If Emma had to guess where she was it would be a no brainer to say at least. She was standing in some hospital corridor. What hospital, she had no clue from what she could tell from her surroundings is that the hospital is likely to be empty. She couldn't see a sign or hear anything to indicate someone else was present. Until that was when a man came into a view as if from thin air. She couldn't see past the behind of him, from what she could tell he was a man of average height and build. He has dark skin, short black hair and two silver small loop earrings. She didn't really care for the guy's clothes they were just the average dark navy jeans, navy trainers and a blue hoodie. As he walks she noticed one of his hands he was carrying a book titled Eragon.

Her instincts told her to follow him, which she does her body was the first to respond. When she tried to make physical contact with the man in front of her. Her left hand just goes straight through him as if he were a ghost. So, she had to contend with just following him patiently around. He leads her over to a private room numbered two-twenty. The two enter the room.

Thunder striking outside her townhouse brought Emma out of her sleep. It wasn't a deep slumber. She hasn't had a deep sleep in almost five years. Not even sleeping next to her husband Neal. She was always on edge of her seat hoping to one day receive a call from somebody anybody telling her that her little brother was safe. That they could bring him home to their parents and two younger sisters. Their family would be whole again not some shadow of what it was. While her family had learned over time to live their lives the thought of Graham always lingered through the days and nights.

It was crazy, terrible and awful that Graham vanished from their lives. As if he never existed every photo, birthday card and memory are nothing but painful reminders. Maybe tomorrow would be one of those days were missing him won't be as painful that there would be enough things going on to keep her mind busy. It kills her inside knowing that she saved countless people from the Dark Curse and villain attacks. But failed at preventing her brother's disappearance.

End of chapter.