Raven groaned and opened her eyes. But how? She was dead, wasn't she? She sat up and stretched. "Well, look who's joined the land of the living after death." a familiar voice called out. Raven turned to Cyborg. But it wasn't Cyborg, it was a man. "Cyborg? Is that you?" the empath asked. "It's Victor, but yes, it's me." he replied. "It was quite a surprise for me as well, friend Raven." Starfire said as she entered the commons room with a man. She recognized the dark hair, but the sea blue eyes she had never seen before.

"What's the matter? Don't recognize me without my suit?". That voice, she knew it well. "Nightwing?". "You can call me Richard." the man replied. Raven rushed forward and threw her arms around the two and wept. Victor came from behind and added to the hug. "Don't cry Rae, at least we're together.".

Wait, someone was missing. Raven pulled away and frantically looked around. "Where's Beast Boy?" she asked worriedly. "The Grass Stain is in his room. But I don't think that nickname is appropriate anymore" Victor chuckled. "What's that supposed to mean?" Raven asked. "Go find out for yourself" Richard answered.

Raven knew the hallways by heart, and made her way to her long lost friend's room with ease. But when she got to the door, she froze. Victor's appearance had changed, and he had said that Grass Stain doesn't fit anymore. So if he wasn't green anymore, what else had changed? Would she like it, or would it be something she couldn't get used to? She pushed the thoughts aside and knocked on his door. "Beast Boy, are you in there?". Several seconds went by, and she received no response. "Beast Boy?". Still no response. She threw the door open, fearing the worse, only to stumble upon...someone in her teammate's bed. His golden blonde hair reminded her of the sun, and his skin was smooth and peachy. At the sound of her entrance, the boy in the bed stirred and woke up.

"C'mon Vic it's not even noon yet" the boy complained. Ok, so it probably was Beast Boy, but he just looked so...different. "Are there really night and day cycles in the afterlife?" Raven asked sarcastically. The sound of her voice alerted him, and he shot up like a rocket. "Rae?". Before she could reply, he scrambled out of bed and embraced her only like someone who hasn't seen you in years could. Much less reluctantly than she would have guessed, she returned the gesture. "I missed you." he said, barely able to choke it out. Raven felt tears welling in her eyes, and didn't try to hold them back. "I missed you too Beast Boy.". "Garfield. Beast Boy doesn't fit up here." he said as he pulled back.

She got a good look at his face. It was odd seeing him without the pointy ears and the fang, but it was him. "Yeah, I was surprised by the new look myself. And don't get me started on Rich and Vic." Garfield chuckled. She saw it, that smile she had not seen in so long. His smile shone like the sun, and his emerald eyes sparkled like the heavens.