The sounds of a battle could be heard from several streets down. The occasional gunshot would ring out, sending people running to the next street over. The shots could be followed to the bank, where a robbery was being thwarted by the legendary Teen Titans. There were several close calls, but for the most part the heroes were holding up well. Robin easily disarmed two would-be thieves with birdarangs while Cyborg and Raven went about destroying their intended escape vehicles. Starfire was pulling a robber out of the rubble, but failed to notice the assault rifle aimed at her back.

"Starfire, look out!" A green teen called out. Beast Boy ran as fast as he could towards his teammate, hoping to reach her in time. She turned around just in time to see her green teammate push her out of the line of fire. The assailant's finger clenched. Bullets tore through Beast Boy's body. He fell and did not get up, blood pooling around his body. Starfire let out a horrified shriek and flew to her downed teammate.

"Beast Boy! BEAST BOY!" she shouted, barely earning a groan from her friend. Her eyes shone an angry green as tears streaked her face. With a cry of despair and rage she charged the man who murdered her friend and lifted him by his shirt. "You shall not live long enough to enjoy what you have done." she said with an unusually sinister tone.

"Starfire, he needs help!" Cyborg shouted from behind her. The Tamaranean turned around and saw Raven trying to heal Beast Boy's wounds as Robin dealt with the last robber, attacking much more aggressively than usual. The alien girl turned back to the man she was holding before ripping the rifle out of his hands and slamming it into his head, knocking him unconscious and probably giving him a nasty concussion.

Raven was putting everything she had into healing her teammate's damaged body, managing to seal some of the holes in his body. But no amount of healing magic could save a dead man. Beast Boy let out a weak exhale and looked at Raven. He saw something he never thought he would see from Raven. Tears. Not wishing to see her cry in his last moments, he did his best to give her one of his warm smiles. All he managed was a small one before the light left his eyes.

"B. B! B!" Cyborg frantically called out as he shook his best friend. He didn't need his scanners to know it was too late, but part of him couldn't accept the fact. Raven's powers went berserk, causing rubble and debris to levitate in black magic before being crushed to dust. She cried an agonized cry, and wept into her hands. Starfire reacted similarly to Raven while Robin wrapped his arms around around her shoulder, doing his best to stop the tears from escaping his eyes.

They had always celebrated as a team, but now they had to mourn as a broken family.

A public funeral was held two weeks later. Throngs of civilians gathered to pay their respects to a hero who had risked his life for them on a regular basis. A risk that finally caught up to him. Some people laid flowers on the empty casket whereas children left drawings and letters they wanted their parents to put in the mail. Robin gave a speech about how Beast Boy was a brother more than a teammate and a true hero. Despite being rather cliche, it was touching, and most of the people who weren't in tears before the speech were crying with everyone else after.

A private funeral was held the next day. The remaining Titans dressed in suits and dresses instead of their typical uniforms. The Doom Patrol also visited, and they each gave a short speech about how the little kid they had known had changed their lives for the better. "I was too harsh on him. But I'm not sorry. Because if I was easy on him, he never would have met his real family" Mento offered before the four purple clad heroes left. There were more speeches. And more tears. Before the casket was buried, the top was opened to allow any last gifts or sentiments.

Most of the Titans could only offer a few last words. Pantha shortly reminisced about how he led them to victory against the Brotherhood of Evil, and Jericho laid a few flowers from the mountain where they first met. Cyborg dropped in a block of tofu sealed in an airtight bag, sadly joking that he might get hungry on the way up. Robin gave a quick salute, and Starfire left a simple trinket he had given her that he won at an arcade.

Raven was the last to approach the casket. She tightly gripped something in her hands as she observed his lifeless face. A face that had once so often portrayed joy. A face that had sometimes portrayed sadness and fear. His eyes were closed, and she remembered how they used to shine like emeralds. His mouth was in a straight line. To her, it looked unfitting. She was used to seeing that smile. The smile that could warm even the coldest room. A smile that had stolen her heart. She would never get to tell him now, but maybe she could show him. The silent empath lifted her hand and took one last look at what she held. Ever so gently, she slid a single penny into his cold hands. "For luck" she shakily whispered before joining the rest of her team. The casket was lowered into the ground and the procession went on.

It was no surprise that Cyborg was hit hardest by the loss of their green friend. He still played video games, but his excitement and enthusiasm were gone. Sometimes one of the others would walk into the room and find the metallic Titan cradling Beast Boy's controller to his chest, as if doing so would send a hug to his best friend. Other times he could be found standing in the middle of Beast Boy's room, staring a nothing in particular yet everything at the same time. On rare occasions, he would even cook up a small meal of tofu. He didn't like the taste, but whenever he was asked asked why he ate it, he simply told whoever asked that Beast Boy had always urged him to try it.

Robin and Starfire weren't hit as hard, but Beast Boy's death was still hard for them. Robin transitioned into Nightwing a month after his death, and nearly doubled the time he spent in the training room. No matter how hard he pushed himself, it was never enough. He needed to be better, to be the best, so nothing like this would happen again. Starfire, on the other hand, became more sedated. Beast Boy had always been a major source of her happiness, and without him, she just wasn't as cheerful. Usually she would float a foot or a foot and a half above the ground. Now, she was merely a few inches up. Sometimes she had to walk.

No one had expected Raven to take the loss as hard as she did. They all knew that she and Beast Boy were closer than they realized, but it took his absence for her to realize exactly how close. She practically reverted to her old self, only coming out of her room for meals and missions. When the others would try to coax her out of her room, she would do her best to hold back her sobs, only to resume when they left as she clenched the giant stuffed chicken tighter. Sometimes, late in the night, she would teleport herself into his room and lie on his bed as she did her best to remember his face, his scent, his smile. It was these nights that she would often find herself waking up in his room.

