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Chapter 43 – Plans Go Wrong

The crackling of blue flames filled the air as the burnt Villain looked at the spot where he'd blasted Eraserhead.

"Well, I guess that's a Pro Hero for you." The Villain looked upwards to see that Aizawa was hanging from the awning over the front door of the Catnip Inn.

Aizawa didn't give the Villain time to react. His eyes glowed red as he activated Erasure negating the Villain's Quirk. His capture weapon wrapped around the burned man and he dropped down, slamming his knee into the Villain's face. With a pull of his capture weapon, the Villain was taken off his feet. Aizawa grabbed the back of the man's head and slammed his face into the ground with an audible crack of his nose breaking. Pinning the Fire Quirk Villain to the ground with his body weight, Aizawa kept his red eyes on the man to prevent him from using his Quirk again.

"Your objective, numbers, and positions. Spill it." Aizawa demanded as he took hold of the Villain's left arm.

"Why should I?" The Villain retorted.

"Because of this." Aizawa applied the appropriate pressure to the Villain's trapped left arm.


The Flame Villain flinched, but didn't cry out as his left arm was broken.

"Your right arm is next. Let's do this rationally." Aizawa looked down at the Villain, still not having blinked once. "If I get as far as your legs, it'll be a hassle for the arresting officers."

The Villain only grinned. "What's got under your skin, Eraser?" A blue flame flicked to life near the Villain's head as Aizawa blinked.


The flame went out as Aizawa opened his eyes and broke the Villain's right arm this time.


The loud sound was like a cross between an explosion and thunder that rang out through the forest.

"What is…" Aizawa wondered what had caused the loud sound, but his thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of his students.

"Sensei!" Iida called out, leading Koda, Sato, and Aoyama towards the Catnip Inn as instructed by Mandalay.

The Fire Villain took the moment of distraction to flip himself to the side, throwing Aizawa off of him. He quickly got to his feet, but was visibly wobbling. 'With this much damage… I'm just about done for….' He smirked at Aizawa as the capture weapon tightened more around him. "Worthy of being an instructor at U.A., ain't that right, Hero?"

Aizawa didn't bother answering, he tugged the end of his capture weapon to jerk the Villain forward, only for the weapon to pass through the burned man like he was watery mud. The two parts began to break down, the Villain seemingly melting away.

"Is it because your students are so precious?" The Villain asked with a mocking grin. The man's features began to deform and fade away into goop. "Hope you've got what it takes to protect them. See ya later." The goop splattered onto the ground.

'That fire attack wasn't his Quirk?' Aizawa blinked in surprise. But that didn't seem likely, as the blue flames were snuffed out by his Erasure. 'Do the Villains have another multi-Quirk user now?' That was an unsettling thought.

"S-Sensei… What was that?" Sato pointed at the mud-like goop on the ground.

"Get inside. I'll be back soon." Aizawa instructed the four of them, putting them under Vlad's protection. He needed to figure out what was going on and help where he could in stopping this Villain attack. 'But I did learn one thing from that Villain… The students are being targeted!' He thought to himself as he recalled how the Fire Villain had specifically spoken about the students. Aizawa was already running through the forest towards the entrance where the Pussycats were. All the while he looked for any signs of the students, hoping that none of them were injured or already being attacked by Villains.


"Ah! You're no good, Dabi! Damn you!" A Villain in a black full bodysuit and mask said as he pulled his thumb across his neck in the sign for cutting someone's throat. "You got done in! So weak! You're just fodder!"

Dabi, the burn scarred Villain, eyed the ranting man with a flat stare. "Already? That was weak…"

"Huh?!" The other Villain's tone and manner of speech changed entirely. "Don't be silly! And don't jump to conclusions. You're strong! We just gotta assume that the Pros here are gonna be monsters."

"Send out another me, Twice." Dabi ordered as he looked out into the forest. "We need to pin these Pros down."

"Send out more fodder and you'll get the same result!" The rude and brash way of speaking returned as the other Villain, Twice, flipped Dabi off with his left hand. "Leave it to me!" The more easygoing tone took over again as Twice gave Dabi a thumbs up with his right hand. It was clear that this Villain had some kind of mental disorder that rapidly bounced him between two very different mindsets.

-Entrance of the Forest-

"Gah! You cheap fake Heroes…" Spinner grunted as the soil under Pixie-bob's control constricted around him tightly, leaving only his face exposed and preventing him from moving at all. "Especially you, damn flirt…getting into my head…"

"Not my fault you're easily distracted." Mandalay countered with narrowed eyes, her adrenaline still high since she didn't know Kota's current location or condition.

"I'm not into this bondage stuff…" The red-haired man said before grunting as the dirt constricted him even more. "I didn't even get to use my item…" Tiger's 'Cat Combat' had been able to disarm the Villain, but the man proved to be quite adept at hand-to-hand as well. Unfortunately, his Quirk didn't seem to work on the moving earth that Pixie-bob controlled.

