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Chapter 44 – Aftermath and Rewards

At the Catnip Inn the newly arrived police were finding the easiest arrests they'd made in their careers. There were a total of seven Villains, all either thoroughly restrained and unconscious, or beaten unconscious and injured enough to not be a threat. Waiting for a few police medical transports had been the only lengthy procedure as the defeated Muscular couldn't be safely moved without medical professionals.

The death row escapee, Moonfish, was fully restrained (an especially strong muzzle placed over his closed mouth to prevent him from using his Quirk) and then locked in the back of an armored police vehicle before being driven to the nearest maximum security prison. It was unlikely that the courts would return him to death row after his escape and attack on students. The most likely scenario was that the Villain's execution date would be moved up significantly, perhaps even to less than a few weeks from now.

Muscular, if he didn't slip into a full coma, would be incarcerated at a supermax prison, most likely Tartarus, pending his own execution. Not a single police officer on site believed the courts would give him anything less after what the serial killer had done.

Mustard and Toga, both minors, had been carefully taken away. Parents or legal guardians would need to be called and thorough psychiatric evaluations would have to be done on both Villains. The most likely scenario for the two was rehabilitative imprisonment in hopes of someday returning them to society. But that would entirely depend on what crimes the two had committed and could be proven guilty of.

Magne was already a wanted Villain and had a rap sheet half a kilometer long. The Villain's weapon was taken into police holding as evidence and the man (or woman, as the Villain identified) was left unconscious and taken to the nearest prison to be put in solitary confinement until a court date was set. The victims of Magne, and the families of the ones killed, would celebrate once the news got out that the villain had been captured and arrested.

Spinner, a first time offender, was placed in the back of a squad car after being nearly stripped naked to find all the hidden blades on him. Much like Stain, the fanboy was strapped to the teeth with all types of small blades. The Gecko Quirk user would almost assuredly not be seeing the outside of a prison for decades after what he'd done today. The courts didn't look favorably upon assault with a deadly weapon nor attempted murder, especially when it was attempted murder of Heroes and minors.

Mr. Compress was left unconscious as well, the thief and Villain was even given a sedative to keep him unconscious longer to prevent an escape via his Quirk. He was also stripped down, just to make sure that he had no other 'marbles' hidden on him that could be used to facilitate an escape. Attempted kidnapping, especially of minors, would likely see the man in prison for many, many years if he wasn't given a life sentence outright.

With the Villains secured and in transport to detainment facilities, the police switched over to questioning of the Pro Heroes (those that weren't being seen by paramedics at the moment) and compiling what had transpired here into a chronological series of events for the cases that would be made against the Villains. The students were questioned (with their homeroom teachers present to act as 'en loco parentis' as required by law) and all of them gave their accounts of what they'd witnessed during the Villain attack. Since no one could leave until all statements had been taken, some of the students were left waiting around with their stuff in the Catnip Inn for a couple of hours.

The Pussycats had thanked Izuku repeatedly for saving Ragdoll, none more than Ragdoll herself, and had given the young man a reward…or rewards, in this case.

"A-Are you sure?" Izuku hadn't expected to be offered so many Quirks all at once.

Pixie-bob smiled at Izuku and even playfully ruffled his hair. "Of course! You were a real Hero tonight, Midoriya. This is the least we can do!" She held out her hand to him.

"You deserve it and we'll help you out if you need any assistance with our Quirks." Mandalay nodded, still keeping Kota close to her after hearing about her nephew's close encounter with Muscular, the same Villain that had murdered their family in the past. She also held out her hand to him, offering a copy of her Quirk.

Kota extended his hand as well with a small smile. "Thank you for saving me, Midoriya." The child looked up at the Hero Course student. "I'll watch how you use my Quirk and by the time I'm in the Hero Course, I'll be even better with it than you!"

Mandalay nearly teared up at Kota's words. Her nephew finally had some closure from his grief at the loss of his parents. Kota was trying to move forward in his life and it brought relief to Mandalay's heart to see it.

"Thank you, Kota." Izuku smiled at the boy. "I'll do my best with it so that you can watch me and excel when you become a Hero." He said with full confidence that Kota would one day become a great Hero.

The smile that lit up Kota's face made all four of the Wild, Wild Pussycats smile at Izuku for inspiring the little boy.

Izuku took Kota's hand first and felt the sensation of copying a Quirk. "Emitter Type… Produces water and fires it as a projectile or in a continuous stream… You have an amazing Quirk, Kota." He praised the boy once Collector had parsed through the sample of DNA that his microtubules had collected and found the Quirk Factor to replicate.

Kota's smile got even bigger, if possible.

Tiger held out his hand next and Izuku grasped it in a handshake. "I'll put this to the best use that I can." He copied the Transformation Quirk, Pliabody, and got the general application of the Quirk. Knowing that he'd only have about half of the functionality, Izuku was sure he'd be using this one boosted more often than not.

"If you need any advice, call any time." Tiger nodded to Izuku with a smile.

Pixie-bob grinned at Izuku as he took her hand. "Ah, if only you were a little older~" She teased him with a flirty wink.

Izuku's face went pink as he felt Collector copy the woman's Earth Flow Quirk. "I already have four girlfriends, Miss Pixie-bob…"

"Nyahaha… Quite the charmer you must be~" Pixie-bob laughed as Izuku moved over to Mandalay.

Mandalay gently shook Izuku's hand with a warm smile. "Thank you for everything that you've done, Midoriya. If you ever need help with anything, you just have to call us, and we'll rush over to help!"

"Thank you very much, Miss Mandalay." Izuku felt the sensation of acquiring another Quirk copy and once Collector had replicated the Quirk Factor for Telepath, Izuku grinned. 'I'll make sure to practice with all of your Quirks as much as I can and use them to save people!'

"Already getting the hang of it, I see." Mandalay laughed lightly at Izuku's first mental communication to the Pussycats.

Ragdoll put her index finger to her chin in a thoughtful look. "You know, with two Telepath Quirks, we could actually send and receive messages if we worked together."

All of the Pussycats' eyes lit up at the realization.

"Midoriya… Have you ever considered a career in mountain rescue operations?" Pixie-bob asked with a salesman's smile on her face.

"Uh… Not really?" Izuku blinked only for the Pussycats to laugh at his stunned expression.

-Hot Springs-

A secondary reward for Izuku had been the unexpected use of the private hot spring that the Pussycats normally reserved for themselves. He wasn't the only one, though, as Momo, Tsuyu, Camie, and Ochako (all in their swimsuits) joined him shortly after he'd entered the spring.

Hugs and kisses were quickly shared between the group as relief filled the five of them and tension bled off from their bodies. Now that they had a chance to know that they were all okay and together again, it was like the weight of a mountain had fallen off their shoulders.

"That was fucked up." Camie summed up the entire attack succinctly. "Why target us again?"

"Maybe they're holding a grudge from the USJ?" Tsuyu proposed to her girlfriends and boyfriend.

Momo looked thoughtful. "That does seem possible, though I wish it wasn't."

Ochako agreed with a nod. "I'd rather get through our three years at U.A. before having to face a full-on Villain attack again. Or worse."

Izuku utilized one of his new Quirks, Six Arms, to produce an extra pair of arms from his back. One arm settled around Camie's shoulders, pulling her into his side. Another arm did the same to Momo, gently pulling her into Izuku's other side. Izuku's original arms pulled Tsuyu and Ochako close, one arm going around their waists to bring them into his chest. "I'm just glad that we're all safe."

The four girls happily cuddled into their boyfriend with warm smiles.

"New Quirk, Izukun?" Camie asked as she laid her head on his shoulder.

"Yeah, I got a few new ones to work on now." Izuku said with a small chuckle. "I even have one that lets me make clones of myself."

Camie straightened up and looked at Izuku before her cheeks turned dark red. If things followed manga logic, she'd have a nosebleed right now.

"Camie!" Ochako and Momo both exclaimed as their faces burned dark red as well.

