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In the death Battle room, everyone was sitting down in either the floor or in the couch and currently they were bored. Bored of watching Death Battle Non-stop.

"Man, I'm really bored." Lubbock groaned in boredom.

"Same." Leone agreed.

"We know that Death Battle is good but…." Wave started.

"It's starting to get boring." Tatsumi finished with a moan of boredom.

"Agree." Akame added as she ate her first plate of meat.

"Maybe we should do some training." Bulat suggested.

"No." some of them said right away.

"Maybe I could spend a time with Tatsumi." Esdeath said as she cuddled up to Tatsumi, which got her a glare coming from Mine.

Then all of a sudden, the TV screen turns black, which caught the attention of everyone.

"What the hell!?" Mine muttered.

"Did the TV screen just shut off?" Kurome questioned.

"I guess so." Suzaku answered.

"There's no way the TV just switch off right away." Dorothea pointed out.

"Indeed, there is no power circuit. So that means…." Susanoo was about to say.

Suddenly, they all heard a humming sound. Is sounded like it was cheerful, which made Run growl due to personal memories.

"Okay, if it's a clown, it's dead." He said coldly as he prepared his Imperial Arms.

Everyone soon prepares their weapons and took their stances to face off what was to come. The sound got closer and everyone soon looked at the screen, where there was a metallic spherical shape with orbs. More interestingly, the light was coloured light green and it suddenly scanned all of them. More specifically, their Imperial Arms.

"interesting." It said. The voice was clearly female and it soon circled around the group, which made some of them feel wary about this thing just looking at them. It soon stops after circling them two times and stood right in front to where the TV was.

"Who are you?" Najenda asked in a hostile voice.

"Greetings! I am 2722 Delta Contingent; I am the Monitor of the Forerunner Installation archives of the Mantle of Responsibility. It is a pleasure meeting you all after 100,000 years. How may I be in assistance Reclaimers?" she greeted cheerfully. Now, this was getting weird. Everyone was speculating that this thing was calling all of them "Reclaimers" which could be some sort of religious thing. Another thing that confused them all was that this thing was a "Monitor". Questions needed to be answered soon.

"Monitor?" Tatsumi said.

"Yeah, what the hell is that?" Leone added.

"To answer that Reclaimers, a monitor is tasked with servicing and maintaining multiple installations. In my case, I maintain the Forerunner archive." She answered.

"Okay, so what is a Reclaimer?" Chelsea asked.

The object turned to face Chelsea. " Reclaimers are the ones that can access Forerunner artifacts and facilities freely. For example, your Imperial Arms." Everyone had their eyes wide open when she said that. How can someone know about this?

"Wait, what?!" most of them said in shock.

"You do know about the history of Imperial Arms. But you never considered what inspired it." The monitor acknowledged.

Now the others were getting interested about this. Apparently, there was more to add in the history about the Imperial Arms. "What was the inspiration behind that?" Wave asked.

The monitor then looked at the everyone else. "You see, when the First Emperor created these Imperial Arms a thousand years ago, he needed an inspiration. So, he decided to find one of these ruins and fortunately found one ancient relic."

"And what was that one example?" Dorothea questioned as her right eyebrow rose in curiosity.

The monitor soon shot a projectile, revealing an image of a sniper rifle. The more that they looked at it, Mine's eyes soon widen in realization.

"Wait….." Mine spoke and soon got out Pumpkin.

"Pumpkin and that gun has got some similar designs." Najenda finished.

"Indeed, the Z750 rifle or simply known as the Binary Rifle was the inspiration for Pumpkin." Delta informed them.

"This doesn't make sense!" Leone gripped her hair in both confused and a frustrating manner.

"Wait, if those two weapons have similar features, why wasn't it shown in the books?" Wave wondered

"That is because he didn't want anyone to know about this." The monitor addressed. "The book said that they're made out of high class Danger Beast and Orichalcum. But the Orichalcum bit was just a cover."

"What do you mean?" Akame asked.

"Each Imperial Arms contains at least a Forerunner construct. For example, Pumpkin uses ionized particles but requires the user's energy for it to be used." Everyone's eyes were wide open in disbelief.

"Wait, if you know all about this then what are you doing here?" Seyru questioned.

"Umm, interesting question." She then looked up into the ceiling.

At the Forerunner's Archive of the Mantle of Responsibility…..

2722 Delta Contingent was roaming around the Archive for the past 100,000 years. For quite sometimes, she began to feel lonely and tried to contact others. But that would mean breaching in protocol and she hasn't broken one yet. Within years, she had gained a lot of knowledge about all of the events in her universe, but that didn't interest her quite a lot to her liking.

That was until now, where she found out that there were a group of certain individuals who wielded quite familiar artifacts.

"interesting." She said cheerfully.

For about an hour, she grabbed everything she needed and soon stored it within her and soon opened a portal that would lead her to them.

Back at Night Raid's secret HQ….

"And that was it." She finished in her cheerful tone.

Many of them were surprised at this. A construct left for thousands of years alone just to wonder into one place. "Wait, you're telling us that you only came here just to see all of us?" Najenda summarised.

"Indeed." The monitor answered as she bounces in the air. "I am here to show you all of the events that happened in my universe. Just to be aware. This will be my only protocol that I will breach."

As soon as she said that the monitor soon set up everything in place without Susanoo's help (with much of her dismay). Everyone soon sat down into either the floor or in the couch and soon the monitor then got out a controller, which she told them was to control the player.

"So what are we starting?" Leone asked eagerly.

"We'll start the game off chronically." The monitor answered and soon the screen of the TV was turned on. Everyone soon faced the screen where it shows a game called Halo.

"Hey, isn't this…" Tatsumi started.

"Master Chief's game." Lubbock finished.

"It sure is." The monitor said. "However, in order to play his role, you must play this game first."

Everyone was eager to play as Master Chief, that was until they have to play the first game chronologically in order to understand the lore.

First up: Halo Reach.

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