A/N: Written for the Diversity Writing Challenge, d15 - write using the pathetic fallacy device

The Phantoms of their Second Battlefield
1. Jyou

It started with Jyou, sort of. Phantoms were running rampant, the hype about digimon had settled down for the most part, and his memory retention suddenly evolved from ordinary to extraordinary. He managed to avoid being recruited the first year of high school though.

Then Taichi and Yamato and Sora, and Taichi just can't say no and the others are dragged along. And then Jyou joins too because, as a group, they have a tendency to attract trouble even out of the Digital World, and the four of them become a quickly efficient team, much to the surprise of already established teams.

But just because they hadn't hunted phantoms before, didn't mean they weren't used to fighting. Even if, back then, they had their digimon partners by their side. But they've got their elements and some rather innocent abilities of their youth that have wound up magic and they manage. They manage all too well.

It's not until Takeru's powers awaken in fifth grade that they manage to get their digimon partners into the real world to aid them, though. They call it phantom summoning, of course, because they don't want or need to explain digimon as a separate entity and they get the job done anyway.

That's around the time they wind up splitting into two teams, too. Koushiro's part-timing with the research institute and Jyou's transferred to a school more heavily focused on the sciences, and there's a few new kids to consider in the mix when the digital world comes seeking its Chosen again.

Two groups of six wind up pretty balanced, and the club adviser thinks that's overkill sometimes but they get the toughest jobs, the ones that are more life and world saving than ben-kei mimics on the bridge or the monkey hot spring at the school… And some of the younger kids are chirpy at first but they understand soon enough, the weight of destiny that had swept them into wards on two fronts.

And really, Jyou thinks as he returns their jealous stares, they don't know how lucky they are to have never had the weight of the world on their shoulders.