"You were all thinking it too!" Camie pointed at her girlfriends.

"Yep." Tsuyu admitted easily with a small nod. "Kero."

Izuku only took half a second to figure out the implication. "I…I…I…" Now he was blushing just as red as Momo and Ochako.

Ochako buried her face into Izuku's chest, adorably flustered by the idea now living rent free in her head.

Momo wasn't any better, doing her best to hide her face in Izuku's neck and shoulder.

Camie had clearly come around to the idea, much like Tsuyu, and was grinning at Izuku as one of her hands trailed up his side teasingly.

It was a very nice soak in the hot springs, all things considered. Though all five of them now had a certain idea in their heads that wouldn't fully go away.

-Midoriya Home-

After the Villains had been arrested by the police, the dying forest fire had been extinguished by the firefighters, and everyone was checked over by the paramedics, the Training Camp was ended early and all students were returned to their homes under Pro Hero escort.

"My baby!" Inko nearly smothered Izuku as she hugged him tightly and tears fell from her eyes.

Hisashi wrapped his arms around both his wife and son, just glad that his boy was safe and sound. "Just stay with us for a while, Izuku." He squeezed them both a little tighter.

Izuku just relaxed into the warm embrace of his parents. It was nice to be home again. The love he felt from his mom and dad was a soothing balm for his heart and mind.

"I'm going to make all of your favorites today, Izuku!" Inko promised as she squeezed her son tightly.

"Looking forward to it, mom." Izuku beamed at his mother, making her tears slow down considerably.

The family eventually released their hugs (after a rather long time), so they could go about their day. Inko bustled into the kitchen with a happy little smile, pulling out ingredients for Izuku's favorite foods. Hisashi sat with Izuku and the two had some father-son time.

"We'll talk about it whenever you're ready, Izuku. No rush. I know this couldn't have been easy on any of you kids." Hisashi let his son know that he was there for him whenever he needed to talk and get things off his chest.

"Thanks, dad." Izuku smiled, knowing that he would eventually talk with his parents about the attack on the Training Camp, once he'd truly had time to process everything. "I have a lot of new Quirks to work on."

"Oh? Anything interesting?" Hisashi saw the change of subject for what it was, but went along with it for his son's sake.

-Ochako's Apartment-

"Ochako!" Two voices called out the instant that Ochako opened her apartment door.

"GAH!" Ochako cried out, only to feel a familiar warmth as two pairs of arms wrapped around her and held her tightly. "Eh? Mom? Dad?" She pulled back just enough to see her parents' faces to confirm.

"We were so worried when we got the call, honey!" Ochako's mother hugged her daughter close.

"U.A. got us here as fast as possible so that we could make sure that you were okay!" Ochako's father hugged both his wife and daughter tightly.

Ochako felt the tears well up in her eyes as she buried her face into her mother's chest and squeezed her back. "I'm so glad you're both here!"

"Always, honey." Ochako's mother held her close and kissed the top of her daughter's head softly.

"Whenever you need us, we'll come running." Ochako's father assured her, holding them both close.

The trio made their way inside and shut the door behind them. Both parents would be staying over for the next two nights just to make sure that their daughter was truly okay and that she could talk with them about anything.

-Asui Home-

"Sis!" Satsuki, Tsuyu's little sister, nearly tackled her big sister as soon as she saw her.

Samidare, her younger brother, wrapped his arms around his sister and buried his face into her tummy to hide his tears of relief.

"We were all so worried, Tsuyu!" Beru hugged her daughter warmly.

Ganma pulled his entire family into his arms, as if he'd never let them go. "Are you alright, dear?"

"I'm fine, dad. Kero." Tsuyu said as she hugged her little brother and little sister close. "Ochako and I only had to deal with one Villain, and she wasn't too difficult to handle. I wasn't hurt at all."

"Good. That's good." Ganma sighed heavily in relief as he held them all close.

The Asui family just stayed like that for a while, holding each other close to assure each other that they were all safe and sound.

When Ganma and Beru let go, the three siblings sat on the couch together, Tsuyu holding her little brother and little sister close and gently running her fingers through their hair to soothe them.

Beru went to start cooking for her family with a relieved sigh.

Ganma followed after her and sat at the table with a harsh look on his face. "This League of Villains group needs to be dealt with, and soon. They obviously have some vendetta against the children in the Hero Course." He clenched his fists on top of the table.

"I agree." Beru nodded once as she got some eggs out of the refrigerator. "But it sounds like the Villains lost several members this time around, so hopefully they can get information to find and arrest the others."

"We can hope." Ganma sighed and kissed his wife's cheek when she put a cold beer in front of him to help him relax.

-Utsushimi Home-

"Mom, like seriously, I'm good." Camie said as she was hugged tightly by her mother. She hugged her mom back, of course, but still, they'd been hugging since she stepped through the door several minutes ago.

"I just want to make sure." Her mother replied, still keeping up the hug. It was clear to see where Camie got her looks from, her mother was beautiful with the same fawn-colored hair and pouty lips.

Her father had nearly hugged the life out of her too, but he'd stopped after the first minute or two. The man was now watching his wife and daughter with a happy smile. As a police officer, he had already put in a few calls to colleagues to get him whatever updates they could on the League of Villains case. He wanted to know if there was anything he could do to help speed up their capture. 'I'll protect my daughter. These Villain bastards aren't going to get a third chance to target my little girl's class!' All they needed was to find out where they were hiding and drag the ringleader out of there, kicking and screaming, if necessary. That would hopefully put an end to this Villain group once and for all.

-Yaoyorozu Home-

Momo had definitely noticed the increased security around their estate when she'd been brought back home. The entire area was practically locked down and men in black suits were nearly lined up around the walls, some of them armed, while others clearly planned to use their Quirks, if necessary. Given that this was the private land of the Yaoyorozu Family, the laws about public Quirk use didn't apply here.

"Momo." Yaoyorozu Robin pulled her daughter into a warm hug the second that she saw her. Extra arms 'bloomed' from the mother's body to further wrap her daughter in a loving embrace and protect her from all the dangers of the world.

"Mom…" Momo buried her face into her mother's substantial chest and let a few small tears fall. The stress of the attack was far more mental, rather than emotional, for Momo. Her genius mind was almost constantly running through 'what if' scenarios, many of which ended very badly.

Robin held her daughter close and gently ran her fingers through her hair to soothe her. "It's alright, honey. You're home, you're safe." She gently squeezed Momo tighter.

Momo returned the gentle squeeze and then felt someone hug her from behind too. Looking over her shoulder she saw her father's face. "Papa…" She turned in her mother's arms and hugged her father too.

Compared to her mother's more statuesque height, her father was slightly shorter than average. He had long, dark blonde hair that was braided into a low ponytail in the back, and sharp yellow eyes, both traits that weren't passed down to Momo, who got her hair from her mother and her eyes from her paternal grandmother. Today he was wearing black pants and a black tank top shirt that showed off his rather strong arms.

'He must've been worried. He only wears his clothing like this when he's stressed.' Momo hugged her father tighter to reassure him that she was okay.

Yaoyorozu Seizō was not only an acute businessman, he'd been quite the hellion (his father's words) when he'd been a child. He'd gotten into more than his fair share of fights and had even considered becoming a Hero at one point in time with his Quirk: Alchemy. It freely allowed Seizō to alter one inanimate material into another so long as he understood their base periodic elements and how to combine or separate them. He'd gotten smacked over the head as a child for making small amounts of gold and platinum, considering that doing such things could be construed as messing with the economy by devaluing precious metals, which most first world nations used as backup to ensure that their currency held worth in the eyes of other nations, it wasn't surprising that his father had stopped him.

If one were to look into Seizō's office right now they would find it littered with various weapons that the worried father had created while waiting for his daughter to be brought home. There were also multiple empty crates that had once been filled with steel bars, all of the metal now transmuted into various blades, spears, maces, and even firearms.

Unfortunately for Seizō's former dreams of Heroics, his Quirk came with one serious drawback. Much as Momo's Quirk needed her to have lipids available to create, Alchemy required a substantial amount of his energy to use. He'd once pushed that limit and woken up in the hospital a week later with his worried parents at his bedside. Seizō had nearly killed himself as his body had broken itself down and put him physically underweight to an almost dangerous degree just from attempting one large-scale transmutation.

The current Head of the Yaoyorozu Family had focused on business ever since then.

Momo's Creation Quirk was quite the perfect hybrid of her parent's Quirks if one knew both of them. The ability to produce from the body and the ability to alter matter and reconstruct it as one saw fit through atomic and molecular structures. The two put together gave Momo one of the most versatile and powerful Quirks of her generation, if she so chose to use it that way.

For the first time in quite a while, Momo would spend the entire day and night with both of her parents. All business was ignored and phones were turned off. For the Yaoyorozu Family, all that mattered right now was that Momo was safe and sound.

And may the heavens have mercy on anyone that tried to interrupt, for Robin and Seizō would not.

-U.A. ~ Nezu's Office-

Nezu was going over the police reports and the reports from both Kan and Aizawa. It was fortunate that Midoriya was able to rout the majority of the Villains and stop their plans of targeting the students. However, it was now clear that this situation couldn't be allowed to be drawn out any further. The Mutant Quirked animal set down the last report and picked up the phone on his desk. A few button presses later and the line connected. "Hello, Pussycats, sorry to call so abruptly, but I need to speak about the incident with the training camp."

A muffled voice on the other end of the line spoke for a moment.

"Yes, I understand. I don't blame your team in the slightest. This was unexpected and circumvented all of our precautions. I'm already looking into that myself." Nezu assured the Hero Team that he held nothing against them. "Miss Ragdoll, based on your current location, what direction does you Quirk say the Villains are in?"

A different muffled voice answered this time.

"You only saw the Nomu? I see." Nezu nodded to himself. "We have young Yaoyorozu's tracking device on that one that's still sending us signals." He was looking at one of the said trackers on his desk. A stakeout of the area by both the police and a few underground Heroes was already in progress.

The muffled voice on the phone spoke again and Nezu's eyes opened a little more in surprise. "Midoriya copied your Search? He also saw the Villains that escaped? That's very helpful, Ragdoll. You have my heartfelt thanks. I will be sure to speak with young Midoriya when he returns to school." Nezu hung up the phone and looked at the map of the area where the tracking signal was coming from. "Now, are you close by, or are you hidden away in a completely different area?" Once the students came back to school, he'd have Midoriya give him an accurate direction of where the two escaped Villains had gone and he'd cross-reference that heading with the signal of the tracker. If the two directions were different, then they'd be planning two raids instead of one.

No one harmed his students; much less a pack of Villains led by some man-child raised on generational hatred. Nezu narrowed his eyes at the map and the circled location.

"It doesn't matter what the relationship between One for All and All for One is. You've long overstayed your welcome, King of the Underworld. It's time you were taken care of…permanently." Nezu spoke coldly, both his higher intellect and his animal instincts in agreement that elimination of All for One was the solution to the current problem.

Nezu picked up his phone again and dialed another number. Several seconds later and the other end was picked up. "Hello, Law, thank you for agreeing to work with us. I'm sure the news hasn't spread across the globe yet, so I'd like to fill you in on recent happenings and move up our timetable if possible."

The voice on the other end spoke.

"Yes, your deductive skills are impressive. There was a second attempt on our students." Nezu confirmed the foreign Pro Hero's guess. "We've also narrowed down the list of doctors that are capable of the procedures we've discovered on these bioweapons. Our current number one suspect operates many orphanages and even works at a hospital currently."

The voice on the other end of the phone raised a little and spoke for longer this time.

Nezu sighed and looked slightly morose. "We can't confirm that yet, but it is likely given what we have been able to find out."

The Hero's muffled voice came through the line again, this time cold, but strong enough to hear even if someone was just sitting in front of Nezu's desk. "I'll move up the timetable. The Ministry will either understand or they'll give me a dressing down for it when I return. This abomination of a doctor will be brought in…or most of him will, at any rate."

"I'm glad that you understand the severity of the case we're dealing with." Nezu nodded stiffly even though the person on the other end of the line couldn't see him. "When can we expect you?"

The Hero gave Nezu a date and time that he'd be arriving if he left tomorrow.

Nezu quickly typed on his computer. "Yes, that will be fine. I'll make sure that personnel are there to receive you. Thank you for your promptness."

The phone was hung up again after saying their goodbyes.

"Next international Hero." Nezu stretched, knowing that he was likely going to be here for most of the night gathering together the allies that he'd been working to prepare without anyone else knowing. There was far less chance of any information leaks if only he knew. "Speaking of…" He typed and clicked a few times on his computer and then hummed to himself. "None of the student's phone signals changed or were used. None of the teachers either. But…" He brought up two different windows and looked at them side by side. "There was a slight disruption here in the system. It says it was rebuffed in the logs…but that's exactly what a hacker would want us to think." He brought up the National Quirk Database for Japan and began to search with a very specific keyword.


There were all types of Quirks in the world, and when going up against a centuries old monster that had stolen who knows how many…it was best to suspect such interference when things seemed amiss.

"You've grown used to your struggle with One for All being hidden in the shadows. But you're about to find out what it's like to truly have the world against you." Nezu let a slight manic chuckle escape him. "It's time that you played this game with someone FAR more intelligent than yourself, All for One."

-Unknown Location-

"He lost another Nomu?!" Dr. Garaki nearly raged at learning of the complete failure of the Vanguard Action Squad's operation. "How many more will we lose for his whims, sir?"

"Calm yourself, Doctor." All for One spoke calmly. "Despite Tomura's failure, the situation for us hasn't changed."

Garaki huffed and typed on his computer again. "Hasn't changed substantially, but has most certainly gotten worse. Nomu aren't something we can mass produce! Every time we lose one, we're losing months if not years of work! At least allow me to extract samples from the dull miscreants that the boy gathers up before he sends them off to their doom." The doctor grumbled at the lost Quirks he could've tried to replicate and add to his various Nomu. "Losing the Compress and Muscle Augmentation Quirks was bad enough. The only saving grace is that Double is still in our grasp."

From the speakers, All for One's voice came through clearly. "Yes, it's a useful Quirk, but the one that has it, is still too broken mentally to have it become the weapon we need it to be. Can you unlock the Quirk's true potential, my good doctor?"

"I'd have to examine it to know for sure." Garaki admitted as he continued to type on his computer, running various genetic sequences against each other. "How soon can you bring me a sample? Once I've had some time to study it, then I'll be able to give you a more complete timetable."

"Very well." All for One said with a cold tone. "I'll have your sample within the next few days. Tomura's rage has yet to subside and Kurogiri is currently running interference to keep the boy from lashing out against the survivors."

Garaki harrumphed loudly. "You should discipline the brat better. At this rate he's going to ruin all of our decades of hard work!"

All for One let out an amused chuckle. "I'll take your 'parenting' advice under consideration, doctor. The hatred that I've raised and fueled for Tomura's lifetime will reach its fruition soon enough. Once I take back what is mine, there will be no one to stop me."

There was silence for a long moment on the line.

"About that… Have you found the current holder yet?" Garaki asked his master curiously.

All for One took a noticeably longer time to answer than before. "Not as of yet. I know that All Might has passed it on, but the brute did so in a very subtle fashion. I have yet to find anyone amongst the students of U.A. that have obtained the strength and power that would come along with gaining One for All."

"Are you sure it's even a student?" Garaki asked, he certainly wouldn't give such a power to some mere child if he was the one making such decisions.

"I know how All Might thinks, doctor. It's a student, I just have to find out which one." All for One said with finality before the line went dead.

The only sound left in Garaki's lab was the sound of typing as Garaki compiled the genetic sequence that would allow for the most beneficial combination of Quirks for his next Nomu.

-End Chapter-


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