"Hikiishi Kenji, Villain Name: Magne, wanted for nine robberies and assault charges. Three murders. Twenty-nine attempted murders." Tiger got into the trapped Villain's face. "What did you come here for, criminal?"

"I wonder…?" Magne leered at Tiger, clearly not going to answer.

"Have either of you gotten a response from Ragdoll?" Pixie-bob questioned her teammates. "She's usually so quick to respond."

Both Tiger and Mandalay looked at each other, neither of them had heard from Ragdoll since the start of the Villain attack, their headset communicators had been silent. That was a bad sign and only made the three Pros more anxious to get information from Spinner and Magne.

-Ochako and Tsuyu-

"Is your arm okay, Ochako?" Tsuyu asked as they both looked at the strange girl dressed in a sailor fuku with the strange support gear on her hips and the black scarf with the design of multiple fangs on the front.

"Mm! Mmm…" The Villain hummed as she examined the blade of the knife that she'd attacked Ochako with. "Too shallow. Not enough!"

Tsuyu narrowed her eyes at the other girl. "What kind of jerk comes out swinging with a knife like that?!"

"I'm Toga! And you two are really cute!" Toga introduced herself without a care as her golden eyes looked at Tsuyu and Ochako. "Uraraka…and Asui…" She pointed the knife at each of them in turn.

Ochako grimaced as she held the small cut on her arm. "They know our names."

"Probably from the Sports Festival… People found out a lot about us then. Puts us at a disadvantage." Tsuyu never took her eyes off the Villain.

"But so little blood is no fun. Usually, with a good wound… I can suck it all out… Slurp, slurp." Toga said as she took one of the devices from her gear and held it in her left hand. "With this machine, all I need is one little cut and I can drain you dry. Makes my job sooo easy." She pressed a button on the object and a hypodermic needle emerged. "So I'm gonna stab you." With those disturbing words, Toga charged straight at Ochako and Tsuyu.

"She's charging!" Ochako readied herself.

Tsuyu dropped low and launched her tongue forward into a sweeping motion at Toga's ankles, intending to trip up the Villain and bind her legs. Toga jumped over the tongue easily and continued her charge, but the half-second that she was in the air gave Ochako time to close the distance. Toga lunged forward with her knife, aiming to stab Ochako center mass.

'Against a knife-wielding opponent, pivot on one leg to vanish from the attacker's line of sight.' Ochako timed her pivot perfectly as Toga's blade passed through empty air. 'Grab the wrist and the nape of the neck.' She latched onto Toga's wrist and the back of her neck, removing the other girl's gravity in the process, making her weightless and easier to manhandle. 'Press down hard! And yank!' Toga's face and body slammed into the dirt with an audible thump. 'This is what I learned during my internship! Gunhead Martial Arts!'

"I've got her!" Tsuyu's tongue quickly wrapped around Toga's legs, preventing the other girl from moving them.

"Let go of your weapons!" Ochako wrenched Toga's wrist to the side harshly and the needle fell out of her hand. With one hand cleared, Ochako pinned it to Toga's back. The girl's lack of weight made it so much easier for Ochako to outmuscle Toga.

Toga turned her head, her cheek now against the ground as she looked up at Ochako. "You're a lovely one too, Ochako. You've got the same scent as me." She grinned widely as her cheeks turned pink. "There's someone you're crushing on." Ochako's eyes widened at what Toga was saying. "And you're thinking that you wanna be just like him. I can tell. One maiden to another." The smile widened, showing off the four incredibly sharp canine teeth in Toga's mouth, looking like fangs. "Of course you wanna be like the one you love. It's natural. So you end up decking yourself out to look like him. But after enough time, even that's not enough. You literally want to become him. There's no helping it." Toga's eyes nearly rolled up in her head as her breathing got heavier.

'This girl is insane…' Ochako and Tsuyu thought at the same time.

"I'm not crushing on anyone. I have a boyfriend." Ochako said, and Toga nearly flinched as her eyes refocused. With a technique shown to her by Gunhead, Ochako twisted Toga's right wrist and applied pressure to the pressure point below the joint. With a grunt, Toga's knife fell from her hand and her right arm was forcefully pinned to her back with her left arm. Tsuyu moved to help pin Toga's arms down as well. With a quick tug and a soft snap, Ochako removed one of the straps that hung from her shorts (more a stylish decoration than anything) and quickly bound Toga's hands behind her back. She kinda hated to damage the new shorts, but this was an emergency situation.

"Should we take her with us now that she's subdued?" Tsuyu asked Ochako with a small lisp as her tongue was still extended and restraining Toga's legs.

Ochako tore off the other strap from her shorts and used it to tie Toga's ankles together as best as she could given the length of the material. "Yes, we'll hand her over to the Pro Heroes and let them deal with her."

Toga tried to struggle harder, but without much luck, given that she had little to no effect against Tsuyu and Ochako while her weight was negated by Ochako's Quirk. "Don't want to be captured! I want to see Mr. Stainy's dreams come true! I want to be Mr. Stainy!"

Both Ochako and Tsuyu looked at each other, mildly disturbed by Toga's ranting, before they started pulling off Toga's bloodletting gear so that they could move her safely towards the Catnip Inn.


"What the hell is that thing?!" Awase questioned as he ran from the hulking monstrosity with six arms, each with a large version of a power tool at the end where a hand would normally be. Chainsaws, drills, impact hammers, and more were present, the huge thing seemingly able to change the tool on any arm whenever it wanted.

"A Nomu!" Momo yelled out as her skin glowed along her shoulders and arms, her t-shirt ripping apart as small miniguns formed on each shoulder and a gauntlet formed on each arm with what appeared to be miniature RPGs on them. "Keep running! These things are bioweapons that only know how to kill!" She fired the RPGs on her gauntlets and the Nomu struck the projectiles with two of its chainsaws.


The rounds weren't an explosive, but a thick, white smokescreen that obscured the Nomu's vision and mildly irritated its exposed brain. The Nomu went still for a second as its brain literally pulsed visibly a couple of times before it took off after the two students.

As Momo and Awase ran, still hearing the thunderous stomps of the Nomu behind them, Momo turned the miniguns on her shoulders backwards and opened fire. The pellets that struck the Nomu splattered against its skin, hissing and smoking.

'Helping Mina with her chemistry and her Quirk is helping me out now. I'll have to thank her later.' Momo continued to rain incredibly caustic acid onto the chasing Nomu as she and Awase ran from the bioweapon.

"Kitty…! Little…kitty?" The Nomu spoke in broken fragments of sentences. It staggered and stumbled a few times as the rain of acid damaged its body, it didn't have Hyper Regeneration, but a lesser Regeneration Quirk. Its wounds took a little time to heal and Momo's constant barrage was straining the limit of the Quirk.

"There's mist up ahead!" Awase spotted an oddly glowing mist. It looked vaguely familiar to him, but in his panicked state he couldn't remember why.

"Run into it!" Momo would know Camie's Quirk anywhere!

The two students ran into the prismatic mist and the Nomu charged in right after them. With a garbled roar, it swung two of its chainsaw limbs and brutally bisected Awase and Momo, the two students died instantly as their blood flew through the air. The Nomu stopped running and looked down at the gory mess on the ground. Awase and Momo hadn't even had time to scream. Their guts were splayed out on the grass and dirt, the entire scene looking like something straight out of a horror movie. "Kitty? Little…kitty?" It changed direction and started to stalk off to fulfill whatever orders it currently had.


The Nomu didn't feel any pain and the noise wasn't heard by it either as its senses were lost in Camie's illusion. It continued to walk off until it left the prismatic mist entirely.

"That was fucking scary…" Camie exhaled heavily, taking the time to bolster her Glamour Quirk that was currently hiding them.

Awase looked a bit green at having touched the Nomu directly to use his Weld Quirk on it, attaching a tiny tracking device to the bioweapon's lower back. "That was some fast thinking…Utsushimi…" He was panting as the sprint through the forest caught up with him. "You too…Yaoyorozu…" The tracking device had been her idea, after all.

"Let's hope it works out…and the device gives the Pro Heroes…the location of the Villain's base." Momo was also out of breath as she panted, taking in great gulps of air.

Camie knelt next to Momo and hugged her close. "I'm so glad you're okay, Momo."

Momo returned the hug. "I'm glad that you're okay too, Camie."

"Um…" Awase was noticeably looking away from Momo and Camie's moment. "Would you…like my shirt?" He offered, still not looking Momo's way.

Momo and Camie both looked down, seeing Momo's dark blue bra exposed after the destruction of her t-shirt. The only reason the bra wasn't also destroyed was that it was strapless.

"I've got it." Momo produced a new shirt, a tank top, from her stomach in a glow of light. She pulled the black tank top over her head with a little assistance from Camie as the miniguns on her shoulders were still connected to her body so that she could load them both with acid pellets. "It's better to keep these until we make it back to the inn."

"I'll keep us hidden as best as I can." Camie promised as the three started moving through the forest.

"If we see anyone on the way, let's grab them and keep moving." Awase said as they moved through the trees and brush. "My class was out here when the attack started. I don't know if everyone made it back to the inn, but we gave everyone we could find your gas masks to protect them from that cloud of poison."

"Right!" Momo and Camie agreed easily, not wanting to leave any of their fellow students out in the forest if they could help it.