Weeks became months. Months became years. As time passed, the Titans slowly healed, but they never truly got over the loss of their friend. Nightwing had attempted to recruit other Titans. The only ones able to fill in were Kid Flash and Jinx. To his credit, Kid Flash did his best to mimic Beast Boy's jokester attitude, but he just didn't have the tenacity to keep trying to make others laugh. Jinx hit it off well with Starfire, and eventually the two actually managed to get Raven out of her room a few times. Things weren't perfect, but for the first time, it looked like there was hope.

A year and a half after Beast Boy's death, the Brotherhood of Evil made a return, stronger and better prepared than the last time. The result was an all out war between the Titans and the Brotherhood. Somehow, Slade had gotten involved, and added his army of Slade-bots to the already enormous factions of Blood-bots and General Immortus' robotic army.

Several Titans were surrounded in small circles, doing everything they could just to keep the robots at bay. Nightwing was facing Slade and Madame Rouge in a heated fight. Nightwing was a formidable fighter, but even he could not keep up with Slade's intensive training and Rouge's unique skill set. He accidentally left an opening, and Slade took full advantage of it, sending his sword straight through his old foe's heart. When he drew it out, Nightwing collapsed like a sack of flour.

Starfire, who had been dealing with her own handful of robots, witnessed the entire thing. Her blood ran cold, yet boiled at the same time. Her eyes and hands shone a brilliant shade of green as cracks formed along her face and wrists. Like Raven, her powers were connected to her emotions. And enough emotions could result in a catastrophe. She lost all control of her rage and sadness, turning her into a solar powered bomb. With a raging war-cry she flew forward and grabbed both Slade and Madame Rouge by the neck with a death grip before flying upwards at speeds the others had never seen before. But none of them had time to watch, as the robotic armies continued their advances. Everyone, Titan and Brotherhood alike, were blinded by a green explosion that sent shock waves for nearly half a mile.

It was clear that not one of the three had survived.

The battle raged on, leaving no time to mourn for the two Titans that had fallen. Cyborg and Raven were back to back, but only Cyborg was actually fighting. He looked at his last teammate, who was bleeding from her left arm and suffering from a nasty gash on her side. Her powers hardly worked, and she barely seemed conscious. A quick bio-scan confirmed his worse fears: she wasn't going to make it.

Not that anyone was doing much better. Speedy was out of arrows and had to use his bow as a melee weapon, Kid Flash was taking painful looking breathers every few seconds, and Pantha was only fighting with one arm, the other arm hanging limply at her side.

Cyborg checked his systems. He was down to twenty percent power, and some of his minor systems were failing. He looked down at his declared little sister, who had fallen to her hands and knees. He already knew she wasn't going to live much longer, but he knew what he had to do to let her die in safety.

"Everyone, I have a plan, but I need you to cover me!" he shouted out, and several standing Titans managed to form a circle around him and Raven, giving everything they had into holding back the relentless armies.

Cyborg quickly typed in the commands for his "Last Hope" protocol, and set the timer to start a countdown for fifteen seconds at his command. Once the timer reached 00:00, all the power left in his systems would be sent into a massive electro-magnetic pulse, frying anything with so much as a simple computer chip. Including himself.

He knelt down and gently tilted her chin up, bringing her eyes to his. Raven could see fear and sadness in her big brother's human eye, and even his red eye looked worried. She didn't like the look on his face or the emotions he was releasing.

"Cyborg?" the empath weakly asked. He didn't reply, instead pulling her into a hug, and let the tears flow freely from his human eye. When he pulled back, her eyes were pleading, sending her unspoken desires for him to stay with her. "I'm sorry Rae. I'll say hi to the others for you" was all he said before he stood and charged with an angry shout.

As he ran into the swarm of robots, his thoughts went to his friends. His family. Beast Boy; the first person to accept him as a cyborg and the best friend he could ask for. Nightwing and Starfire; the two lovebirds who never had a chance to express their true feelings for one another. Raven; his little sister, who he knew he would see again too soon.

The timer reached zero, and everything went dark in his human and mechanical eye. He fell to the ground, as did all the bots in the complex.

Raven shakily ran to her last teammate and knelt by his side. Everything that was once blue was a sickly shade a dark gray. His human eye was closed, and his red eye was no longer glowing. "Cyborg! Cyborg!" she shrieked before passing out.

She awoke in the tower, and was gently being placed on the couch. She was surrounded by the other Titans, all looking worse for wear. Her vision was blurring, and she could feel her breaths slowing. She felt something grab her had, and saw Jinx was gently holding her hand. Her eyes were wet with unshed tears, and Kid Flash placed a bandaged hand on the pink haired girl's shoulder.

Raven knew she was dying, and was glad she was at least surrounded by her friends and teammates. As she felt herself fade, she thought about her deceased family. The last thing she saw in her mind was a certain warm smile before everything went dark.

A week later, a massive ceremony was held to commemorate that loss of the city's protectors. A giant statue of the five heroes was sculpted and placed in the center of the city. A plaque was placed in front, which simply read The Titans may have fallen, but the city will stand in their memory.

A smaller statue was placed in front of the original T-tower, but instead the plaque read Heroes may fall, but their memories raise us.

Years passed, and new Titans came and went in Jump City. Battles were fought, and friendships formed. But one thing stayed true.

The memory of Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy.