Big Sister-Little Brother.

"Easy kid," Hank said softly.

"W... Where am I?" The boy asked confused at his surroundings and why he was in whatever place he is at.

"Portland a hospital, you were in a terrible accident and have been here recovering," Hank explained.

"Voice familiar, I-I have to leave," The boy mumbled, clearly only having one task set on his mind.

"You've just woken up, I don't think you're in any state to leave just yet. Let's wait for the doctor to examine you," Hank tells the boy.

"No, I don't like doctors, I don't think," The boy protested weakly.

"I promise these doctors are good. I'm Hank can you tell me, your name?" Hank asked. The boy frowned, confused, searching his mind for an answer.

"Graham," The boy answers. Hank didn't want to push the boy too hard, but he could run a first name and last name through a database at work.

"N... Nolan, Graham Nolan," The boy answered again.

"Graham!" Emma gasped. Both Hank and Graham move their trail of sight to Emma, who was back with a random doctor.

"Sir, I need to ask you to step aside, just while I'll examine the patient," The doctor said. Hank nodded he didn't want to step aside from the boy who has only just moments ago woke up from a coma. Graham gave the officer a silent expression for him not to move aside.

"It will just be for a minute, kid I'm not going anywhere," Hank tried to assure the boy as he stepped aside.

He noticed Emma was still there and walked over to her.

"Do you know him?" Hank asks.

"Maybe, I don't know he shares the same name as my brother," Emma answers.

"How old is your brother?" Hank asked.

"He would be nineteen in a couple of days," Emma answered.

"When did he go missing?" Hank questions.

"When he was fourteen, he was on a school trip to New York. The group lost him," Emma responds, trying her best not to shed any more tears or for her voice to choke.

"He's been here for almost five years," Hank said.

"Are you a volunteer?" Emma questions,

"No, I'm detective I found the kid and called for the ambulance to take him to the hospital. I've been coming every day since," Hank explained.

"That's some commitment there," Emma commented.

"Not really, he had no one looking out for him," Hank replied.

"If he is my brother, he's been lying on some hospital bed unconscious for almost five years. Lying in plain sight and I couldn't track him down." Emma sighed if this boy was her brother, she definitely failed him, she tells herself.

"Did you try to find him?" Hank asks.

"Yes, every day," Emma answers.

"Then you didn't just bad luck and if he is your brother then. You've got him back," Hank says.

When the doctor finished examining him. The doctor moved away from the boy and walked over to Hank and Emma.

"Which one of you is the guardian of the boy?" The doctor asked.

"I am, Detective Hank Griffin. I was the one who brought him and my name should be on his records." Hank explains.

"Is she your partner?" The doctor asks.

"No, she may be the biological sister to Graham," Hank answers.

"Well, he will have to stay in for a little while. He has to get back used to walking, etc." The doctor explains.

"You can't give us an exact time, a few days, a couple of weeks?" Emma asked.

"I'm sorry, but no." The doctor answers before leaving the room.

Graham looks at the two adults curiously, surprised they haven't made a move. Since the doctors and nurses have left. Were they talking about him behind his back? Probably, he tells himself. He needed to get out of there, he couldn't and still can't stand hospitals. He just needs to wait until he could. Hopefully not much longer because that would drive him insane.

"What's the news, Hank?" Graham asked, drawing their attention.

"You'll have to stay awhile, get used to walking again and other things," Hank answered as he and Emma walked over to Graham.

"Lovely," Graham said sarcastically, "Who are you blondie?"

"I'm... I'm Emma, a visitor," Emma answered. She wanted to say, sister. But how could she when she had no proof to confirm this?

"Wow, for a guy who was in a coma with no identification, I guess I'm kind of popular," Graham said.

"Do you remember anything else, any little detail? Anything could help," Hank asks.

"N... No, where's Charles? What room did they put him in?" Graham said nothing else mattered right now. Hank took a deep breath. He didn't want to have this conversation. These kinds of conversations never got easier. You just had to push through them.

"Graham, when we found you and your Charles..." Hank started.

"If he's dead, Hank, just say it. I'm a big boy, I can handle it," Graham interrupted, his voice still a little horse and sore.

"When I found the two of you, he was already dead, the injuries he sustained before the fall were too much. What was he to you?" Hank explained.

"Like a grandfather, he took me in, great wake up from a coma to find out. The only person I remember and cared about is dead," Graham snapped.

"Look let's just worry on one thing at a time kid," Hank said.

End of chapter 3.