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Chapter 5: Nostalgia

"So, how long have you been an adventurer, Natsu-san?"

"Well…If I remember correctly, I think it's been a couple of weeks now." Natsu responded to the black haired girl with a ponytail who was currently walking beside him with the other two members from the Takemikazuchi Familia nowhere to be seen.

The reason for that?

Well, immediately after the group escaped from the Dungeon, Ouka insisted on bringing Chigusa over to a clinic they frequented in order to get her wounds checked up, as well as to get some potions and nobody argued with him on that.

Of course the pinkette was about to offer and join them, had it not been for Mikoto who elbowed him in the gut to prevent him from doing so. Of course this earned the girl a glare from the pinkette and a nod of appreciation from Chigusa.

Though for some odd reasons, he noticed the tint of red dusting across the girl's cheeks when Ouka began carrying her away, making the Dragon Slayer wonder if the girl was feeling unwell.

Ah…Innocence is truly a bliss.

Going back to the story, as the pinkette watched the two walk off, he turned over to his companion with his eyebrow twitching in annoyance, "So could you tell me what that was for?" Natsu asked, though all he got from the girl was a smile as she began walking ahead of him.

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it."

Seeing as he wasn't about to get an answer from the girl, the Dragon Slayer sighed and decided to put the small incident behind him and chase after his companion. The rosette was currently headed over to the guild so that he could exchange the magic stones he received from today's haul at the Dungeon, with Mikoto following him as she planned on doing the same as well.

Initially as they walked through the city the two were silent, with neither one of them knowing what to say, until the pinkette decided to break it, as he wanted to know more about the person he had saved and the girl was all too eager to destroy the awkward silence surrounding them.

"So you came from a faraway place as well, Natsu-san? How'd you feel when you first arrived here?" Mikoto asked with her eyes shining brightly as she stared at the pinkette who nodded his head.

"I guess you could say something like that, but what I can say is that I was definitely surprised by everything I saw here when I first arrived." He responded honestly.

Back in Earthland the only other species that properly co-existed with them were the Exceeds, and even then they were apparently from a completely different world. Orario on the other hand, had numerous species such as Elves, Cat Person, Dwarfs and the pinkette was confident that there were many more he was unaware of.

"I definitely agree with you on that! I remember how shocked I was when I first arrived here in Orario." the girl exclaimed with a nod of her head, recalling the time she first stepped into the Labyrinth City. After all, there was such a sheer difference in lifestyle between the one back in the Far East and the one in the city.

Natsu hummed when he heard that, recalling the conversation he had with the merchant the first day he arrived in the city.

"The Dungeon, a place filled with fearsome monsters, can only be found here in Orario, it's practically the reason why plenty of people, regardless of races, come over here."

'Guess that guy was telling the truth after all.'

"So, what made you guys come over here in the first place?" he asked.

"Well, we left mainly to help earn more money to support our village's shrine." A rue smile formed on the girl's face when she thought back to the friends she and the others had left behind, one of which included a clumsy golden haired renart.

"That's real nice of you. Then can I ask what your homeland is like?" Mikoto placed a finger under her chin and furrowed her eyebrows in thought.

"There isn't much to say about it, except that it's a land filled with unjust, poverty and monsters, and it was only those of noble classes who would be able to survive those harsh conditions without a problem."

The Dragon Slayer couldn't help but flinch when he heard that, "That sounds rough."

He wasn't kidding as well. While there were plenty of people in Earthland who weren't able to afford living in cities and had to deal with the occasional monsters living nearby, but it wasn't as if they had to deal with anything as bad as Mikoto and the others dealt with before.

Though the girl only shrugged it off with a wave of her hand.

"It's alright we know how difficult it was to live there, but to us it's still our home." Mikoto nodded her head before turning to face him, "Anyways what about you Natsu-san? What was your homeland like?"

The Dragon Slayer placed a hand on his chin as he thought about it for a bit. While he knew how he felt about Fairy Tail, he just didn't know how to put it into words. He'd never been good at wordplay since he was a child and that was the reason why he would always let Happy or anyone with him to speak.

"Well, I guess the best way to describe it is that there's all sorts of unique people there." Natsu said as he closed his eyes, a tender smile appearing on his face.

"Some of them were really kind…" The smiling faces of Lucy, Wendy and Mirajane all appeared in his mind.

"Some were scary…" This time a glaring Erza emerged in his head as she stood beside Lucy.

"And others were just assholes…" The mocking faces of both Gray and Gajeel as they materialised beside the scarlet knight.

"And every single day there was bound to be a fight, whether it was important or not didn't matter in the slightest. To us, all that mattered was making sure that the other was in pain." Seeing the frightened look on the girl's face caused the rosette to chuckle a bit.

"It may sound bad, but despite all the chaos and destruction we'd cause… we knew that deep down we would always remain a big and happy family." Natsu smiled as his mind wandered about to the people he treasured most.

"To me…that place was home."

Mikoto couldn't help but smile when she saw such a peaceful look on the pinkette's face, "It sounds like a nice place."

"Yeah it really is…"

"Though, what made you decide to come over to Orario anyways? If you were happy back there, I'd imagine you to continue living there if that were the case." The girl questioned curiously.

'It's because I didn't have a choice.' The pinkette thought, but decided against saying it and just shrugged his shoulders.

"I guess I just wanted a new change of surroundings is all. A new challenge, and what better way than come over to Orario?"

"A challenge? But aren't you plenty strong already?"

The Dragon Slayer snorted, "Believe me when I say that back at home, there are people who are a lot stronger than me." Images of Erza, Mirajane and Laxus all appeared in his mind, and the image behind them belonged to the one person he considered to be the strongest of them all…Gildarts.

While the Ace of Fairy Tail hadn't always been in the guild due to missions, the man had been a prominent father figure in his life during his time at the guild while also serving as the pinkette's biggest goal. A goal to become the strongest of them all, a goal that he intends on reaching no matter what.

While the pinkette was lost in his thoughts, the ravenette couldn't help but shudder at what she heard. The pinkette beside her was already plenty strong enough that he was able to defeat an Infant Dragon without any difficulty in only a matter of weeks. So, to know that there were others who were stronger than him was a bit surprising.

After that, the duo began talking about all sorts of things before they eventually reached the guild and separated, with Mikoto heading to the Exchange Counter and Natsu deciding to greet his advisor who was busy working at her desk.

"Hey there Eina." The pinkette walked over to the half-elf who smiled at him.

"Ah Natsu you're back. I take it that you've accomplished the quest?"

"That's right, and I got a bit more than that too." He grinned as he handed over the Orc Hides over to the half-elf who took a quick look at each of them before smiling at her advisee.

"Well, seeing as you've collected more than the requested amount I can say that your quest is as good as completed." She smiled as she stamped the quest paper and handed it back to the pinkette.

"Hand this over to the exchange counter and they'll give you the appropriate amount."

"Alright thanks-"

"Natsu-san!" Hearing someone call his name, he looked away from his advisor and turned back only to see Mikoto, and at the corner of his eye, he saw Ouka and Chigusa both standing outside the guild waiting for her.

"Once again, I would like to thank you for your assistance, Natsu-san." The girl thanked with a smile on her face.

"It's fine, don't worry about it." The Dragon Slayer waved it off as if it were nothing but the girl stood her ground.

"I promise you that we will repay this debt of ours in the future." The girl bowed down to him before proceeding to walk over towards her friends, preventing the pinkette from saying anything.

"So…I take it you saved those Adventurers in the Dungeon?" Natsu nodded his head before explaining to his advisor about the events which had transpired in the Dungeon with him saving the trio from the Infant Dragon which caused her to sigh.

"I'm starting to get the feeling that this is going to happen more often, I wonder why that is…" The half-elf glared at the pinkette who could only chuckle sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I'm sorry?"

The advisor maintained her glare for a while before dropping it and sighed, "Like I mentioned before, as long as you promise to be careful when you're in there, then it's alright."

"Don't worry about that, I promise that I'll be careful!"

'Somehow I doubt that.' She thought but decided not to voice it out.

"Right, now why don't you go and exchange your magic stones? I'm sure you've gone overboard again today." The pinkette didn't answer but the sheepish look on his face gave it all away.

After collecting the money from the exchange counter, the Dragon Slayer waved his advisor goodbye as he exited the guild with his arms wrapped behind the back of his head.

'Now that I'm done for the day… what do I do now?' The pinkette thought to himself with his arms wrapped behind his head as he wandered about in the busy streets of Orario.

Normally whenever he was feeling as bored as he was now, he would head over to the guild and start some fights with the rest of the guild, only to be stopped by Erza of course. However, even though he would always end up with numerous bruises scattered throughout his body, those were moments he would always treasure deeply in his heart.

However, since he was stuck in this brand new world, he couldn't replicate his normal routine anywhere else. There was absolutely no way he was going to the Hostess of Fertility and cause trouble there, not with Mama Mia present anyways.

Just thinking about the large woman sent a shiver down the Dragon Slayer's spine. He was always scared of Erza because of how she treated him when they were young, but he'd probably go as far as to say that the woman from the pub scared him even more, and he hadn't done anything to incur her wrath yet!

He didn't dare dream of what would happen if he did though…

Shaking his heads from such thoughts, the Dragon Slayer began walking through the streets, 'Well, I might as well take the opportunity and explore this city more.' With that thought in mind, the pinkette decided to set off from the guild and into the main streets of Orario, hoping to familiarise himself with the city.

As he walked, the pinkette noticed that despite the sun beginning to set, there were still plenty of people walking around and he realised that most of them were Adventurers, if their equipment was any indication to this.

'Guess they're all coming back from the Dungeon as well.'

Something he realised after his talk from Mikoto that there were apparently people from all over the world coming to Orario, or to the Dungeon specifically, and while he was told of this before by the merchant, he never thought about it until now.

'Well it doesn't concern me anyways.' He thought with a shrug as he kept on walking.

"Someoneplease help me…"

The Dragon Slayer immediately halted, his head facing towards a narrow alleyway where the source of the voice came from.

Narrowing his eyes, the pinkette decided to walk towards the alleyway and there he found a group of men with one of them standing in the centre, all of them equipped with weapons and such, all surrounding a lone girl who was on the ground.

He was short middle-aged man with red-brown hair and a pair of ears protruding from his head reminiscent of that of a raccoon. He walked up to the girl and kneeled down towards her with a cruel smile on his face.

While his initial reaction would be to barge in and attack the men, the pinkette decided to keep low for the time being and use his enhanced sense to get a grasp of what would happen before intervening.

"Now come on, did you really think that you could get away with all that money without us knowing?"

After not getting a response, the racoon man growled and sent a kick directly to her gut, causing her to cry out in shock as she slammed into the wall behind her.

"Now come on Arde, if you know what's good for you, hand over the money." The man threatened, grabbing her by the scruff of her robe, patting the girl's cheek with his sword causing her to shudder in fear as she closed her eyes tightly, clenching her fists.

She should have realised this would have happened.

They were the type of people who constantly do nothing but drink in pubs and wait for her to earn money in the Dungeon, only to rob it off of her the very same day. They were nothing more but vermin.

In fact all Adventurers were vermin. All they ever care about was themselves and money. Not once do they share any sort of sympathy for those who are in desperate need of help, or for those who cry out for support.


Regardless, all she needed was a bit more money and she would be finally free of this nightmare. That's why, while she didn't want to give any money away, it was better that then giving her entire savings to them.

Though before she could even do as she was told, a flash of pink went across and sent the man flying a few distances away from her.

"I think you've done enough." The girl slowly looked up to see a man with pink hair standing over her as he glared heatedly at the group in front of them.

"Who the hell do you think you are, punk?" the raccoon man asked, as he slowly got up, grasping the cheek that was struck as he sent a glare at the Dragon Slayer before extending his sword at him.

"Me? I'm just an everyday Adventurer." He narrowed his eyes at the group.

"Besides, after what I just saw, you can't expect me to just sit down and watch, do you?"

"You want to be a hero? Fine then, oi you lot! Go and teach him a lesson about being a busybody." The group immediately did as they were told as they surrounded the rosette, who only smirked at the predicament he was in.

He'd been battling monsters for the past few weeks and hadn't had a good fight against a regular person yet. Guess that problem will be solved in a second.

He quickly scanned around him and realised that each of them all wielded swords, and after an endless amount of times battling Erza, he knew better than to stand by taking the hits.

One of them sent a downward slash towards Natsu, but the pinkette quickly avoided the attack before colliding his knee with his opponent, causing him to cough out some saliva before the Dragon Slayer sent him crashing into a wall with a single kick.

"Why you!" Another one quickly sent a horizontal slash across his chest, but this one was parried away before the pinkette quickly grabbed onto his attacker's wrist, twisting it slightly so that he'd release his weapon, eliciting a cry of pain from the man before the Dragon Slayer knocked the man out with a solid punch to the face as he dropped onto the ground like a sack of potatoes.

The remaining members all stared at the rosette in front of them in fear, none of them making a move to attack, not after seeing their comrades get knocked out like they just did.

"Is this all you got?" To anyone who'd listen, the pinkette's tone might be sound a bit arrogant or even cocky, but in truth he was genuinely curious.

After all the confidence the man exuded from before, the Dragon Slayer expected to be given a good fight. Instead, these people were barely stronger than the monsters he fight on a daily basis.

Growling menacingly at the pinkette in front of them, the brunette decided to turn his attention to the girl behind him.

"Oi Arde, you better meet up with us back at the base if you know what's good for you." With that lingering threat in the air, the demi-human began running away from the alleyway with his companions chasing after him while carrying their downed members.

"When they know they're about to lose, they run away. What cowards." The pinkette scoffed but decided that there was something more important than chasing after the group as he turned over to the girl behind him.

"Hey there, are you alright?" Natsu asked the girl in concern as he extended a hand out to the downed girl.

The girl remained unmoving as she stared directly into the rosette's eyes, trying to see if he had any ulterior motive behind helping her.

She didn't find any.

Seeing that the girl was silent, the pinkette thought the girl was suspicious of him, which made sense, so he wondered how he was going to lessen this.

Snapping his fingers in realisation, he quickly took something out from his bag and handed it over to the girl.

"Here you go."

"Wait, isn't this a potion?" She asked, examining the clear blue liquid in her hands.

"That's right."

"Why would you give me such an expensive item like this?" She all but shrieked at him, forcing Natsu to cover his ears in the process.

"Well aren't you hurt?" The pinkette was suddenly experiencing a sense of deja vu considering the exact same thing happened not too long ago and the girl was even staring at him the same way as well.

'I-is he being serious?' the girl thought to herself, staring at the curious look plastered on the boy's face.

He was giving her a potion just because she was hurt? What kind of reasoning was that?

She gave the pinkette a suspicious glance as she stared at the potion in her hands.

Perhaps the potion was actually faulty and of low quality? Was that why he gave it to her? Though anyone would be able to tell that it was of high quality based on the clear colour of it.

Was the pinkette just being…nice to someone he's never met before?

She turned to face the smiling pinkette before she got up and turned away from him as she walked towards the alleyway's exit. However before she left…,

"Thank you…" she muttered softly under her breath and it was only thanks to his enhanced senses that he was able to pick it up.

"It's no problem!" He watched as the girl slowly disappeared into the crow before sighing to himself.

It definitely had been a much more hectic day than it was any other day.

The silence was then broken by a gurgling sound coming directly from his stomach causing him to sigh, 'Well then, guess I'm going to be heading back to the Hostess of Fertility tonight.' With that, the Dragon Slayer emerged from the alleyway and headed straight for the pub.

He was completely unaware of the pair of eyes watching him.

'What a weird person,' She thought to herself, staring at the pinkette as he walked through the crowd, while her height didn't help her whatsoever in this scenario, his pink hair really made him stuck out.

'He must be brand new to Orario if I've never seen him around before,' That would at the very least explain some things about him.

Even if that is the case, she wouldn't let him trick her. All Adventurers were the same and it was only a matter of time before he becomes exactly like them.

"Are you alright?"

The girl clenched her hands tightly when she thought back to what happened back then.

Maybe…just maybe, she could start hoping again?

End Chapter

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