-Elsewhere in the Forest-

"You bastard! Give them back!" Kamakiri bellowed with large blades emerging from both of his arms.

"Where the hell did he even come from?" Kaibara demanded, his arms spinning at high-speed, letting off a keening hum like drills.

A Villain in a top hat, beige trench coat, a white mask with black designs on it, and holding a cane in one hand stood before the two Class 1-B students. "Fear not, my Quirk won't kill them." He said with a tone that indicated this was all rather amusing to him. In his free hand he tossed a few small marbles lightly up and down.

Kaibara, Kamakiri, Rin, Shishida, Bondo, Shoda, Tokage, and Fukidashi had been helping those affected by the poisonous gas back towards the Catnip Inn. Jiro, Hagakure, Tsuburaba, Pony, and Kuroiro were all unconscious still, but they'd been given gas masks to prevent them from breathing in any more or the toxin.

"Taking hostages, you asshole." Tokage nearly spit out as she glared at the Villain for taking their unconscious classmates.

Shoda clenched his fists, feeling more responsible for this situation as the Vice-Rep of Class B. "He didn't even make a noise when he took them. He had no need to announce himself like this…he's mocking us!"

"I do apologize for my bad habit." The Villain insincerely apologized with a half-bow. "You see, I'm an entertainer at heart."

"Rin… Can you use your Quirk to make him move towards our left?" Shishida asked in a whisper. "If we can make him move, then Bondo can create a trap with his Quirk. Once the Villain can't move, then we can take back the others and let Manga hit him with a powerful blast from his Quirk." Shishida was rather intelligent and demonstrated it with his quickly put together plan.

Rin nodded and raised his arms quickly as they were coated with green scales. The scales fired off his arms like bullets straight at the Villain.

"Oh my!" The Villain easily dodged to his right with ease. "I'm afraid that sneak attacks and running away are my only two specialties! I can't fight Heroes-in-training like your group!" He still seemed amused as he avoided the flying scales.

"Got him!" Bondo blasted a wide spray of his Cemedine Quirk. The thick, viscous fluid splashed down over the ground, right in front of the Villain, giving the man no time to stop.

"Nice try!" The man stabbed his cane into the ground and swung around it to avoid stepping in the thick glue-like substance. "Oof!" He grunted when a flying fist slammed into his masked face as he spun back the way he'd come from.

The second floating hand snatched the marbles from the reeling Villain's hand and quickly shot back towards Tokage.

"Now, Manga!" Shishida roared out.

"BZZZZTTTTT!" Manga's speech bubble head made the onomatopoeia for the buzzing of electricity and the words materialized into existence before slamming into the staggered Villain.

"GAH!" The Villain cried out as he was electroshocked for real. His twitching body was only held up by the death grip he had on his cane.

"One more blow!" Shoda recognized that victory was close now that they'd rescued the hostages.

That blow came from Rin, using his Scales Quirk to send a hail of the sharp scales straight into the Villain's chest and legs. The cane snapped in two as one flying scale cleaved through the wood, the rest embedded themselves into the Villain's body, though his trench coat and the clothes beneath seemed to slightly absorb some of the impact.

"Ack!" The Villain hit the cemedine flat on his back, sticking fast to the incredibly strong adhesive and trapping him spread eagle on the ground.

"Hell yeah!" Kamakiri smirked at their group defeating a Villain.

Tokage poked at the marbles that she had in her hands. She could see their classmates in them, but couldn't figure out how to get them out. "Guys, we have a problem. I can't get the others out!"

"What?" Shoda was at her side and examining the marbles as well.

The Villain actually laughed. "So sorry, but only I can release my Quirk."

"You bastard." Kaibara marched towards the Villain, his right arm nearly buzzing as it rotated faster and faster. "Let them go!"

Kamakiri was right beside him, blades extended. "If you don't, so help me…" He pointed his right arm blade at the downed man to emphasize his unspoken threat.

"That's not very Heroic of you, kids." The Villain mocked, knowing that he still had bargaining chips as long as the other students were trapped by his Quirk.

The sudden appearance of a swirling black mist only made the Villain smirk beneath his mask.

Izuku's massive form, empowered by his Quirks, stepping through the warp gate immediately removed said smirk.

Looking around, Izuku understood at least part of the situation. "What's the situation?" He asked Shoda, recognizing Class B's Vice-Rep.

"Mi-Midoriya…is that you?" Tokage gaped at the massive change in the other green-haired student.

"Yes." Izuku nodded once to her. "What's the situation?"

Shoda shook his head once and replied quickly. "We were attacked from behind by this Villain while transporting our unconscious classmates towards the inn. His Quirk trapped them inside these marbles." Shoda pointed out the marbles in Tokage's hands. "We can't get them out without him releasing his Quirk."

"I see." Izuku said as he turned and walked over to the trapped Villain. Many of the Class B students noticed that Izuku's speech seemed a little more…robotic…in tone compared to the other times they'd heard him speak.

"I won't release them." The trapped Villain said confidently, even as he looked up at the huge size that Izuku had taken.

"Release your Quirk." Izuku used his empowered Voice Casting to force the Villain to comply.

The Villain went still and then his right hand strained against the cemedine, painfully given the way the limb was shaking, until it rose up enough for him to snap his fingers. The strain vanished and the adhesive snapped back into place again, firmly securing the Villain down.

The marbles in Tokage's hands glowed before growing larger and then bursting, releasing all of the unconscious students.

"Space and material manipulation within a set area… Compiling against current collection…" Izuku muttered out, getting the attention of both Kaibara and Kamakiri who were closest to him. With barely any effort, Izuku's larger hand tore through the trench coat and the shirt beneath to partially expose the Villain's chest. Izuku placed his hand on the skin for only a few seconds before removing it. "Sleep." He spoke to the Villain and the man went from dazed to unconscious in a fraction of a second.

"What the hell?" Kamakiri blinked at what he'd just seen.

Kaibara's eyes narrowed as he saw Izuku's throat glow green for a second. "Isn't that his Healing Quirk? Is he hurting himself staying like this?!"

There was no answer coming from Izuku who briefly used the boosted Search Quirk to check on all of the students that had just been freed. "Good, they're all okay." He let out a sigh of relief before opening a large warp gate for everyone. "This will take you straight to the inn, please hurry."

"Thank you, Midoriya." Shoda gave Izuku a respectful bow for thinking of them and the currently unconscious students. The group quickly and carefully gathered up their unconscious friends and classmates before stepping through the swirling black and purple mist. Izuku closed the gate once everyone was through and then vanished into another swirling black mist warp gate he opened for himself.

-Catnip Inn ~ Class 1-A Boy's Room-

"Whoa, we're back." Manga mentioned as he stepped out of the black mist.

"Let's set everyone down. Make them as comfortable as possible. I'll report to Vlad-sensei!" Shoda instructed the others before rushing out of the room at a near sprint.


The hulking green Nomu stalked through the forest, almost completing its lap through the woods that would take it back to where its current master was waiting. It stopped suddenly when a swirling black and purple mist appeared in front of it.

"Miss Ragdoll?" Izuku spoke as soon as he stepped out of the warp gate. "A Nomu?!" He closed the warp gate and narrowed his eyes at the bioweapon. "Where's Ragdoll?"

The Nomu had no capability of holding a conversation. "Little…? Kitty?" It revved up its power tool weapons and lunged at Izuku.

A translucent green barrier stopped the Nomu's attacks, even as the various chainsaws and drills sparked against the Barrier Quirk. Izuku narrowed his eyes, still sensing Ragdoll right in front of him, though her heart rate was slow and she appeared to have a small head injury. But Izuku didn't see her anywhere.

The Nomu, seeing that it wasn't making any progress against the empowered green barrier, tried to go around it to attack Izuku. "Kitty…? Little?"

Izuku couldn't use Paralyze Glare with the Nomu's eyes covered by the purple helmet and red visor. The Quirk required direct eye contact to work. But he needed some way to find Ragdoll before her condition got any worse and this Nomu was in the way.

Perhaps if Izuku had been in his normal state of mind, he would've come up with a strategy to trap and immobilize the Nomu.

But in his current state…he made the most efficient and direct decision in achieving his desired goal.

In a blur, Izuku was inside the Nomu's guard, his arms and torso covered in the powerful muscle fibers of his newly collected Muscle Augmentation as he grabbed the primary arms of the Nomu and activated Quirk Nullification. The Nomu's power tool weaponry stopped moving and transformed back into the green flesh. The extra limbs from its back also retracted, leaving the Nomu with only the normal two that Izuku was holding.

"Kitty…?" The Nomu didn't seem to understand its situation at all, even as it tried to use its own strength against Izuku's vastly superior power.

Izuku leaned in and stopped with his mouth next to where the Nomu's ear would be, only denoted by a small hole on the vastly mutated bioweapon. "Die." Izuku whispered into the 'ear' and the Nomu suddenly went still, its struggles against Izuku's amplified strength disappearing.

The Nomu was dead from just a word.

"Gack…" Izuku hacked up a mouthful of blood as the kickback from Voice Casting to effect harshly. The kickback of the Quirk varied depending on the word(s) used, the volume that Izuku spoke them with, and the psychological importance that Izuku associated with individual words. His entire throat being shredded all at once was simply the weight that his mind gave to the word 'Die' and what it would do to anyone that heard it through the Quirk.

As Izuku's throat glowed brightly with a boosted Healing Aura again, he realized that his microtubules had collected Quirks from the dead Nomu when he'd grabbed it.

"Hm?" Izuku parsed through the Quirks that he'd just collected as he let the Nomu sink to its knees while he still held its wrists in his hands. "Transformation type…gives six extra limbs that emerge from the back…all six limbs have full dexterity. Transformation type…changes the hands into a variety of power tools…powered by the user's stamina." After parsing through the two new Quirks, Izuku's current mindset deemed both of the new acquisitions worthwhile to add to his collection. "Shame about the Regeneration being a Mutant type." Alas, Izuku's Quirk had limits and Mutant Types were beyond his ability to collect.


A strange sound came from the dead Nomu and before Izuku's eyes the bioweapon's back split open and in a gross fluid, not unlike saliva, the injured form of Ragdoll spilled out.

"Ragdoll?!" Izuku let the dead bioweapon fall to the side as he knelt down next to the injured Pro Hero. Dropping into the training that he'd gone through with Recovery Girl, both of Izuku's hands quickly glowed with the power of Healing Aura. Gently placing his right hand on Ragdoll's head and his left on her chest over her heart, Izuku let his Quirk 'examine' Ragdoll's body. "Head trauma…light concussion. Bruising over twenty-five percent of her body. Sprained ankle. Cracked rib on the left side." With all injuries found, Izuku began to heal Ragdoll, starting with the concussion. Once he was sure there would be no detrimental effects from the head injury, he healed that slightly bleeding wound on her head. The bruises on her body, most likely from her manhandling by the Nomu, healed up easily and without issue. The cracked rib only took a few seconds, given how boosted Healing Aura was right now. The sprained ankle was fixed last, but was good as new in just a moment.

"Nnn…" Ragdoll groaned as she stirred awake. "Midoriya…?" She was clearly disorientated as she looked up at him.

Izuku nodded and spoke to her softly. "Yes, Miss Ragdoll, it's me." He was aware of his current change and how much he probably didn't look like his usual self. "I'm going to get you back to the inn."

Ragdoll perked up a bit and her eyes widened. "The monster! Where is it?!"

Izuku tightened his hold on the Pro Hero for a moment, still being gentle enough not to hurt her.

"It's okay, Miss Ragdoll! I dealt with it." Izuku assured her and let her see the dead bioweapon.

Ragdoll's breath hitched for a second before she exhaled and visibly calmed down. "It came out of nowhere and struck me on the head before I could get out of the way." She explained how she'd been captured by the Nomu.

A swirling warp gate appeared and Izuku gently pushed Ragdoll through it. "Please let everyone know that you and Kota are alright."

"W-Wait, Midoriya!" Ragdoll tried to argue against him staying out in the forest with the Villains, but the gate closed.

-Catnip Inn-

"Miss Ragdoll?!" Tokage blinked as the Pro Hero landed on the tatami with a soft thump, the warp gate that had deposited the woman vanishing instantly.

"You're…Tokage-chan, right?" Ragdoll looked at the student.

"Yes, ma'am." Tokage nodded promptly.

Ragdoll looked around at the group of unconscious students and knew she couldn't go rushing back out into the forest right now. "Stay here, I need to get on the communications channel." She stood up and ran from the room quickly, needing to let her teammates know the updated situation. Then Mandalay could tell everyone with her Quirk all at once.


"I'll keep this." Izuku used his new Quirk, which he believed safely compressed things within a certain area at the user's will, and stored the dead Nomu within a marble. "Now, where is everyone?" He tapped into Search again and gave a sigh of relief that everyone was either at the Catnip Inn or almost there. "Aizawa-sensei is fighting someone?" The man's pulse and adrenaline levels were incredibly high right now, almost to the level that Shoji and Tokoyami's had been earlier.

Izuku nearly ran through the warp gate that he created.

-Aizawa vs Twice and Dabi-

"How'd this loser track us down?! He must be a genius detective!" Twice declared, first in a rough and hostile tone, before switching seamlessly to an upbeat and congratulatory voice.

"You're a real problem, huh, Eraser?" Dabi sighed before shooting a glare at Twice. "Those copies of me that you made led him right to us. I told you to space them out more."

"Wait, this is my fault?! Maybe if you weren't such a weakling your copies could've dealt with him already!" Twice was at first surprised, before turning angry at the accusation.

Aizawa was managing to keep both of the men in his sight, but the Villain called Twice had already managed to make a couple of copies of himself and Dabi. Keeping all of them within his sight was impossible, so he was constantly on the move, avoiding blasts of blue fire and the attacks from Twice's copies. He'd managed to easily deal with most of the copies, they were clearly weaker than the originals, but the seemingly endless numbers was his current problem.


"Gah!" Twice cried out.

"The hell?" Dabi staggered backwards, nearly losing his footing.

The green Nomu that had rounded out their Vanguard Action Squad at ten members was lying in a small crater where Twice and Dabi had just been standing.

