hand to help the other boy up. To everyone else, it was an act of good sportsmanship, and further proof of Izuku's good character.

But to Bakugo, it brought back a very specific memory. A memory of just over a decade ago, when he and Izuku had still been just little kids. The log over the creek at the park. How he'd slipped and fallen into the stream. Izuku holding out his small hand to help Bakugo up with that look on his face…one that a young Bakugo had mistaken for pity. But now, with his ego thoroughly beaten down from the first semester of U.A., and the benefits of both age and hindsight, Bakugo…Katsuki…understood that Izuku had never been pitying him. The other little boy had been genuinely concerned that he could've gotten hurt from his fall. He'd just wanted to make sure that his friend was okay.

'I'm a fucking idiot…' Bakugo thought in the privacy of his own mind. Without the mountain of trash that was his over-inflated ego in the way, the intelligent young man could admit that simple fact to himself. He'd let a simple mistake as a child build up into years of problems and at least a mental complex or two. In his quest to be his ideal of a Hero, someone that never lost, he'd come much closer to acting like a Villain instead. 'Damn it… Am I really this fucking stupid?' All of the small cracks that had formed in Bakugo Katsuki's massive ego and self-absorbed personality since he'd enrolled at U.A. finally manifested as a breakthrough for the teen. How fast he'd come to terms with his newfound realization, and when he'd seek any kind of help for his complexes, was still up in the air. But it was a start, an opportunity, for the young man to make himself a better person.

While Bakugo was having his epiphany, someone else was still mired in their own tumultuous emotions as they watched the green-haired Hero-wannabe.

"Stupid…" Kota grumbled under his breath, glaring at Izuku as the teen left the field with Kamakiri.

-4pm ~ Dinner Preparation-

Tables were filled with familiar ingredients. Brick camp stoves were lined up along one side of the covered tables, waiting to be filled with firewood and lit.

The forty worn out students stood before the area, some confused, others already having figured out what was coming.

"Like we said, the pampering ended yesterday!" Pixie-bob declared with a laugh.

"If you wanna eat, you have to cook for yourselves!" Ragdoll smiled as she clawed at the air, her energy seemingly boundless. "Today is curry!"

"Yes, ma'am…" Came the weary reply.

Ragdoll laughed brightly at the forty students. "You all look worse for wear! That's why this is no mere kitty chow that you'll be making!"

Ida perked up and held his chin for a second. "But of course… In times of disaster and evacuation, someone needs to fill the bellies and soothe the souls of fatigued citizens. That too, is part of rescue operations." He turned to the other thirty-nine students and raised his voice. "Naturally, U.A. never misses a teaching opportunity! So, let's make the tastiest curry in the world, everyone!" He chopped his hand through the air to emphasize his determination.

"Yeah…" Some of the students half-heartedly replied, the rest didn't even bother.

In the next few minutes the students were washed up and preparing ingredients, starting the fires, and getting their dinner started.

"Bakugo! You can't make fire with explosions!" Sero backed away from the brick camp stove that Bakugo was near.

"Watch me!" Bakugo placed his palm against the firewood in the bottom. With focus, he controlled the amount of his nitroglycerin-like sweat that was released.


A small blast made the dried wood jump a few centimeters. When it hit the ground again a few smoldering embers let off some wispy smoke.

"Heh." Bakugo gently blew on the embers, feeding them extra oxygen, until they burst into small flames that started to spread and slowly consume the firewood. "You were saying, Elbows?"

"Okay, okay. You were right." Sero waved it off.

"Can we get some fire over here, Todoroki?" Mina called out from the stove that she and Toru were tending to.

Momo looked over from her stove and spoke up. "Everyone! If we always rely on others we'll never learn to make fire ourselves!" Her hand glowed in a rainbow of colors as she produced a lighter with a long nozzle and casually flicked it on to start the fire.

Jiro snickered from beside Momo. "You make it look so easy, Yaomomo."

"It's alright, I don't mind." Todoroki walked over to Mina and Toru's stove. He kneeled down and held out his left hand. Flames snapped to life from his palm and easily ignited the firewood.

"Thanks, Todoroki!" Toru laughed as she and Mina watched the flames grow.

Izuku sent a mental thank you to his dad before inhaling and then exhaling flames onto the firewood of his and Ochako's stove. The fire was crackling away, ready to cook, a few seconds later.

"You make it so easy, Izukun." Ochako giggled and pecked his cheek when no one was looking.

"Huh, you're really good with a knife, Bakugo. It's kinda surprising, ya know?" Camie was stunned by how quickly the ash blonde was able to prep the ingredients. She was only about half as fast as she didn't want to worry about cutting herself.

"What do you mean 'surprising'? How can you all be bad with them?" Bakugo scoffed as he went back to his slicing of the vegetables.

After the curry had been made, it vanished even faster.

The ravenous stomachs of forty teenagers should never be doubted.

After dinner but before lights out was free time. This would usually be the time the students would bathe and then spend time relaxing and playing games together. Unless you were one of the two remedial students (Monoma and Bakugo), of course. But this evening, as the sun began its slow descent towards the horizon, a different idea was had by many of the students.


Among the expansive forest and mountain area that the Pussycats owned, a river flowed as well. It dropped down from a rocky cliff in a waterfall near the edge of the property and flowed through the forest and then out into a rock and grassy area. In the heat of summer, and with a bit of time until sunset, it was little surprise that swimming was brought up.

"Cannonball!" Kirishima yelled as he jumped into the deeper part of the river.

"Yeah! Swim time!" Tetsutetsu dived in before resurfacing a short distance away.

"It's nice and cool." Chikuchi sighed happily as she stepped into the water with Jiro right beside her.

As the girls approached the river together, most of the boys (the ones that decided to come at least) turned to watch.

Mina and Setsuna, both seeing the attention of the boys, grinned and tossed their towels on a large, mostly flat rock not too far from the river. "Enjoy the view, boys!" The two flirty girls called out loudly, making a few of the boys look away at being caught.

It was quite a scene for the boys that didn't look away though. All of their female classmates were lovely and cute. In their chosen swimsuits, the boys saw far more skin than they normally did. Some went for one piece suits, like Ibara and Tsuyu, while others went for bikinis. The levels of 'skimpy' varied among the girls, of course.

Camie proudly strutted her way towards Izuku in her black thong bikini, an almost predatory look in her eyes as she saw how much Izuku clearly liked it.

Momo drew a lot of eyes, given her curves, buxom breasts, and ample bottom in her red bikini. But she only had eyes for Izuku, and she wasn't exactly body shy or self-conscious anyway.

Tsuyu hopped over to Izuku, at the river's edge. She stood up to her full height and let out a cute little 'kero' when she saw Izuku give her body a once over before looking into her eyes and smiling warmly at her.

Ochako, being a little less bold than Camie, and not having Momo's seemingly innate lack of body-shyness, walked over to Izuku in her black and pink bikini with an adorably cute blush on her cheeks.

"You're beautiful." Izuku smiled lovingly at his girlfriends. They all looked just as amazing as they had back in the fitting rooms.

"You're not looking too bad yourself, Izukun." Camie eyed him up and down.

Izuku was wearing dark green and black swim shorts and nothing else. His toned and strong upper body was bare for all to see, and his girlfriends were very much enjoying the view.

"Kero." Tsuyu gently ran her hand over Izuku's abs and up his chest before gently threading her fingers into his fluffy green hair and pulling him into a sweet kiss. When they separated a moment later both had happy little smiles on their faces.

"T-Tsu!" Ochako was blushing even more now. "That's so bold."

"So, Chako wants to go next, got it!" Camie laughed and gently pushed Ochako into Izuku's arms.

"Izukun…mmm~" Ochako was kissed before she could worry about anything else.

"Better?" Izuku asked when they slowly pulled back from each other.

"Uh huh…" Ochako nodded and smiled at him with love and warmth.

Momo fidgeted cutely even after stepping forward. Izuku couldn't help but to gently take her into his arms and softly kiss her lips.

"Ah…" Momo let out an adorable mewl when the kiss ended. "Again?"

"Greedy, Momo-chan!" Camie giggled as she playfully separated Momo from Izuku. "Oh?" She looked down when she felt a strong arm encircle her waist. "Getting bolder, Izukun?" Her left hand came up and over her shoulder, finding the back of Izuku's neck, she pulled his head forward and turned her head to capture his lips. She might've also pressed her nice ass against him as they kissed to rile him up, but she wouldn't tell.

"Still not as bold as you, Camie." Izuku chuckled once they pulled away from each other.

"We'll work on it." Camie's bubbly laugh filled the air. "Let's swim! I think Izuku needs to cool off." She gave him a sensual look, her eyes half-lidded and biting her pouty lip. It offered and tempted with promises of so much, and Izuku felt his heart start hammering in his chest.

The girls all giggled, Ochako, Momo, and even Tsuyu blushing a bit as they saw Izuku's green eyes filled with his love and desire for them. When Camie got the other three girls to turn around, all four walked towards the river with a bit of a sway in their hips. It certainly did interesting things to their wonderful bottoms and Izuku started following behind them without even thinking about it. The next thing Izuku knew was being waist deep in water and getting splashed by Tsuyu.

"Of course you know, this means war." Izuku shook his head, his wet hair throwing water all about.

"Kero." Tsuyu smiled at him. She didn't even try to flee when Izuku lunged at her and playfully scooped her up into his arms before dunking both of them.

It was a good time for all of the students at the river. Just getting to enjoy the remainder of the day and cool off from the summer heat. Aside from the previous hard training, it was a typical day just being enjoyed by regular teenagers.


Izuku smiled as he approached Ragdoll, hoping that the Pro had some time to talk before lights out. "Miss Ragdoll?"

"Hm? Oh, if it isn't the strongest of the kittens!" Ragdoll teased Izuku playfully, even going so far as to pat his head and ruffle his fluffy hair like he was a small child. "Did you need something?"

"Actually, I wanted to ask for a huge favor, if possible." Izuku clapped his hands together in front of him in the classic 'begging' pose.

Ragdoll tilted her head curiously before a little smile pulled at her lips. "Ahahaha…. Midoriya, I'm flattered. But you're so much younger than me, and you're still a student…" She put her hands on her cheeks and swayed side-to-side a little, clearly teasing him if the barely suppressed giggles were any indication.

"N-Not that…Miss Ragdoll…" Izuku felt his face heat up at the older woman teasing him. She was beautiful, and a Pro Hero, both of which Izuku could admit to having a thing for, but he was spoken for already, four times over, in fact.

"I know, I know…" Ragdoll waved her joke off with a few more giggles. She put her index finger on her cheek and made a show of looking like she was thinking. "But if it's not 'that'…what else could it be?" Ragdoll perked up and held her hand up, index finger still extended. "Oh, I know!" Her face became gentle and understanding, calm and reassuring, something that she'd perfected in her years as a Rescue Hero. "You want to copy my Quirk, right?"

"Yes, ma'am, if you didn't mind, of course." Izuku bowed at the waist, making it almost a formal request.

"Sure." Ragdoll smiled at Izuku. "I'll show you how to use it while you're here. But could you explain the process first?"

"Of course!" Izuku stood to his full height with a beaming smile. "Thank you very much, Miss Ragdoll!"

"Ahahaha! You're really striving to be the best Hero that you can be, huh, Midoriya?" Ragdoll laughed at almost seeing sparkles in the teen's eyes.

The two sat down to talk and Izuku explained how Collector worked. Ragdoll listened carefully, asked a couple of questions, and once she was satisfied, she held her hand out to Izuku.

Izuku gently took Ragdoll's hand and the two shook on it. Izuku hadn't acquired a new Quirk copy since the USJ incident, but the feeling was the same as always. A tingling sensation as his Quirk rapidly parsed through the tiny amount of blood that his microtubules had taken from Ragdoll and found her Quirk information within her DNA. It was only a short time later that Izuku felt something in his head tingle. When he tapped into it, just as he did when activating any of his many Quirks, he experienced a new sensation.

"Whoa…" Izuku just stared off into empty space for a long moment.

"Yep! That's what I said the first time, back when I was a little girl." Ragdoll smiled fondly at the memory. Suddenly knowing where the last hundred people that you'd seen were and their condition had been a lot of information to take in. The four-year-old Shiretoko Tomoko had gotten a bit of a headache and cried for her mother. But after some lessons in turning her Quirk on and off, the little girl had been over the moon about her Quirk. Now she was part of the Wild, Wild Pussycats with her friends, and had helped and rescued hundreds of people with her power! She could only imagine just how many people an amazing future Hero like Midoriya would save with his own copy of her Quirk.

-End Chapter-


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