"Isn't that the Nomu thing that Shigaraki gave you? What's this useless thing doing here?!" Twice questioned in his weird speech pattern.

Dabi's eyes narrowed as he saw the unresponsive monster. "It's dead."

Izuku landed in the clearing in the forest and stood up to his current 239cm height. "Aizawa-sensei, almost all students are back at the inn and all Villains have been apprehended aside from these two!" He quickly and succinctly gave his homeroom teacher an update on the situation.

"Midoriya!" Aizawa took a fraction of a second to blink before snapping his eyes open again, making sure not to put Izuku within his line of sight. "Don't interfere here, return to the inn! You're not authorized to use your Quirk to fight Villains yet!" This whole situation was already going to be a shit show when the media inevitably got their hands on it. If the students were thrown onto the front lines against ranked Villains, it would only make it worse.

"Hey, isn't that number one on the kill list? I'll take him out myself!" Twice pointed at Izuku with his right hand but his left hand was clenched into a fist in front of his chest. It was truly as if two people were operating one body simultaneously.

"It is." Dabi confirmed with a sharp gaze locked onto Izuku. If he could use his Quirk right now, he'd have already blasted the teen with his flames.

Izuku took a step forward. "We were always the targets, Aizawa-sensei."

Aizawa glared harshly at the two Villains and readied his capture weapon to take them down.

"Come on, guys, let's take them out!" Twice called and a dozen copies of himself swarmed out of the forest, getting between Aizawa's gaze and the original Dabi and Twice, letting them use their Quirks again.

Before Aizawa could say anything, Izuku had blurred forward his right arm taking on a sharpened edge as he used the mass of muscle fibers to amplify the strength of his swing. The copies of Twice were sliced apart without Izuku's arm even slowing down as it cut through them. The copies' fragility gave them no chance to even try and hold back Izuku in his current state.

"Hey!" Twice's eyes nearly bulged out as Izuku's large form tore straight through his copies and the large hand grabbed him by the face before slamming him into the ground with force. "Gah!"

Izuku ripped the mask off the Villain's face and Twice went stock still for a moment.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" Twice screamed and grabbed at his head. "No! No, no, no! I'm splitting! I'm splitting apart!"

Izuku didn't know what to make of the sudden screaming and panic, so he grabbed Twice's face and spoke firmly. "Sleep." Twice went still as his eyes rolled up and he lost consciousness. The familiar feeling of a new Quirk being acquired almost 'pinged' in Izuku's mind, but he ignored it as he made a barrier to block a blast of blue flames.

"I see why you're number one on the kill list, kid." Dabi tapped the collar of his long coat with his left hand while holding out his right hand, blue flames still dancing in his palm. "You're more of a monster than that thing was." He motioned with his head in the direction of the dead Nomu.

The blue flames in his palm guttered out and Dabi's attention was diverted to Aizawa. From the large amount of mud-like gunk around the Pro Hero (not to mention the man's clearly singed and lightly smoking body) it was obvious he'd dealt with all of the copies already.

"Give it up." Aizawa stated with his Erasure in full effect as he stared Dabi down.

"And if I don't?" Dabi questioned, having already sent the signal for evac to their ride out of here.

He wasn't expecting the large fist that slugged him in the face and made him bounce twice off the ground before coming to a stop with his head spinning. Izuku was suddenly above him, one hand restraining his right wrist while the other held down his left arm.


Another Quirk was collected.

"I kindly ask the two of you to step back." A voice that both Aizawa and Izuku were familiar with spoke as black mist spun into existence within the clearing. Twice and the dead Nomu both vanished into Kurogiri's Warp Gate.

"Not this time, Heroes." Dabi smirked, even with his burn scarred face swelling up from the punch he'd taken from Izuku. He disappeared a half-second later.

"The warp gate user!" Izuku expanded his coordinate part of Warp Gate to every area where he knew a defeated or captured Villain was.

All over the forest warp gates appeared, only to be hit by another warp gate and the two distortions in space would violently collapse each other. The one near Muscular nearly imploded. Izuku felt his nose start to bleed. The masked Villain stuck to the ground by Class B had a warp gate appear above him, only for the gate to ripple and distort as a second warp gate formed inside of it, the two crashing inwards and vanishing. Izuku's head nearly split and he was sure that tears were pouring down his face. The warp gate that appeared next to the unconscious Moonfish barely even formed before it was burst by a second one trying to form in the same space. Izuku felt like his hearing had become blocked by water, but put it out of his mind as he focused harder.

-Forest Entrance-

"What the hell?!" Pixie-bob exclaimed as a black mist swirled into existence between the Pussycats and the captured Villains.

"Looks like we're out of here!" Spinner declared with a mocking laugh.

"It's been fun." Magne chuckled loud enough for the Heroes to hear.

A second warp gate seemingly formed in the first and they both collapsed into a point before bursting with a sound like an overinflated balloon.

"Eh?" Spinner and Magne gaped at the loss of their escape.

"You were saying?" Tiger glared at both Villains.

-Catnip Inn-

"Guess it's time to go!" Toga giggled as Vlad reached out to stop the warp gate from taking her and Mustard away.

The warp gate suddenly expanded, a second one was clearly forming perpendicular to the first, the point where both distortions intersected wavered like an intense heat haze before both collapsed into each other and a bang went off from the displaced air.

"Ow…" Toga groaned from the ringing in her ears. She was still tied up and her gravity hadn't been returned to her either. Mustard was still unconscious from the blow to the face that he'd taken from Tetsutetsu earlier.

"Looks like you're staying right here, young lady." Vlad's stern voice said as he attached Toga to the floor with his blood via his hemokinesis and then hardened his blood into strong restraints.

"I don't like blood being used this way!" Toga pouted and tried to flail, but her new restraint didn't even let her do that.

Just to be safe, Vlad did the same to Mustard, not wanting to take chances of any of the Villains getting away.

-League of Villains' Bar Hideout-

"Guh…!" Kurogiri staggered backwards and collapsed to the floor. The man that appeared to be made of black mist was nearly dispersed, allowing the brief silhouette of a human head to be seen. "So many kickbacks…" His body was shaking out of his control from the repeated failures of using Warp Gate.

"Where the hell are the others, Kurogiri?" Shigaraki demanded as he looked over the bar and down at Kurogiri on the floor.

Kurogiri still couldn't stand up, but he managed to speak. "I don't know… My gate…was blocked, every time."

Shigaraki turned the game console in his hands into dust as his rage got the better of him. "So all we're left with are these two failures?!" He turned a psychotic glare onto Twice and Dabi.

The dead Nomu on the floor wasn't even worth mentioning in Shigaraki's mind.

-Izuku and Aizawa-

"Midoriya!" Aizawa turned the full force of Erasure on Izuku, making him stop whatever he was doing.

Izuku hit his knees and felt the migraine-like pain resounding within his skull. "Ah…owww…hssshhh…" He gently held his head with his hands, only to pull them away when he felt something warm and slightly sticky on them. "Bood?" He was confused for a moment, only to realize that what he had felt while repeatedly blocking the warp gates had been blood flowing from his nose, ears, and eyes as the kickback from the collapsing gates had accrued as both mental and physical damage.

Aizawa was at his student's side and looking him over closely. "Midoriya, I'm going to let you use your Quirks again. You are only to heal yourself, am I understood?"

"Y-Yes, sir…" Izuku winced as even a normal talking voice sounded like an explosion in his head right now. The light green glow of Healing Aura surrounded Izuku's head a second later and slowly brought him immense relief from his pain.

"Problem child, we have a lot to talk about once everything is taken care of." Aizawa sighed, still keeping a vigilant eye out for any further attacks that could possibly come given that they didn't know the entire situation yet.

It wouldn't be too much longer before the loud sound of police sirens and firetruck sirens filled the air as the help that Ragdoll had called for arrived. Thankfully the forest fire seemed to be mostly burning itself out since everything was fairly well hydrated in the forest, which made it all harder to burn.

-End Chapter-


Well…fuck you Villains!

The plans of the Vanguard Action Squad fall to pieces in a spectacularly short amount of time.

Without Pixie-bob getting surprise attacked, she can help Tiger and Mandalay fight. Unfortunately for both Magne and Spinner, their Quirks don't mean much of anything to Geokinesis!

Mustard gets off-screened, because that's all he's worth. Kek!

Muscular is now blind and may never walk again, if he doesn't just slip into a coma outright.

Mr. Compress underestimated Class B and paid the price! Then Izuku made sure he stayed down while evacuating the other students.

Moonfish was laid out and imprinted into the earth…pretty sure he's going right back to death row…they may even move up his execution date.

Toga is captured because Ochako and Tsuyu have better training from their internships! Maybe now she can get the help that she DESPERATELY needs.

Dabi and Twice managed to get away, but not before Izuku gave them both a good wallop and copied their Quirks, further adding to his collection!

The 'Chainsaw' Nomu is dead as we see the most lethal aspect of Voice Casting and probably the reason why the original user that let Izuku copy it doesn't use their Quirk. Must be rather terrifying to know that you could verbally lash out in anger only to have people literally die from what you said.

Ragdoll was saved! YAY! No losing her Quirk for the cute kitty woman!

Here's a quick rundown of the newly collected Quirks that Izuku has obtained:

Muscle Augmentation


Six Arms

Tool Hand


Blue Flame (Cremation)

What will the aftermath be of the attack on the Summer Training Camp?

Keep reading to find out!

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